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Nov 30, 2009

Petition for Green Card

The following email circulates around not only in the CNMI but across the globe. The email has been forwarded to all Filipinos and other nationalities with email access on Saipan and the rest of the world. Now, the question, what can this petition do to help the ailing contract workers in the CNMI who have been on the islands for at least five years or those that have been here for 20 to 30 years?

Now that federalization has been implemented what can this do again? You tell me....

Here's the email message:





Anonymous said...

So why not bring the kids “back home” for a few years until the oldest turns 21, moves to the States, and earns enough to petition at least one of the parents?

For youth growing up in today's multi-cultural world, having lived abroad several years will give a great advantage in dealing with different perspectives and ways of life. 95.5% of the world population lives outside the U.S.

Rather than sitting around hoping that the U.S. Congress will amend the law to provide green cards to erstwhile guest workers -- despite the opposition of the CNMI's people as reflected in their recently elected leaders (Governor Ben Fitial, Senate President Paul Manglona, and Speaker Froilan Tenorio) -- the wise foreign national workers will take matters into their own hands and be ready for every possibility.

Preparing their children to move back home with them, and seeking a job there, is a logical choice.

Those with extraordinary circumstances, such as disabled children, should make arrangements with DYS or a trusted friend to take custody if they get deported by USICE.

Reparations Now! said...

You are a racist with no idea of what it means to be oppressed and downtrodden!

A mere green card is not enough for all the indignities, abuse, and injustices the CNMI Guest Workers have endured in these islands of slavery, na Islas Ladrones!

We need compensation.

We demand reparations!

Everyone signing the petition should support a $5,000 adjustment bonus for each aggrieved Contract Worker.

And the U.S. Congress should appropriate money to pay for the wages that were wrongfully withheld from us.

Justice for All!

Reparations Now!

Thank you, Tita Wendy. With this petition we are truly Unheard No More!

Don't Be Kuripot! said...

Surely our loss of dignity is worth at least $10,000.

U.S. Congress, we demand status now! We can't wait for the May 8, 2010 deadline for the Interior report. We might be deported by then.

Mr. Obama, tell Congress to pass a law so we can stay.

Kilili, you should be the one to introduce it, since it is here that we have suffered so greatly, at the hands of your people. Support Guest Worker reparations!

Prevent injustice at the hands of the U.S. Immigration Court!

Overstayers Unite!

Peaceful Protest!

Reparations Now!

Anonymous said...

Do you get paid by the exclamation point?

Overstayers Go Home! said...

Just to throw some gasoline on the fire...

When it comes to granting status to the CNMI's illegal overstaying frauds, why would the United States give a shit about signatures from foreign citizens around the world?

Pucking Pilifinos.

I would ask if you're really that stupid, but I already know the answer.

Fuck, you've never even read about the implications that federalization would have on your status and now you're crying?

Jay-soos H. Christ!

And it's not just the Filipinos. This has nothing to do with the stupidity of citizens from only one country.

Dear Guest Workers,

Your time has almost come and it is your own undoing. Remember that march? That got the attention of the Feds.

Now they're here to "save you" by sending you home. Why? Because they're the ones who duped you in the first place.

You complained about making $3.05 minimum wage to congress. Boo fucking hoo!

You made minimum wage PLUS BENEFITS that local residents were denied because they were indigenous.

Who was abused? You? Fuck off!

At the very least, it was a tie.

Locals got fucked just as much as the guest workers. And guess who's wielding the biggest dildo of them all?

Wendy Dormol.

The worst part about it is that she actually thinks she's helping. I wish that were the case but it's not.

Sorry Wendy, but you screwed thousands of guest workers because you had the wool pulled over your eyes.

Anonymous said...

Brace yourselves for the tsunami like wave of incivility heading this way.

Puck Yu said...

Anyone guest worker who came to the CNMI on a labor contract should return to their country of origin upon the completion of that contract.

These illegal adoption of children by Filipino families is absolutely disgusting.

They fraudulently adopt the children of their siblings just to bring them to the CNMI as Immediate Relatives.

Those little rodents need to be shipped home along with those who illegally illegal overstay their time in the Marianas.

Send them home now! Biba federalization! Uncle Same won't stand for this kind of boosheet!

Anonymous said...

Rodents... damn people... have a heart...

Anonymous said...

What a hateful, disgusting, ignorant piece of tripe you've written, sir. Where do YOU work? Who are YOU married to? Where does YOUR son come from? Would you call HIM a little rodent too? Or is he only a half-rodent to you, you racist schmuck?

Have you paid your workers lately? Do you still owe them backwages? Did you only hire U.S. citizens?

How DID you get your latest sweetheart job anyway?

Puck Yu said...

These little adopted thieves are being adopted by scammers.

How can you find sympathy for these enemies of the state?

The Daily Yapper said...

Where is Ms. D Civility?

Anonymous said...

After reading some of the uncharitable intolerance posted above, she's likely “ready to snap.”

In my opinion.

I fear for what she might do in response. Where is Miss Manners when you need her?

Final Solution said...

Do I hear $20,000?

Reparations Now!

Further just compensation:

> 10 years: U.S. Passport

> 5 years: green card

< 5 years: H-1 or H-2 visa

Overstayer: Asylum

This is what we deserve as a bare minimum. Dekada Shyster, help us!

Sign the Petition!

Salamat po!

Thank you Tita Wendy. No one else understands us like you do. Ask George Miller and Allen P. Stayman to save us!

No Reparations! said...

Someone should post a cut-and-paste list here of the real locals among the 1500+ who have signed.

It's unlikely to be more than a few dozen or so.

Anonymous said...

Hey "Local" trash spewing all that nonsense about being fucked by Wendy. News flash buddy, the only one's doing the fucking around here from the get go is the idiots on the hill! People with your mentality have given the word "local" it's now smeared reputation of being ignorant and racist! I have employed great people of all nationalities that include Filipinos, Chamorros and Carolinians for years! Sadly, I have also had the opportunity to also employ some from here that think they are entitled to extra breaks, less of a work load than their supposed foreign counterparts (we only hire IR's & citizens), a work when I feel up to it mentality and get this, time to pick up their children from school!

YOUR LEADERS are the ones who came up with the laws that kept minimum wage the way it was before Uncle Sam forced them to raise it! YOUR LEADERS are the ones who's businesses flourished and gave the sweetheart deals that kept your island with a free flow of foreign workers and made you a minority in your own home!

Don't blame these great people from other countries that work hard and are thankful for every dollar they make for your woes. It has been the OBN (and no, I'm not Ed) all along!

