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Dec 30, 2007

NY Resolution 20-08

It's not a House Resolution from our dear Legislature but it's Saipan Middle Road's New Year's Resolution for 2008 blog post. This post has been inspired when I saw Larry King Live today with all the Biggest Loser cast and trainers in it. The guests mentioned that every year people mostly would come up with NY resolutions that include losing weight blah blah blah.

Well, here goes our own New Year's resolutions for 2008:

We will "attempt" to:

1. Be nice with our posts.
2. Be in the middle, seeing both sides of stories
3. Post more stories or thoughts as much as possible
4. Combat laziness in our workplace
5. Focus on good things
6. Find our happy places most of the time

Sorry, we will still accept anonymous comments especially if they make sense...

(Well, we all know that we break our resolutions every year...)

The Reveler

Dec 28, 2007

No Stopping the Reform

It looks like there's no stopping the controversial CNMI Reform Law 15-108 this January 2008. I heard from people aka nonresident workers that trooped the Labor Office this week the officers from the department have been stressing to them the effective date of the law starting Tuesday next week.

I thought I read from somewhere that the implementation would be delayed due to a review by the Legislature. Well, I read wrong in that case. I need to increase the grade in this contact lenses.

I guess the nonresident workers would have to brace themselves for this change....

The Reveler

Dec 26, 2007

Quick Picks: Britney Spears' New Song

Below is the first stanza of media fave Britney Spears' new single "Piece of Me:"
"I’m Miss American Dream since I was 17
Don’t matter if I step on the scene
Or sneak away to the Philippines
They still gon put pictures of my derrière in the magazine
You want a piece of me?
You want a piece of me…"
Sneaking away to the Philippines? Hmmm...

The Reveler

Dec 25, 2007

F&B 911: Taste of the Flair Bar

Here's a glimpse of what the Flair Bar in Garapan is providing its guests every night. These bartenders are the best on the island, i must say.

However, how come the bar charges VAT (value added tax)? We neglected to question them but...oh well....

The Reveler

Dec 23, 2007

Quarters Master Road

Is everything leading now to the road to federalization as the CNMI will be featured on a quarter? Does this mean that this is a sign of what thousands of nonresident workers have been hoping for them?

I read some sites that the Legislature and some groups are seeking designs for this quarter? Can't wait to see the quarter and drop it for my laundry...kidding...

The Reveler

Dec 20, 2007

Going Going Cohen....

Questions now are in the minds of those that contemplate on this news today whether groups would be happy that the Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Interior David Cohen is leaving his post.

Is this good news or bad news?

You tell me....

The Reveler

Dec 19, 2007


I went to a computer shop for my regular ink refills and while I was waiting I couldn't help but notice the beautiful iMac wireless desktop at the repair area. I asked the techie guys what model it was and they said it was the latest iMac that has wireless monitor, mouse et al. The guys gawked on it for a long time because it was really hi-tech desktop from Apple. I used to have the old blue iMac.

Then the guys said too bad the owner was not maximizing its capability. "The owner is just using this for excel and word processing," the techie guy said. So I asked him what the problem was with the iMac. He said it was brought there for upgrade because the owner was complaining that it was slow. The techie guy said the computer was also being used for downloading songs, so I figured the desktop is being used to download songs. Then, I asked him who the owner was. He said the iMac is owned by the Division of Youth Services office.

WTH? What does that office need an iMac for? Ok, maybe it was acquired through federal funding. That iMac costs around $2,000 already and that amount could get that office at least three reliable PCs. What gives?

Oh well....

The Reveler

Dec 14, 2007


Reading today's letters to the editors made me cringe on my seat. TTT's Greg Cruz's letter struck me the most. In his letter he allegedly referred to the Filipinos as "Nazis?" Maybe he was referring to something else let me know....

He also mentioned in his letter that the reason why the Filipinos have "protesting mentality" is because of the problems in their own [Philippine] government.

As far as I am aware of using the word "Nazi" or referring it to a race is way overboard.

Does this mean, when thousands of Americans marched against the Iraq war, that means the protesters are "Nazis?"

I am just dumbfounded with his letter.

The Reveler

Dec 13, 2007

Nurses' Curses

I don't mean to pick on the Public Health again as we all understand the department's financial plight. However, we've heard that the hundreds of nurses are now worried that their benefits will be removed from their compensation packages.

Come early next year this will be implemented according to some nurses we've spoken this week. These benefits include housing allowance and so much more. When these nurses especially the non-residents were hired, part of the attraction to work here are the benefits.

