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Oct 12, 2009

The CNMI plans to hire doctors from the Philippines.

UPDATE: NMI Under State of Health Emergency...see story on Saipan Tribune.....


According to the online news that the government will have this option to fill the void at the Commonwealth Health Center. According to the report, the Governor finds it a logical move since there are challenges hiring doctors from the mainland or Canada.

The report also said this option makes sense since the CNMI has been referring its sick people to Manila for treatment.

The CNMI has not attracted American practitioners due to its compensation package that's not at par with the mainland rates. Hence, recruiting physicians and specialists from neighboring countries might be attractive because of the dollar rates being offered.

However, the report also said the CNMI has to comply with the federal requirements in order for the islands to receive medical insurance and financial assistance.

So, what can the islands do about this? Somebody has to look after the health of its people right?


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Anonymous said...

Will insurance companies pay for foreign doctors malpractice insurance?

This is a great short term bandaid, but could be disastrous in the long run.

Anonymous said...

So what if doctors from the PI work at CHC.

Medical Referral sends patients to St Lukes all the time.

Anonymous said...

Philippine doctors are equally qualified with their US and Canadian counterparts. However, if there are no medical equipment available at the hospital to use to help in checking and diagnosing various illnesses, then what?

Anonymous said...

Once again Governor Ben Fitial comes up with impractical solutions. Philippine doctors CANNOT practice as doctors in the US Commonwealth unless they are licensed doctors under the American Medical Association. The point of bringing them in is moot. We send our people to the Philippines because the doctors in the PI are within their jurisdiction to practice.

Moreover, what noni stated above is correct. You can have Doogie Howser and House here, but without the tools of their trade, they might as well be fixing your toilets.

Let's be honest with ourselves and admit that the only folk voting for Governor Ben are those who are afraid of losing their jobs, those who recently got hired by him, and those who think he's a funny guy. Send in the clowns, and send Governor Fitial packing please.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right Noni 7:02am, Bitter Ed!Look at the poll on this blog! People are now realizing that Governor Fitial is our best option.

CUC was in the same mess as CHC when Governor Fitial came onboard. Any doubt that CUC is now fixed?

Anonymous said...

"Philippine doctors CANNOT practice as doctors in the US Commonwealth unless they are licensed doctors under the American Medical Association."

Why not?

KAP said...

nony 8:11: do a little digging and you'll know why not.

Lt. Gov. Inos told the Variety "because Philippine doctors are not U.S. certified they will work under the supervision of U.S. certified doctors, but the Philippine doctors can see and treat patients."

I hope they tell that to the foreign doctors before they jump on a plane.

Anonymous said...

Heinz and Arnold will win. Love for, and pride in the Commonwealth will ensure Fitial doesn't win.

Even persons who attend Covenant functions may not vote for him when they pull the curtain closed. They attend picnics out of fear and job survival, but when push comes to shove, no one can believe Ben Fitial has been, and would be good for the NMI.

Anonymous said...

PS A couple thousand PI nurses may improve the CNMI in many areas:)

Anonymous said...

Whether or not RP doctors can practice here is a matter of CNMI law.

Whether they get reimbursed for Medicaid treatment is a matter of federal law -- but something Kilili can work on.

As for the “uselessness” of bringing in in Philippine doctors because of inadequate supplies, that illustrates the difference between Fitial and the Legislature.

Ben makes progress in slow and steady steps, one step at a time, while Legislators dither, complain, blather, bloviate, carp, file political lawsuits, and tell us “Why not.”

Talking is not doing. Ben gets things done.

Let it BE!

Anonymous said...

Medical malpractice insurance for CHC physicians is irrelevant because the Government is self-insured and subject by law to a $100,000 liability cap per incident.

Anonymous said...

noni 7:30am,

you are just as lost as noni 9:53am.

ben fitial is getting his ass handed to him in the poll on this site and every other poll on the internet and telephone polls that have been conducted. nice try. the lies fitial and his supports put forth are atrocious.

ben, let the cnmi be!

Anonymous said...

Female Filipino doctors would be great. But just the females are welcomed.

Anonymous said...

Noni 10:47

Don't worry mostly coming are gay you still ok...

lieutenant dan said...

ed is sucking so much republican dick that it's getting to his brain. when he goes to the ballot box, all he'll see is heinz's navel.

Anonymous said...

Heinz for Governor, Re-Pete and Ralph for Senate, Bitter Ed for Public Information Officer.

They'll tell the "truth" about Filipina nurses and doctors at CHC!


Anonymous said...

Say goodbye to Medicaid funding. CHC is in intensive care.

Do Tell! said...

Noni 9:53,

I can tell from your post that you must be completely out of touch with ordinary people, and possibly also reality. First of all, who the hell says "dither" and "bloviate?!"

Second of all, what the hell has Ben "done" exactly that makes you think he is worth a second term? I'm having trouble understanding what makes anyone think he was even worth the first!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Ben's Ditty:

Vote for Me --
I'll declare an emergency!
Oh, please, just let it BE!


Lol. Uh, no thanks.

Anonymous said...

There once was a gov'nor named Ben
He thought he should be gov'nor again
He said "let it BE!"
We cried, "No sirree!"
So he fired us.

LOL. Sorry, limericks are not my strong suit. I'll try a haiku next.

Anonymous said...

as long as they receive the same compensation and packages as non-filipino doctors are recieving. i fear this is just a ploy to pay less. this administration doesn't give a shit about workers. didn't on day one, and don't now.

Anonymous said...

There was some talk a while back about bringing in some Japanese doctors in connection with promoting Japanese retirees to come here. That might also be worth looking into -- combining as it does improved tourism with improved medical care.

Anonymous said...

Saipan hospital
Under Ben Fitial control
Shame is our story

Anonymous said...

Wonder the real reason the Sec of Health and the Deputy Sec of Health did not appear at the hearing. Only his minions appeared for questioning.

Mole Power!! said...

What did Ben do?

He fixed CUC.

There aren't anymore power outages and that's because he handled the situation.

After years of neglect prior to his administration, Fitial spent the money to get the job done.

Now we're in good shape.

He's also trying to keep the CNMI's borders in the hands of the CNMI.

I'm all for open government and I think he should disclose where the funding comes from, but he's doing the right thing by suing to keep the borders under local control.

What's the next major issue you have with Ben Fitial? And please stop with these blanket corruption charges.

Let's get specific.

The power situation is fixed thanks to prudent planning. Everything is running fine in those generators. No clanging and banging anymore.

Speaking of banging, is Heinz still banging his secretary since he's been caught?

I don't fault him for doing it, I'm just asking if it's still happening or if she looked at his chili and said, HA!"

And by the way, did he have to stand on a stool to reach her?

Anonymous said...

Question: Who's administration in the history of the CNMI is the only one to endure massive rolling blackouts to the extent unsee under any administration in the CNMI EVER?

Answer: Fitial. He can say that the other adminsitrations ran the generators to the ground or did not maintatin them but guess what? They ran throughout the terms of Froilan, Teno, Camacho, etc. FITIAL is the only governor to not only MORE THAN DOUBLE OUR CUC BILLS but then on top of it HIT US WITH BUSINESS KILLING BLACKOUTS!!!


Question: Is this statement even near to the truth - "right thing by suing to keep the borders under local control."?

Answer: NO! He is not suing to maintain local control of the borders. Watch last nights news and you can hear it right from the puppets mouth. Fitial said he was hoping to maintain the ability to continue to bring in contract workers. He said he agreed with and understood that the feds were going to takeover border control and immigration. Even you a "supporter" of this administration doesn't know what he stands for and what he is wasting your tax payer dollars on.


Question: Should any supporter of any candidate really bring up the fidelity issue?

Answer: No. If you live in a glass house don't throw stones. I can guess who you are supporting. Can you really look at his personal record and not find fault in this area? Can you look to any of the candidates and not see fault?


Anonymous said...


Did not renew the off-island mechanics that were maintaining the CUC generators when he took office. The generators failed causing major blackouts and extreme damage to the CNMI businesses and personal lives. He tried to remedy this by drastically increasing CUC rates. More than 58% to businesses and 50% to private homes. He then instituted blackout which rolled unscheduled for nearly 2 YEARS. He could not even provide a set schedule to alleviate even a small part of our SUFFERING! He then spent more than 13million dollars on a band aid solution to his own created problem and rented generators from Agrekko. The same generators or even better ones could have been outright purchased for half that amount of money and the difference could have hired world class engineers to install and maintain for the next 10 years. He then spent millions of dollars to try and rehab our generators. They are running now but even in his own words could go any day. Are we better off than when he took office? are the generators? HELL NO! We are at square one. Only difference now is that there are less businesses (many left during the blackouts), we have less appliances (many broke during the blackouts), we have less customers on CUC power (many were cut off after the increase in rates) and CUC is over $30 million POORER due to poor management and planning.

WAKE UP! CUC is STILL in the Governor's own words a disaster waiting to happen again - STILL UNDER A STATE OF EMERGENCY.


Leader? 4 More years? OMG!



Progress? Yeah same progress that you would achieve if I cut off your hand and then sewed on a finger in its place. Better off? Heck no. We don't want the finger. We will give the finger to the current administration!

Anonymous said...

You tell 'em, Glen! HA!

Anonymous said...

Noni 10:28AM:

Extremely harsh assessment but accurate.

I mean we still have what should be a democracy. Declaring a state of emergency over every entity in government in order to have full unaccountable control is as close to a dictatorship as one can get. I mean isn't it bad enough he is firing people blatantly and publicly for running under separate parties or supporting opposing candidates in the upcoming elections (and not just cabinet members) or for being disloyal. He has appointed not only Cabinet members but middle management and desk positions throughout government.

Why would anyone want 4 more years of this? If they like that type of rule, perhaps they should move to North Korea.

Anonymous said...


It is the LEGISLATURE that has attempted to micromanage the executive branch for their own political gain, with the worst offenders being Pete Reyes, Ralph Torres, and Tina Sablan.

Ben and Eloy have made progress on intractable problems decades in the making. The naysayers repeat their same old, tired refrain -- the same political attacks that have gotten the CNMI into this situation in the first place.

We need sustained action, not self-interested talk.

There will be an answer, let it BE!

Anonymous said...

