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Feb 28, 2007

Advertising and marketing, Saipan style!

"EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK." That's the sign posted on the wall of a restaurant, reminding customers that fish dishes are served with bones.

Years ago, I heard this radio ad: "H-MART, WHERE PARKING IS NOT A PROBLEM." (okay, okay, don't mind about the items sold in this grocery store. yup, due to limited parking space in some retail establishments, i think making a pitch for parking IS a good idea)

"TOM TEDDY BEAR ENTERTAINING PLAZA." the name of a commercial establishment in Chalan Kanoa.

"BERWED COFFEE." Written on the menu of a defunct food store in San Jose.

"CREARANCE SALE." Need I say more?

A house for rent ad in the paper: "NICE, QUIET NEIGHBORHOOD." it's near a cemetery.

One of the requirements stated in an ad for a job opening: "MUST BE HIGH GRADUATE."

"MAGANDA UTANG." This is the name of a store in Garapan. In the Filipino language, this means good credit; others would argue that it means "it's good to have a debt."

"NO PARKING HERE." That's a sign on the side of a road in Garapan. But one day, below the same sign, was a parked police patrol car.

"MOST WANTED CK BOYS," graffiti in Chalan Kanoa.

"POST-CHRISTMAS SALE." But then, you see the same sign throughout the year. (Whatever happened to the CNMI government's advertising regulations?)

"PARASIGHT" is in fact the name of a Japanese cafe and bar in Garapan, not something else.

Guangdong Hardware's slogan, "NEVER SATISFIED UNTIL YOU ARE" sounds more like a slogan for service industries like massage parlors and beauty salons.

An "AOTO SHOP" in Koblerville.

A defunct Garapan business involved in "WEEDING VIDEOS," etc.

"SIZZILING SISIG" says the menu in a Garapan restaurant.

(To be continued...)

Going Going Gone Bananas (at the Court)

A four-footer banana tree planted inside the Guma Husticia building in Susupe has been bearing fruits. Captivated by the nature’s miracle, on Feb. 12, 2007, I decided to take this photo.

During my routine court patrol on Feb. 20, 2007, I noticed that the banana fruits had fully grown.

During another day’s routine court patrol on Feb. 26, 2007, I was overjoyed upon observing that two banana fruits were already ripe.

But two days later, Feb. 28, 2007, this is what i saw...

I could not stop laughing because somebody had already harvested the two ripe bananas. While taking another picture, one court employee called me and with a big smile showed me the second missing banana fruit he had just harvested and ready to chow.

Photos and Text: Strike That

"Stray Cats" to invade Saipan

Attention: Movie lovers, gay men and women (and their friends!), Filipinos, islanders who have just had enough of Hollywood! Here’s a chance to see an indie film that has film buffs talking all over the world.

Mga Pusang Gala (Stray Cats) will be shown at Fiesta Resort and Spa's Hibiscus Hall on Monday, June 4, 2007. There will be two screenings--5:30pm and 7:30pm. A forum on gay rights will follow at 9:30pm. The panel will include director Ellen Ongkeko, actor Ricky Davao, and local community members.

Tickets are at $10 each.

Here’s a synopsis of the Stray Cats from the UH website:
Director: Ellen Ongkeko
Cast: Irma Adlawan and Ricky Davao
Philippines 2006
118 min.
Tagalog w/English Subtitles

Mga Pusang Gala (Stray Cats) is a daring, innovative comic-romance fantasy, a parody which depicts love, sex, romance and loneliness in a way never before seen in Philippine cinema. It is fantasy incarnate all over: a battle of the sexes where this time around, the sexes are not just two but three.

Mga Pusang Gala tells the story of parallel love lives: that of Marta, a middle-age advertising practioner; and that of her, just as aging, gay friend and landlord Boyet, a romance novelist. Their lives are punctuated by their waiting for the menwho they think will fulfill their dreams. Boyet’s novels are inspired by Marta’s idiosyncratic anxieties for Steve, her non-committal boyfriend. Marta is tacitly envious of Boyet’s gathering of a family by adopting Jojo, a 15-year old pickpocket and Dom, his financially dependent lover. Both are willing to play the stereotypical roles of woman and gay to embrace a hopeful fantasy. But as these hopes turn out to be illusions they decide to take matters into their own hands, in a riveting confrontation. What happens next is inevitable but unsettling.

