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Jun 29, 2007

Of school and pizza...

I feel bad that one of the nicest people I've met on the island has made the headlines today about a grand theft. This woman if you'd know her is one of the meekest women on the island, soft spoken and amiable.

Reports said that she used the money Pizza Hut donated to her former school, Kagman High School that accumulated to a whopping $36,000.

According to KSPN News, she tried to pay the money she used through a check that bounced that could've led to the investigation.

She tried to correct her mistake, she said in a statement. At least she tried. I am just left wondering that don't we deserve that chance to rectify our mistakes before being placed behind bars.

When I saw her on TV walking in orange suit, I felt sad.

The Reveler

Jun 27, 2007

He said, She Said: Offline hours, wowowee!

On yesterday's Internet fiasco:

Reveler: Whoa! This upgrade of PTI is just great! My god, I need to check my emails so darn bad!

Geek Goddess: You tell me! You won't believe what I had to go though just to get some money at the bank! It was horrible!

Reveler: Arggh! Blog it, quick!

Geek Goddess: (smirks and rolls eyes) Hellooooo!

Jun 24, 2007

Controlling prostitution?

Saipan may learn from an Italian town mayor`s proposal to help deter prostitution and punish those who patronize it, as reported by Reuters: By taking photos of vehicles that pick the girls up and publishing the number plates in local newspapers.

In Saipan`s case, will Variety and Tribune step up to the plate as well?

The mayor said he planned to give local police digital cameras and instruct them to photograph any cars seen stopping to liaise with prostitutes on the side of the street.

While the number of prostitutes on Italian streets has increased dramatically in recent years that prompted the Vatican last week to call for new laws to punish clients of prostitution, the mayor said his reasons for tackling prostitution were entirely secular and far more mundane.

"I think it's more important to protect the rights of citizens who have to be at work early but are kept up at night by the sound of cars," he told Reuters.

In Saipan, there`s no credible government data on the number of prostitutes. Ever. All they say is that it`s increasing.

Changing Iwo Jima

For at least 1,000 Japanese residing on the island of Iwo Jima, the island should be called Iwo To to forget the ill memories the island incurred during the Second World War. Recently, the name change has been officialized.

War veterans in the US expressed disappointments saying that Iwo Jima is part of the history reminding the world of the ills of war.

Should Saipan change its name too?

The Reveler

Jun 23, 2007

Hairspray Mania

Just distributed posters of the upcoming Pride party to salons around the island and was I glad to hear from the hairdressers that the entire tranny community is preparing for the pride dance that they are busy with their creations based on the theme of the party!

They said Club V would not fit them all there with their out of this world costumes and head dress!

Party on CNMI!

See you on Thursday, June 28 at 9pm!

The Reveler

Poll Result: Tina Wins!

Tina Sablan rules!

Saipanmiddleroad's recent poll ended with Tina Sablan winning the hearts of bloggers in the CNMI. She got a great lead with 46.8 percent of the votes believing that she could be a better leader in the CNMI.

Angelo Villagomez: 26.6 percent
Both: 12.1 percent
Neither: 14.5

Cast your votes on our next poll!

Jun 22, 2007

Wage hike = Worker exploitation program

if you think the 50-cent wage increase by July 25 is helping, think again.

a worker currently earning $3.05 an hour (no matter how long he has stayed on Saipan and there are many of them), and who receives free lodging and transportation may be better off than a worker who:

* will be paid $3.55 an hour starting on July 25 but

* will have to start paying up to $100 a month for employer-provided housing because that`s what both CNMI and US Labor allow

* a $100 salary deduction for housing may not be reasonable for many because of the state of the housing they`re in. does Labor have the resources to check all the employer-provided barracks to see if deducting $100 per month is fair, or humane?