Call me a proud, hard working Chamorro! But never call me a LOCAL, I work for my money!

Chewkiss Pride said...

"Chamorro! But never call me a LOCAL..."

I don't get it. So you're saying that you don't have three kids by senior year, a girlfriend you call a wife, live in your parents' house and play cards with food stamps?

g00$e said...

If any body deserves reparations it's the Carolinians.

As for civility- it's an uncivil world. In view of the ludicrous demands for reparations responses have been remarkably civil. so far.

A proud, hard working Chamorro is not local? How un-locally cognizant. But pride and hard work has nothing to do with nothing Pal.

Carolinians are local. Everybody else is an outsider.

Reparations Now! said...

Re-read posts #2 and #3 above, taking into consideration the possibility they may have been intended to be satirical.

Perhaps the U.S. Congress should impose a special 10-year tax on any naturalized U.S. citizen or green card holder whose first entry to America was in the CNMI.

This would be a small payment for the countless opportunities created by the wonderful CNMI Guest Worker Program that has created hundreds or thousands more beneficiaries than victims.

The “CNMI Guest Worker Alumni” income tax has as much likelihood of passage as reparations.

And only slightly less than special green cards without local support.

Imperious demands and provocative marches, blog comments, or candidacies are not the solution.

The Daily Yapper said...

You're only now hip to the sarcasm? I only picked up on it right away because I am fluent in all 137 forms of sarcasm.

Anonymous said...


KAP said...

How can it hurt to ask? Why the vitriol?

(You should check some of the names, though. Manny N. Urge? Really.)

Just a suggestion: I'm a punster, so 'PLEASE HELP US TO OUR PLIGHT' cracked me up. You might consider rephrasing it.

SBC Packers said...

KAP, were they asking for a ride to the airport? LOL!

Eagle Eye said...

What about name #1,550?

Overstayers Begone! said...

You are giving all the decent, hard-working guest workers of the CNMI a bad name.

It's better to leave now while you still can.

If you are “removed” by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), it is unlikely you will ever be granted a visa to return to the United States.

So do yourself and your family a favor and leave now, before you are busted by “la Migra.”

The illegal aliens are driving down the prices of the food, goods, and services that the honest, decent, law-abiding people in this Commonwealth are providing.

Time for Overstayers to go!

Anonymous said...

I think they should pay each and every Pilipinos $20,000.00 for being in the CNMI!

Dis Peoples deserve da pera. Dey deserving everything!

Just pay and shut up!

Anonymous said...

I think they should pay each and every Pilipinos $20,000.00 for being in the CNMI!

Dis Peoples deserve da pera. Dey deserving everything!

Just pay and shut up!

Numbers Guy said...

They do pay the Filipinos $20,000 just to be int he CNMI. It just takes them 47 years to earn it at minimum wage.

Reparations Now! said...

Also, the feds should provide plane tickets for the parents, grandparents, spouses, siblings, children, cousins, nephews, and nieces of our hard-working guest workers to join them here in the CNMI!

The family is the cornerstone of society!

The guest workers are not labor units!

You tell them, Tita Wendy!

The Daily Yapper said...

You left out their neighbors.

Honest Horry said...

Guest Workers are being phased out. Glad we helped you out with higher wages. Have a safe trip back home.

No Reparations! said...

The Chamorros on Guam who endured real torture during the war have still not received theirs.

As for Wendy's Overstayers, how about we vote them off the island?

Anonymous said...

Any idea when they are going to deport the overstaying Carolinians?

"The immigration of Carolinians to Saipan began in the early 1800s, after the Spanish reduced the local population of Chamorro natives to just 3,700. They began to immigrate mostly sailing from small canoes from other islands, which a typhoon previously devastated. The Carolinians have a much darker complexion than the native Chamorros."

Anonymous said...

Sign the petition to help keep our diverse community. A good thing.
Kindness feeds our community's soul.

The racist bigots will retreat into the darkness when goodness overcomes hatred and prejudice.


We Are Not Amused said...

They'll mostly move to Guam anyway.

So it wouldn't hurt to sign the petition to show a little gratitude and solidarity.

But far more important is making your views known to our CNMI leaders.

Overstayers Begone! said...

Most of those opposed to the petition and to a general amnesty are motivated neither by racism, bigotry, hatred, nor prejudice.

Rather, we are committed to the Rule of Law and its uniform application without special exception for scammers and schemers, expecting the law to change for their personal interests.

Where will it end? We have already seen the socially destructive effects of CNMI policy instability.

Stop it. “Follow the rules!”

That was the campaign slogan of Heinz in 2005, which he unfortunately jettisoned for a self-serving and standardless “change” in 2009.

That is why so many who voted for Juan in 2001 and Heinz in 2005 rejected the duplicity of the Unity Marchers and supported Ben and Eloy in 2009.

Follow the rules!

Anonymous said...

Overstayers Begone!,

There, there, Mr. Baka. Let's not be so rash. It was only a couple generations ago that your momma and your pappa were but immigrants on the shores of America.

Hell, read up and you will find that it was only a little while back that Carolinians were but immigrants on these shores.

What you fail to understand and always have failed to understand is that everyone else IS following the rules. You are the one that is ignoring, bending, twisting and breaking the rules!

A unity march and and making requests to the federal government is not a breach of law. It is well within the boundaries of law and as long as this is US soil it is not just allowed but it is a DUTY of all citizens to make their voices heard. We are after all a Democracy, right?

If people adopted your twisted and arrogant and immature mindset then the Chamorro and the Carolinian would not be US citizens today. The Covenant would not have been negotiated and drafted and the Rule of Law that existed prior would be forced to continue for ever.

Heck, Baka, Did your ancestors "follow the rules" when they broke from Britain?

Why don't you try and learn yerself a thing er two? Grab a history book or even hit the law library and you will be surprised to discover that LAW is a living thing. It is not a stagnant being like you are. It is growing. It is morphing. It is adapting. It is changing.

Now get back to your traffic desk and solve some of the damn vehicular homicides that have occurred this year and stop with the cover-up. Do as you have said and Follow the Rule of Law.

Larry of Labrador said...

Yes, but Greg's ancestors were clean and civilized. They didn't eat dogs or live in shitty tin shacks.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see they let you jump on the blogs and make racial attacks again during working hours. Isn't your wife from the PI? Heck, you may want to check with your good friend Greg. I believe his wife is also from Asia. Dumbass.

And just so you know, your ancestors and Greg's both lived in shitty shacks and ate an assortment of beasts. Horse meat, Rabbit, Raccoon, Dog, Cat, etc. All delicacies back in Europe during those times. Mmmm mmmm GOOD!