Noni 11:46am:

You are the one with the tired,old refrain.

I keep hearing numerous reason not to vote for Fitial. You keep singing the same song with no fact or substance.

Is it true that no other administration has ever experienced blackouts like we endured under FITIAL?

Is is true that CPA, CUC, PSS, CHC, and a handful of other government entities have been under a STATE OF EMERGENCY giving the Governor sole control and oversight? Is it true that no other Governor ever exercised such extremely, dictatorial measures?

Is it true that this administration was the first in the history of the CNMI to have a sitting LT CONVICTED OF STEALING PUBLIC FUNDS and CONSPIRACY and CORRUPTION?

Is it true that for the first time in any administration the DEA is no longer supported by our local officiers?

Is it true that the CUC RATES are at least 50% HIGHER than any other administration ever?



Is it true that CHC IS IN THE WORST SHAPE IT HAS EVER BEEN IN and has the least number of FULL TIME DOCTORS than any administration over the last 20 years?



Should I continue? I will. Start answering these questions. More wills surely come.

And please spare us the , "it was already broken" crap! NO OTHER ADMINSITRATION. YOU UNDERSTAND? NO OTHER ADMINISTRATION!!


Anonymous said...

Let it BE jailtime! Fitial's personal bodyguard and driver sold ice using Fitial's car. Now we know why Covenant Party so rich. Where is all the ice coming from? China. Who took our local police officers away from DEA? Fitial. Who is the least trustworthy of all candidates? Fitial. Who courted Jack Abramoff along with Willie Tan all these years? Fitial. Who bypassed procurement regulations and gave contracts to his primo Joe Ada? Fitial. Who is the most incompetent candidate and puppet to Willie Tan? Fitial.

Hell no to 4 more years!

Anonymous said...

The venom of these two comments speaks for itself, and the answers are clear to anyone who knows the slightest about our history.

Such hatred is NOT the direction we should follow.

Anonymous said...

Retaining Fitial is like retaining a thief to guard your jewels.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I think Fitial's idea of bringing in Philippine physicians is a good one.

Progress is made on slow but steady steps like these.

Biba Ben and Eloy!

Anonymous said...

Anyone can talk about problems; even a simpleton knows the challenges facing our islands.

The true test of leadership and management is getting things done. That is why, for the first time since 1985, the CNMI is ready to re-elect an incumbent.

Let it BE!

Mole Power! said...

Is is true that CPA, CUC, PSS, CHC, and a handful of other government entities have been under a STATE OF EMERGENCY giving the Governor sole control and oversight? Is it true that no other Governor ever exercised such extremely, dictatorial measures?

no other governor has had to deal with situations as dire in the history of the cnmi. it's not his fault but he's doing a damn good job of applying solutions to these problems.

Is it true that this administration was the first in the history of the CNMI to have a sitting LT CONVICTED OF STEALING PUBLIC FUNDS and CONSPIRACY and CORRUPTION?

yes, but the former lieutenant governor first did his evil deeds in 1998 and revisited his crime in 2007.

oh, and when he did, the governor's opa turned the lt in. how about that for corruption, huh?

Is it true that for the first time in any administration the DEA is no longer supported by our local officers?

do we have the budget to assist them? answer:no. why not? the loss of $100million from our annual budget due tot he loss of the garment industry should explain that.

Is it true that the CUC RATES are at least 50% HIGHER than any other administration ever?

yes, and it's because the government has been subsidizing the rates for years. now people are paying the true price of electricity.


again, it's due to a lack of funding that dates to the babauta administration...and we are more than $100million per year less than we used to be when we had the garment industry paying taxes here.


same answer, but nobody here is really going to win an election if they talk about how many government jobs they're going to slash. same goes for heinz.

Is it true that CHC IS IN THE WORST SHAPE IT HAS EVER BEEN IN and has the least number of FULL TIME DOCTORS than any administration over the last 20 years?

no money, some problem. at least fitial has a solution to it. what is heinz going to do?


um, take a look at what's happening at gtc.


have you seen any quality candidates for the position?

Unity Marchers Remember said...

Is it true that Ed Propst cashed in his heartfelt beliefs to help Danny Aquino get elected with the Republican Party? Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

Noni 12:29pm:

you said: "Anyone can talk about problems;"

and Noni 12:23pm:

you said: "The venom of these two comments"

Ain't this just great! We see eye to eye on something. We both believe wholheartedly and acknowldge the litany of items listed out by Noni 12:07pm are "VENOM"ous "problems" created by this current administration.

Now to solve them.

Quick first step: Remove the current Governor and hope the replacement does a better job.

Anonymous said...

wow noni listed out a ton of "FIRSTs" for the CNMI lets hope that Noni 12:29pm doesn't get his wish for another problematic FIRST!

No more years for Fitial!

g00$e said...

The obvious solution to CHC's doctor shortage and local immigration officers' impending unemployment is to break from the US and become part of the Phillippines. It would also effectively end our nasty Chinese ice problem too. Our new shabu problem would manifest itself pretty quick, but hey, it would be homegrown (Yo, Zamboanga is more homegrown than Fujien) and we wouldn't have those awful slanty eyed Chinko dealers around.

Statistically, DEA and DPS have individually busted more drug/gun running operations since their split than at any equivalent period that they were integrated. There seems to be a split- DEA appears focused on meth, DPS on marijuana.

But did they ever really split? DPS narcs just received a really nice DEA grant.

As for Fitial- everybody focuses on the CUC mess, which wasn't his making. He actually appears to have made some progress there. The Aggreko disconnect wasn't exactly seamless, but it wasn't the disaster many predicted/hoped for. The Samoan guy seems to have made a positive difference too, many (not all) of the in-the-trench CUC guys think highly of him. CUC's administration still needs work, and Fe, Ed and the rest of the Divas still aren't happy because they have to pay their bills like everybody else, but Fitial pulled a political rabbit out the hat with CUC. Folks continue to attack him regarding alleged side deals and kickbacks bu tthe power situation is a lot better than it was a short time ago. CUC's no longer a Fitial political liability.

At the same time folks largely remain blinded to his shady land deals, especially with questionable foreign 'investors'. He's (through Join'uh, Del Rosario et al) presided over some pretty big land grabs/giveaways. There may have been some limited obligatory opportunity for public discourse, but for all practical purposes they were all done deals before the public became aware of what was going on. Huge losses for the voting public, who still remains for the most part silent about the his thwarted plans for Marpi.

That's where he's vulnerable, but of course if it turns out that he actually swindles the Koreans with his land giveaways he'll be a hero.

Part UNO said...

Noni 1:38pm:

Gonna have to put on my hip wading boots to get through all your BS. Now to the facts! I feel like CNN FACT CHECKER :-)

lets start at the top.

you said:"no other governor has had to deal with situations"

NOT TRUE. Every single administration had to deal with these providing these same services under the same basic conditions. Every single administration for the foreseeable future will still have to deal with these issues. We need someone with true leadership that has a plan, appoints qualified and competent directors, is apolitical in his hiring practices, can empower individuals and rewards people on a merit basis not a loyalty basis.

you said: "oh, and when he did, the governor's opa turned the lt in. how about that for corruption, huh?

NOT TRUE. the tip was given to the OPA who informed both the AGO and the FBI. nice attempt to steal credit but even your attempt if people believe that BS is pathetic. you want praise for playing a middleman? get out of here@!

you said: "the former lieutenant governor first did his evil deeds in 1998 and revisited his crime in 2007"

RIGHT ON! you are correct. he committed the crime both before being chosen by Fitial as his right hand man and during his tenure as Fitial's go to man.

you said: "do we have the budget to assist them? answer:no. why not? the loss of $100million from our annual budget due tot he loss of the garment industry should explain that."

NOT TRUE! BUT OH MY GOODNESS! YOU SAID IT AND IF THAT IS THE NEW REASON IT IS MORE REASON NOT TO VOTE FOR FITIAL. he removed them (and it was front page news and MCV got it from the horse's mouth) because they frisked a bunch of tourist that came in from China on a tip that ice or other drugs were being brought into the CNMI on that flight. say what you want now. either reason is BS and crap. one great sign of a leader is their ability to prioritize. if you are saying that Fitial puts the 903 litigation before public safety you are nuts. we all know he is doing that but for you to defend him and state it for the record is insane.

Part TOO... said...


you said: "nobody here is really going to win an election if they talk about how many government jobs they're going to slash."

NOT TRUE! it is exactly that kind of old school mentality that has plagued this administration and its cabinet and all of the various departments. if a leader with a good strong plan presents a downsizing of government they will surely win. 3500 government job holders. 12,500 non government employed voters. do the math. even if a leader says they will slash duplicative jobs and do a thorough desk audit only the political hires like you will feel threatened by such statements. guess what? they are already threatened anyway. political hires get axed when Fitial leaves in January anyhow. so that head in the ground logic is just a bunch of bull. THAT IS WHY I WON'T VOTE FOR FITIAL. ONE CANDIDATE HAS A DOWNSIZING PLAN AND INTRODUCED IT AS A BILL THIS YEAR. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! is it perfect? nope. but he had the balls to put it forth.

you said: a whole lot of nothing about all the other firsts in the CNMI. the only answer you had was NO MONEY.

NOT TRUE! there is money. not as much perhaps but there is money. We are also the slowest in the nation in spending stimulus funds. we haven't touched our compact impact funds. we have not downsized government at all. NEVER CONDUCTED A DESK AUDIT. still hiring political hires and making it well known to the public. wasting money as you said on the 903 litigation, useless consultants, yes men, mismanaging funds by incompetent directors, the list goes on and on. NO MONEY is a cop out and if you choose to use it like you are than you should not push to re-elect Fitial. Why? your NO MONEY excuse doesn't vanish in 2010. so since he couldn't do crap with what he had it is time for him to say BYE. WE NEED TO VOTE HIM OUT AND GET SOMEONE WITH A PLAN IN. excuses like "no money" are BS and we as taxpayers are giving the administration our MONEY! GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!

you asked: "have you seen any quality candidates for the position?"