To date, Stray Cats has been shown in, or invited to, these international film festivals:
  • 20th edition Fribourg International Film Festival, Switzerland,March 12-19, 2006
  • Panorama Section, Philippines: Digital Cinema from Revolution to Evolution
  • Newfest 2006: The 18th New York Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Film Festival, June 1-11, 2006
  • Frameline 30, the San Francisco LGBT Film Festival,USA, June 15-25,2006; Winner, Docker’s Best 1st Feature
  • Dallas LBGT Film Festival, Oct. 28, 2006
  • Reel Affirmations, Chicago LGBT Film Festival, Nov. 5, 2006; Competition
  • Montreal, Qb, Canada. Image Nation Film Festival Nov. 16-26, 2006
  • Melbourne Queer Film Festival, March 15-25, 2007
  • Mardi Gras Film Festival, Sydney Australia, Feb. 15-March 1, 2007
  • TLVFEST 2007, Tel Aviv, June 18-23, 2007
  • Films of Desire: Sexuality and the Cinematic Imagination, India, March 6-10, 2007.
  • Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, April 27-May 6, 2007
For more information, call Oscar Yema at 483-6489 or send an email to ravesaipan@gmail.com.

Feb 27, 2007

He Said, She Said: Who the...?

The Reveler: Whoa! Who’s that guy?
Geek Goddess: I first saw him while giving a friend's mom the grand Marpi tour. He's a vision in a diving suit. I fell in love!

The Reveler: Looks so darn good looking! Yum-o! Rachel Ray is that you?
Geek Goddess: If Superman were an underwater superhero, he would be it.
The Reveler: Looks delicious like the meat in an Abyss Bar poke set!
Geek Goddess: Can't wait to have a bite!

The Reveler: Were you able to get his name? C’mon now.
Geek Goddess: Sorry, I was too shy.
The Reveler: Then, let’s give him a name then. what shall we name him? Scooby diver? Russian merman? He looks Russian to me.

Geek Goddess: Hey, The Reveler, you wrote "thens" both at the beginning and the end of your sentence.
The Reveler: Then and then? What’s the name then?

Geek Goddess: I would suggest, "Screw-(the)-diver," at the risk of scandalizing our more conservative readers. Not very geek-goddesslike, is it?
Geek Goddess: Wait! it should be: geek goddess-like.
The Reveler: Why not. Screw (the) diver, that’s heaven to my ears!

The Reveler: How about Marpius? Very Matrix.
Geek Goddess: Let's just call him the "Grotto guy." A cute guy be any other name would taste as sweet!

The Reveler: Grotto Guy! Weeee!!! Come to papa!
Geek Goddess: Hey I saw him first!

Feb 26, 2007

Relax, focus on the polite "thank you" note

You can find this in Garapan.

Photo: Weird Elle

Feb 25, 2007

Ms. Magazine's at it again!

Early this month, in time for the Feb. 8 hearing in Washington, D.C. on CNMI labor, immigration, law enforcement and economy, Ms. Magazine--the same national publication that carried a story in 2006 depicting Saipan as a "paradise lost" due to labor and immigration abuses, among other things--published online the story of Kayleen D. Entena. Entena, a young woman from the Philippines who was forced to work in a brothel in the CNMI, testified to the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee in support of bringing the CNMI under U.S. immigration control.

Ms. Magazine published online other stories about the CNMI early this month. Ms. magazine said its investigative report on the Mariana Islands brought these abuses to the nation's attention last spring and generated widespread public outrage. It revisited the 2006 article titled "Paradise Lost: Greed, Sex Slavery, Forced Abortions and Right-Wing Moralists" by Rebecca Clarren.

For the complete text of these articles, visit www.msmagazine.com

But just like Ms. Magazine's 2006 article, its recent coverages have not elaborated on what CNMI and federal government agencies have done to help reduce labor and immigration abuses in the past years.