And to think that was the best you had. I love living in my tin shack and have you tried dog? It is delicious. YUMMY!

Although you state that Greg's ancestors were civilized it is more than evident that you and he are not :-)

Have a great day!

g00$e said...

Anony a few stops up- Local history didn't begin with the arrival of the Spanish. Carolinians were throughout the region long before Magellan showed up and they were darker than the imported 'Chamorros' because the latter's blood lines were fully Hispano-Filipinized by by the 1800's, the period you cite.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of incorrect assumptions here about posters and their ancestors.

Fun with quotes said...

Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.
A technical objection is the first refuge of a scoundrel.
No scoundrel is so stupid as to not find a reason for his vile conduct.

Insults are the arguments employed by those who are in the wrong.

Anonymous said...


Some believe the Nordic people sailed these and ALL waters many many years before the Carolinians and the Spanish. Should we call them indigenous?

Anonymous said...

The Chinese were here before that.

The "First Island Chain" included the Philippines, Taiwan, Ryukyus, and Japan.

The "Second Island Chain" included the Bonins and Marianas.

Maybe we can get mutual consent from the U.S. to withdraw from the Covenant and join China or the Philippines?

Anonymous said...

Why is Greg Baka being so mean? His wife is Filipina and she is so good and nice. She works hard. Maybe she works hard than Greg. But she is good person. I like her. Greg no good.

Anonymous said...

She is indeed a wonderful woman. But don't believe those who baselessly accuse others of "being mean," even federal prosecutors and former federal prosecutors. A lawyer is a servant of the law.

No one on Saipan is required to be formally consulted about Interior recommendations for Congressional action on "status change" except for our elected leaders.

What Mark Hanson, Maya Kara, Jim Benedetto, Greg Baka, Steve Woodruff, Deanne Siemer or anyone else think is likely to happen is far less important than persuasively gaining support, in a non-confrontational style, of the CNMI elected leadership. Fact-based economic arguments would help do so.

Anonymous said...

A lawyer is a servant to his/her ego... and bank account.

Anonymous said...

Both are surprisingly and extraordinarily small for several of the very best lawyers on Saipan. :-}

Anonymous said...

I'm not talking about the public defenders slogging/trudging in the trenches.

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed. For over two decades some of the very best lawyers on Saipan have worked tirelessly in the Public Defender's Office, often for four or more years because of the inherent satisfaction in a job well done.

And they should be statutorily authorized to represent indigent aliens facing expulsion in federal Immigration Court, now that DHS Detention and Removal Operations (DRO) is starting enforcement action. Or we need to encourage bar members to take these cases pro bono.

But what do lawyers have to do with signing the Improved Status Petition?

Last I checked, Wendy Doromal was not an attorney.

Anonymous said...

OMG I would LOVE to see this demand for 10-20K reparations reallygo through. The reparations petition wont work without a march

playa pimp said...

...march of dimes. but people who make dollars out of fifteen cents don't march for people.

Anonymous said...

Noni 8:23pm (aka BAKA)

Who are you fooling?

"A lawyer is a servant of the law."

Give me a break. A lawyer is a servant of the man who is paying him. A servant that better know how to bend and twist the law to suit the man who's paying him's needs. DUMBASS! Why do you think they have so many lawyer jokes and where do you think the stereotypes stem from.

You are a twisted and hopless soul.

ICE DRO Action! said...

Having a pending civil lawsuit does not protect an overstayer from expulsion by DHS.

Imagine that!

Thank you, Tina Sablan.

Federalization: You asked for it; you got it!

Anonymous said...

You came to Saipan because you wanted to get into the US without having to follow the federal immigration laws. Now that the laws are being applied (just like you wanted!) you whine and moan? If we go to your country you expect us to follow your laws yet why can't you follow ours! Just because you were able to sneak in a back door into the US does NOT give you the right to a greencard or passport.

You say you should get passports and green cards? What about the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants who have been working just as long as you have in farms in Texas and California? Do we give all of them passports and green cards too?

Big Question said...

If I sign the petition, do I make it easier for ICE DRO to find and expell me?

It's No Fun . . . said...

. . . Being an Illegal Alien!

I wish I had never gone on that Unity March.

How could I know it would make me lose my job and become an “overstayer”?

The Unity March organizers with their appeal to self-interest and greed did us no favors.

This petition is the same.

Anyone signing it is helping us get deported.

Anonymous said...

Noni 12:45AM,

Get some rest. You are obviously ttired. If not than you are just ignorant.

You said, "Having a pending civil lawsuit does not protect an overstayer from expulsion by DHS."

Is that supposed to be threatening and terrible? Are you personally so against it that you logged on to the net and surfed blogs to find a place to comment and express your anger aobut it?

Have you ever read our local labor law, Cinta's Bill, PL 15-108?

Why don't you learn yerself sumthin' and take a gander at it?

Cinta and Deanne, at the behest of the administration, penned our own LOCAL LABOR LAW that says exactly what you just claimed ICE will do.

Here is the black and white on that one. FROM PL 15-108 "a good law" says Cinta:

"A foreign national worker ... shall be permitted to remain in the Commonwealth for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days in order to pursue a civil or criminal claims"

Still have issues with ICE and deporting workers with claims? Where was your whinning and complaining when Cinta penned her local labor law that did the same damn thing?

Can you show me the statute on ICE books that states deportation during claims?

Cold Realist said...

Those who think green cards will be granted to CNMI guest workers (other than under current law) are just as deluded as those who think Congress will be persuaded to restore local CNMI immigration control.

Anonymous said...

Noni 7:57 AM,

No anger, just fact. As recently as a couple of weeks ago, the US District Court ordered that the CNMI not deport an alien with a pending labor case.

The US District Court has no such jurisdiction over DHS or the Saipan Immigration Court.

“Just the facts, Ma'am.”

And no, I've never read Pub. L. 15-108. Why should I?

g00$e said...

Anony a bunch of stops up- Decades ago while in Germany I was told of Nordics visiting the Western Pacific but have never found any citable material describing who they were or when they passed through. Do you have any reputable references? Skinhead manifestos aren't acceptable.

But even if Nordics did visit their not establishing any semblance of permanence disqualifies them from being indigenous.

There is compelling evidence however that the Lapitas may well have been the first Carolinians- defined as people who actually lived in the islands, possibly as long as 5000+ years ago. Indications are that they originated from an island between present day Taiwan and the Northern PI, and left all those red clay pottery shards all over Wing and Tanke Beaches. The local museum has a beautiful example of their craftmanship, unearthed from Wing Beach. They traveled throughout Melanesia and Polynesia, and some Taiwanese intelligencia believe that the Marianas may have been the first stop on their journey(s).