YES! there are TONs of qualified candidates. many of these qualified candidates will not work under this administration. and administration that does not reward based on merit. qualified people do not want to be yes men. read all these comments (both the good ones lol and the bad ones) and ask yourself what qualified person would want to work under the governor? by the way, you are stating in a round about way that Buckingham ain't qualified. you said it not me. which director is? Joe Kevin? Faiso? John Del Rosario? Tony? etc. etc. insane!

4 more years?



Anonymous said...


the CUC mess was his and he did make it worse. We are at square one. Same place we were when he took office nearly 4 years ago. Only difference is we pumped 30 more million dollars in the CUC tube, endured massive blackouts for 2 years, laid off competent engineers for 3 years... etc.

Where is CUC today. Same exact spot 4 years ago. That being said, we have seen how Fitial handle things lets give someone else a try at FIXING things.

Anonymous said...

"The Samoan guy seems to have made a positive difference too, "

only took fitial 4 years to hire him :-) he was n the radar since babauta's administration. if you now think he was a good pick why was he not appointed instead of muna many moons ago?


Anonymous said...

"Fitial pulled a political rabbit out the hat with CUC. Folks continue to attack him regarding alleged side deals and kickbacks bu tthe power situation is a lot better than it was a short time ago. CUC's no longer a Fitial political liability."

earth to goose...


CUC is exactly (if not worse) than it was 4 years ago. it is better than where it was 1 year ago (under fitials watch).... lol

Anonymous said...

as for the public lands fiascoes, the public is more aware than many know. just as you are aware goose so are many others. he is swindling both his countrymen and the so called "investors" who are really just swindling middlemen themselves :-)

Anonymous said...

Fitial sucks Abramoff.

Anonymous said...

Benigno Tan.

Anonymous said...

Willie Tan.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why do I smell Charles Reyes in these blogs?

Ed went down on Charles said...

because he jizzed on your upper lip

Ed went down on Charles said...

because he jizzed on your upper lip

Anonymous said...

Yep. those Fitialite simpletons are working overtime.

goo$e said...

CUC is where it was four years ago? Yup, but it's an improvement over where it was two years ago, and that's a political plus for the Guv.

It took him four years to hire the Samoan? Sure. It wasn't politically expedient to hire him any earlier. The Samoan's life purpose in Fitial's political universe is to keep the lights on until the election is in the books. He can fall flat on his face after that. The Guv will just do him like he does everybody else that's no longer of political value to him.

The public is aware of Fitial land grabs and giveaways? I don't think so- the Laulau, Kagman and Pau Pau deals were signed and sealed before anybody really understood them, and in fact not many people fully appreciate what was lost even now. The Marpi grab was in the clearing and grading stages before anybody raised any questions. It had been on somebody's drawing board for a long time and involved fed grant dollars too. The public was clearly in the dark on that one and remains largely shaded, to say the least.

The GTC Elementary thing was a ripoff plain and simple, but except for GTC staff and students it seems to have gone away. Interesting how many Fitial stabbers actually bought into the fantasy of a FIFA sanctioned stadium in Koblerville.

But out of the field of wannabe Guvs Fitial is the only dyed in the wool, hard core politician. His irregular land deals are surprisingly short sighted and ill advised for someone of his political experience and it's unexpected that he would bend over and expose his nethers so blatantly, but so far he's come away relatively unmolested. If he's re-elected he may want to upgrade the quality of his advisors, swapping abject loyalty for some political shrewdness and forthrightness because he's not likely to be so lucky in a second term.

The rest of the would-be's are dreamers, schemers and out and out delusional. Difficult to see the wisdom of removing CUC's surcharge unless you're in the oil lamp and candle business, and playing NMIRF retirees against the current Guv'mint employees is so blatantly Norita-esque. The ugliness born of that flawed strategy will have folks recalling the Fitial administration with fondness.

Ed has better taste said...

Charles needs to be able to get it up in order to jizz me thinks.

Howard Willens is my hero said...

Fitialites unite!

I love Ben Tan said...

What do Ben Fitial, Jack Abramoff, and Tim Villagomez have in common?

Willie Tan loves Ben Tan forever said...

Hey Duck, looky like Tinian is under state of emergency. Does Ben Tan know how to do anything beside emergency declarations? CUC, CHC, Tinian, CPA. Why not declare the CNMI an emergency and declare Ben Tan dictator for life? Then change the name to SaiTan in honor of Ben Tan's master Willie.

You spinsters are working overtime here on the blogs. Get back to work at the OGA's office and go catch some crooks. You can start with Ben Tan's closest associates.

Anonymous said...

The doctors from the Philippines will be glorified nurse practitioners, since they will not be able to do anything without being observed by a U.S. physician. They will be unable to prescribe medications, because they cannot get DEA certification. Whose wife has an exclusive contract to charge these Filipino doctors thousands in recruitment fees and bring them over?

This band aid solution is an obvious ploy by Fitial to claim that he fixed CHC just before the election. In reality, CHC will lose its medicare funding if this plan goes through. The hospital cannot survive without medicare.

Anonymous said...


good assessment. i do hope that a majority of the voters see what you and i have seen. i know my voter group of about 50 or so people do see it that way. i know there will always be a few that buy the governor's spin and hype but i don't believe they are the majority. as you said yourself he is not that good a politician and he has made some serious errors in that arena. the MCV interview last night was a huge goof... more focus on heinz (in his words "his major competitor") than himself.

only one line in your comment that stood out as perhaps a bit off. that was this one:

" If he's re-elected he may want to upgrade the quality of his advisors, swapping abject loyalty for some political shrewdness and forthrightness because he's not likely to be so lucky in a second term."

while most would believe this we all have to remember one major thing. 2 TERM LIMIT FOR GOVERNOR. yikes! so basically, if you think the governor is running anywhere near rampant right now in terms of political hires, land grabs, destruction of departments, corruption, etc than look out if he is re-elected. he will have no reason at all to worry about another run. the 4 years will be chaotic and akin to a dictatorship. i fear that scenario.

all together a very insightful comment, goose. thanks.

Anonymous said...

hire doctors from the PI to solve our CHC issue... hmmm. the govanator maybe on to something. how about putting out an advertisement globally and hiring a qualified governor? that's the ticket!

Anonymous said...

Bitter Ed you are like Heinz who to advantage of a young innocent lady while you were NMC.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Ben Tan and his Fitialites to persecute anyone supporting Heinz, Juan Pan, or Kumoi. It was Ben Tan's camp who started the rumor that Heinz was having an affair. They should take a good look at Governor Ben Tan who left his former wife for a pretty bar wench. Everybody knows Ben Tan loves da pilipinas. That is why we see Ray Mafnas pimping out Ben Tan at Kimchi Cabana and Mermaid. Only one small problem. Ben Tan can't get it up anymore. He can't use Viagra because of his diabetes. So why does Ben Tan go to the drinkie bars? Good question. He likes to recall his glory days of when he could actually get it up. Thank God for the pilipinas! They would probably vomit if they had to sleep with Ben Tan. Ben Tan, we hope the feds come knocking at your door one day with handcuffs. Don't worry about getting reamed in prison. You are far too uuuuuuuugly to be anybody's bitch.

Anonymous said...

Ben Tan pulled local law enforcement from DEA. We have an ice epidemic in the CNMI and Ben Tan does something that stupid. How bad is ice in the CNMI? Ben Tan's personal bodyguard and driver was dealing it using Ben Tan's car! Ben Tan is good at picking crooks and criminals, from his bodyguard and driver to his lieutenant governor to his secretary of commerce to his best buddy lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Ben Tan is finished. Even the Refaluwasch don't want to vote for this liar.

Anonymous said...

Ben Tan told pilipinos to "go home" and called them "illegals who need to deported" and wants them to make lowest wages for special skilled labor. Ben Tan got booed by 5,000 pinoys attending the Martin Nievera concert. It is obvious the majority of pilipinos know he is a liar and is undeserving of their vote.

Anonymous said...

The Covenant Party is desperate and Willie Tan knows Ben Tan will lose. He is now investing in Juan Pan.

Mole Money, Mole Problems! said...

It doesn't matter what the Pinoys think because they can't vote. And there were 10,000 Pinoys, not 5,000.

g00$e said...

Willy Tan investing in Juan Pan? Really? Wonder what kind of return he expects.

Willy's political clout may rise and fall with each passing election but it doesn't matter in the long run. He calls the tunes, sometimes subtler, sometimes bolder, and the Guv'nah, regardless of who he is, dances.

Anonymous said...


Fitialites Unite! said...

FU. Let it BE!

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting and enlightening to know who owns the Saipan Employment Agency Services SEAS. This locally owned company handles transportation of medical referrals to and from the PI hospitals.

Anonymous said...

Grand Jury subpoenas?

Anonymous said...

SEAS, CISCO, DMC, RMIC, all these companies formed up just after Jan 1, 2006 specifically to feed at the CNMI government contract trough? Ron Sablan ex owner of Pacific Gardenia banckruptcy fame is running the medical referral program at CHC? Give me a break! One break coming up!

Anonymous said...

If the voices for "change" want a government whose employees and contractors are selected on merit, why do they apply the patronage politics of the past in seeking to tarnish and replace every public servant who has worked with "the Administration"?

The unwarranted and unfounded politically-motivated criticism of and attacks on anyone and everyone who has anything to do with the government are ultimately the cause of our corruption. These actions, following in the footsteps of Stanley Torres, actually promote the patronage they decry and drive out those seeking to promote and maintain integrity from within.

We have met the enemy and they are us!

Anonymous said...

Noni @ 11:25 am....
Please provide a list of all the Special Advisers to Fitial, all the appointed Secretary's and Deputy's of his gov agencies that are/were seeking to promote and maintain interity from within. I can't....think of one. They are all in it to line their personal bank accounts and hire relatives.

Anonymous said...

Henry Cruz, Jimmy Cruz, and other Cruz family members own SEAS. Originally from the Philippines, been in the CNMI a long time. Lots of money and connections. Sketchy bunch. Jimmy Cruz is one of the principles for Citibank.

Anonymous said...