FBI's Doug rocks!

Being a music band's lead vocalist was a dream come true for FBI agent Doug Small--at least for a night--when he put on a show that rocked the patrons of the Godfather's Bar in Garapan Saturday night. At around 11:30 p.m., Doug appeared as Johnny Cash with a matching wig and, together with the Jerry Alcantara and the Gigolos band (whose members each received a shirt from Doug with the letters FBI for Female Body Inspector), entertained the crowd with his favorite songs, including "Free Bird" by Lynrd Skynrd. Free draft beer and pizza! It was Doug's farewell party. He's leaving Saipan for good for a more challenging assignment (I guess). The bar was filled with Doug's colleagues and friends. Thanks to a friend who asked me to attend the party, I had a night of fun. Good luck with your future endeavors Doug!

PTimes 3 Equals lie?

A nursing home, a school et. al. in the CNMI, by what broadsheet PTimes has been obviously endorsing through its articles. Below is the caption of a photo from their website and paper:

"Pleasant Care Corporation's Arbor Convalescent Hospital in Lodi, California has been reaped accolades from the federal and state departments of Health and Human Services for hurdling golden surveys, which means not a single substantiated case of abuse, medication error, and other similar issues. The skilled nursing facility has also been consistently commended for its quality of care."

Now, do your own research google the company and here's one you'll get:

Large California Nursing Home Chain Fined $1.35 Million, Ordered to Improve Resident Care

"SACRAMENTO, CA — March 17, 2006 — The California Attorney General and Pleasant Care Corporation have reached a $1.35 million settlement concerning charges of abuse, neglect and negligence at the company’s nursing homes (Press Release, March 8, 2006). Besides paying the fine, Pleasant Care must improve resident care:

* The nursing staffing ratio at all its nursing homes must be 3.2 hours per patient per day, as required by California law. Outside audits will ensure compliance.
* The staff must receive training in patient care, including topics such as wound treatment, proper nutrition and accurate record keeping.
* Each nursing home must create a plan for reporting and investigating abuse and neglect. Staff members suspected of resident or elder abuse must be put on leave during the period of investigation.
* Pleasant Care must hire a Compliance Officer to ensure the proper care of residents and accurate reporting for the state. The company must also pay for an Independent Monitor, who reports to the Attorney General.
* A new whistleblower protection program must allow employees, residents and others to anonymously report suspected nursing home violations and elder abuse.

Pleasant Care operates 30 nursing homes in California with a total of 4,300 residents. Within the last five years, the company has received over 160 citations, many for actions that put the lives and health of residents in serious danger. In one instance, a nurse was unable to help a resident with a blocked airway because the facility’s suction machine was broken. The patient died as a result. At another nursing home, a resident died from a severe pressure sore. The wound was an example of “abominable wound care management,” according to the coroner.

Shortly after the Pleasant Care settlement, the company’s subsidiary, Pleasant Care of Northern California, pleaded no contest to criminal negligence at its nursing home in Napa, CA (Napa Valley Register, March 10, 2006). The case involved six residents who received substandard care, including two who died as a result."

Died as a result? Oooh that's scary. Imagine the nurses it would train in its school...just being a devil's advocate here.

The Reveler

Photo Essay: The Return. The Heartache.

Lee Roy Camacho's remains arrived Friday afternoon and the seemed scorching hot afternoon froze the rest of the day especially inside the reception hall of the Saipan airport, where hundreds of family members waited for Lee Roy. It was once again heart-rending and nerve-wracking moment seeing the family of Lee Roy waited silently crying on their seats.

His mom and wife Velma were staring at a blank probably anxious to finally hold once again the body of their loved one. What broke my heart was when body finally reached Saipan onboard a US Airforce 747 plane and the family members dashed outside to get a personal glimpse of the aircraft. They held hands as they watched the plane curbed to the side. The Military plane looked so majestic from afar as it got a washdown from two fire trucks as a ceremony.