Point me to citable material regarding a Nordic presence here, even if fleeting, please.

Anonymous said...

That's funny!

You insult an anonymous commenter but then ask her for legal research to assist one of your clients?! HA!

No wonder you have such a warped view of legal ethics, perhaps inspiring the lawyer jokes referred to above.

You'd do a lot better reading the Model Rules of Professional Responsibility than an obsolete CNMI immigration law.

Anonymous said...

Noni 8:18AM:

Waiting on the reference that states that DHS is to deport aliens with pending cases.

Please show us the wording.

I showed you the local law that stated we were to deport withing 30 days any alien with a pending case.

You have BELIEFS not FACTS.

Courts stopped the deportation at a local level the feds will also do the same.

Anonymous said...

Noni 8:32AM:

I see that you take asking for proof as an insult. Do you feel just as insulted when the judge or jury asks for proof and documentation too? Oh you probably do. That is where the jokes stem from. BUFFOONS like you.

Your hooked on a FEELING.

How many aliens have been deported thus far? Recently I can only remember a guy that Cinta tried to get deported. I believe the case was thrown out and he is still here. Can you point to the Federal Immigration case of deportation in the CNMI since Nov 28th. I don't think they won't ever deport anyone one but you are drumming up fear with no solid facts or evidence. Sounds like Baka or Seimer to me. Two lawyer jokes at their best.

Anonymous said...


The point I was making is that we or our ancestors all came from different places on this globe. No human sprung from the depth of this island soil. That being the case how can one really be indigenous to these islands. Carolinian in and of itself is ironic. Their own name classification relates them to islands far from us, the Caroline Islands. If land is culture as I have heard people state then isn't their culturally attached land in the Caroline Islands? If not, how and when did it shift to here? And if that is the case does it trek back with them to the Northern PI and is that where their CULTURE/LAND is tied?

Anonymous said...

Noni 8:32AM:

What is funny is that you believe that most lawyers actually use blogs to do legal research for clients. I am glad to inform you that is not the case. The only lawyers I know of that do that are Baka, Deanne and Cinta. So which one of you wrote that comment? And yes, that is humorous but also extremely disturbing. Get off the blogs and get to doing some real research and truly "serving your" client.

Anonymous said...

We can count out Deanne. There are two reasons that she would never have penned this statement:

"You'd do a lot better reading the Model Rules of Professional Responsibility than an obsolete CNMI immigration law."

#1) If she read that book she would not be listed as a reference in another College text that uses her as a poster child for ethical abuses and misconduct.

#2) She doesn't yet understand that 15-108 is obsolete. As a matter of fact she is attempting to have it amended at this very moment. If this is Baka or Cinta you may want to give her a quick ring and let her know she is wasting valuable resources trying to alter a dead "good" law :-)

So 1 down 2 to go.

g00$e said...

Point taken.

I was actually attempting to elicit a reaction from somebody. Nothing livens up back yard beers with a mix of Chamorros and Carolinians like asking which of them was here first.

Not much reaction in here though.

Oh well... so, Theresa for Senate or what? Why not, huh? She's all the woman that girl Tina dreams of being.

Anonymous said...

Why stop there, goose?

Theresa for Chamolinian Governor.

What's that? She is not Chamorro? Not Carolinian either?


All that Tina dreams of being? Thanks. Needed a good laugh.

The Exodus Continues said...

Angelo is leaving for Florida early next year.

What will happen to the CNMI environment?!

How will Tina and her minions survive without their shining example to emulate? Who will inspire Tina's "legal advisors" to do more than use these blogs for third-hand "legal research"?

Time for another Unity March. Reparations Now!

Will Smart Glen turn out the lights?

Anonymous said...

Aw, Noni 11:19am, did sumbuddie ruffle yer feathers :-(

come here little bugger and let me give you a big...


I think people are more curious as to when your sorry ass will leave this island.

Smooth Feathers said...

Noni 9:27 AM said ...

How many aliens have been deported thus far? Recently I can only remember a guy that Cinta tried to get deported. I believe the case was thrown out and he is still here. Can you point to the Federal Immigration case of deportation in the CNMI since Nov 28th. I don't think they won't ever deport anyone one but you are drumming up fear with no solid facts or evidence.

See "Feds tighten NMI border security," Marianas Variety at 1, Thur., Dec. 3, 2009, available at http://www.mvarietynews.com/cnmi-news/local/22288-feds-tighten-nmi-border-security.html (visited Dec. 3, 2009).

The only fear exists in the mind of "lawyers" like yourself who don't know the difference between facts and law. Hint: The latter exists regardless of whatever lack of "evidence" you may find on this blog, "your honor." Id.

Smart Glen Admirer said...

The Exodus Continues said...

Will Smart Glen turn out the lights?

12/03/2009 11:19 AM

Anonymous 11:32 AM said...

I think people are more curious as to when your sorry ass will leave this island.

The expression "turn out the lights" means the Commenter will be leaving before Smart Glen, the "last to leave," a lifer if ever there were one. The CNMI needs more committed individuals like him. :-}

Hey, maybe we could get some by giving all the overstayers status. (!)

More "Evidence" said...

Noni 9:27 AM,

"At least two persons were handed over by the CNMI government to ICE on Saturday morning, according to Michael Samaniego, the agency’s assistant field office director of detention and removal operations."

Andrew O. De Guzman, "Feds want to be NMI’s partners," Marianas Variety, Thur., Dec. 3, 2009, available at http://www.mvarietynews.com/cnmi-news/local/22290-feds-want-to-be-nmis-partners.html (visited Dec. 3, 2009).

Anonymous said...

"handed over by the CNMI government to ICE "


Anonymous said...

But the CNMI government is not deporting them.

Removal would be by DHS and the (federal) Saipan Immigration Court.

And there is no legal authority whatsoever under federal law to withhold removal based on uncollected wages.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, not the evil Feds!!! (sarcasm intended)

Detaining people that are breaking the law? How dare they. I am so glad you are on this internet thing warning the CNMI of their evil presence. How dare they expect people to abide by the laws.

I did a deportation search on the tribune. Too many to list but here are a few:



http://saipantribune.com/newsstory.aspx?cat=1&newsID=53872 (OH MY, Palauans too!)


MANHUNT!!!! GET 'EM http://saipantribune.com/newsstory.aspx?cat=1&newsID=86462

You may be a bit late with the fear mongering. Should have started warning overstayers many years back.