Fitial Political A Team (LOL)

LABOR: Gil San Nicholas (MIA for last 9 months leaving Cinta who is now running for office leaving Barry Hirshbein [maybe] at the helm both of which are puppets for Siemer)

IMMIGRATION: Mel Grey (MIA for over 6 months. Antonio Sablan now MIA running for office now Vince Lizama)

CHC: Joe Kevin Villagmez (MIA for more than 8 months leaving Pete Untalan who is now MIA leaving Tagubuel)

AGs OFFICE: Newly appointed Buckingham (took over for the longest serving Acting AG Baka who served unconfirmed for almost a year)

DPS: Santiago who is the fourth of the poli hires in 3 years Warfield, Clyde and some other dude.

DPL: John Del Rosario --- No need to say too much more

CRM: John Joyner can you say Hot Diggity Dog? Doctorate in Divinity.

DEQ: Rabauliman formerly a Carolinian Affairs director.

DFW: Sylvian Igisomar anti Monument dude

CUC: Tony Muna... Numbers guy who ran CUC to the ground and put CNMI through worst 2 years of blackouts in history and 4 years later kind of got the generators back to where they were in 2006.

There are more... Please add people. And then once all the GREAT FITIAL APPOINTEES are listed we can ask NONI 11:25AM to please tell us which of these "change" appointees we should keep on board once Fitial is gone and why.

Hey NONI 11:25am, we have me the enemy too and you are spot on correct... The enemy is YOU and the list above.


Acting Secretary of Finance Bob Schrack, who is the sad puppet for

Former Finance Secretary Eloy Inos, who is now Lt. Governor who replaced

Timothy Villagomez, who is now in Jail, along with

Former Secretary of Commerce James Santos and his wife, and Santos himself has since been replaced by

New Secretary/Former Deputy Secretary of Commerce Mike Ada, who is a master of excuses for why this administration can't spend or account for free federal money,

and who recently picked up former Commerce Secretary/failed politician Andrew Salas,


Acting Executive Director for Commonwealth Ports Authority and the micromanaging Board of Directors appointed by this Governor, running CPA into the ground and likely default on the bonds now that the eminently-qualified no-nonsense Efrain Camacho has quit his post, and

Efrain himself replaced Clyde Norita (yes, same guy who got canned from DPS) followed by the previous Executive Director Stanley Torres, Jr. who like Clyde (and Efrain) quit because of a micromanaging and incompetent Board of Fitial appointees,


Ray Mafnas, a known thug turned "policy advisor" who used to run Corrections, and was later replaced by

Lino Tenorio, who was later fired for "disloyalty" to Fitial, and subsequently replaced by a more loyal

Dolores San Nicolas, who (poor lady) can't seem to keep convicted felons from being assigned to work at Corrections, and

"Volunteers" Deanne Siemer, Howard Willens, Lynn Knight, and possibly others I'm sure influencing policy with zero accountability,


DCCA Secretary Mel Faisao, who was a warm body in the Legislature before he was picked up at DCCA, where he then served as Acting Secretary for months while Secretary Celes was missing in action after blowing a lot of federal and local funds, and Celes also replaced Daisy Villagomez-Bier, and

Jose Itibus, who was appointed by the Governor and confirmed to the Election Commission, shortly after being charged with theft of public funds, and

Robert Guerrero, now the Election Director former Labor dude that we all distrust regardless of party affiliation, and

Retirement Fund trustees recently apointed by Fitial (aka Yes Men), all led by Acting Chairman Pete Dela Cruz, who replaced Juan Pan, but my personal favorite being Jerry Crisostimo, whose main qualification is that he is the brother of Senator Luis Crisostimo,


Richard Seman, now Director of Agriculture, former Director of Fish and Wildlife and more recently director of a failed federally funded fishing coop, who works closely with

Dr. "Kill" Dela Cruz, Secretary of Lands and Natural Resources, who opposes the Endangered Species Act, hates protected areas, and wants to open up hunting seasons for the endangered fruit bat and turtle,


I could go on, but my head hurts and my fingers are aching from all this typing.

But before I forget I must add that all of the above-listed Missing in Action Fitialites are still collecting their full salaries.

Anonymous said...

Noni 11:25Pm:

YOU SAID:the voices for "change" want a government whose employees and contractors are selected on merit,



Anonymous said...

Holy Shit!

I just read the two comments above. Those are all FACTS and what is even more appalling is that covers EVERY department in our government! What on earth is going on and why is Fitial even running?

Sorry, I lied -- MORE MISFITS PART II said...

Tom Salas, the Governor's ever-incapable Special Assistant for Renewable Energy/Geothermal who always looks like a deer in headlights, and

the overwhelmed and underqualified Acting Secretary of Public Works Diego Songsong, whose department has lost many if not most of their technical staff but gained much in political hires,

and Songsong replaced Joe Demapan,
who we assume is now gone because he was "disloyal," but no one will say that he was more qualified than Songsong because he wasn't,


Peter Eche, the Governor's Multipurpose Special Assistant for Who Knows What at $50Gs/year...

OK. Now I am really tired. Please add to this list, people.

i love jack abramoff tan said...

Four more years of Fitial after reading all this? Only if your job depends on it.

Ben Tan has got to go.

Das what dey Propst to do nai said...

"CUC: Tony Muna... Numbers guy who ran CUC to the ground and put CNMI through worst 2 years of blackouts in history and 4 years later kind of got the generators back to where they were in 2006."

You're fucking high! Tony saved the CUC after years of disrepair and put the CNMI's utility on the road to recovery.

You don't know what you're talking about with regards to the CUC. While you were faning your kids in Dandan, Tony was working on a plan to fix the generators, and now they're operational.

Can it, Ed. You've been hoping that the power situation would worsen before the elections and it's not happening.

Get over it and focus on another topic to bash the administration because CUC isn't on the table anymore.

Way to go!

Just like your timing with the CUC protest (a week after we had stabilized power), you're beefs here come too late.

Anonymous said...

Noni 7:22AM

Stabilized power? You might want to contact your leader Fitial and let him know that. AS OF TODAY CUC IS IN A CONTINUED STATE OF EMERGENCY. Power outages are occurring all over the island. One scheduled for half of Saturday. Fitial has said that the generators could go any day. He said the only remedy is to have us hire the mechanics and engineers from the PI. Guess what. That is where we were 4 years ago when he did what?? He let the mechanics and the engineers from the PI go because of his neice's Labor Law. LOL. After that 4 months later we were experiencing HISTORIC BLACKOUTS that killed 30% of the small business, high rates cutoff 20% of the public.

Tony saved CUC? The only way you can claim that is first it has to be out of emergency status and second you have to ADMIT THAT FITIAL KILLED IT!!!!

Messiah complex said...

Uh, I wouldn't exactly call Muna the "savior" of CUC.

Did you forget CUC is still under a state of emergency, and federal stipulated orders for massive water and wastewater violations?

Tony Muna, the bookkeeper/Executive Director/Acting Chief Financial Officer of CUC, who has yet to offer up a real financial plan for CUC, and who oversees

engineers and deputy directors who actually probably could run the place without him, including assistant executive director Abe Malae, who should have and would have been hired four years ago, but was discarded by this administration because he wasn't "local" enough,

for local boy Tony Guerrero, who really answered to Tim Villagomez (and we all know where they are now and why), and Tony G.

later hired Malae under a contract that was 4 times the amount that he would have accepted as a regular Executive Director, but whose contract was later replaced by

DCM to the tune of millions of dollars, and whose main principle is the Governor's best buddy, and

DCM blew a crapload of federal funds and never actually did the work of repairing the generators,

so we eventually had to cancel the contract because it was getting embarrassing and the feds were starting to ask questions,

but who knows if Muna ever actually recovered the wasted $$$ like he promised, or if it was just swept under the rug like everything else that has happened under Muna's watch,

like Aggreko -- and if you think that Aggreko was the best deal we could get, and that some people didn't make a TON of money off of our backs and our suffering,

think again.

But back to the state of emergency. Yeah, we're still there, still waiting to be "saved."

Anonymous said...

Here are a few other Fitialites to add to the list... I gleaned this information from the two local news rags over the past four years.
Danny Buniag a Special Advisor for Business to the Guv. Danny boy is a failed businessman who drove his construction company Marfran into bankruptcy. Danny Boy, Tony Raisiang (some sort of Special Advisor), Jack Manglona,and Perry Inos are partners in a company called RMIC that was formed on Jan,10 2006 to specifically go after CNMI government construction projects. Perry Inos was with CPA when Clyde Norita of CPA fame threw a few CPA projects to RMIC. Also, when Clyde was with DPS he threw two DPS projects to RMIC.
Joe Inos Jr. is the Director of DPW Technical Services Divsion he is the son of the Mayor of Rota and brother of Perry Inos. Many qualified TSD technical staff were a threat to him and so were pushed out the door under his and Diego Songsong's leadership. Jack Manglona also owns the Mobil station where most of the gov cars and trucks refuel. He of course charged the higher fuel price for "Service" not "Self Serve" even though the gov boys filled their own tanks...petty I know but there is lots of cash made there.

Anonymous said...

Danny Buniag? Isn't his wife the Women's Affairs Cabinet Member?

Anonymous said...

Yep..amd Ramon Mafnas's "wife" has a government job as head of WIA.
The list goes on and on...... I'm stunned at what goes on on this island. I'm new here and could possibly be naive in asking if we could see the same same but different in the next administration?

Anonymous said...

Noni 9:05am:


There is a good chance that you will see political hires after a new guy takes over in January. That happens everywhere. What you won't see is the extent that this administration has abused this. Normally a governor will appoint his close people into Cabinet positions and stop there. This guy as the lists above show plugged a "yes" man into every single position and unlike most governors of the past the political appointees he was close to have no qualifications what so ever and many have shady pasts.

The list above stunned even me. I read it in awe. I forgot just how blatantly Fitial has been at filling all head positions and middle management and even desk jobs with his unqualified supporters. What a sad state of the CNMI.

It will get better in 09. Still not gonna be perfect but better than this crap!

Jay Solly, Marianas Consulting said...

Hello forum, I attended three days of the DPH Oversight hearings and have interviewed several doctors at CHC over the last several months. I submitted my Statement for the Record. To excerpt:

[Using PI/foreign doctors] poses thorny and difficult issues, not the least of which concern the questionable ethics of a wealthy nation like the United States depriving less wealthy countries of their medical workforce.

