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Oct 30, 2008

How Would You Like Your Eggs, "Xenocide" Up?

Ahh...this brings us back to our older posts about the graffiti on walls of bus stops around Saipan.

Now, it's the word "Xenocide" that is written conspicuously on its walls. I remember that some of the bus stops had graffiti that says "Priests Gays, Illegals" et. al. However, this time the vandals have caught the eye and surveillance of the police. Reports today defines what the word "Xenocide" means that is in its literal sense means "killings of foreigners."

Hmmmm...this makes us think and wonder what was the intention of this vandalism. Could the culprits even know the meaning of such word?

What actually is most interesting here is that the bus stops were newly painted. Obviously, it has caught the eyes of the graffiti artists on Saipan.

Oh well...just another note.

(Photo: Saipan Tribune)

Oct 27, 2008

Cars Nowlimited....

Another business jumping on the bandwagon. Like we don't predict this will not happen. Cars Unlimited, Inc. will soon bid the car rental business adieu. According to the owners business has been so slow and it couldn't keep up to the changing time. Hence, at least eight of their cars are now up for grabs for $1,500 to $1,600 each.

I'm sure you can still haggle with them. Cars have not been well-maintained either anyway. Long time residents recalled that Cars Unlimited used to be the number one car rental business until other car rental businesses joined in to cater to the once booming tourism industry on the island.

Cars Unlimited began its Saipan operations in October 2001. At that time, the company only had five cars available for rent. Before that year ended, Markos brought in another five cars to add to Cars Unlimited's fleet.

In 2005, the company had 22 cars available for rent to both tourists and residents.

Reports said the car rental business actually branched out from Guam, where Cars Unlimited has been operating for the past 15 years. On Guam, the company has a fleet of about 154 cars (2005 records).

Oct 26, 2008

Missing Person Missing....

Just following up on this thread we posted back in August about a missing contract worker on Saipan. His truck had been found and to date the police has not had any follow up story on this. We are posting recent anonymous comments below with regard to this matter:
I don't understand why is it taking too long for the DPS to provide the family the results of the investigation of the vehicle found. They believe the person is alive so where is the conclusion coming from. Was there a thorough investigation on the vehicle, assuming if there's a foul play? Why is the local govt. not responding and taking any action of the foreign workers in CNMI. The community is too small at CNMI, people should know each other and there should be some people who may have seen this guy prior missing. Did the DPS issue a memo to the nearby Islands, they should consider all the possibilities. This will distract tourist visiting this beautiful island knowing it's not safe to visit.

According to the local news the engine still warm when they found the vehicle, so there should be some leverage where to start the investigation and they can still find some traces where the vehicle came from by checking the tires. Was there any DNA found in the vehicle? We have all the latest technology available to conduct all the feasible evidence, so what's going on? I've read this blog for few months now and I have not read any latest news from the local DPS nor any update concernin g this missing person. It must be hard to the family, not knowing his whereabout.

Is there any hope to this investigation or this file is just sitting in their desk. They must understand this person has family waiting for him, he has two teenagers girls waiting for him at home also. If the local investigator couldn't find anything, they should seek some federal help to assist them to this case. Saipan is always been a very religious and friendly environment, so please give hand to his family who is presently seeking information.

Oct 24, 2008

Unpaid Holidays...Should There be an Exemption?

Now that the "no pay holidays" will kick off on Nov. 4, reports said, the community has posed this question - should there be an exemption within the government offices?

The Commonwealth Health Center for instance. Medical professionals have been worried that aside from not getting "on-call" pay anymore, the holiday pay would also be omitted. They said they are somehow glad to get fewer on-calls hence they can relax more and have a break once in a while.

Would this affect emergencies at the hospital when these medical professionals would rather stay home or away from the hospital since they are not going to get paid?

The government is so cash-strapped and it is indeed very challenging now in that position especially in this crisis. Some people say that the government should dissolve offices such as the Municipal Council and realign its budget to emergency expenses such as to the Public Health.

If there were emergencies at the hospital and no doctors and nurses around, maybe it would be a wrong time when that emergency falls on a holiday.

For more details on the no pay holiday dates, read on....

Oct 23, 2008

Carmen Safeway on its Way to the Door....

Another business closing down. The Middle Roaders found out from the community that Carmen Safeway is shutting its doors for good on Nov. 15. Isn't this another sad note from Saipan? Carmen Safeway provides the best Angus beef on the island and on very reasonable prices too.

Carmen Safeway used to be Meitetsu Shopping Center. It was acquired in 2005 and was named Carmen Safeway. The supermarket with its warehouse and offices, stands on a 3,000-sqm land on Beach Road, Chalan Kanoa. It started operations as early as 1976 as Carmen Safeway Meitetsu as a joint venture between the two companies until 1992.

