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Sep 28, 2007

Prostitution rings? On Saipan?

DPS and Crime Stoppers have asked for the community's help. Here's their press release:

"The Crime Stoppers program is asking the community for information on persons responsible for operating prostitution rings in the CNMI.
Members of the community are urged to provide true and accurate information when submitting tips.
Anyone having information should call the Crime Stoppers hotline at 234-7272 (PARA). PTI cell phone users can call *11.
The Crime Stoppers program pays cash rewards up to $1,000 cash for information leading to an arrest. Caller ID is not used and all calls remain anonymous."

Save your $1,000 cash rewards, Crime Stoppers. All DPS and its police officers have to do is do their job.

How come patrolling officers in Garapan turn a blind eye on those women in dark alleys at night? And no, these women are not there to get some fresh air. Why not ask them who they work for? Do these women get some kind of 'protection' from authorities?

Have they tried to check whether these workers have valid work/entry permit after all? Who are their employers? Their entry/work permits should have the name of their employers. Unless they're one of those involved in illegal sponsorships.

But yes, as what Rev says, WTH, if DPS can't do it with all the roaming around and gasoline consumed doing so, then maybe ordinary members of the community could help Crime Stoppers or DPS.

No harm in trying.

Rush Hour (4)

Rush Hour. Nope, not the film of martial arts great Jackie Chan and the blabber mouth Chris Tucker. It's the film of the CNMI's beloved lawmakers.

News is that tis the season for vetoes up at the Capital Hill. Yes. This is the season for vetoes. Up there are x's and no's for the dear governor with all the bills that have been passed at the Legislature. The reason for our recent post about the bill that passed yet vetoed by the governor regarding CUC bills to be paid within the year.

There are indeed a lot of bills that are now being introduced up at the Legislature by the current congressmen and women albeit the "absurdity" of the bills. Community's guess is that these lawmakers would introduce bills how silly it may seem so that the public would recognize their names attached to the bills. "They know more or less that these bills are going to be vetoed but they don't care as long as the public would know that they [congress people] introduced it." They aim to project an image that would say they are people oriented, thus would win the votes.

Makes sense though. Public recognition is of utmost importance this time of year--election season.

Poll Result: Go Tina! Go Girl!

Our recent poll about Tina Sablan's running for seat at the House of Representatives received significant support from online voters. Out of 84 votes 59.5 percent of them approves Tina's mighty guts to run for office while 14.3 percent asked what the hell is she running at all? Two of the remaining options share 13.1 percent of the votes.

Our next poll is out now. In light of the CNMI's utilities situation, news is also out saying that Gov. Benigno R. Fitial has disapproved legislation that would have given residential consumers a year to pay their bills with the Commonwealth Utilities Corp.

According to the reports from Saipan Tribune that the governor in a letter addressed the Legislature that House Bill 15-244 was unfair to other consumer classes, and it would drain CUC financially. “Enactment of this bill into law would not be in the best interests of the Commonwealth, the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation, or the people of the Northern Marianas,” Fitial said of the bill sponsored by Rep. Ray N. Yumul.

He said it was against the law to grant preferential treatment to residential customers. He cited CUC's enabling legislation, which requires CUC to collect fees fairly and rationally from all consumers. Fitial noted that the bill, if approved, would give residential customers one year to pay their outstanding balances while commercial consumers would be required to continue to pay within 30 days or be subject to service disconnection.

<------ So in this regard, lead the way to our new poll.

Sep 27, 2007

BBC explains Burma vs Myanmar

I've been hearing and reading the news about the current protest of the most revered group in Burma/Myanmar. BBC News keeps on mentioning Burma on TV and online and not Myanmar, finally they explained. "The change was recognized by the United Nations, and by countries such as France and Japan, but not by the United States and the UK."

A statement by the Foreign Office says: "Burma's democracy movement prefers the form 'Burma' because they do not accept the legitimacy of the unelected military regime to change the official name of the country. Internationally, both names are recognised."

It's general practice at the BBC to refer to the country as Burma, and the BBC News website says this is because most of its audience is familiar with that name rather than Myanmar. For the complete news read on BBC.

