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Oct 5, 2010

Intoxicated Pedestrian Killed? How About the Driver?

A young man was hit and killed in the wee hours of the morning along Garapan Road because he was intoxicated and the driver of the car that bumped him off the road was ruled out by the police of not being drunk and not speeding.

The newspaper reported that the pedestrian(19 year-old Asian) had a high BAC level when he was hit along a non-major highway. Why is the angle of the story in the paper appears to be blaming the young man for being drunk while crossing the road?

The DPS ruled out speeding and DUI with the driver? Come on.

That road is not busy at that hour and it's not a highway. Wouldn't you stop if you see a pedestrian crossing the road. Let's say he appeared from nowhere, but when you're not speeding or not drunk, you wouldn't cause to kill him right? You could probably bruise him.

The driver according to the news is Chuukese. Rumors say that the Chuukese driver is actually Palauan and is connected to a former CNMI cop.

Go figure. It's an island.

For the news see Saipan Tribune.

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