Some said what could they do about it when the department has money problems....

What do you think?

The Reveler

Dec 12, 2007

'Revel Without a Claus'

There's no Jimmy Dean nor Sal Mineo this Holiday Season.

It's days left before Christmas and couple of weeks before 2008 and Saipan tries to lift a smile to be merry this Holiday Season. However, high prices such the gasoline's and commodities impede the utter celebration. Though Christmas decors have been put in place along the road, as early as 9pm nightly the used-to-be glimmering Beach Road is now as dead as the breeze-less nights in December.

I believe the people will party and revel to keep a happy face this Christmas Season but at a very practical way.

So, question is what are the changes you are faced with this Season either at your home, in your workplace or within your community.

Are the flickering lights still on? Does Santa Claus still wear a bright red coat on your Christmas trees?

The Reveler

Dec 9, 2007

New Poll: Would They or Would They Not?

So the rally is in the past now, so what do you think will happen next?

<---- Cast your votes now!


Poll Result:

Should Rep. Kaipat run for mayor next election?

48.8 percent of the community wondered why the Saipan Middle Road posted such poll, while 32.6 percent agreed that outgoing Rep. Cinta Kaipat should run for Saipan Mayor race next election.

The Reveler

Dec 7, 2007

Highs and LOWS of the March

Well, aside from seeing Saipan Blogger taking some shots during yesterday afternoon's rally, I would say that it was very elating for me to see at least 6,000 of nonresident workers and supporters during yesterday's march.

I will post some photos and videos soon but let me get this out of my chest first. I lost my wallet during the rally. I felt my back pocket suddenly I remembered my wallet. I asked my partner if I had left it at home but I was so sure that I had in my pocket when I joined the rally. My wallet was a rip curl long black wallet. In it were my driver's license, check cards, SS card and other cards.

Again I was a victim of theft and I ask myself why always me?

I felt bad because I went to the rally to support it but this happened to me. What can I say but feel bad. I had my cards there and my $200 from my first art commission I earned this week.

Kudos to the rallyists. Yeah. To whoever stole my wallet. What goes around comes back around.

The Reveler

Unity March Not Today (Friday, Dec. 7)

"Are you in or out?"

It sounded like it was an affiliate church of the UMC but it's not. Text messages have been roaming once again urging the non-resident community members to join a "Unity March" on Dec.7 (Thanks for the correction, future House Rep(rigerator) ;-), starting at 5pm from the Minatchom Atdao.

The march is in protest to the recently passed PL 15-108 or more popularly known as the Reform Law introduced by Rep. Cinta Kaipat this year that reportedly would not allow transfers of employment either consensual or end of contract, that non-resident workers will have to exit the CNMI for six months before to be allowed to come back.

What can the march do with the enacted law? Is it a futile attempt of freedom of expression? What's there to change when it had been unanimously agreed and signed in the Legislature and the Executive Branch?

You tell me....

The Reveler

Dec 5, 2007

Gov Employees Hypertensive?

Yesterday's news (Marianas Variety) was that only three out of 30 government employees have normal blood pressure and other are hypertensive. Uhmmm...why did we have to report this again? Oh, yeah, someone we bumped into yesterday's lunch had asked "what's up with that ratio? That's terrible."

Perhaps it was necessary to determine this health condition of government workers to set an example to the community? It had been reported before by the Public Health that the CNMI has had the higher risk in diabetes than the US mainland.

What is the news in this story?

It is still news, some said, adding that it's the government workers involved in the survey. I guess that sampling is a microcosm of the bigger society here.

Does that mean that if the local government is unhealthy, then the entire island isn't as well?

Again, you tell me.

Dec 3, 2007

Fluoridate Your Taste

The Taotao Tano group expressed concern about fluoridated water that is "toxic to human beings" at least according to today's Marianas Variety. According to its president that his research "found that 'fluoride contains lead, arsenic, radium and other toxic chemicals, which causes memory problems, neurological impairment, learning disorders, and hip fractures." Right now, business tycoon Tony Pellegrino provides fluoridated water through Saipan Ice.

I believe Toothworks' Dr. Alan Markoff supports the fluoridated water before then the SDA Dental Clinic too. Hmmm...

I don't want to say anything anymore about health of the island's teeth because I might get myself whacked in the head again but what's the real story about fluoridating the water here? Now, flash a smile for me, will ya? Hmmm...I think, fluoride won't be much of a help there honey. ;-)

Aside from salt, what else should be integrated with the island's water?

You tell me.

The Reveler

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