When the Military representatives from Guam and Hawaii brought the brown casket draped with the American flag inside the reception hall, the sons of Lee Roy suddenly burst into tears and their mom, Velma, held the boys to her trying to comfort them. It was totally heart breaking. I thought these little boys wouldn't be that emotional because they are so young, but i was mistaken. The three boys lost their father.

Lee Roy's brother Alfred who was in Military suit ushered his mother and Velma to get close to the casket, the mom and Velma just sobbed vehemently and buried their faces onto the casket. The background music rendered by 30-year ukulele player Emi Palican just made it more difficult for all of us to breathe. My heart just melted. This should not have been happening, I thought to myself.

The relatives were given also a chance to join the mom and Velma and hold the casket. One relative fainted and collapsed. It was so devastating to see them.

The price for freedom and democracy. Are the lives of many being lost an advantage to many that survive? Will it always be the case? Ask the family that lost their loved ones due to this.

The Reveler
Photo: Tacder

30 years on the island and then what?

I met this contract worker who fixed our house and spoke to him. I learned that he's been on the island for 30 years and still working on the island on contract basis. I just can't imagine he's survived three decades of loyalty and earning a meager living on the island. He said he's worked with construction firms that built hotels, apartment buildings, office buildings among many others in the CNMI.

His hands have gone numb for those thick callouses from the manual work he's been doing to erect towers and high rise buildings since then. I asked him why does he remain on the island when in fact he should be retiring. He just told me that he simply loves Saipan now, which he has considered his home for a long time now.

What has he benefited from this island? Yes, bigger and humble earnings compared to the country he actually is from, however, he remains to toil and squander sweat and blood just to feed a family here and back home.

Saipan is a place to fall in love with, but what does it do to take care of those people that helped built and that are still building this island? What has the CNMI done to recognize them as being instrumental in building a nation?

There are several more that have been here for over 10 years now, yet they work harder, with no retirement benefits or something that would help them retire and confidently go back home.

That man's hand and face have shriveled--from waiting to be recognized, he said.

The Reveler

Feb 24, 2007

Have you been there lately?

It's been weeks since my last visit to the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library--to buy, borrow books, check who's checking out books, etc. A policy new to me: when you ask to use the computer, you present your library ID, they give you a small green card with the computer user and a code number on it, which you type in your screen and voila! And at the bottom of the screen, you see the length of time alloted for you to use the computer. I think that since Kevin Latham took over the management of the library, the facility has become more efficient, reliable, creative. it has become more conducive to reading, learning.

What I really want

In Aldous Huxley's words:

"I want God,
I want poetry,
I want real danger,
I want freedom,
I want goodness.
I want sin.”


I made a mental note of the things Geek Goddess wants--in a span of 30 minutes.

"I want to have a haircut."
"I want to go to Australia."
"I want to go to Morocco."
"I want to have a massage."
"I want to go window shopping for clothes."
"I want to buy that $200 camera."
"Come on, let's eat. I'm hungry."
"I wanna get married!"

Feb 22, 2007

Here come the feds again...

After the Feb. 8 hearing in Washington, D.C. on CNMI labor, immigration, law enforcement and economic condition, CNMI government and private sector leaders now have to deal with two visiting U.S. Senate staffers--former Insular Affairs Director Allen Stayman and Josh Johnson--supposedly for another fact-finding mission. Whether the federal takeover of CNMI immigration is a done deal and that their visit is only for a 'show', we may have to find out soon.

Feb 21, 2007

Election fever

You know it's nearing election when political party members start bickering with each other. Take the Republican Party, for example. We haven't heard from the Democratic Party. By the way, is there still a Covenant Party?

The press are people, too!

This sign has been posted for quite some time in the House chamber at the Legislature. It is meant to keep the public outside the floor of the House of Representatives during sessions.

The Fury of All Furies

It was a headline on one of the dailies here about the Northern Marianas College Board of Regents member resigning from her post after six long years. However, the reason was not disclosed.

Hmmm...If I said again, this "we heard" this might label us a rumor mongering blog. (People, should we decide to be the next Sun or Enquirer, or Defamer.Com or TMZ.com with this blog, it's none of your GDB.)