Carmen Safeway sold its interests over the supermarket to the Japanese firm and focused on handling the Carmen's Baby News store next to the supermarket. In 2005 Meitetsu sold its interests over the supermarket to Carmen Safeway.

If it's true or not, we're certain that other businesses will follow this trend. They can't wait anymore for that promise of the Guam Military Buildup.

Oct 22, 2008

Block Busted, the Mayor et. al.

Yeah. As I was amused by today's news about the Saipan Mayor "Shocked" to have seen his name published as one of the supporters of the Marine Monument, I couldn't agree more with Bradinthesand's post about the shutdown of Blockbuster.

I have known the mayor and whenever he says something to people, he says it either as a friend or it's a spur of the moment remark. However, I guess he mentioned it to a media person, consequently it gets printed. It amused me to have read that the mayor couldn't help but say "yes" or "no" to people because he doesn't want to offend them. Cute. Very cute.

With regard to Blockbuster, luck came to members as they get to keep what they recently rented and congratulations to the people that mobbed the store to get hold of DVDs for a buck or two.

I wonder what establishment is next. Music And?

Club Chicago maybe? Nah, I believe despite the economic crunch some men still manage to spend in such bars on Saipan. Well, tourists most of the time flock these bars anyway.

Seriously, some establishments have been suffering from the high utility rates as building owners or corporations are relentless for not lowering rental rates. I've heard some even raised the rental fees. Of course, they must have their own reasons.

It's just sad to find out that there are more businesses shutting down; pre-owned (used) cars for sale on both sides of the road; and, seeing friends leave and work in the mainland or go back home.

However we keep our optimism high, these sad news stop us from our strolls to wonder what lies ahead in the future.

Oct 19, 2008

China Lacks Variety

Quick note from the Saipan Middle Road Shanghai Bureau: It appears that the Marianas Variety website is one of the "objectional" websites that cannot be accessed from China. The Saipan Tribune website, however, is fully accessible from China. Conspiracy theories are welcome.

Oct 18, 2008

Hear 'Em Roar....

As the US Presidential elections draws closer, so as the CNMI's very own election for the delegate seat. Forums have been held left and right with the aspirants and people have been asked if such events had firmed up or changed their votes. Based on these debates Kilili and Gonzales have been eloquent on delivering their visions for the CNMI as a non-voting delegate to Washington.

Saipan Tribune today released a column where Washington Rep. Pete A. and Won forwarded their respective replies to the paper's question - why do they deserve your vote?

Read on....

Oct 14, 2008

Know Your Delegate Wannabes: Won on Winning

Just an excerpt from the news today focusing on CNMI Delegate candidate Chong Man Won. This candidate sort of surprised the community when he announced his intention to run for the Delegate seat couple of months ago.
“I’M a businessman, a family man and just a regular average person who, like most of the people here, is fed up with the way things are,” says Independent congressional delegate candidate Chong Man Won.

He does not have political experience but he “threw his hat” into the election ring because he knows he has the drive and the will to accomplish what needs to be done.

Won holds a bachelor of science degree in electronic engineerin from DeVry Institute of Technology in Columbus, Ohio.
More news on Marianas Variety. He reportedly said he's an underdog and is not investing on advertisement as he has not held any fundraising activities.

Oct 8, 2008

Hosting International Basketball...Are We Ready Yet?

Two officials from the Oceania Basketball Confederation, which headquarters is based on Australia, visited Saipan for a four-day ocular inspection of the CNMI's sports facilities especially the public gymnasium in Susupe.

The Oceania Basketball organization is looking at holding the Oceania Basketball Games in 2009 here on Saipan. The Australians said that this event would gather professional basketball players and teams from Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, and many other Pacific Nations. The visit is to look at what improvements are needed to make this happen and how much the local government should be spending for these improvements.

However, sources said the officials were disappointed with what they'd seen so far especially the locker rooms and the restrooms.

Have you been to the public gym lately? As the CNMI is financially challenged right now, is it ready to host another international competition and spend to improve its sports facilities?

Oct 6, 2008

Block Blalock?

With reports from Marianas Variety, the Legislature expressed disappointments about radio commentator Harry Blalock's weekly commentary that focused on the Legislature. Blalock, who's prominent with his unabashed and no holds barred observations about the CNMI, reportedly criticized the lawmakers.

Reports also said that the lawmakers said Blalock show should be censored. A lawmaker was said to be reminded how "Chamorros were insulted by Spaniards during the colonial era."

Another lawmaker reportedly said if Blalock doesn't get what he wants, "he'll destroy you."

Should Blalock be censored at all by the Legislature? Should Blalock give in to the reactions of the lawmakers?

What do you think?

Oct 2, 2008

CUC Now On Sale!

The House according to reports today has all ready won to veto the Gov's oppostion on privatizing the Commonwealth Utilities Corp.

Reps. Tina Sablan, Salas and Dela Cruz voted against the veto saying that the government should solve the problems first.

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