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May 24, 2009


Freeze! Put your hands in the air!

These are the words or phrases I would hear from cop flicks when I was a kid. Those police officers in blue, well ironed cop suits with their guns sticking out around their firm and masculine grip...

Yet, this is not about it.

News today says that despite the budget cut the local government has found to have hired new staff - a clinical staff and an admin staff - which defied the freeze hiring budget measures coming from up there....(arrows pointing up)

Hmmm....Should we even bother look into this? Should we trouble ourselves looking into whom has the government hired e.g. affinity to the ones that hired them?

Oh well, again, you tell me....

May 19, 2009

When the Beatles Sings Help....

When the Beatles sings Help, the group is in harmonious unison.

When the foreign workers on Saipan cry for help, they're also in unison. Harmonious? I don't know. Now the group turns to the Philippine president, what good would that do to them?

Recently the Philippine Government has been fraught with international or foreign crises when at least two of its contract workers faced death sentences from the host countries where they worked. One was given a life sentence instead. The other was not that lucky.

Now, the Filipino workers turn to the Philippine president...

If it didn't work, who's next?

More in the news....

May 13, 2009

When Selecting for New AG is Aging....

News today says that another choice of the Governor's Office for the new Attorney General has declined its offer. The news says that former AG resigned from his post in September 2008. The Governor's Office offered the post to former legal counsel of the convicted Lt. Gov. yet also turned the offer down.

For a while there was a also a debate whether the AG should be voted on or elected by the NMI people. This the Governor just shrugged on the idea.

If you were a practicing lawyer, would you give it up and serve the islands? The people?

Ok. I remember when I saw some OAG staff during the oath taking of the current governor in 2005 that they raised their eyebrows when they found out that the current governor selected the former AG, hence most of them left their posts. I still can remember the faces they made. Either they were disappointed or were shocked with the selection. I also heard these former OAG staff were also from the clout of Gov. Babauta's selected AG back then.

Politics. Don't you love it....

May 6, 2009

GOP Picks....

A little survey here. Which tandem should GOP pick for the gubernatorial race? Babauta-Deleon Guerrero or Hofschneider-Palacios?

According to the news today, each tandem has signed an "accord" that whoever gets wins the primary poll should commit its full support and not run as independent candidates. This accord reportedly and hopefully ended that speculation.

Yet again, anything can happen on Saipan.

I hope the party thinks and strategizes very well and not divide the opposition if they opt to win this year's election.

So, again a little survey here. Which GOP tandem do you think should battle head to head with the Covenant Party (Fitial-Inos)?

You tell me....

(source: ST)

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