So here I go again. Sources said the reason why this regent stepped down is because the college did not renew her husband's teaching contract. We were told that the reason for the college not renewing the contract of this teacher was because of alleged frequently being caught intoxicated inside the campus and in class. Should this be the case, the teacher didn't realize that "hell hath no fury!"

Call it gossip all you want, just sharing this info we got....

NMC's presidentiables...off island?

Yes. Off island candidates. Somebody told me that the CNMI dealt with this issue long before that the college should hire someone local?

Just wondering. Late 2006, according to the tabloids, that five off island candidates expressed interest and now it's down to two--a man and a woman. The paper reported that the candidates held dialogues with Northern Marianas College students and faculty to share their vision for the college.

The question is, would the locals really mind if the president is from the mainland?Does that mean there are no qualified presidents on the island or these competent college presidentiables just don't care anymore due to the college's lack of support from the government and the community?

Next week is the verdict from the NMC Board of Regents.

Who could it be? an "off-islander" or an "off-islander?"

The Reveler
Graphics from: ST NMC web ad

Feb 19, 2007

Attention: Hollywood Theaters!

I hope the movie "Babel (2006)" will be shown here SOON, instead of waiting for the release of its DVD.

While watching movies at home has its advantages, nothing beats the thrill of watching a movie on big screen--plus the smell of popcorns, the chattering around you, the shrieks, the grunts, the cursing, the wonderment, and the like, the socialization before, during and after the show, and the mere fact that for about two hours, you form a bond with strangers who are hopefully enjoying the movie or learning something from it.

The movie, directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, stars Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, and Gael Garcia Bernal. The story is about "a chain of events that will link an American tourist couple's frantic struggle to survive, two Moroccan boys involved in an accidental crime, a nanny illegally crossing into Mexico with two American children, and a Japanese teen rebel whose father is sought by the police in Tokyo."

Here's to wishful thinking!

F&B 911: Big Garden Resto's Bulgogi

This restaurant appears majestic from outside, giving away an idea that it is a spacious restaurant.

When you enter the restaurant, you will have a sudden feeling that you are inside a Chinese restaurant, but it's not Chinese, it's a Korean Restaurant. You know, with those sturdy furniture, old-fashioned fixtures and utensils.

One good thing that saved this restaurant for us, of course, was the food and the drinks! Boy, draft beer for only $3 per mug?! Yes, cold, frozen mug. Plastic though. Still, the draft beer is the best!

Order a bulgogi and you'll be surprised with the vegetable appetizers or accompaniments the wait staff will bring you. For us, it was like seven small bowls of appetizers that included kimchi (which I detest), dried small fish, bean sprouts, corn kernels, lettuce, etc.

Next the wait staff brought us a stove with an iron cast where she cooked the bulgogi right in front of us. I was wondering if I ordered right. All these lavishness cost me $9 for the bulgogi. I thought I ordered the platter but I did not. Now I wonder what the platter would be.

We ordered Mandu dumplings also and the wait staff brought at least 10 pieces of the dumplings for $9 too. It was a feast for two people. Bulgogi wrapped with the lettuce was the best. I didn't need rice with it. It was "delish and yammo" as Rachel Ray would say.

Piece of advice though, don't look up when you start devouring those luscious food. You'll lose your appetite with those old warped ceiling inside the restaurant. It makes the restaurant really look old and unkempt. Also, keep focused on the food. Don't look around. Just savor that gastronomic moments with the Korean food.

The restaurant, by the way, is located along Middle Road near the intersection in San Jose where Payless Shoesource is also located.

Photo and text: The Reveler

Feb 18, 2007

Who reads government newsletters, anyway?

This cash-strapped government can do away with newsletters regularly published by government agencies and offices. These newsletters are just gathering dust on government shelves, reception areas and offices. See for yourself.