Anonymous said...

Noni 1:50PM:

Shut up! When you open your mouth and say things like, "But the CNMI government is not deporting them." you confirm to the internet world your stupidity.

EGYPTIANS!! http://saipantribune.com/newsstory.aspx?cat=1&newsID=23329



http://saipantribune.com/newsstory.aspx?cat=1&newsID=53872 (OH MY, Palauans too!)


MANHUNT!!!! GET 'EM http://saipantribune.com/newsstory.aspx?cat=1&newsID=86462

My all time favorite:

"All those Filipino's out there protesting are illegal. I will have them all deported."
by Mr. Fitial

Anonymous said...

You said: "And there is no legal authority whatsoever under federal law to withhold removal based on uncollected wages."

There is also no legal authority whatsoever under federal law to mandate 100% removal of every single alien with an outstanding civil or criminal lawsuit pending in a court of law.

You said: "Having a pending civil lawsuit does not protect an overstayer from expulsion by DHS."

Having a pending civil lawsuit does not force an overstayer to be expelled by DHS.

You said: "Imagine that!"

Yes. Imagine that!

You said "Thank you, Tina Sablan.

YES! Thanks be to GOD for Tina! We could use about 20,000 more of her on this island and 1 less of you!

Federalization. I asked for it. We all are THANKFUL we got it!

How many Anglos are dancing pinheads said...

We know you've got a lot of time now that the feds have taken over, but give it a rest. They're here. Quit moaning about the 'good old days' and deal with the present.

Maybe you could sign the petition?

Tough TP said...

We could as easily wipe our asses with the petition. At least it would provide some useful service that way.

Wait, there could be a unity march to the airport and as they leave each contract worker can sign the petition. Kind of like signing the restroom wall. It lets people know you were here.

PS: We already had 20,000 Tinas here but they all went back to China, along with 7000 of the remaining Filipinos.

Federalization, she asked for it and you got it.

Boo hoo said...

Quitting time. You can unlock your office door now.

Anonymous said...

"Federalization, she asked for it and you got it."

Thats right. Snapped her finger and Viola!

Love it! She rocks.

Damn 20,000 Tina's in China. I am there. They must of all hopped off this island because of your presence. You grossed out the 7,000 Filipinos too.

Don't forget the thousands of NMDs that jumped ship when Fitial started destroying things too.

Altogether 20,000 + 7,000 + 13,000 makes for one hell of an Exodus. Moses would be proud. Go Fitial and go you!

I say Census will turn up a total population of 25,000 as compared to the all time high of 78,000.

Woo Hoo! Better Times BABY!

Noni 4:22PM, kiss your wife and give the lil one a high five for me!

Still Bitter? said...

I have a solid alibi this time.


It's always humorous when people go off on extended tangents based on what they think or feel one meant.

Federalization is here. Get used to it.

Make Up Your Mind! said...

Immigration federalization is such a wonderful, popular idea that people from all over the world, led by those who pushed most strongly for it, are now signing a whimsical “petition” to limit its application to CNMI overstayers.

Talk about lack of planning!


Peaceful Protest? said...

Will there be another Peaceful Protest, to assert our demand for the right to have decent Status Change?

Would it be in front of the Tan Siu Lin Plaza in Garapan (USCIS) or across the highway from the Marina Heights II Building in North Garapan (ICE & Saipan Immigration Court)?

We are not disposable Labor Units but future citizens.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

More power!

Anonymous said...

13000 x 20000=$230,000,000.oo

Close! said...


Kagman student said...

Noni 12:35
Lanya, who mathed you?
Ron Hodges?

Who, Indeed said...

The “wizards of economics” who passed Pub. L. 110-229 without any economic impact study whatsoever, organized the Unity March, and are circulating the whimsical Status Petition.

Reparations Now!


Anonymous said...

Noni 11:17AM

We had a slew of economic impact studies done for ages.

This economy has been tanking since the early 90's. The sky didn't fall on November 28th the roof of the CNMI blew away 20 years ago.

The petition is not all that whimsical. You posted 7 comments on various sites trying to negate its potential impact. That, my friend, is a testament to its strength.

The only reparations we need now are in reparation for all the nonsense we have had to endure coming from you. I don't think there is enough money int he world to make up for that.

| |
| |
| |
^ ^ ^ ^
| | | | |/ /
| /
| |
| |

Newsflash! said...

Workers are treated as "Labor Units" even in the mainland.

Yes, the CNMI's economic difficulties are longstanding, recogized expressly in Covenant Section 701. No, there was not a single economic study of the effects of federalizing CNMI wages and immigration prior to the enactment of those laws.

Not one!

If you feel and believe otherwise, perhaps you have a GAO citation to such a study?


I thought so. It is unfortunate that economic ignorance so pervades these blogs that it is necessary to respond multiple times to such error.

From Wendy's Blog said...

Melberlin said...

Wendy, this blog will then notifying them [the Fitial Administration] whom we don't want to negotiate to [Deanne Siemer], so that they will assign (or send) another negotiator that we are willing to face up.

I will suggest that Wendy will be the first choice person to represent us to negotiate our immigration improvements... before May 2010! Because of her limited fund and time; we can support her. How is that? $0.25 to $1 per guest worker? that's peanuts! Unless you have another suggestion...

she may not succeed because "they" hate her? "they" hate us too! but who else is better and trustworthy?

As I suggested above:
1. Sign the petition,
2. Then have us march and battle cry to the street,
3. While somebody will work in negotiating at the table!

December 4, 2009 12:20 PM

I may not be Tina Sablan's favorite would-be constituent, but she would do a far better job in negotiating on behalf of our hard-working contract workers than Wendy Doromol, if for no other reason than propinquity.

Anonymous said...

Noni 12:30Pm:

"economic ignorance" sums up your comments very well.

you are the one with the feelings and beliefs.

hard fact and detailed data of our depressed economy can be found in BOH economic studies dating back to the early 90's.

commerce maintains some data as well.

if a new study need be done to show what impact federalization will have than let it be done. do you need the GAO to do it? why? we have local commerce and other divisions that should be able to put one together. nothings stopping us from contracting it out either. the governor just threw 12 months and $3 million dollars at a lawsuit. since you are so intelligent and realize how vitally important a study is, why didn't you convince your great leader to throw a fraction of that at an independent economic study?

HA! makes too much sense for the senseless... don't it?

Good idea said...


Responsible and responsive firm to provide an unbiased study and report showing the harmful effects of federalization.

Anonymous said...

Better idea:


$3 million wasted on 903 litigation.