* some employers have started or will eventually implement a workhour deduction, citing financial hardships. Labor allows up to a 32-hour workweek from 40. so even if you raise the salary from $3.05 to $3.55 starting on July 25, and yet you allow the employer to reduce work hours by up to 8 per week...you`re just actually exploiting both the system and the worker

* employers who have been used to paying their workers $3.05 an hour (just because they can) keep telling the workers that it`s better to reduce workhours and reduce their paychecks (regardless of the federal minimum wage hike) than terminating workers. while this is a valid argument, the employer should also think that if he can do away with non-essential employees to provide a fair merit and pay system, the better.

* consider this -- a worker who has worked for an employer for 5 years and still gets paid $3.05 an hour versus a worker who has just been hired for $3.05 an hour. Come July 25, both workers need to be paid at least $3.55 an hour to comply with the federal wage law. again, the employer is not obligated to raise the salary of the longer-staying worker. after all, the employer would say, he`s not going to violate any local or federal law. (what ever happened to employee morale?)

* who in the local and federal government cares?

Autoshop turns into Decepticons

Well, in time for the big movie event in July with the premier of Transformers, I am warning the CNMI especially Saipan residents of "Autoshops" turning into "Decepticons!" Beware of deceiving autoshops such as Advance Autoshop along Middle Road.Why? It's because when you take your car there, it's going to get worse.

My car had a problem with the alternator and they fixed it by getting a third party to supply them the alternator. After a week, they returned the car and after a day's work, I returned the car to the shop because it conked out on me again. Then, that's the time the mechanic admitted that the alternator they gave me was a second hand alternator. But, the autoshop billed us for new alternator.

Then last week the car had similar problems then we took it to the shop that fixed it months ago. The shop said it couldn't figure what the problem was and they checked everything already.

Then we finally took it to another shop and they found out that the problem was the alternator.

The Reveler

Jun 21, 2007

TV series ending a part of you

I just saw on TV (thanks to Mr. Pitt) the series finale of one of my favorite TV series since 1998. It brought tears to my eyes and a heavy heart, i felt like I lost a part of me. This TV series grew up with me or should I say I grew up with it. It's like part of my growing years. I remember I used to live with friends in one flat and we would record the show and watch it all together after a day's hectic work.

(sigh) You really can't make things last forever.

I will miss "Charmed."


The Reveler

Biggest Gay Pride Party on Saipan - June 28!!!

Jun 16, 2007

Marijuana Islands

OMG! The international media have been picking up local news from the CNMI and just today, we received emails and alerts that this Australian media is calling the Mariana Islands now Marijuana Islands. Clever though with the pun.

For those of you who haven't been in the loop locally, the local government at least some of its constituents have proposed to legalize Ms. Mary Jane on the island to boost the economy.

In this regard, some changes will occur: NMI would be - Northern Marijuana Islands: the trench would be - Marijuanas Trench; local paper - Marijuanas Variety; tourism agency - Marijuanas Visitors Authority and it's annual food fest - Taste of the Marijuanas...

The Reveler

(Sorry Geek, I used your mac and it logged me directly to your account. ;-) peace!)

Global Charming

nuff said about the Global Warming, the islands also need Global Charming. what can we do?

First, probably is to start smiling to people around you. so much has been said, written and spread about hospitality and customer service in the CNMI. When you go to establishments, like pay your utility bills, phone bills et. al. do the customer service agents smile at you? Most of them want to get rid of you ASAP.

Tourists visit the island, charm them with the best smile you have.

Any suggestions?

The Reveler

Jun 14, 2007

Hairspray moved to June 28

Party peeps, Hairspray party is moved to June 28 instead of June 21 to give the organizers, RaveSaipan, Napu Life and Saipan Grand Hotel more time to invite and prepare for the first Pride party in the CNMI.

The organizers are also trying to tap Off the Beaten Path, Club Barracuda and other interested groups to help make this happen.

They're thinking of a motorcade too...

