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Nov 30, 2008

Do We Ever Learn....

Drunk Driving...Claims another....

At 11pm last night the road going to Susupe right before the Gilbert C. Ada Gym was almost blocked by the traffic police due to another car accident. A car went through a concrete fence across the Mobil Gas Station.

Friends were caught up in the traffic last night. We learned today that the victims were Koreans --Husband and wife. Allegedly, the man was drunk and was the driver while the wife was his passenger. Sources said the wife died from the accident. On the spot? We don't know.

People say that it's sad to lose a wife and be charged of murder in the end after his recovery....

Nov 25, 2008

No to Chinese and Russian Waiver...

Breaking news from the KUAM website that the "Feds reject the bringing Chinese and Russain tourists through waiver program" to Guam that would trickle down to the CNMI's similar request. The report says that the feds find it not allowable at this time due to security concerns.
KUAM - With the downward spiral of tourist arrivals from Japan, the Guam Visitors Bureau was dealt a devastating blow as efforts to bring in tourists from China and Russia via the newly-created Guam-CNMI Joint Visa Waiver Program were shot down by the federal government. According to the Federal Register the U.S. Customs and Border Protection in a ruling issued today stated nationals from China and Russia "cannot at this time seek admission under the Guam-CNMI Visa Waiver Program due to security concerns."

Nov 18, 2008

MHS Security Murder

Driving this morning going to Susupe was a bit a morning surprise that police cars were all over the area. I wondered what had happened. Then passing the Marianas High School intersection again there were police cars up with their warning lights.

Then I spoke to a senior from the largest high school in the CNMI that classes have been suspended for the day because this morning the school administrators found the school security guard dead. Sources said that the guard died from a gunshot wound.

Burglary turned more sour. Poor guy. I've always seen him very strict and efficient of what he does whenever I visit the school.

Nov 16, 2008

Fun Ends to a Tragic Accident

Just found out that Saipan again took lives of two two non-residents through a fatal accident early this morning. Four Filipino friends just came from Club V last night and as they drove friends back home the car just slammed on an electric post. Witnessed said that the electric post allegedly fell on the car that took lives of the female driver and the passenger on her right and injured the other two. The female driver and a passenger died on the spot, sources said, while one is in critical condition and the other suffered injuries but now is in stable condition.

Drunk or not, it's tragic.

Nov 14, 2008

Quote of the Day: Bleak Holiday...

Taken from today's news:

Saipan Tribune-

“We have a feeling because of the economic condition, especially contract workers, they don't really know what's going to happen in the future, so they are just saving money. That has an effect on our sales big time,” said Micronesian Brokers, Inc. GM about a dismal sales this holiday season due to economic crisis.

Nov 10, 2008

Wanted: Running Mate

As the Gubernatorial election comes close the current administration is now looking for a new running mate for the current governor. News reports says that the party is not divulging yet who the runningmate for Gov. Fitial will be. Also, news says that "two of the losing delegates express interests to be the governor's running mate on 2009 elections."

Of course the party has people in mind, but who do you think can qualify for the party?

Nov 6, 2008

Kilili In. Tenorio Out?

We know that Obama is finally in and Bush is out by January 2009, but here in the CNMI the recently held election geared toward Kilili who's likely to be the first-ever elected US Delegate to the US Congress. With a running edge of over 360 votes, according to the news, Kilili could be the next face of the CNMI in the Congress.


Nov 5, 2008

Oh Mama, It's Obama!

Wow. It's been overwhelming just following the US Presidential Election over a cup of coffee and chocolate chip cookies. CNN has been great following on this momentous event.

We must congratulate both men for a wonderful campaign they both pulled off. Watching McCain during his concession speech has made me admired him for being the resilient and dignified man that he has been. He mentioned about Obama's grandmother who would've been honored and proud had she seen her grandson's presidential victory. Some of McCain's supporters booed when McCain mentioned Obama's name but McCain raised his arms and said, "Please, Please." Then he went on to his concession speech.

Then Obama went up on his own victory speech in Chicago where according to CNN over 125,000 supporters attended including Oprah Winfrey in front weeping. Analysts said Obama delivered his speech in no longer campaign mode but to-be-president manner.

Very touching. The music the campaign used moved us all.

I couldn't help but notice the transparent glass surrounding Obama during his speech. Of course for security reason.

Nov 4, 2008

Vote! Vote! Vote!

As the US gears to its presidential election, the CNMI is not far away from the election hype. News today informs the voting community about places where to vote and the names included in the ballot.

There are some 13,000 voters expected to throng voting precincts. A first in the CNMI, that is to vote for the first ever Congressional delegate. The following are the candidates for this race:

Incumbent WA Rep. Pete A. Tenorio, Sen. Luis Crisostimo, former Election Commission executive director Gregorio C. Sablan, retired judge Juan T. Lizama, former senator David Cing, Saipan municipal councilor Felipe Atalig, local television talk show host John Oliver Gonzales, high school teacher John Davis, and businessman Chong Won.

Happy voting!!!

Nov 1, 2008

Mr. Vasectomy

Yep. That's how the lawyer is called by friends when they learned from today's news about the victory of a case about a man whose vasectomy surgery failed couple of years ago. A whopping of over $900,000 have been awarded to the victim that will cost the local government.

Considering that the local government is financially challenged, where would it source the money from?

However, reading the entire story makes sense to me, in my opinion, that indeed there really was a case with what had happened to family.

This lawyer, i bet, will have clients scrambling to his doorstep whenever a failed testicular surgery or whatever comes their way.

Congratulations, btw.

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