The money spent on paper and printing press services should have been better spent on more critical government services like health and safety. The time and effort spent by government employees in compiling materials for these newsletters should have been spent on more critical tasks. What do these newsletters contain anyway? Portions of these newsletters were lifted from the Internet, like tips on how to do this and that. Other more important information like new government services, equipment, office, new hires and so-called "accomplishments" can be printed instead on a piece of paper and posted on government or commercial establishments' bulletin boards. Why need to print a newsletter that's costing thousands of dollars? If the information are that critical, why not tap into the mainstream media for press releases, news coverages or letters to the editor? If these newsletters would only carry the photos of government parties or workshops, it seems there is a real disregard for helping the government save its limited resources.

If this government is serious in cutting unnecessary spending, then the printing of newsletters should be reduced if not totally eliminated. Why not?

StripTease Dancer = STD?

What's this we heard about the strip club dancers that were rescued from bars before went for an STD test in throngs? Question is were these dancers forced to have themselves tested where in fact they are only dancers? Did the social service group require all of them for tests?

Is it right to claim that this incident is discriminatory confirming the local notion that dancers are also sex workers? Currently, guest workers are required to submit test results for HIV.

Why all of a sudden these dancers were required to go to public clinic for treatment or tests?

You tell me....

F&B 911: Hard Rock's Happy Hour

Yup. We've come up with food and beverage review just to let every one know, the fancy and not-so-fancy places where we can dine our hearts out though we are limited or very conscious of our spendings.

Our first stop is the Hard Rock Cafe in Garapan. It may sound exorbitant since we've known that Hard Rock Cafe anywhere in the world would cost so much. But we just recently discovered its Happy Hour from 4pm to 8pm daily.

Did you know that at least 10 of their cocktail drinks only cost $2.50 each glass during Happy Hour? The drinks included are:

Screw Driver
Pink Lemonade
Cape Cod
Tom Collins
John Collins
Salty Dog
Hawaiian Screw
Cuba Libre
Red Eye

These drinks are superb and it's in a big glass too. Who wouldn't be awed by that?! Their food/appetizer is also discounted, but not half its regular price. We would suggest that you order their Tupelo Tenders regular price is around $13 per serving, but during Happy Hour it's only for $9.50 per serving. Big chicken tenders, eight pieces, and served with honey mustard and barbecue sauce. It's a feast for two people plus your $2.50 cocktail drink.

If you dine in on a Friday, acoustic singer Jerry Alcantara serenades diners. It was fun to see this local artist jamming with Japanese tourists. His Japanese is almost flawless.

Photo and Text: The Reveler

Feb 17, 2007

Rrrring! Scams, hello?!

Receiving a phone call at 8 a.m. on a Saturday is irritating enough.

When the person on the other line greeted me with "Congratulations! You just won $5,000 cash," I knew I was up for a more irritating morning. $5,000 is too good to be true. And I didn't buy any raffle ticket in the last few months. The woman said she got my name from a roster of credit card holders, and that all I needed to do is send $30 or $50 so they could send my check, blah blah. I told the woman that I don't have any credit card and I don't bank online. She retreated by saying there may have been some mix up, blah blah, and hung up the phone.

About three months later, I received another early Saturday morning phone call, this time from a man basically saying the same thing.

It's one of those moments you're thankful you don't have credit cards; the rate of being fooled is low, even if your common sense fails you. haha.

Someone I knew befriended a man online from another part of the world, and the guy said he would send her a $1,000 check after weeks of exchanging IMs. The man sent her a check for $2,000, asking her to send the other $1,000 to his friend in China. Fortunately, the bank called her about the bounced check before she could send the money to China.

Another person I knew was notified online that he won $1 million. While it's too good to be true, he believed it when he received a check worth $1 million. Without waiting for the bank to cash the check (banks hold your check for about three weeks), he treated his friends to dinner and all that stuff. The check bounced; I don't know what else happened.

A friend of mine ordered a cell phone online. She sent the money through Western Union. Two or three weeks had passed and she started to worry. When she found out that Romania, where she ordered the cellphone, is home to many scammers, she knew she lost her $300.

Saipan is not immune to these scams. If it happens to you, ask yourself, 'was I too naive or I just had a bad luck'? Or both?