Responsible and responsive firm to provide an unbiased study and report showing the harmful effects of the past 20 years of CNMI government mismanagement, wasteful spending, corruption, poor leadership appointees, poor planning, missed opportunities, violations and abuses.


Responsible and responsive firm to provide an unbiased study and report showing the harmful effects of our embracing the garment industry 20 years ago. A side by side comparison of how much we as a CNMI gained and how much it cost us (opportunity costs, loss of tourism, impact on environment, workforce destabilization, social impacts, infrastructure effects, etc).

g00$e said...

Wow, what a beautiful afternoon. The sun's back out and with it balmy breezes off the hills over Wing Beach.

Everybody's so up tight about things these days. Demanding reparations, spewing racist epithets, agonizing over the meaningless election. Why?

Heinz, Ben, Tina, Wendy, Greg, Howard, Deanne- they're just emotional avatars in the stupid passion play that Saipan so easily and quickly becomes... if you let it.

What's going to happen is going to happen and in the end everybody's going to get exactly what they got coming. No more, no less.

Go to the beach. Walk barefoot. Feel the sun and the wind. Love somebody and be happy you live in such a beautiful place.

Priorities, Priorities! said...

Hear, hear!

It was less than a million. But what's a couple more million among friends? Pretty soon we're talking real money.

And it is a FEDERAL responsibility to do a study before enacting a law. And the U.S. Census compiles economic statistics everywhere else in our country, except the territories.

But you apparently think throwing money around is grand -- except when in pursuit of local self-government.

The advice of g00$e is exactly on point. You need to get out and relax this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of weekend activities, the Mount Carmel School Theater Club is putting on its 25th program shepherded by Galvin Deleon Guerrero, a musical adaptation of Shakespeare's “A Winter's Tale.”

The final performance is at 7:00 p.m., Saturday, December 5, 2009 at the Hibiscus Hall, Fiesta Spa and Resort.


Tickets are $5.00. If the show is only half as good as last night's, it will be well worth it.

As one of the characters, Baka's son kept up the family tradition of speaking truth to power.

The music by the Carnegie-bound Saipan Southern High School Manta Band was phenomenal, as were performances by the lead actors.

the teacher said...

The US DHS takeover of the CNMI has been smooth and easy, as expected.

Don't forget to sign the petition because in America, everyone has the right to petition the government to resolve grievances.

the teacher said...

I would think someone in the CNMI government would be smart enough to support improving the status of foreign workers by now.

There are many ways to protest without marching and one is in the privacy of your own home on your laptop.

The irreparable international harm to our tourism industry, especially to our tourists home countries, nationally and especially in Washington DC, and perpetually on the worldwide web, the reputation of the CNMI has nowhere to sink, the reputations of citizens here is forever shamed, it will never improve, and it will snowball until the bad guys here surrender.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

"Ben, Ben the peasants are revolting!"
"They certainly are."

Credit Where It's Due said...

$3.05 plus benefits!

Anonymous said...

Angry young men blasting community for the abuse of their parents = a powerful voting bloc... Now swallow hard... 15-20 years from now, a Filipino governor?

THIS is why Fitial sneered, "all of them are illegals, they should be deported."

The children are coming of age and will vote. Doesn't take a degree in political science to know that the balance of power WILL shift.

It already is.

Filipinos for Fitial/Inos said...

Except, as the many Filipinos for Fitial/Inos have pointed out, it is the Covenant party that has supported decision-making on sound economic principles, including the innovative guest worker program and local wage control that built this Commonwealth.

The Pinoy vote will not support Communism, Trade Unionism, overly centralized Federalization, or the misguided promises of the Unity Marchers -- whose naïveté has cost their parents, uncles, and aunties their jobs and ultimately sent them home!

Nor do we espouse the rejection of traditional values of respect and civility espoused by the "change" advocates.

So any shift will be from Republican to Covenant.

We will never forget!

Bota Covenant! said...

28% in 2005, 52% in 2009, 75% in 2018!

Our historic initial Pinay first lady is a Covenant spouse, so will the first Filipino Governor be a Covenant party official.

Fulfill the CNMI's promise.


Unity Marcher 7-7-2007 said...


December 7, 2007

"a day that will live on,
and a memory that will never die"

anonymous CNMI resident

Proud Pinoy said...


A day that will live in infamy of the CNMI's attempts to dupe the Pinoy with false promises.

We won't be fooled again!

No, no, a thousand times NO to your bogus Petition.

We've had enough lies by the evil forces of "change."

Anonymous said...

When the CNMI is finally run into the ground...the will be a US Federal appointed overseer/coordinator to run the government, way before there ever will be a Filipino CNMI Governor.
Change is coming and you will not like it.

Anonymous said...

all this pro-covenant propaganda makes me want to throw up.

Armchair Lawyer said...

See Covenant § 103 (local self-government), 48 U.S.C. § 1801 note.

Local self-government may not mean as much as the opinions and views of cactus or the late Larry Hillblom might suggest, but it certainly means a lot more than permitted by the uninformed remark two comments up.

The CNMI cannot declare or be involuntarily forced into bankruptcy, either.

Anonymous said...

Fitial Wins! We will definately Let it Be for the next 5 years!!

370 Vote Victory! said...

Following the counting of the absentee ballots, the Commonwealth Election Commission has certified Fitial/Inos the victors by 370 votes (down from 501 votes before all the absentee ballots were counted).

. . BE . . . HA
1 . 1634 . 1558
2 . 496 .. 466
3 . 1314 . 1067
4 . 727 .. 643
5 . 920 .. 926
6 . 373 .. 453
7 . 459 .. 424
Ab. 687 .. 703
Tot 6610. 6240

Congratulations to both sides on a well-fought and fair election!

Biba Marianas!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Local self-government (read immigration)didn't mean anything to the US. You piss off the US government enough, they will just steamroll over you.

Read the Plain Language said...

Federalization of immigration is expressly provided for in Covenant Section 503(a). See the link above.

But you can search the Covenant from beginning to end and will find absolutely no authority for a federal “receivership” of the CNMI government.

Such astounding ignorance is typical of what passes for insight among the forces of “change.”

That is even more looney than this Petition.

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...


Filipinos for Fitial/Inos said...

The people who built this Commonwealth appreciate the value of hard work, know who has given us the opportunity to do so, and will reap its rewards.

So do our children.

Have you ever wondered why so many of the "change" advocates think "supervising" is better than working, and who think public "service" means sitting around and doing nothing?

Noni 7:55 AM and his ilk are "projecting" their own motivations onto others yet again.