The Reveler

Jun 13, 2007

Just when you think nothing interesting is happening here

Who says there`s nothing else to do on Saipan than having politics for breakfast, the latest rumors for lunch and reading blogs for dinner? happy hour is something else.

Saipan, roughly the size of San Francisco, only needs people with creative minds and adventurous spirits to keep the island interesting on any given weekend not only for the locals but also for short- or long-term visitors to the island.

Blogging, of course, has become a staple. Thanks to Jeff T., Angelo V., Boni V., Ruth T., Brad R., Jane M., too many to mention...

Beach Road Magazine`s first-ever Saipan car rally on May 26 was a good one. Beach Road should do another one. (All able and willing bloggers should join next time)

PAWS` best of the worst dog show in May was also a first.

For parents with kids 7 to 12 years old, they can still register their children for the second and third week of the DYS summer youth sports camp (DYS # 664-2584/8657)

Trek to Forbidden Island beach, Bird Island beach, follow the trail leading to Old Man by the Sea or go to Hidden Beach, Cow Town beach, etc. or from Suicide Cliff down.

Call Angelo Villagomez or Cinta Kaipat if you want to contribute to `beautifying` CNMI.

Volunteer with social service agencies.

hold a photo exhibit of different ways of chewing betel nuts. the different phases and faces of doing so. the different betel nut stains left on pathways, roads, etc. nobody has done this. attention: TacDer

join tina sablan`s causes.

attend sessions of the House or Senate. and it may give your another reason why joining Tina`s movement is a must.

the pride party on June 21 at the Saipan Grand Hotel`s Club V should be fun.

organize film showings...classic movies.

contact Bob Schwalbach for `global warming` presentations/lectures. it`s something for everyone. Saipan is a small island. imagine what global warming, rising sea temperatures and a rise in sea level could do to Saipan. e-mail him: bobschwalbach@gmail.com. hurry up, he`s leaving on Tuesday.

donate books to the library.

go fishing. literally and figuratively.

what else?

Marine Dive Magazine hails CNMI

This news comes from the Trib:

The CNMI has received six diving awards from Marine Dive Magazine, based on votes cast by the magazine's readers, according to the Marianas Visitors Authority yesterday.

First place award went to Managaha Island as the best snorkeling spot.

The CNMI also won three fourth-place awards and two fifth-place awards. The fourth place awards were for Best Beach - Managaha Island, Best Diving Area - Saipan, Tinian and Rota and Best Diving Area Saipan. The two 5th place awards were for Best Beach - Teteto Beach Rota and Best Resort Area - Saipan, Tinian and Rota.

“We are thrilled to receive these prestigious awards,” said MVA managing director Perry Tenorio. “Having our islands featured in Marine Dive Magazine will assist us in promoting the CNMI as a great dive destination.”

Isn't it nice to know that readers of that magazine voted for the Marianas.

The Reveler

Jun 11, 2007

Pride Party in the CNMI!

In line with the Pride Month, for the first time in the CNMI, groups here on Saipan will hold a Pride Party on June 21, dubbed "Hairspray" party also in time for the release of the movie in July.

The event will have the best hairdos, costumes galore!!! DJ Ken Loo mixes!!!

Event venue: Saipan Grand Hotel, Club V and Lobby
Date: June 21, 9pm
For the benefit of Napu Life Foundation

The Reveler

Also check this news online:

Hundreds of thousands of gay, lesbian and transvestite people have taken part in a Gay Pride parade in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo.

Organisers said the number of people taking part had exceeded last year's record of 2.5 million marchers.

The parade is said to be the largest of its kind in the world.

Costumes, floats and music are dominating, but activists say they also have a serious message, calling for a world without discrimination.

Jun 10, 2007

Paris Hilton and Sarah Silverman on MTV

Ooooh I just saw the MTV Awards (don't care if it's a week late here) and this year's host Sarah Silverman started the show with her wisecracks she normally does in Comedy Central.