Feb 16, 2007

One sad note on Hate....

Yes on Saipan. It's ubiquitous anyway.

Just this week, i spoke to someone who suffered from the world-renowned crime these days--the Hate Crime, and yes, it happened on Saipan.

One, of course unidentified man on Saipan, went to the beach. Some men hit on him, he played along but stayed grounded where he was. He didn't intend to fool around with these men. He could but he wouldn't.

The men obviously got infuriated because they knew he was gay but wouldn't give in. They bashed him. Fortunately, he didn't suffer much from the battery.

He told me he refused and wouldn't want to play with those men. Not anymore.

Because he has AIDS.

Unbelievable but true. I don't know whether you'd believe in the Hate Crime happening on Saipan or can't believe that AIDS is indeed around you.

No one deserves such crime, of any kind at all.

The Reveler
photo taken from: www.aa2sbu.org/aaezine/images/H/StopTheHate.jpg

Saipan's Sexiest Could Be Action Stars!

Ok. Ok. Hold your horses. This site wouldn't have had included your bets but they could be under this category. Check 'em out! Most of these Saipan folks exude the power or the prowess they possess whenever you see them around! They can be sexy and hot but could be my, your or every one's hero!!!

In no particular order...(by the way, the list could add up)

Jason Tarkong - Ultimate Warrior or Scorpion King
Morgan Rose - JLo in Out of Sight
Lawrence and Jeff Boyer - Batman and Robin
JM Ong - Shang from Mulan
Eric Plinske - The Punisher or He-Man
Shequita Bennett - Storm
Brad Ruszala - Nacho Libre, Collin Farrell in Daredevil

If you can suggest of any other heroes on Saipan, just add your comments. It's free for all!!!!

The Reveler

Feb 15, 2007

Stat(u)e of Liberty--the TV series

Last night, Feb. 15, was a red letter day as in red carpets, red fantabulous balloons complemented the entrace door to Club V at the Saipan Grand Hotel for the premier of Dan Shor's magnum opus for Saipan--his six-month film project about the people of Saipan and their stories. All of which converged in one bar on Saipan called the Stat(u)e of Liberty. (The Hamilton's)

"A" for "Affort" for Dan Shor. For the first time, the CNMI will have its very own soap opera, which the writer, director and producer Dan Shor calls a Dramedy. Kudos to the wonderful cast especially to work with Shor all for the love.

Well let's not get into the technicalities and storyline...that's a different story.

For the cast, congratulations and good luck.

There are a total of 20 1-hour episodes to be aired hopefully soon on KSPN Channel 2.

The Reveler
Photo source: ST

Feb 14, 2007

Hearts Day of the Disheveled Hands

Hearts Day or Valentine's Day. Most of us had fancy dinners or equally excellent lunches and dinner, but for the CNMI man'amko these extravagance didn't matter at all because, they had more than scrumptious lunches and dinners, their souls were filled with utter joy and hope when they spent half of their day with over a hundred kids at the Oleai Elementary School Valentine's Day.

The wizened elderly in the CNMI had tete-a-tete with the kids as the kids learned from them.
Over 86 CNMI man'amko or elderly gathered inside the school for a day of fun and presentations with the school children.

The Reveler
Photos By: TacDer

Saipan's Sexiest Women

You guessed it right! It was only a matter of time before we came up with a list of Saipan's Sexiest Women. Here it goes, in no particular order:

  • Ramona Manglona
  • Rebecca Warfield
  • Lori Demaine
  • Tina Sablan
  • Gin Gridley
  • Agnes McGrath
  • Nahal Navidar
  • Laurie Peterka
  • Jessica Jordan
  • Myana Welch
  • Sophie Chin
  • Kimberlyn King
  • Dorothy Hill
  • Ashem Bray
  • Marie Igitol
  • Pi Wasana
  • Amanda Armstrong
  • Aimz Weiss
  • Anna Glushko
  • Elena
  • Power 99's Nola
  • Theo Wong
  • Malou Mendoza
  • Josephine Plinske

Feb 13, 2007

Saipan's Sexiest Men

When we say sexy, we mean not just good physique (or not at all), for what good is the body without a heart and a brain and everything in between -- from their social relevance, charm to the way they wear their jeans? Here, then is a list of the sexiest men in our radar.