Fortunately, the next generation of CNMI citizens has transcended this selfish, "hippie" outlook and is achieving true self-actualization.

The power of our votes indeed!

Biba Covenant!

Tasty Ted said...

What is a Filipino? Is that a new kind of hot pepper, only smaller?

Still Bitter? said...

This invidious racism finally will be put to bed within less than two decades when one of our CNMI-born Americans of Filipino ancestry is elected governor under the Covenant Party.

Let it BE!

Anonymous said...

A CNMI-born Americans of Filipino ancestry is elected governor under the Covenant Party....

Not a chance... for we know that this party harbors some of the deepest racists against them, and would choke on their own betel spit before shouting "Biba!" at a rally for a Pinoy.

So beyond delusional.

Filipinos for Fitial/Inos said...

There you go again!

Projecting your own predelictions onto others. Hard-working Pinoys value proven leadership, experience, and competence -- especially in building a growing economy as occurred with the CNMI guest worker program.

We are not into hatred, envy, or group-think politics.

We have already rejected revolutionary communism long ago in the Republic of the Philippines!

Perhaps Bitter Ed needs an extended study period in his ancestral homeland to learn about true democracy and mutual respect.

Sheesh, Whatevers! said...

There are no Filipinos for Fitial/Inos.

Who were the thousands who booed him during that concert in American Memorial Park a few years back?

Must've been all those haoles, ha?

Anonymous said...

FITIAL: [Sneering] "see all them illegals, they should be deported..."

Filipinos for Fitial??!!

It's been said before, but that's like Child Amputees For Mugabe.

Proud Pinoy! said...

The Pinoys who support Fitial are not the scammers and overstayers.

They are the hard-working, salt-of-the earth folks who just want to have and do a good job and support their families.

Fitial and the CNMI guest worker program have delivered on that.

The misguided Unity March organizers have taken that away.

Hence the upwelling of Pinoy support over the past year for the Covenant Party.

It's the economy, stupid! We need jobs.

Attacking local business is not the solution.

Salamat po, Tito Ben!

g00$e said...

Filipinos for Ben and Eloy rejected communism in the Philippines? Gosh, so White of them huh?

And what was it they embraced after that, exactly?

Oh wait, I get it- You're angling for a military build up job. Change your angle Boy, it's Muslims now... Muslims. You're America's friend in the War Against Terrorism now. You know... like Pakistan.

And be thankful those Commies weren't really rejected because they're financing that build up you're counting on.

On another note- If Filipinos for Ben and Eloy were All That how come y'girl Gloria didn't visit Saipan?

Canoy said...

Recognizing the flaws of the NPA and Unity Marchers is pretty much a no-brainer.

Ben is closer to Erap than Gloria. No need for Mohammed to come to the mountain when the mountain will go to Mohammed.

In this case, Ben stayed at Erap's house. There is a certain populist strain there, but Ben is no movie star.

So he has to deliver based on economic principles.

I wonder how many crumbs, if any, Ben can catch from Guam's table.

It's funny that Wendy Doromol is still in extreme denial of the fact that Ben deserves absolutely no blame (or credit) for the Kababayan losing status in Pub. L. 110-229. Fitial opposed the draft in any shape or form.

Status withdrawal was wholly and solely the doing of Guam Del. Madeleine Bordallo as her price for letting the bill through the Insular Affairs subcommittee.

She did not want the CNMI's guest workers taking the jobs of her own constituents.

Yet Wendy continues to spew her lies that it was Ben's doing, censoring contrary views on her own blog, in the hope that if she repeats her lie often enough, people will believe it.

The status of the CNMI's guest workers will most likely depend on national immigration reform (or not).

Tina in '10 said...

This is a two fer.

A signature on this petition is a voice of support for “Tina in '10” to be our next Delegate to Congress.

We need a voice in Washington who will recognize ALL our aspirations.

Anyone who has built this Commonwealth has EARNED the right to stay here.

Reparations now!

Federal Receivership for CUC!

With upcoming austerity measures and an ongoing purge, the people are already feeling regret about having chosen Fitial/Inos!

Change is coming. You can't stop progress forever.

Tina for Delegate!


(Hopefully this time she won't let Glen Hunter be the public face of her campaign.)

Run, Tina, Run! Sign the status petition!

Biba Tina!

Anonymous said...

Where are u Tita Wendy we need your help on this blog. WHY!! u scared???

Please save us from the feds!!

Anonymous said...

Stephen C. Woodruff, “No to alien registration by Federal Ombudsman”, Saipan Tribune, Monday, Dec. 14, 2009.


Haidee V. Eugenio, “Fitial: Ombudsman shouldn't accommodate 'overstayers'”, Saipan Tribune, Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2009.


Mr. Woodruff is not the solution for anyone, he is a part of the problem.

He was Senate legal rep. during dark days of labor abuse here...meaning he was a collaborator or ineffective to stop it.

He is a longtime rep for workers...who have no status after 20 years...well there you go.

Anonymous said...

Mark Hanson has been here a long time, too. Does that mean he is equally as ineffective?

Will he or Bitter Ed Propst be the public face of the “Tina in '10” campaign?

That wouldn't be any better. Jim Benedetto, on the other hand, would be an excellent Chief of Staff and Legislative Counsel for Congresswoman Tina Sablan!

Status Now!

“Tina in '10!”

BOHICA! said...

“Green Cards for All!”

“Reparations Now!”

“Federal Receivership for CUC!”

“Tina in '10!”

The Decent One said...

We, the decent citizens of the Commonwealth, demand a decent Congresswoman to represent us as our delegate.

You are the Voice of the People.

ALL the people! (The decent people.)

Down with greedy businesses and capitalism!

“Tina in '10!”

NPA said...

Workers of the Commonwealth Unite!

You have nothing to lose but your chains!

You are not a labor unit!

Sign the status petition!

Peaceful protest against greedy businesses and capitalism!

Unity March II.

“Tina in '10!”

Filipinos for Fitial/Inos said...

There you go again!

We don't need any New People's Army terrorists in the CNMI.

Such communists are barred by federal law and will be removed by DHS ICE DRO.

Promote true freedom and respect. Do not be deceived by bogus petitions, false promises based on envy, or feel-good politicians.

Achieving our potential requires that we all work together, not seek something for nothing.

Tina will not get the support of most honest, hard-working individuals of any ethnicity.

It is federalization that has sent so many of our kababayan home. Preserve what is left of our economy. No more federalizer tinkering.

Let it BE!

All Knowing said...