The nascent ideas calls for the use of J1 visas, but has the community asked the right questions. Right now, Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement stipulations prevent payments to non-U.S. doctors, but if we were to bring foreign doctors to the CNMI, put them in culturally and geographically isolated settings, without any real support, and expect them to thrive and provide high quality service to our communities while still learning the American medical system, it may prove to exacerbate the “revolving door” issues at CHC.

In consultation with some doctors, there is a definite concern for what amounts to U.S. or Canadian doctors certifying and supervising the work of foreign physicians effectively acting as Physicians’ Assistants (PAs). This includes qualms regarding their licenses being “put on the line.”

[On the issue of salary]:
Many doctors I have spoken to say that coming to the CNMI is not about the money. As in many professions, there are those who possess a strong desire to make a difference for the public-interest. But for the CNMI, that motivation has to be particularly compelling for an individual to travel so far from the mainland, far from family and friends to a different, somewhat foreign culture.

The community seems to have an adverse relationship with mainland health professionals. The printing of doctors’ salaries and the requirement for the Legislature and Governor to approve said salaries strikes as particularly chafing way to attract talent. It is highly unlikely that a professionally licensed physician would not earn over $50,000, so there should be an exemption to that law for health care providers. While it is understandable that the CHC is a publicly-owned hospital, doctors have devoted years of medical training well past even the university educated person, so the rationale behind such a policy should be examined. Additionally, press accounts seem to call into question why a doctor would leave the CNMI at the end of their contract, often in a tone that suggests the doctor did something wrong or slighted the community. At the recent public hearing, doctors’ competencies were called into question because of a single, yet unfortunate case still pending investigation.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. The “grenade-throwing” attacks by the like of Glen Hunter and his minions, revelling in the “politics of envy,” are a major reason why our government-employed professionals do not remain on the public payroll very long.

With the vicious slander against so-called political hires repeated constantly in the blogs, and picked up by a press that uses them as a “source,” it is no surprise that such professionals decide the personal costs aren't worth it.

By driving away honest, hard-working individuals, the so-called “reform” efforts of Stanley Torres, Pete Reyes, Tina Sablan, and Ralph Torres have actually increased corruption by driving good people away, with some behind-the-scenes help from the plaintiffs' bar and a compliant, anti-government judiciary.

Like the mistreatment that drove JAL away, the persecution of CNMI professionals will have similar ramifications.

Unlike the back-room legislative kickback schemes that soured Japanese investors on the CNMI, the way our professionals are treated is done very publicly indeed.

With the constant denigration by polically motivated bloggers and their legislative puppets/ panderers, it is no wonder so few apply to work here. Guam's recent loss of its sole oncologist, triggered in part by abusive public comments at the Pacific Daily News website, should serve as a warning to the CNMI.

Candidates like Tina love to talk and criticize to make the Governor look bad and supposedly strengthen their own electoral chances. But who they are really hurting is the long-suffering people of the CNMI.

Anonymous said...

You're living in lala land. Take the pipe out of your mouth and sober up before writing your comments. "Professionals" weren't appointed in the first place. Those that have been "replaced", have been done so droolers who could barely grip a crayon let alone write their names.

The only person who makes the governor look bad, is the governor, and the complete idiots, incompetants and criminals he's surrounded himself with.

Need I go through the roster again?

Anonymous said...

You're living in lala land. Take the pipe out of your mouth and sober up before writing your comments. "Professionals" weren't appointed in the first place. Those that have been "replaced", have been done so with droolers who can barely grip a crayon let alone write their names.

The only person who makes the governor look bad, is the governor, and the complete idiots, incompetants and criminals he's surrounded himself with.

Need I go through the roster again?

Anonymous said...

Would be interesting to put together a organizational chart of Fitial's administration linking all misdeeds and cash flow amounts. Also, which family members and relatives were given jobs. Kind of like what the FBI does?

Let it BE! said...

CHC Chief Financial Officer Esther Muna is a perfect example of a hard-working professional working her heart out (as opposed to merely talking, complaining, and pointing out obvious problems) for the people. She has a Masters in Hospital Administration.

Glen Hunter, Tina Sablan, and Ralph Torres are hounding her and other so-called Fitialites for their own selfish political gain.

They are the MAJOR reason the Commonwealth has so many problems -- the “crab bucket” before our eyes.

Wake up people! If you want the CNMI to continue its slow but steady progress, as opposed to incessant, shrill personal attacks on public-spirited professionals, reject the bitter nay-saying of Glen Hunter, Ed Propst, Tina Sablan, and Ralph Torres.

Keep their hate to themselves!

In With The In Crowd said...

Tina is doing a superior job, as evidenced by the open government initiative on this November's ballot.

Ed and Glen are the problems. She needs to distance herself from those leeches.

Having Ed and Glen around all of the tine is as bad for Tina as an ice-smoking/selling driver is for Fitial.

Jay Solly, Marianas Consulting said...

I commend Ms. Muna for her appearance this week at the hearing. I don't know her personally, nor do I have the ability to judge her previous work or statements.

However, at the hearing, it was clear that management at DPH were hand-tied and lacked authority to make key decisions. The HR Administrator told us that the weekly senior leadership meetings with Secretary Villagomez had been moved to monthly meetings in these last 8 months.

We also learned that there is $118,000,000 owed to CHC (that's right, read it again), of which about $75M is from the Federal government in the form of medicaid reimbursements.

I acknowledge that may sound like "grenade-throwing" but those are just raw numbers. Unfortunately, there was not enough time to hear details on steps to improve the billings process.

If anything should come from these hearings, let's give Ms Muna some go-getter "collections" staff and then maybe we can pay the US & Canadian doctors market rates.

Anonymous said...

Non 7:34 AM:

It is better to keep your mouth shut and have people assume you are stupid than opening it and proving them correct.

#1) Glen Hunter and Tina are very good friends with Esther Muna. Give Godfather's Bar a call and you will find out that they all enjoyed drinks and meals and watching KMCV News there together on Friday after the hearing. You are a dumb ass! LOL! HAHAHAHA!

#2)It is a crab bucket. Full of political appointees that were hired by the current administration. You have seen the list of department heads (or acting ones LOL LOL ). Which stand out to you? None. Come January that Crab Bucket with you in it will be tossed out for good.

You are an idiot! BWAAHAHHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Noni 8:51AM:

You also need to heed the advice of Non 10:58am and keep your mouth shut when you don't know anything. BWAAHAHAHA!


Anonymous said...


You are spot on. The nonis above will see anything that states fact as grenade throwing. I say, "Throw More!"

Grenade Thrower Glen said...

The grenade thrower referred to in these comments is Glen, author of the three right above.

His wild and aimless attacks against government professionals do hurt or would have hurt even friends like Esther and his own mother, Gloria Hunter.

(Fortunately, Glen did not do his dirty tricks before she retired.)

To the In Crowd commenter who accuses Glen and Bitter Ed of leeching off Tina, the relationships are more complex than that. These two intentionally do the vile, dirty “work” of political propaganda and character assasination so St. Tina can appear to remain above the fray and retain a spotless image.

Anonymous said...

I think that Saipan is trying to hang on to the decadence of globalization.

Is IT TRUE NONI? That we are in a global recession and states are putting band-aids all over their critical infrastrustures including hospitals and health care?

WHY DO YOU THINK OBAMACARE is being pushed so hard?

Anonymous said...

Willie Tan's Takecare health plan will benefit from ObamaCare?

Ben Tan loves Willie Tan said...

The Fitialites are working overtime! They are worried about their sole-source contracts and their political jobs. If they lose, they lose everything. They need the devil incarnate Fitial to win because he will continue to give them their contracts and their big fat salaries regardless of the fact that they have done a terrible job.

Keep attacking Fitialites! So sorry your savior Ben Tan Fitial Abramoff is going to lose.

Anonymous said...

The Tan Siu Lin Plaza Building will still make money, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ben Tan,

We are please to see you doing so well for this election. Let me know if you need more help.



Anonymous said...

Dear Master Willie,

Thank you for all your help. I need to hire more people to sit around and play on the computer. I already hired 500 people but we still need more. Do you have any openings at Tan Holdings?

We are getting the filipinos to vote for me again even though I told them to go home and said they are all illegals and need to be deported when Rep. Donna Christensen and U.S. delegation arrived. It is so easy to trick them just like all the others who believe I am going to bring better times. What suckers!

Take care Master Willie and I miss you.

Ben Tan

Anonymous said...

Willie Tan, Lynn Knight, Jack Abramoff, Richard the Dick Pierce, Howard Willens, Deane Seimer, Ramon Mafnas, Charles Reyes Jr, Melvin Faisao, Tim Villagomez, Tony Muna, Al Santos, Eloy Tan Inos, Cinta Kaipat. End of story. All of these garment and poker loving cheap labor addicts will all be a thing of the past come November 7.

Stop the lies and put an end on Ben Tan and Willie Tan's reign.

Run, Glen, Run! said...

Right. So the people creating private sector jobs are now the problem. In addition to public sector officials who have been solving problems rather than merely talking or blogging.

The politics of envy once again rears its ugly head.

Anonymous said...

Yes, ben tan is the answer. Please vote for the governor who promised better times and delivered!

Ben Tan's bitches

Anonymous said...

Dear Ben Tan,

You are doing a fantastic job! Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

THE Commonwealth Health Center’s blood supply is less than half of the required hospital level because the American Red Cross refused to give it more due to CHC’s bad credit history, documents submitted to the House Committee on Health, Education and Welfare showed.

AND STILL NO FUCKING LAB DIRECTOR FOR CHC. Lania Ben Tan, you can hire 500 political hires but you cannot hire kidney doctor and blood lab director and emergency doctor?

Ben Tan go to China, where the ice is flowing! Check fan your driver who is still collecting paycheck because you don't fired him yet. Why because you want his family and the icehead Pete Reyes to vote for you. Did you get his gun back yet or does he still have it.

Your a bad Governor Ben Tan who need to be removed before your corruption affects the CNMI and makes us all sick like you.

Ben Tan and Willie Tan are Chinese mafia brothers. No wonder the ice is coming in from China.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ben Tan,

Thank you for pulling local law enforcement off of China. We are very happy to bring in more illegal chemical pesticide and ice. Tell Pete Reyes thank you for not telling on us.


Chinese Triad Ice Factory

Anonymous said...