Not in particular order:

Tim Moran
Tyce Mister
Yosh Gabaldon
Jim Benedetto
Glen Hunter
Nathan Tan
Angelo Villagomez
Yoshi Suzuki
Mike Sablan
Robert Jordan
Ian Catlett
Richard Brostrom
Robert Torres
Charles Cepeda
Marcos Alonso
Russ Quinn
Mark Sullivan
Cuci Alvarez
Jessie Palacios
Eric Plinske
Nick Gross
Jonathan Grayson
Ken Pierson
Ricky Delgado
Joseph Flores
David Cohen
Absalon Waki
Chris Nelson
Andy Tidwell

Laid to rest

Driving through the beauteous Marpi landmark, the overcast weather added to the morose afternoon, i was prepared for another heart-breaking scenes on the island. Indeed my expectations were met when the entourage emerged from afar escorted by the police to the CNMI Veterans Cemetery. The hearse that was carrying the remains of NMI fallen Marine Lance Corporal Adam Quitugua Emul pulled over as seven US Marines from Hawaii waited and pulled the silver casket of Adam draped with the American flag.

Local officials were present. A brief ceremony was held as US and CNMI flags were turned over to Adam's mom and dad, as well as her sister.

When a Marine played taps, the windy afternoon suddenly turned colder as the drizzle of rain didn't faze the hundreds of supporters that witnessed the interment (Feb.13)

The moment that tore everyone's heart was when the mom, dad and sister were ushered for a final goodbye to Adam, the mom and the sister bore their heads into the casket. The mom this time sobbed. The deafening silence was dominated by the heart-rending sobs and cries from the family.

It was time to bring the casket to the grave site. Adam's dad tried to pull his mom away so that the Marines could proceed and carry the casket to the site. Adam's mom refused, crying, screaming "No!"

My heart just melted.

The Reveler
Photos by JH/ST

Feb 12, 2007

CMNI, according to Sen. Akaka

Those who wanted to be `in the know` stayed wide awake from 12:30 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. on Feb. 9 (Saipan time) to listen and watch via video the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee`s hearing on the CNMI`s labor, immigration, law enforcement and economic issues.

Sen. Akaka, one of the committee members, mistakenly called the CNMI "CMNI" more than once. I wonder how could such a powerful Senate committee that would initiate the "federalization" of the CNMI`s immigration system could not even call the commonwealth by its proper acronym?

Weird Elle

Feb 11, 2007

Saipan son returns home

A tearjerking experience. Gosh. I wish i wasn't there at all. Sobs and anguish pervaded the entire reception hall last Saturday, Feb. 10, at the Francisco C. Ada International Airport.

I know it's hard to post these photos but my intention is to let people know, the right ones and the wrong ones, that this is the price one has to pay for any of our actions.

It was totally heart-rending to see the mother of fallen soldier Adam Quitugua Emul, his dad, and his sisters and brothers. It tore my heart apart when the sister cried embracing the casket with her tears drenching the US flag draped on her brother's casket.

It was devastating.

It's funny that we fight for the world's freedom when we lose our loved ones in exchange for it. The freedom for some is actually not complete.

I was once again uplifted by the spirits of the Commonwealth people when they lined up along the Airport Road, waving their flags. Some NMI soldiers lined up offered a salute to the entourage of the fallen soldier. You people are amazing.

Complete story can be found at http://www.saipantribune.com/newsstory.aspx?newsID=65615&cat=1.
also at http://www.guampdn.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070211/NEWS01/702110301

The Reveler
Photos by: JH/ST

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Feb 9, 2007

Uncensored pictures of Miss Nevada Katie Rees

Miss Nevada Katie Rees?

The girl is just having fun. Uhmm too much fun. Well, if you want to see the photos of the beauty queen having sooo much fun: Reinstate Miss Nevada Katie Rees.

The Reveler

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