The comments posted by

Noni 12:42 PM
Noni 12:36 PM
Noni 12:34 PM
Noni 12:30 PM
Noni 12:28 PM

Were all posted by the same demented individual. Most likely Bruce B or G Baka or the both of them, together, in the same room, holding hands, lying in bed, acting like they are insiders that can manipulate people.

Ohh, you guys are so sly ;-) Send another. Send another.

What childish twits.

Narcissists Anonymous said...

Wow, what an insighful poster.

With the help of Smart Glen, Bitter Ed really does know everything!

Isn't that the point of these blogs, to prove our omniscience by explaining to those not as intellegent as us who the other dumb posters are?

Anonymous said...

Right, genius. You misspelled "intelligent."

Anonymous said...

I think "Narcissist Anonymous" is pretty dumb and needs to check his logic. Isn't a narcissist someone who's really into himself? A dude with a huge ego who loves the limelight and is all about him? Why would he be anonymous? It doesn't make sense. When I write anonymously, it's NOT about me but about the thing I wanna say... that's the whole damn point.

an old soul said...

Bateman is probably more effective as a noni because everyone hates him and refuses to read anything if he signs his name.

Anonymous said...

But if I out you, you're not anonymous anymore.


Anonymous said...

See, that's just so dumb. No one ever "outs" anyone -- not even the ones you THINK are outed. We could waste a lot of valuable time trying to "guess" the identities of anonymous bloggers, but --

1. Why? Who cares?

2. They could deny it, and be telling the truth.

3. They could deny it, and be lying.

4. They could admit it, and be lying.

5. They could admit it, and be telling the truth.

6. They could ignore you because they really don't care, and neither confirm nor deny, and you are either right or wrong.

7. Seriously, why do some of you care so much, anyway?

The obsessive need to know that some bloggers have has gone from being just lame to being totally creepy.

My theories:

1. They live a boring life.

2. They're threatened by the anonymous comments in some way, and need a scapegoat to lash out at.

3. They've got some major issues. Counseling might help, but we won't hold our breath.

Oh well. I've already wasted enough valuable time thinking about this. ;-)

Tina in '10 said...


Yet aren't you or your fellow bloggers the ones who persist in addressing people who may or may not be the author of the comment you are responding to?


So who's going to be running for Delegate in 2010?

Will the “The Petition” be a major campaign issue?

You tell me.

Anonymous said...

Noni 7:15PM:

Just heard the news. Candidates for 2010 Delegate for the CNMI. These names should show up on the ballot:

- Deanne Seimer

- Gregory Baka

- Bruce Bateman

They will be coming up with Campaign slogans. Maybe we all can help them.

I got a few.

Anonymous said...


Your favorite targets pop up again. Baka is good at slogans, though.

But Tina won't run against Kilili. They're on the same pro-Federalization team. That would probably reduce Juan N. Babauta's inclination to run for the same reason -- they'd split the pro-Fed vote.

Who is a more likely Covenant candidate? Will John Oliver Gonzales run again?

Will Jesus C. Borja run as a true Democrat, of the pro-indigenous persuasion?

Anonymous said...

Baka for Governor in 2049!


Anonymous said...









Anonymous said...

Most people in the CNMI are pro-Fed.

But Tina, the poster above, and their activist minions are super-Fed or ultra-Fed.

They are more Fed than the Feds.

Anonymous said...

so they are ultra-Fed or super-Fed?

Hmm... I say Baka, Deanne and Bateman are Ultra-Dumbasses!

Childish? Yes, you are.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately, the CNMI voters were fed-up with you and your ilk.


Anonymous said...

Noni 1:14pm:

funny. you go around posting as "tina '10" and stating that she is running for delegate office and in your mind that is fine and dandy. but then someone turns around and calls you on it by posting that you and your buddies are running for office and all of a sudden you have a problem?! give me a break. you are the activist and you are your own activist minions.


Anonymous said...

Noni 1:18PM:

ohhh... you are so tough.

your mom is fed up with you... she said you just don't satisfy her anymore.

Anonymous said...

Pamela S. Brown is doing a fine job as Ombudsman, and the position is not elective.

But aren't you clever!

Tina in '10 said...

Sign the petition!

Peaceful protest!

Greencards for all!

Recall Fitial!

Overstayers are not labor units!

Reparations now!

Seimer, Baka, and Bateman go home!

Dumbasses Unite!

Biba Tina!

Anonymous said...

Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL) introduced the Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America's Security and Prosperity Act of 2009 (CIR ASAP), to the U.S. House of Representatives this week. Congressman Gutierrez was joined by members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Black Caucus, Asian Pacific American Caucus and Progressive Caucus.

In a press release Congressman Guiterrez said:

“We have waited patiently for a workable solution to our immigration crisis to be taken up by this Congress and our President,” said Rep. Gutierrez. “The time for waiting is over. This bill will be presented before Congress recesses for the holidays so that there is no excuse for inaction in the New Year. It is the product of months of collaboration with civil rights advocates, labor organizations, and members of Congress. It is an answer to too many years of pain —mothers separated from their children, workers exploited and undermined security at the border— all caused at the hands of a broken immigration system. This bill says 'enough,' and presents a solution to our broken system that we as a nation of immigrants can be proud of.”

Congressman Guiterrez is a passionate defender of guest workers' rights and humane treatment. He has worked tirelessly to push legislation that will fix the broken immigration system that will finally put an end to the exploitation of guest workers.

The proposed Comprehensive Immigration Reform ASAP Act calls for allowing illegal immigrants to pay a fine of $500, and then after six years of “legal status,” they would be eligible to apply for green cards. That is for those with no criminal records.

Maybe the CNMI's guest workers and overstayers could get a similar deal (no fine, except for overstayers), with green cards after six years as Commonwealth Transitional Workers.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The US should start the CW1 program as planned, which has no plan for green cards before 2014. The honest and legal contract workers will get permenent resident status at the end of the tranisition period unless they are tied to illegal scammers, in which case, the US has no obligation to do anything.

All want, or should want, fair treatment for workers, but many foreigners have taken "leadership" positions to protect their own illegal arse. some good examples might be Willie Wagon (illegal contractor, home builder, abusive employer, and former crooked recruiter), Mr. Royal Crown Ins. and bonding -- Cheong Pui Ng (another big crook), Englishman Barry Ladd of Misamis construction and employer of hundreds of illegals who pay him to keep working, Hector Sevilla the freelance arcitect/builder/artist and Dekata VP, or what about Dekata Pres. Boni Sagana who hasn't had a legal job in 10 years except working for his wifes snack shop...and she is a worker too.

This is just a handful of examples of what everyone knows is a majority.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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