Bitter Ed and his cronies are spinning overtime.

We don't need more empty talkers like Ralph Torres, Tina Sablan, and Pete Reyes.

We need hard-working people of character and action, like Ben, Eloy, and Cinta.

Biba Covenant!

Heinz Gnawthatthingoffschneider said...

Looks like the Holy Mole-ies are hard at work.

Heinz Gnawthatthingoffschneider said...

Looks like the Holy Mole-ies are hard at work.

Civil Discourse, Please said...

Supporters of BE and HA need to understand that disparaging an opponent's physical appearance or medical condition adds nothing to the public discourse. This applies whether done to a real opponent, or anonymously against one's own candidate to gain misguided sympathy.

Also, the poster above who calls 10-1/2 months with an acting AG unprecedented is apparently unaware of Sebastian Aloot, Dobbie Dunlap, and Maya Kara in the 1990s, all of whom served considerably longer than that.

Ben Tan loves Willie Tan said...

Ben Tan has character? If licking Willie Tan's balls is character, then so be it.

If pulling off local law enforcement from working with DEA to stop the flow of ice from Ben Tan's mainland China, then so be it.

If telling Filipinos to "GO HOME!" and telling U.S. Congresswoman Donna Christensen and visiting U.S. officials that the Filipinos outside the Guma Hustisia are all "illegals who need to be deported" is character, then so be it.

If surrounding yourself with crooks and drug dealers, from your Lt. Governor to your personal bodyguard and driver to your commerce secretary to your lobbyist in America Jack Abramoff to your senior policy adviser who has ZERO college degree and a history of beating up on Filipinos and choked a student at NMC is character, then so be it.

If promising better times and bringing the worst of times and then finding excuses for why times are so bad is character, then so be it.

If leading by "emergency declarations" is character, then so be it.

If sole-sourcing millions of dollars of contracts to political friends and family is character, then so be it.

If firing highly qualified people because they disagree with you is character, then so be it.

If reneging on a promise of not touching CNMI funds for a federalization lawsuit only to end up using it and then FAILING to disclose how much is being spent is character, then so be it.

If running CHC to the ground to the point where there is no nephrologist, no lab director, half of the required blood supply, doctors leaving abruptly and suddenly, and making CHC a shell of what it once was is character, then so be it.

If circumventing CNMI law by exceeding the number of days an attorney general can be "acting" is character, then so be it.

If bowing down to WILLIE TAN because he gave you a ton of money and favors is character, then so be it.

Ben Tan has no character. What he does have his a track record of lying, deceiving, and spinning the truth. Ben Tan will certainly lose this election because he will never be able to get 50% plus 1 of the votes. He will be lucky to get 20%. Off-island voters hate Ben Tan, for they left because things were so miserable here.

Ben Tan will be gone come January, and he will be a memory of the past and we can use his four years of lying as a blueprint on what NOT TO DO when Governor.

The nice thing is that we will see the Fitialites removed as well, from GARMENT WHORES Dick Pierce to Lynn Knight to POLITICAL WHORES Deanne Slimer and Howard Cryptkeeper Willens to THUGS Ramon Mafnas and ice dealer/personal bodyguard Pete Reyes to the INCOMPETENCE of Melvin Faisao, Candy Taman, and a horde of others.

Ben Tan is going to lose and lose big. Charlie Reyes Jr hopefully will find a girlfriend and hopefully he won't sue her. Ramon Mafnas will hopefully enter the octagon and see if he can still choke out Korean students or beat up on Filipinos. Howard Willens and Deane Seimer will hopefully get a fucking makeover or finally decide to put a bag over their heads. Deane, for the love of God, you do not have to look that ugly. Lynn Knight will hopefully find love and will stop screwing married men and can find a job as a lobbyist and let her mouth work overtime under the desks of executives.

The people of the CNMI are fed up with the Tan Dynasty. It is time to create their own destiny without Willie Tan and his puppet Ben Tan.

Anonymous said...

Almost all the above economic issues are due to legislative micromanagement by the likes of Pete Reyes, Tina Sablan, and Ralph Torres.

We need Cinta Kaipat and other Covenant legislators to continue the slow and steady progress being made by Ben and Eloy during these times of trouble.

How 'bout that debate last night?!

Anonymous said...

Noni 5:36am

There is smoke streaming out of your ass with the amount of spin you are throwing all over the blogs. You have grouped those 3 individuals in multiple blogs. Nice try.

What micromanagement? Please give examples.

The Covenant Party is pathetic and having you as a mouthpiece is only one reason for it being so.

By the way, I talked to Fitial last night. He will fire you after the election whether he wins or loses. Adios! DUMBASS!

Debate? Fitial was so lost. After the show one of the audience members said, "Heinz 'trench-teched' Fitials ass!"

Please tell me that's sarcasm said...

Hmm. Could you explain what you mean by

-- "legislative micromanagement" (seriously, i see that catchphrase everywhere... but what does it mean?)

-- "we need Cinta Kaipat and other Covenant legislators" (need them for what? based on what?)


-- "slow and steady progress being made by Ben and Eloy" (what progress?)


You're kidding, right? That's sarcasm, right?

Anonymous said...


mind-blowing said...


the governor knew all along!

fitial hired a known meth user to be his driver and body guard, protected him from being fired, issued him a gun AND gave him back his gun after it was confiscated several times by other officers, the commissioner, and esther fleming.

one person recklessly endangered the governor's life and the community, and that person was benigno r. fitial himself.

Anonymous said...

No to the ice weilding gun toting Guv.

No to Chinese visas

Yea federal!!!

Anonymous said...

When it rains it pours. Is it true that another officer in Fitials army has been charged with a crime? Franz Reksid? I think we will have to use some of the ARRA funds to build a new jail. We can dedicate it to this administration by naming it “Fitial’s Big House”. What is that? The 10th person closely related to Fitial to be charged in the last 6 months? I know now why DEA may not “like him”.

I also heard a rumor that an AG is being looked into. Anyone have more on this? Which one? Why?

What is going on?

Anonymous said...


This just revealed in the legal documents filed in the plea agreement between the Prosecutors and Pete Reyes (Governor's Driver) - THE GOVERNOR BYPASSED DPS AND KNOWINGLY AUTHORIZED A KNOWN DRUG USER TO CARRY A FIREARM!

We should all be very very upset!

Anonymous said...

Fitial was so embarrassing last night at the CREAM debate. He looked dead.

Anonymous said...

Wishful thinking. Willie Tan and Ben Tan are going to burn in hell for all their sins. Hope we can bring marshmellows.

Anonymous said...

With all the negative attacks, someone must be running scared.


Let it BE!

Anonymous said...

Yes, let it BE.

Let it BE jailtime for Ben Tan the garment whore who is the most retarded pathetic debater in the CNMI. Articulate Ben is not. Corrupt on the other hand...

Bye bye Ben Tan!

Circles baby, circles said...

If you want to talk about drug users, let's talk about Glen smoking pot.

Anonymous said...

Really, 1:58?

But I'd sooooo much rather talk about the CNMI Governor hiring a known ice head to be his driver and body guard, protecting him from being fired by the DPS Commissioner, giving him back his gun after his fellow cops tried to take it away from him, accusing DEA of "endangering the Governor's life" by not telling him his driver was being investigated, lying at the CREAM debate that the DEA Agent in Charge that he didn't like had finally been removed (yeah, the dude IS still there),
and announcing at the CREAM debate that DPS was planning a huge drug raid very soon.

Holy smokes. Talk about endangering his own officers and the community.

Now why don't you want to talk about that???

Anonymous said...

I'd rather talk about the governor saving our tourism economy with Russian and Chinese tourists paroled in by DHS and now allowing Philippine doctors after years of legislative sand-bagging.

Thank you, Ben.

Solutions, not whining.

Anonymous said...

The Governor has saved our tourist industry? The Governor has done NOTHING for our tourism industry. Zero, zip, zilch, nada. In fact, his idiocy has harmed our tourism industry.

Anonymous said...

Nah. Let's use the anonymous guy aboves logic and try and turn people's attention towards Glen smoking pot. That way we can try and take people's attention away from:

- Governor's driver selling ice out of the governors car on government hours.

- The governor overriding the commissioner firing his buddy the ice dealer Pete Reyes.

- The governor filing a lawsuit against the US without going through the AG as constitutionally mandated.

- The governor trying to hide the fact that he has spent over $2 million dollars on Howard Willens, Deanne Siemer, Jenner and Blaock for the lawsuit so far.

- The governor having half of all of his political appointee puppets MIA.

- The governor eating crow now because it appears DHS is ready & is taking CNMI economy into consideration.

- The governor crashing and burning terribly at the CREAM debate (can't wait for the one on Friday and the one on the 27th... There is a pool going around on whether he will do even worse. I put in $4million says he does worse).

- The governor allowing a volunteer to f*ck up DoL even more than it already was in regards to the upcoming transition.

- The governor appointing an LT that was convicted of stealing from CUC.

- The governor spending $20 million to try and cover up the mis treatment of the generators caused by him removing the foreign mechanics when he took office 4 years ago.

wheeeeeeewwweeeee ... so tired of typing... So much more!

Yes, for the Governor and the old Acting AG let's look at Glen smoking pot.

Ummmmm... said...

Saying that the CNMI Governor hired a known ice head to be his driver and body guard, protected him from being fired by the DPS Commissioner, gave him back his gun after his fellow cops tried to take it away from him, accused DEA of "endangering the Governor's life" by not telling him his driver was being investigated, lied at the CREAM debate that the DEA Agent in Charge that he didn't like had finally been removed (yeah, the dude IS still there),
and announced at the CREAM debate that DPS was planning a huge drug raid very soon -

is not whining.

All of these things actually happened.

Facts, not spin.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Willie Tan ever has the courtesy to give Ben Tan Fitial a reacharound when Ben Tan is sucking Willie's tiny ching ching?

Anonymous said...

Ben Tan was so pathetic in the CREAM debate that Deanna Seimer went to sit in the back. She and Howard coach Ben Tan but they realize now that Ben Tan is slightly retarded.

Anonymous said...

Why does Ben Tan bother to debate? He is better off shutting his mouf because he can't even remember the question and then when the question is repeated he answers to another question asked earlier or lies through his teeth.

