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Aug 25, 2009

Eye on the Trial: Villagomez et. al. Flown Away...

While the news does not reveal the source of its report that convicted former Lt. Gov. and his sister and brother-in-law have been flown to a federal prison in the US. The islands are saddened about this news. The islands, where family matters most are grieving yet trying to believe that all this mayhem might have just confirmed that justice can still prevail in this world.

Six and Seven. These are the numbers our fellow islanders will be holding on in the years to come....

(photo and link: Saipan Tribune)

Aug 18, 2009

Headliner One Liner

Gubernatorial Candidate Hofschneider's brother booted out of the Big Brother's House? Well that's according to MV's banner story today.

A banner story...hmmm....

Aug 11, 2009

Dr. Rita Inos Remembered....

The Middle Roaders are one with the islands mourning Dr. Rita Inos' death. We wish the family our condolences.

As far as we've personally known her as a public servant, she has been a symbol of leadership, intelligence and compassion for the island's children. She will surely be missed.

For full story click here....

Aug 10, 2009

Tina Sablan to Run for Senate

It's official. Facebook friends announced it. Finally, Rep. Tina Sablan sent out a mass email about it that she is climbing up the upper chamber. She is running for the Senate for these reasons (extracted from her letter):
1. First, I would continue to advocate for greater transparency in the Senate as I have done these past 18 months in the House, and would continue to openly communicate my positions on the issues and actions taken in the Legislature as I have done as a member of the House.

2. Second, the Senate plays an important role in many ways as a check on the actions of the lower House, which is and has been the primary source of legislation of all kinds; I would take this role as seriously as I have taken every vote I have cast as a member of the House.

3. (And) third, I believe that as a Senator I would be in an excellent position to help improve the process by which confirmations of appointments to critical government boards and commissions are made. Advice and consent for board and commission appointments are functions unique to the Senate for the most part, and unfortunately these functions have not been carried out as diligently as they should have been in prior years, with often negative consequences. As Senator I would be committed to carefully scrutinizing the backgrounds and qualifications of all gubernatorial nominations, and exploring ways to improve the confirmation process formally through legislation.

Right move? You tell us....

Aug 5, 2009

When a Period Is the End of a Sentence....

Verdict is out. The numbers are 87, 78 and 78...That is Villagomez, James and Joaquina Santos....Fair? You tell me....

Full Story picked from Saipan Tribune...
Villagomez sentenced to 87 months in prison

Former lieutenant governor Timothy P. Villagomez, former Commerce Secretary James A. Santos, and Joaquina V. Santos, were sentenced today in the District Court of the Northern Mariana Islands as follows:

Villagomez was sentenced to 87 months imprisonment, three years supervised release and restitution in the amount of $346,125;

James A. Santos was sentenced to 78 months imprisonment, three years supervised release, a fine of $25,000 and restitution in the amount of $346,125; and

Joaquina V. Santos was sentenced to 78 months imprisonment, three years
supervised release, a fine of $25,000 and $346,125 restitution.

All three defendants are jointly and severally liable for the $346,125 restitution to the
Commonwealth Utilities Corporation.

Aug 1, 2009

Gubernatorial Verbal Battle....

Debate Highlights:

1. CUC is broken - Juan Pan
2. CUC "was" broken, not anymore - Gov. Fitial
3. Lt. Gov. candidate Dr. David Borja present not his running mate.
4. Borja said "right fuel" should be acquired for CUC.
5. Borja's team to kill fuel surcharge.
6. Fitial said his current admin "allocates over 20 percent of the general fund to primary and secondary education, a lot more than the 15 percent mandated by the Constitution."
7. Juan Pan questioned otherwise.
8. Heinz dug up for the CNMI and US DEA relations.
9. Fitial said there's a misunderstanding there.
10. Fitial said DEA is stricter due to local enforcers' involvement.
11. Guerrero agreed with Fitial but to avoid "politicking."
12. Heinz said to bring the "Hafa Adai" spirit in this economy.
13. Candidates said teen pregnancy is the most pressing youth issue.

This time the candidates were seated. I don't think some candidates' knees could take the "debate" standing anymore...

Full story here.

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