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Aug 5, 2009

When a Period Is the End of a Sentence....

Verdict is out. The numbers are 87, 78 and 78...That is Villagomez, James and Joaquina Santos....Fair? You tell me....

Full Story picked from Saipan Tribune...
Villagomez sentenced to 87 months in prison

Former lieutenant governor Timothy P. Villagomez, former Commerce Secretary James A. Santos, and Joaquina V. Santos, were sentenced today in the District Court of the Northern Mariana Islands as follows:

Villagomez was sentenced to 87 months imprisonment, three years supervised release and restitution in the amount of $346,125;

James A. Santos was sentenced to 78 months imprisonment, three years supervised release, a fine of $25,000 and restitution in the amount of $346,125; and

Joaquina V. Santos was sentenced to 78 months imprisonment, three years
supervised release, a fine of $25,000 and $346,125 restitution.

All three defendants are jointly and severally liable for the $346,125 restitution to the
Commonwealth Utilities Corporation.


Anonymous said...

too much time for the lady! Jeeezu, both parents will be doing long time.

Anonymous said...

JUSTICE!!! The suffering they'll go through will ease the suffering I go through when I scramble to pay my CUC bill. Great job Judge Munson for smacking around David Lujan and sending him back to Guam a loser!!!

Anonymous said...

Tim V had little to do with CUC's power problems. Jack A. Abramoff got only 5 years 10 months for his crimes.

g00$e said...

Like the men, the lady is a criminal and gets to pay the same price as them. Being a parent's got nothing to do with it, except that she should have been a better one.

Timmy V. had A LOT to do with CUC power and management problems. Now he's going to a place where he belongs, though probably not before a lengthy, expensive, soap opera of an appeal.

Abramoff had REAL attorneys. Lujan, Torres and the other guy might enjoy some success in their little Guma del Indigestionecias but they were obviously not ready for prime time.

Either way- finally some good news for Saipan.

The Daily Yapper said...

Actually, Timmy V. and the gang will spend plenty of time behind bars during the appeal process.

As soon as the Bureau of Prisons decides where to put them, the Trio de Banditos will be off to the mainland.

The appeal hearing takes place on September 1st, so that should help the jailbirds rack up some frequent flier miles.

Anonymous said...

They won't be going anywhere for their appeals. Lawyers do that.

Anonymous said...

Is this the end?

Anonymous said...

So if they repay the 346K do they get all the Rydlyme back? If not, just what are they paying restitution for?

This is a ridiculous penalty, unilaterally imposed by Munson based on ....nothing at all. No evidentiary hearing, no finding by a panel of jurors or anyone else. Just his 'opinion'.

I wonder how much he gets under the table to "make an exmple" of the Villagomez clan.

Long prison terms for a business deal? As compared 2 weeks in the slammer for sexual abuse of children? I believe the post's question was "Fair? You tell me..."
My answer would be that it was not meant to be fair...it was meant to put the islander's in their place and keep them there. There is nothing fair about it.

Anonymous said...

You're comparing the Federal Court with the local court. It's NOT fair, in my opinion. All three of them should have been sent to prison for ten years each. Judge Munson doesn't sentence the pedophiles that you mention, so go cry to the judges in the other court house. All over the world, white-collar crimes are committed and those found liable end up in club Fed for a minimal sentence in a minimum security prison. I have no respect for thieves!!! I hope they all get assaulted when they get to their cells. Don't forget the Vaseline!!! Tim V. and his cronies are a disgrace to the Chamorro people. If Tim is the example of the "islander being put in his place," then I would be ashamed to call myself an islander. Tim V. is an example of greed and abuse of power. That's it! By the way, who got two weeks for sexual abuse of a child? Did the jury find him guilty and then was sentenced to two weeks? Sounds a little exagerated to me.

Anonymous said...

Timmy V. and the Santos' needed to be "put in their place". There's a whole bunch more out there, and being local has nothing to do with it. It's about being arrogant, corrupt pedigreed members of Saipan's corrupt Privileged Elite. They've lived off their self created Chamorro aristocracy birthrights since the end of WWII, and yes- they need to be put in their place.

Hopefully this is just a start. Hell, there's still a Villagomez or two running around free that could use some serious putting in place.

And the fact is Munson fagged out. Punk ass Timmy the Crimmy deserved 20.

Anonymous said...

Those local judges who hand out two week sentences for child molesters and two day sentences for violent crimes should be put in their place too. But what do you expect- their Law Library is named after a pedo, and they're all elected, same way Timmo was. They're just another sector of the Privileged Elite.

Fed Lover said...

How long will it be before AUSA O'Malley puts this on his resume and moves on to greater federal opportunities off-island?

Of 14 Saipan resident AUSAs since 1987, only two have lasted longer than five years (6-1/2 and 10 years). Only three of 14 were CNMI bar members as AUSAs. These statistics reflect a lack of commitment to our people.

Hopefully community support over such successes as this conviction will encourage more of our AUSAs to stick around longer.

CNMI Watcher said...

The last couple comments on unheard are pretty good!

By the time he pays restitution of 348k and pays his hapless 500. an hour council, he will be broke.

Most wanted Tim to get more time but he got more than Abramoff and 87 months is 2640 nights with a possible reduction of about 340 nights for a total of 2300 nights that he will nOT be fishing on that beautiful boat.

The crime was simple theft, but their conduct and lack of remorse warranted a long term. Had they plead guilty, apologized, and cooperated; they would have got 18 months.

Our Congress, Tim, and Mr. Santos turn out to be the scum. I can't believe Santos and Tim are letting their wife & sister go down. If Santos had a shred of class, he would have told the prosecutors early that he would testify and cooperate, but his wife was afraid and followed orders and was innocent. For that, a man of principle would have taken for 20 plus years. Now his minor child loses both parents. Are these the kind of people that our Congress protected and asked for leniency?????????

The GOP here should have second thoughts putting Reyes and those people in a newspaper ad.

August 6, 2009 8:54 AM

Anonymous said...
"An old wise man" hit the nail on the head. The CNMI appears to have reached the point where public officials are either corrupt or condone the actions of convicted felons! Tim and James should have taken the high road, admitted their guilt, expressed some remorse and cut a deal which would have resulted in no prison for Kinai. Instead, the scumbags tried to save their sorry asses. The members of Congress who wrote letters of support should be ashamed of themselves!They should apologize to the many less fortunate who had their water and power shut off while Tim and James enjoyed the benefits of their scam!

August 6, 2009 9:54 AM

Anonymous said...
Remember this when it's time to cast a vote. Any elected official who would write a letter supporting these actions should NOT be in office.

August 6, 2009 11:38 AM

Criminal Defense Lawyer said...
Pete P. Reyes is indeed quite shameless.

Where are we getting these numbers of 18 months for Tim and James if they had pled, and no time for Kinai?

Were those numbers contained in a USAO plea offer letter to defense counsel, and then disclosed by one of the defendants, their counsel, or an AUSA?

Anonymous said...

Jesus H.!!! Did any of you see the turnout for the GOP rally today!?! That's seriously a party to be reckon with!

Let it BE said...

The Covenant party rally was better attended.

But maybe Covenant had better food and more beer?

The only numbers that count are those in the secrecy of the ballot booth and box.

A lot can happen in the next 90 days!

Anonymous said...

I don't think so. I was at both rallies and the GOP had a better turnout by far. Maybe you only passed by once and couldn't tell how many supporters were there. A lot CAN happen in 90 days, but as of yesterday, the GOP are the front runners.

Anonymous said...

Heinz and Arnold will win no matter how many threats and promises the Guv makes.

But to stay on the post topic.......bye Tim!!!!

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