Now I know.

Photo taken from smh.com.au

Sep 26, 2007

DCCA, PSS Tug-o-War

Community is asking for the motive why the Executive Branch is transferring the program from the Public School System to the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs. News is saying that it's all because of the $1.7 million federal grant that the program is operating with to provide training and development to all child care or day care centers in the CNMI. PSS is saying that a federal grant can only be used to the program and local government can't circumvent that law and should comply with federal standards.

Iran Gay Free

On a national note, in the news saying that "apparently, Iran is a homosexual-free zone, if you listen to their President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad." Now, TV talk shows and radio programs are feasting on this recent turn of events. These programs are now saying that the 'lack' of any homosexuals would explain Ahmadinejad's terrible haircut and badly put together outfit.

On a website's transcript of Iran president's speech at the Columbia University in the US, he reportedly commented on alleged executions of homosexuals in his country. He said, "In Iran we don't have homosexuals like in your country. We don't have that like in your country. ... In Iran we do not have this phenomenon. I don't know who's told you that we have this."

Puhleez! For real? I have been to the Middle East and there are so many stories to tell.

Sep 25, 2007

Of Birds and Bee(hives)

Don't get me wrong with this post but I was able to talk to a concerned parent and shared with me that recently he and his family cleaned up one of the classrooms at Garapan Elementary School and found out that there were at least three beehives that could pose hazard to kids. This source said these hives are at the facade of the school where children go in and out of the premises. He said during the clean up he was even chased by bees. He said he had informed the principal and hoping that the school had all ready done something about it, only to find out when he came back he found the hives are still there. He expressed disappointment with the principal.

Ok, as I said don't get me wrong.

There are issues that could surround this, like PSS doesn't have that much fund to hire secretary in the public schools and probably maintenance people to do such jobs. Oh well...

Sep 22, 2007

F&B 911: Introducing Casetta Wines

Hyatt Regency Saipan became a backdrop of exquisite black sheer elegance as Giovanni's Restaurant introduced to wine aficionados the Italian wine Casetta Friday night. Host Guam's Food Guy Ken Stewart frolics with his palate as he sips and rubs the newest wine to hit the town.

Italian Chef Gabriele Colombo paired the wine with his excellent Italian dishes....

Sep 20, 2007

The Buzz: Rx XtraZzzz

In addition to our discussion on the CNMI Public Health hanging on threads with its internal doctors and other medical professionals leaving the islands, reliable sources are advising the community especially those that are under medications to request from their physicians prescriptions of their medicine that would last them at least for six months. These sources are even telling them to get a year of prescribed medicines to secure themselves their required medication for their ailment.

Reason? Your doctors might just take a hike and board the plane off to somewhere else.

Sep 19, 2007

Quotes in the Middle

Taken from the Saipan Chamber of Commerce's Managing Change workshop this week:

Speaker: Tony Pellegrino, multimillionaire entrepreneur

He shared that in this economy people should cope with change through self-examination and so much more. He shared a story one time he went to a Joeten owned store, yes he mentioned the store. He wanted to get a lawnmower and there was this $400 mower and he asked the sales girl, "who came up not smiling" and he asked her what the best price could the store give him since there were rusts on the mower all ready. The sales person said it's a fixed price. Then Mr. Pellegrino attempted further, then the sales person called her manager who came out. "Again no smile on his face," said Pellegrino, adding that the manager told him that that was the best price written on the tag. Not happy with the customer service at all, he said he asked his wife to leave the store.

He said he went to the other store and got the same mower for the price he wanted and he said he couldn't forget the guy that sold him the mower because he was so accommodating and so on. Pellegrino said the Joeten store should've given him a better price and sold that rusting and aging mower. He said he could've bought it from Joeten if the customer service would've been better. "They lost a $400 sale from me that day."

People should adapt to change, he said, "Cause if you don't you'd die as a fossil."

Sep 18, 2007

110 Flights

After a successful run of its inaugural play in June, the Fabulous Invalid Theatre Company is at it again with a new work, 110 Flights, to mark the sixth anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center.