She informed the audience that infamous Paris Hilton a week from last week, so that was last week right, well anyway, she said Paris Hilton is going to be incarcerated soon that she's going to have a special treatment in the prison. Sarah Silverman said the prison bars would be shaped into penises. Then the crowd laughed and cameramen showed a wryly smiling Paris in the audience. Yes, she was there. Then Sarah Silverman shushed the crowd and said, "I'm just worried about her teeth!"

The audience roared with laughter and again TV showed Paris Hilton. My, my she was so uncomfortable on her seat.

Poor Paris. Oh, in a figurative sense.

The Reveler

Jun 8, 2007

Beachboy dines with Shazam

Did you see the video that Brad made when he fulfilled a date with Brenda of the Shazam family? Yup, it's posted already in case you haven't had the chance to see it.

So it's either Saipan Blogger would be happy about it that his poll was taken seriously but what about the winner. She should have a great sponsored dinner with her hubby. I'm sure Saipan Blogger can pull strings together to get Borego a dinner for two, knowing his extensive clout.


The Reveler

Stay Stuck!

It's not too late to catch Nahal and the gang for Jessica Goldberg's "Stuck" at the American Memorial Park Visitor Center tonight at 7pm. Last play date will be tomorrow, June 9, Saturday same time, same venue.

Watched it last Sunday and I was impressed with the chemistry between Keisha Paez (Margaritah) and Nahal Navidar (Lula). Both of them are the delight in the play. 'Was looking forward to seeing them together up on stage.

I believe the theme of the play has sort of relevance for some who have been here in the CNMI for a long time now.

Rick Jones (Charlie) did a convincing role as a mature man hitting on Lula. Kelvin Rodeo played a role of an Argentine. Ok, he has no spanish accent whatsoever, his lines would've been funnier when delivered with a spanish accent. Lynda Rowe (Lula's mother) as usual is a spice in the play who holds back Lula from moving on.

Verdict: I enjoyed the play. Terrific script. For a play in the CNMI, this one is at par with the others for great acting, lines and simplicity. Don't let the ending horrify you on your seat.

The Reveler
Photo courtesy of http://fabulousinvalidtheatreco.blogspot.com

Jun 6, 2007

Republican Debate

CNN is showing the Republican Debate this time. Also great to see probable presidential candidates such as Giuliani, McCain and...uh...romney? hmmm...and others.

They were asked what could they do to improve current admin's work, they said Bush has problems in communication, healthcare, et. al.

Also asked was about immigration reform and what does it mean to be an American. One "presidentiable" said if one comes to US legally, "welcome" but cut the past....

Rudy G. said if he turned New York around, he could also do the same to Washington DC. I guess he will turn the white house to face north. He said America should be in offense in war with Iraq because Iraqis want to go to the US to kill its people....

One said America is becoming a bilingual country, "And it's not good."

One said America will always be a land of opportunity that treats everyone equally.

The Reveler

How come?

How come we didn't make it to Jeff's Blogging article at Marianas Variety?

Hmmm...I guess we didn't pass the hypercritical taste of Mr. Turbitt. ;-)

Hokei. I rest my case.

The Reveler

Jun 5, 2007

"Stray Cats" thank you

For those who took time last night to see the Filipino flick "Stray Cats" a big thanks from RaveSaipan, Saipan Grand Hotel and Napu Life Foundation.

For a Saipan stats, the figures that showed up were significant already, I believe over 70 that showed up was a great turnout considering the subject of the film. The discussion afterwards was so intense despite lack of time.

The discussion went so well that we are now thinking of a group discussion about the issues that surround the LGBT lifestyles every month or once in a while. Anyone interested in the program should shoot us an email and we will notify you about the start of this project.


