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Jan 29, 2009

A Public Notice on Immigration?

Ok. This might sound delayed or late but people are bugging us of queries and inquisitions on how true that once the federalized immigration is effected the status of alien workers and immediate relatives would be null and void. Furthermore, once they exited the island, they can never go back without proper US visa and this visa cannot be used to regain their status....

Mindboggling yet troublesome for many....

What's the real deal? To whom should we refer these anxieties and queries?

Jan 24, 2009

Popularity Votes...

Grading our leaders in the CNMI?

Do you approve that only Reps. Sablan and Camacho received an "A" while the rest received an "F" rating? Should we believe what was gathered in this likely a personal website? What's the accuracy of this poll? Margin of error?

Should he include the rating or grading of the Governor's Office leaders as well? Speaking of popularity or approval ratings of the local government, would this matter or is it pertinent to have our own approval ratings for the local government?

For more info on this, click here.

Jan 19, 2009

Ridding of Poker Machines a Hope?

Just occurred in my mind the book we read back in college called "Hope for the Flowers" when I contemplate and think about the island's future as a commoner.

As many of us are still optimistic about the CNMI, we couldn't help but observe and notice some that try to pull everyone down. Yet, we remain hopeful.

Hmmm...but talking about the title of this post. Does getting rid of poker machines answer the many financial questions befuddling the islands? I was able to talk to some business owners whose business depend direly now on the revenues collected from poker machine operations. They said they survive because of the poker machines.

Hence, questions in my mind. Would taking this industry off from the economic contributors list in the CNMI help the local government ease its financial troubles? Some of the community members express that the poker machines provide substantial revenue ($10M as reported earlier) for the local government that if taken out, where would the local government get that significant revenue.

How many poker machine establishment-related crimes have been reported since then? If the community is wary about the social impact of the business, what are the local government agencies doing to control those issues?

For many it is the answer, for some maybe otherwise....

Jan 10, 2009

A Four-Day Work at the LB?

I know it's in the news about a four-day work sked for the Legislature. Yup, to cope with the budget problems in the government. However, does this mean that the CNMI leaders will also work only for four days a week? I believe it didn't say in the news.

However, I'm sure the legislators will still work five-days a week to serve the community all week long. Yet, without their staff working in the office on that unpaid day...hmmm...let me rethink about that. Or should I say, let me rethink about the phrase "In service to the community."

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