Everybody knows Ben Tan is on powerful pain prescription drugs. He can barely walk so he takes meds that could knock an elephant out. That is why he is always so high.

Ben Tan can't win and the Covenant Party and all their dirtball associates from Fitial's ice-dealing bodyguard to garment whore Richard Pierce to drag queen whore Lynn Knight to Ramon "I hate minorities" Mafnas will be out of jobs. Willie Tan can hire them all so it is okay.

Anonymous said...

Unlike the spin of Bitter Ed Propst and his ilk, the press reported the debate as fairly even.

Deanne generally sits near the back.

So who will be the new highly qualified department heads in the HA! Administration? The new AG?

Or are these more empty promises and pot-induced hallucinations? What will be the former Lite beer salesman's job under HA?

Talk is cheap. What matters is proven leadership -- like Ben's success with CUC or Russian and Chinese visas.

Bota Covenant!

Anonymous said...

Edwin Propst will be the most honest, independent, and highly competent Public Information Officer the CNMI has ever seen -- admittedly not a very high bar.

Four more years of Pete P. Reyes as Senate President!

Bota Republican!

HA! said...

Don't forget Ralph!

The Variety Original Report said...

Did you read this story?


It appears the original story may have been changed by the editor perhaps. I got this off the administrative site.



by The Truth Reporter

The current Administration is extremely upset at a carry over from the previous administration that he believes is responsible for this controversy.

“After looking into this Reyes incident more thoroughly it is clear now,” said Charles, “that a former Babauta appointee from the previous administration is responsible for everything.” Fitial is furious that his initial desk audit of political loyalist did not turn up this individual who is responsible for this current incident when he took office. “At that time I put in place my buddies in every department. Their mission was simple. Check all staff and remove anyone tied to any party other than the Covenant Green party. I was assured this had been done! I am appalled that one slipped through. Heads are going to roll.” He went on to say, “ after the Local DPS covert and surprise drug bust slated for Friday at 2:00pm he will assemble the one remaining department head and all acting department heads and find out who is responsible.”

Reporters have discovered that the person that is the focus of Fitial’s anger is one Joe Senpasdot. He apparently was put in charge of destroying public records and inadvertently forgot to burn all outstanding drug test results and inter department evaluations and communications. We contacted him for a response but he was unavailable at the time. His wife however is asking for the communities help. It appears he has been missing since this story broke 5 days ago.

Fitial asked that we include a quote from him in this article. “This is just another negative result of Federalization. Please DEA do not bring charges against Pete Reyes. Like me, he is allergic to lawsuits. Let it BE!”


Anonymous said...

Bitter Ed has a bad case of STM! Just a few months ago, he was very critical of the OBN and now he is actually sleeps with them! Amazing what job promise can do to change people's views.

Bitter Ed is the next PIO if HA wins! OBN = BITTER ED.


Anonymous said...

All new political appointees will have three months in the transitional phase to purge their systems of most drugs but cocaine. They will have to take the drug test in Jan 2010.

Ben Tan's ass lickers said...

Such utter bull shit. Governor Fitial did not convince DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, but if he did, then it proves his lawsuit was pointless!

Dialog works bitch! Unfortunately, Ben Tan is used to dialog via kickbacks and deception and politricks.

Looks like the Covenant bitches are all up in Saipan Middle Road blogging when their asses should be working, right Charles Reyes? Right Gregory Baka? Right Ray Mafnas?

Can you please clarify Ben Tan's lies about his drug dealer driver and bodyguard Pete Reyes?

Charlie Boy please clarify the following:

Ben Tan said DEA should have told him about how dangerous his driver was. Shouldn't Ben Tan have known this? After all, Pete failed his drug test and got fired and then they rehired him and then they took away his gun and then Ben Tan gave it back to him. Why was Ben Tan lying about this?

Ben Tan is a liar and he is going to loooooooose on November 7. Sorry Covenant ass-licking toilet hounds!

Let it be JAILTIME for you bitches!

Anonymous said...

Biba Tina!

A real problem solver.

A person of true accomplishments.

The Feds would have given us Russia and China anyway, even if Ben hadn't lifted a finger!

Birds of a feather flock together.


Anonymous said...

Tina was one of the few that has been tirelessly working with the Federal Government and those that CAN and in this case DID make adjustments to the regulations.

Unlike the Governor who is stifling communication by continuing a useless lawsuit that has no chance of doing anything but making a feeble attempt to hold on to guest workers.

Tina has been in direct dialogue with the Federal Officials from Senators to Congressmen to OIA to DHS and so forth. She has written countless letters and had many conversations. After a long and arduous journey the China and Russia Waivers for Saipan have been established. She is still continuing the quest for Status for Foreign Workers. That will come in time too.

Stating that Fitial lifted a finger is about spot on. That is all he did. LIFT A MIDDLE FINGER to the Feds.

What a useless, spiteful and corrupt Governor.

The governor and Kilili claimed publicly that the Feds lied and claimed that they weren't ready. READ TODAY'S NEWS. They are and have been ready. The governor is and was lost because he hasn't talked to any federal officials other than those investigating him.

Anonymous said...

The Feds know Tina on a first name basis. They don't want to know the current Governor at all. They do their mandatory visits and press shots and that is it.

They don't care to learn his first name because they figure will soon know his inmate number.

Anonymous said...

still in its infancy but this will surely be another gem of a site :-)


Anonymous said...

Nice blog, Glen. It would be easier to stay anonymous if you didn't post the same exact thing at the Marianas Variety.

The Truth Reporter said...

Thanks :-) I will send a thanks to Glen too :-)

Bojobo Bobby said... said...

Why is Ed so bitter? Because he can't buy land even though he is 25% NMD.

Ben Tan loves Willie's balls said...


"They don't care to learn his (Governor Ben Tan) first name because they figure [they] will soon know his inmate number.

Anonymous said...

Bitter Ed has an acute case of STM!!!


Clueless said...

STM = Short Term Memory?

Anonymous said...

Yes, STM = Short Term Memory

Just check out Bitter Ed's Blog and go back to older posts and see how much he critized HA back then accusing them of being in the OBN and I am surprised that Bitter Ed is accusing people who now favors Governor Fitial of having STM when in fact, HE IS THE ONE WHO HAS AN ACUTE CASE OF STM!


I am just confused with Bitter Ed!

Willie Tan loves Ben Tan's anus said...

I checked Ed's blog. He never mentioned Heinz or Arnold's name once. But he did mention Governor Ben Tan about a thousand times.

I don't think Ed would want a job as PIO. To be a PIO like Charlie Reyes you need to be able to suck cock and lick balls and then take it in the ass daily. I know Charlie Reyes is a homosexual, but Ed is married with kids.

Noni, when Ben Tan stops suddenly, does your face bump in to Ben Tan's dagan? How does it smell anyway? He is so sickly. Do you wipe his ass with your tongue? I bet you do. Forget brown nose. You got brown tongue!

Let it BE JAILTIME for BEN TAN and his crooks! On November 7, say goodbye to Ramon "I hate Filipinos" Mafnas, Charlie "Asslicker" Reyes, Melvin "What day is it?" Faisao, Richard "The DICKLESS Garment Fag who gets paid $80,000 a year to play golf" Pierce, Howard "Tales from the Crypt" Willens, Deane "I love to lie and I'm the ugliest hag ever" Siemer, Lynn "I like to fuck married men!" Knight, Jack "When is Ben Tan" going to be my cellmate?" Abramoff, John "Hot Diggity Dog I like the Chinese" Joyner, Cynta "Don't touch my pozzolan" Kaipat, Alexandro "Colonel Sanders the fat fuck who smoked a lot of ice but still stayed a fatfuck" Sablan, Governor Benignorant "I like Willie Tan's balls resting on my face" Fitial, Pete "The full-time Ice dealing addict and part-time driver and bodyguard" Reyes, the Chinese Triads who pimp and prostitute and deal ice and bring in illegal pesticides, and all the other dumbfucks who like to suck Ben Tan's small tiny little pee pee.

Goodbye Ben Tan. Hope your ass gets lubed before you go to pen fed.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Ben Tan might have tried smoking ice with his bodyguard/driver/drug dealer Pete Reyes?

Let it BE! said...

With only 14 days the supporters of Tina and HA! are feeling extraordinarily stressed and insecure that not only does their nemesis Uncle Ben have a chance, but he and Eloy may even win in the first round without a run-off.

As the undecided folk begin to focus on the campaign, more and more are determining that proven experience and results trump empty talk, hands down.

Ben and Eloy will also need help from the Senate.

If there is a clearly outstanding candidate, such as Jacinta M. Kaipat, one would hate for one's second choice (such as for Greg Cruz) to be the vote that keeps the preferred candidate out of office. So many voters will be doing what is known as "bullet voting" by using only one of their two senatorial votes -- a well-placed shot for Cinta Kaipat (or Tina Sablan, for those so inclined).

Bota Covenant!

Anonymous said...

Ben Tan and Eloy Tan will be lucky to get 20 percent of the total votes. Ben Tan is hated by everyone who doesn't have to lick his tiny little diabetic penis for a job. Ben Tan is going to lose and hopefully he will join Timmy Boy in Pen Fed.

Let it BE! said...

I am grateful that, despite the hateful attacks above, Ben and Eloy have the proven experience and leadership to bring doctors from the Philippines to the CNMI to help our people.

Bota Covenant!

Anonymous said...

You guys are just jealous because you know that Ben and Eloy will win this election!

Bye, Bye Bitter Ed! Best you move to the PILIPINS because you will hate it with Ben and Eloy for the next 4 more years!!! At leaset you will peels good in the PILIPINS.


Anonymous said...

Move to the PI? Why? Just look around.. we live in the PI.

Let it BE! said...

We will certainly benefit from more Philippine doctors here in the Marianas to help our people.

Why didn't Tina pass a bill to do that (or at least introduce one), or at least use some of her unspent discretionary funds for this purpose?

All talk, no action. Ben, on the other hand, is a man of action.


Anonymous said...

The J1 visas available under federalization will also help us get recent foreign national graduates of American med schools who otherwise would have to return to their homelands if they did not agree to work in a medically underserved area of the US like the CNMI, an Indian reservation, or rural area.

