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Feb 26, 2009

Wave the Waive G'bye?

First include China and Russia now wisa waivers for IR's, then Guam enters the scene, Visa Waiver for the Philippines?

What gives?

If you are in tuned to these stories, it seems that our leaders are indeed scrambling for mercy at the helm of the DHS to heed their requests and spare the "economic impact" on controlling the CNMI immigration. There are so many points to consider on both sides. On one side, the impact on certain industries in the CNMI on the other is the security issues within the borders.

Immediate relatives or dependents of US citizen children will lose their status come June 09, Chinese and Russian visitors won't be able to take their affordable vacation on a "US" territory, and finally the nonresident workers will be in limbo.

All these concerns are befuddling every one on the island especially those that are concerned and should be concerned with the issues.

All we can do is to "wait and see."

Feb 20, 2009

On Your Mark, Ready Get Set....

The Race is On!

Will he make it this time? Will his attempt to sit on Capital Hill turn into a glorious victory this upcoming elections? Yes, Heinz Hofschneider is up and running once again and this time tagging the House Speaker Arnold Palacios as his running mate.

Do you think this tandem has a better chance than the reported Babauta-Guerrero team-up?

Hofschneider almost snagged the victory from the current governor in 2005 where at first he was leading on initial counting yet in the end the supporters from Garapan district pulled the Covenant tandem up.

(For more news, click here) Photo taken from ST.

Feb 14, 2009

Roberta's Humidity.....

I didn't mean to jump into this bandwagon, but we just want to express our opinion about this. I guess being away for a long time just dragged us into the mud of oblivion about what's going around the islands.

Is it true that Lil Hammerhead has been outed. I was reading, as I was redirected, Jeff Turbitt's blog and there it was front page, that Lil Hammerhead the blogger behind the successful Must Be the Humidity Blog is in fact Roberta Guerrero. Allegedly, Guerrero is the mastermind of the famous, if not infamous, blog in the CNMI.

Turbitt has been saying that there was a witness to attest that Guerrero was seen editing the blog. Then I read the exchanges of comments on Turbitt's blog and by golly, it is pretty getting out of bounds...for me the least.

If Guerrero was proven to be the zany blogger, what would the repercussions be? Would the people that the blog has criticized or commented upon strike back against the wife of the former Saipan Chamber of Commerce better half (as written in the Turbitt's blog comments).

I bet the Must Be the Humidity Blog is getting the hits now. As they say bad publicity still is publicity.

Feb 3, 2009

Should Airlines Invest on Saipan

A big question?

Reading printed news about the dimming tie up with Philippine flag carrier made me wonder whether any of new airlines should invest here on Saipan. At this time?

What do you think?

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