FITC president, actor and director Nahal Navidar said that FITC is producing the play as a “staged reading” at the American Memorial Park Visitor Center auditorium on Sept. 29, Saturday, at 7pm.

Navidar said she chose the piece because it is something that everyone needs to hear. “It offers a perspective after September 11th that maybe people have not considered before,” she said.

Although it tackles a sensitive subject matter, Navidar said people should watch it because theatre is not for entertainment purposes only.

She said FITC is producing this play as a staged reading because the group needs audience feedback so that she could rewrite the play and submit a new draft. “It’s been a few years since I’ve touched the script and I still feel there are some improvements which can be made,” she said.

There are two cast members: Patrick played by Brad Ruszala and Shahla played by Navidar. “However, because this is a staged reading, stage directions and offstage voices will have to be played as well. These roles will be read by Bree Reynolds,” she said.

The play was originally produced at the University at Albany in 2005. It is scheduled to be produced at Proctor’s Theatre in Alban, NY in April 2008.

The 9/11tragedy is the backdrop for this emotional drama about the marriage between a NYC police officer and his Iranian-American wife. It premiered as the work of Navidar as a senior theater major.

Navidar began the script in 2003 and developed it further in a playwriting class taught by UAlbany's assistant professor James Farrell, who served as the production’s Dramaturge. The script went through subsequent multiple drafts, some of which resulted from Navidar’s experiences at a Kennedy Center playwriting workshop for which she was selected to participate by the American College Theatre Festival.

Along with playwriting, Navidar has also trained in UAlbany’s theatre department as an actor, most recently appearing in the fall production of Tartuffe. Navidar will reprise her role, along with Ruszala.

Tickets are now being sold for only $5 each. For more information, contact Navidar through email at fabulousinavlidtc@hotmail.com or visit the FITC weblog at fabulousinvalidtheatreco.blogspot.com (Saipan Tribune)

Sep 17, 2007

The Buzz: Organic or Inorganic

LA Times had a headline yesterday that rattled some of islanders here. It's about "Congress quietly returns to immigration: A broad overhaul failed this summer, but an array of smaller measures is under discussion, including ways to legalize certain workers."

Yes, you're right, the article was talking about the national immigration issue. Oh well...speaking of this immigration or federalization issue, we received some text messages (for the Nth time) about federal takeover and even clerics here are spreading rumors that the takeover would be an "organic" takeover, meaning, anyone on the island that is not a permanent resident would be affected by the takeover. According to the text messages, "federal officials told them this."

I guess, this is tiring and going to be an endless issue. I pity those that rely and cling on such rumors.

Sep 15, 2007

F&B 911: Himawari

I'm sure most of you have all ready discovered the little grocery store in the heart of Garapan, in a location where people wouldn't notice at all. Himawari is actually not a new supermarket but it's just that it's just now that people have been talking about it. It surprised me to gather great reviews about the Japanese food and other stuff sold at the store.

The store sells very reasonable Japanese bentos, sushi, tempura, croquets and so many more. They even sell soup. One good thing about this shop is that you get to pick these by yourself. You can create your own bento. Very Japanese. They have breads too. You have a choice whether to take them out or eat your food inside the shop since they have tables and chairs as well installed inside the shop. You can ask them to heat your food as well if you want.

To top it all, the bentos, sushis and a lot more is 50-percent off from 6pm tp 9pm. Oh, that you have to verify, if it's really from 6pm. I bought mine after 9pm.

Photo shows what we bought today, spicy tuna sushi, onigiri, salad, cinnamon bread, cake, bacon epi bread, karage all for $14.50 only.

The Reveler

Sep 13, 2007

The Buzz: Don't Drink and Drive. No. Seriously.

It's becoming more of a cliche on the island when the local police department has been actively campaigning for a "Don't Drink and Drive" in the CNMI.

Yes. You should take this seriously now.
Why? Because, the buzz around town is that physicians at the Commonwealth Health Center have been telling people that they should avoid driving when they are intoxicated from now on.
Again, why? Because there are no doctors left on the island to treat victims of road mishaps or tragic accidents.