In celebration of the premier of John Travolta's flick, Hairspray, the RaveSaipan and Saipan Grand Hotel will hold the first ever pride party at the hotel lobby and Club V. We call the party "Hairspray: a grand pride party." Every one is invited to witness the best Hairspray hairdos to be paraded during the party. Grand Pride Party will be on June 21, Thursday, again at the Saipan Grand Hotel Lobby and the Club V.

The Reveler

Jun 4, 2007

"Stray Cats" tonight at Fiesta Resort Hibiscus Hall!

Attention: Movie lovers, gay men and women (and their friends!), Filipinos, islanders who have just had enough of Hollywood! Here’s a chance to see an indie film that has film buffs talking all over the world.

Mga Pusang Gala (Stray Cats) will be shown at Fiesta Resort and Spa's Hibiscus Hall tonight, Monday, June 4, 2007, 7:30pm. A forum on gay rights will follow at 9:30pm. The panel will include director Ellen Ongkeko, actor Ricky Davao, and local community members.

Tickets are at $10 each. Proceeds will go to the Napu Life Foundation.

Here’s a synopsis of the Stray Cats from the UH website:
Director: Ellen Ongkeko
Cast: Irma Adlawan and Ricky Davao
Philippines 2006
118 min.
Tagalog w/English Subtitles

Mga Pusang Gala (Stray Cats) is a daring, innovative comic-romance fantasy, a parody which depicts love, sex, romance and loneliness in a way never before seen in Philippine cinema. It is fantasy incarnate all over: a battle of the sexes where this time around, the sexes are not just two but three.

Mga Pusang Gala tells the story of parallel love lives: that of Marta, a middle-age advertising practioner; and that of her, just as aging, gay friend and landlord Boyet, a romance novelist. Their lives are punctuated by their waiting for the menwho they think will fulfill their dreams. Boyet’s novels are inspired by Marta’s idiosyncratic anxieties for Steve, her non-committal boyfriend. Marta is tacitly envious of Boyet’s gathering of a family by adopting Jojo, a 15-year old pickpocket and Dom, his financially dependent lover. Both are willing to play the stereotypical roles of woman and gay to embrace a hopeful fantasy. But as these hopes turn out to be illusions they decide to take matters into their own hands, in a riveting confrontation. What happens next is inevitable but unsettling.

To date, Stray Cats has been shown in, or invited to, these international film festivals:
  • 20th edition Fribourg International Film Festival, Switzerland,March 12-19, 2006
  • Panorama Section, Philippines: Digital Cinema from Revolution to Evolution
  • Newfest 2006: The 18th New York Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Film Festival, June 1-11, 2006
  • Frameline 30, the San Francisco LGBT Film Festival,USA, June 15-25,2006; Winner, Docker’s Best 1st Feature
  • Dallas LBGT Film Festival, Oct. 28, 2006
  • Reel Affirmations, Chicago LGBT Film Festival, Nov. 5, 2006; Competition
  • Montreal, Qb, Canada. Image Nation Film Festival Nov. 16-26, 2006
  • Melbourne Queer Film Festival, March 15-25, 2007
  • Mardi Gras Film Festival, Sydney Australia, Feb. 15-March 1, 2007
  • TLVFEST 2007, Tel Aviv, June 18-23, 2007
  • Films of Desire: Sexuality and the Cinematic Imagination, India, March 6-10, 2007.
  • Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, April 27-May 6, 2007
For more information, call Oscar Yema at 483-6489 or send an email to ravesaipan@gmail.com.

Democratic Debate

Watching the Democratic Debate on CNN now where nine of the "presidentiables" are babbling it out about what they think of issues facing the nation now. It's interesting to know their insights about gasoline, oil, and the middle east.

Such intelligence overflowing except for one governor who gloats in his own glory being the conservationist. I couldn't help compare these officials and lawmakers to the CNMI candidates during the gubernatorial debate here. Yes, actually there was a debate before the election and personally the current governor didn't shine enough during that debate, as far as I can recall.

Interesting to see Clinton and Obama up on one stage.

The Reveler

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