This is not part of the local labor control Fitial is seeking to maintain in his Covenant Section 903 lawsuit.

J1 visas are perhaps the best immediate benefit of federalization. Everyone agrees with that, and thank goodness the Governor and CHC leadership are already pursuing this new recruiting tool.

The Opposite of Ray Mafnas said...

You know, i was actually thinking about voting for the Covenant Party this time but I've since changed my mind after reading idiots like the anonymous posters above.

If there are that many morons supporting the Governor, that must mean that the smart ones are backing someone else.

Don't get excited Greg, because if you're supporting Kumoi, I'm not pulling for that scumbag either.

Y2K! said...

Yes to Kumoi!

Intellectuals unite!

Is it true that the smartest people on Saipan hang out at Godfather's?

Let's go down and pick a new cabinet.

Free doctors for all!

Biba! Biba! Bota! Bota!

Anonymous said...

11:05 --

That's funny, I was disinclined to vote Covenant. But seeing so many fools attacking Fitial leads me to believe he must be doing something right.

That, and the instability caused by the fact that the CNMI has not re-elected an incumbent governor since 1985.

These flip-flopping policies with each new victor and quadrennial department head replacements have got to stop, for our own good.

Plus, I look forward to more highly skilled Philippine physicians at CHC.

Thank you, Ben and Eloy.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Ben hasn't changed any department heads. How many DCCA Directors have there been? 4? How many port authority Directors have there been? 3? How many DPS Commissioners have their been? 3?

You were disinclined to do nothing but lick this administration's ass.

Don't kid yourself.

Anonymous said...

How many of those have been the incumbents' decision, and how many have been about performance?

If anything, this speaks to the adequacy of compensation for the professionals who lead and staff our government agencies.

The fact that Ben and Eloy are able to "keep the trains running" under such circumstances speaks volumes about their managerial ability.

The Legisature's answer? Salary caps and micromanagement. No wonder it is so hard for the CNMI to recruit. Competitive salaries are offered only when a court orders it.

And it is fully acceptable to fire an appointee who actively campaigns against the appointing authority. How could such a cabinet member be part of a unified team? Such "political" dismissals fully respect the official's decisions.

Do you see the Republicans in Obama's cabinet actively campaigning against him?

Anonymous said...

"keep the trains running"? Running where? Straight into the ground. These blockheads can't figure their asses from their hands.

Ben Tan the lying whore said...

Instructions on how to be a Fitialite:

1. Lose values and morales.
2. Bend Ben Tan over.
3. Lick his ass.
4. Repeat.

P.S. Never argue against Ben Tan or his master Willie Tan. The goal is to change the name of Saipan to SaiTan as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

Ben Tan sold his people out to Willie Tan. In the process they got addicted to cheap labor, poker, prostitutes, ice, and corruption.

If you want more bitter times, bota si Ben Tan, Willie Tan's puppet.

Let it BE! said...

Ben and Eloy's critics are anti-business racists. See above.

Thank goodness Ben and Eloy are committed to growing our economy, even in tough times, and to the traditional local values of respect, tolerance, and hospitality.

Bota Covenant.

Anonymous said...

"Committed to growing our economy"? They came out of the blocks with peanut butter and shoe factory propositions. As bad as those ideas were, neither materialized and they've gone downhill from there. During the last election, the liars said six investors were "waiting in the wings for his election win". Of course they wouldn't name the "investors". They never materialized. Lie after lie has been made, and promise after promise has proven false. "No CUC surcharge", but they jacked the rates through the roof. "We will appoint the most qualified people, without regard for political affiliation", and then promptly started removing people who weren't "affiliated" when they came in, and still are.

Anonymous said...

This and similar criticism displays a fundamental misunderstanding about how a free market economy works.

It is not the job of the government to start businesses, but to provide a favorable investment climate to the maximum extent possible under the circumstances.

Disclosure of various investment plans and proposals is not "promises." Investors back out of plans for any number of reasons, from legislative kickback requests, to changes in minimum wage and immigration laws, to better counter-offers from other countries, to changes in financing availability, to incincerity in the first place.

Even land deals that raise so much ire do no harm. They have cancellation clauses that allow DPL to void the agreement for non-performance. It's not as if there were other highly qualified developers banging dow our doors.

Look at it as Ben's temporary habitat conservation efforts for a few reed warblers.

The Truth Reporter said...

Looking for Truth?

Spin on over to:


Your daily source for True CNMI News.

Anonymous said...

Very boring blogspot.
Not easy to dance to. I give it a 2. I miss hammerhead.

Anonymous said...

The environment should always trump development that requires construction. The intelligence to keep nearly endangered species populations safe, is development.

Anonymous said...

Instructions on how to be a Fitialite:

1. Lose values and morales.
2. Bend Ben Tan over.
3. Lick his ass.
4. Repeat.

P.S. Never argue against Ben Tan or his master Willie Tan. The goal is to change the name of Saipan to SaiTan as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

This proves again the point noted just seven comments up.

The anti-Fitialites are crude anti-business racists. Vote for Tina or HA! and see how bad things can really get.

Willie Tan said...

Dear Ben Tan,

How is your campaign? Let me know if you need more money because I made 2 billion dollars from garment and poker. I heard you did bad at the debates and couldn't answer any of the questions and sounded like a retard but don't worry because nobody listens to the debates. Keep hiring more people and giving out more government jobs and you will continue to grow. Good move in giving $1 billion to Tinian to buy votes. MPLT is all Covenant so no problem.

I love the CNMI because they are easy to manipulate. Keep up the good work.

Master Willie Tan

Anonymous said...

The ugly anti-business racism of Bitter Ed, Smart Glen, and Tina Sablan resurfaces yet again.

Change? HA!

Same old, same old.

Anonymous said...

More bitter times! More bitter times! More bitter times!

No thanks.

Bota Covenant! said...

The people aren't buying your negativism. They know it takes proven leadership to bring us though times of trouble -- proactive steps like the initiative of Ben and Eloy to bring Philippine doctors to our hospital.

Si Yu'us Ma'ase, Ben and Eloy!

There will be an answer, let it BE!

Vote Green, Not With Your Head said...

That's right! The people aren't buying into that negativism. That's why both of them will vote for Covenant!

Ben and Eloy
"Vote for us to save the CNMI money on new stationary"

Marian Tudela
"Vote for me so we can show that next generation that people as dumb as me can still reach the top!"

Cinta and Ana
"Vote Cinta because she she can wrap her mind around complex issues even if you can't wrap your arms around here."
"Vote Ana! If not, she'll mow down your kids."

"Vote Covenant across the board so our lousy leaders will have the support they need to get the job done despite the lack the education and expertise."

G Baka said...

When I find myself in times of trouble, Heinz and Arnold come to me,
speaking words of wisdom, Heinz will be...
And come November 7th they are marked on the ballot in front of me,
Saving the CNMI, Heinz will be governor.

Let him be, let him be, let him be, let him be.
Whisper words of wisdom, Heinz will be governor!

And when the broken hearted people living in the CNMI agree,
there will be an answer, Heinz will be.
For though we are all battered there is still a chance that we’ll be free,
there will be an answer. Heinz will be goernor.

Let him be, let him be, .....

And when November 7th comes there is still a light, that shines on us,
shine until tomorrow, Heinz will be.
I wake up to the sound of music, CEC comes to me via MCV,
speaking words of wisdom, Heinz it is! Heinz is governor. Heinz is governor.

Let him be, let him be, .....

Fitia is long gone… until his federal trial for acts of corruption.

Heinz is the governor. Fitial will do time.

Let him do time. Let him do time. Let Fitial do time.

And all his political hires will cease to be. Set them free. Set them free.

Anonymous said...

I highly suggest you keep your day job....

Anonymous said...

Baka would never use ellipses with five dots. The commenter must be very desperate.

There is nothing very sincere about assuming another's identity, parody or not.

Baka Baka Baka said...

noni 11:47am,

I did. I am sorry. I 'copy-pasted' the original lyrics and that is where the author had mistakenly used the five dot ellipses (dumb dumb him). Please do not impute ill grammar upon me due to a rushed copy-paste job (dumb dumb me).

VERY Sincerely,
G Baka

Anonymous said...

"Baka would never use ellipses with five dots."


Baka is the only man on earth who would bother to point that out.

With prayerful best wishes.....

Anonymous said...

Do we got enough pink slips to dole out in January for all these guys?

B. Fitial

E. Inos

R. Mafnas

C. Reyes

H. Willens

D. Siemer

T. Kim

G. Baka

E. Fleming

M. Rosario

J. Rosario

M. Grey

M. Faisao

P. Eche

B. Bateman

I. Dela Cruz

J. Joyner

P. Tenorio

J. Kaipat

S. Tudela

P. Untalan

T. Salas

Anonymous said...

the teacher said...
Highlighting the Northern Marianas Islands in total shame and disgrace intensified when Ben Fitial became Governor.

He has operated the CNMI like a Czar. noni 2 uo (Repulics falls) hit the nail on the head so I will not repeat the salient points.

He has managed with bribery, corruption, intimidation, and fear through scare tactics.

One thing we can be certain of, and that is if he wins again, the commonwealth will worsen and the impoverished people will suffer more than they already have endured.

The blogs, news stories, national, and intenational reports of shameful antics from the CNMI will worsen as well. His regime has already tainted the reputations of the people here for the last generation.

Students here don't care anymore. They want to leave here ASAP, and while I suspected economics, local students want to distance themselves from "our island" for other reasons, and it is not the reasons we might suspect.

Electing Ben Fitial could make for a real comedy show here though, because when the twenty or so felons continue to cooperate with the government. I suspect law enforcement will handcuff Ben and friends for conspiring to and covering up the plot to block federaliztion of the cNMI by paying Jack Abramoff a fortune to bribe the uS House of Representatives.

We locked up Tim and got Eloy, when we lock up Ben, who will the A team give us next?

Anonymous said...

Ben has been the most corrupt Governor in CNMI history.

Anonymous said...

He's the cleanest and most honest ever, with his administration even turning in one of its own officials who did not make the grade.


Anonymous said...

nice try buddy. not gonna fly here. if fitial is clean than baka is ag. yep, neither are true.

G Baka said...

Ben has been the most corrupt Governor in CNMI history.

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