T'all boils down to lacking of staff due to several reasons that concerned healthcare professional "John Livingston" wrote and sent to the papers recently, entitled "What ails our CHC?"
So, the doctors say if you can prevent and at least not to drink way too much, that'd be good for you. If you're too drunk, let somebody drive for you.

The Reveler

Sep 11, 2007

Finally for Josie

Just learned from an anonymous source (not you Noni) that the CNMI's first lady just recently got her US citizenship. This source then asked why only now when she and our dear governor have been married for over 20 years.

He said could it be:

1. That she chose to be on an IR (immediate relative) status all these years?
2. That finally her husband came to his senses to give her that status?
3. That she chose not to renounce her Filipino citizenship (mind you that in the Philippines there is dual citizenship option for Filipino-Americans and others)

The Reveler

Sep 9, 2007

Two Steps Behind

For those of you who are nostalgic of the 90s, yes my title is a Def Leppard song; however, this post is not about the 90s band. It's about again an observation when I was at the presentation of the National Weather Service Pacific Region of the StormReady and TsunamiReady certificates to the CNMI.

The recuperating governor was an hour late due to a simultaneous proclamation signing also held at the same time with the NOAA/NWS presentation.

People waited and when the governor arrived finally, he was led toward the stage, but when he saw there were two steps up to the stage where he was supposed to sit with NWS officials, he asked the Hyatt staff if there was another way. The staff kindly ushered him to the side of the stage. Still, he had to climb two steps up the stage. Then one Hyatt staff and EMO acting director had to hold the governor's hands to help him up.

The governor then walked to his seat. I wouldn't even talk about how he walked to his seat. I hope his health improves. He has two more years to go before he relinquishes his post.

Just a thought.

The Reveler

Sep 8, 2007

Harry Bla-Block

While I was driving on the road this afternoon, I heard a segment from prominent radio commentator Harry Blalock about his corrections on what he had ranted before about MCV not having a generator whatsoever. Then, he mentioned something about his blog now restricted for his friends only and those who request for access.

He said something about a dive incident that he had conflict with a diving company, and he also mentioned about not implicating the Saipan Chamber of Commerce.

I guess that's what happens when you win the best blog in the CNMI.

Shall we have another poll excluding Harry's? ;-)

The Reveler

Sep 7, 2007

Political Porky

I had the chance to talk to political candidates lately and asked them if they were gracing Porky's Bar Friday's debate and discussions, mostly said they are not going to, "Not over a bottle of beer or any alcohol."

One posed a question that how would you get a sane, intelligent and "safe" discussion when you are inebriated? "You don't discuss politics nor religion with alcohol."

Only one way to find out, attend Porky's Bar discussion tonight then, Friday....

The Reveler

Sep 5, 2007

Poll: CNMI should concede to federalization

Our poll has ended with 80 people voting for this poll about whether the CNMI should concede to the impending feral, i mean federal takeover on the CNMI immigration system. Well do your math on this:

41.3% said Yes and ASAP while 22.5 said No and that's it.

Oh well, on to our next poll...

<----- Cast your votes now!

So much has been said about Tina Sablan's filing for candidacy to run on the next election this November. Tina all ready told the community why she is up to it. Now, she is calling for an open forum again.

The community's questions:

1. Does the forum intend to be a campaign?
2. Were previous forums part of the plan?
3. Why is Tina so slim? (oh, a letter to the editor blew the answer to this)

The Reveler

Movin' All Up, Movin' All Down

Gomenesai, los siento, dispensa, paumanhin and sorry (move over madonna) for not posting lately, due to hectic and tiring moving out and into a new "safer" place here in Garapan. Yey, I'm in Garapan now.

Thank you Jim Arenovski for featuring our burglary on crimestoppers (by the way Jim, I was able to retrieve online the serial numbers of the macbooks we lost. will email it to you soon.)

Wassup? Our poll ended and yes watch for our new poll soon!

The Reveler

P.S. here's a good laugh, CUC says it's not overcharging us. Woot! Woot!

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