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Dec 24, 2009

And the Beat Goes On....

Came across this blog with this photo that says, "Today, Christmas Continues to Get the Beating..."

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, that is Ray Mafnas.

Anonymous said...

i think it is DPS head mr. tudela, who on xmas eve. went in to san jose market and bought 500. worth of liquor,beer, and party supplies with food stamps issued to 5 different people, but not himself. is that a federal crime from our police head? who would you call? the cashier admitted this and tudela talked and shook hands with the korean owner as he left. more corruption from this regime. who can protect people in cnmi if cops are crooks? this is true...500. bucks with food stamps in 3 giant filled carts.

Anonymous said...

Or... how about Fitial having his ex military minions buying alcohol from the PX in Puerto Rico for his victory parties. Hey, we got 5 more years of this crap!!!!!!
You morons voted him back in.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah... are those mega firecrackers and fireworks outlawed as of the legislation passed this year? Tell that to the Chinese vendors? DPS..hello..Car 54 where are you? DPS Explosives Unit where are you?Amazing,unbelievable, and we haven't even gotten to Jan 1, 2010.

Anonymous said...

The investor regs will wipe away Fitial's Chinese buddies.

The CW transitional guest worker program will send all the illegal business operators home.

So Tudela is still buying party supplies on US food stamps at San Jose market, another foreigner operating here when it should be citizens.

Thats why no green cards, too many illegal businesses and freelancers from PI, a non-visa waiver country. No green cards for workers, only the CW program until 2014.

Anonymous said...

Using Federal food stamps for alcohol and cheap PX boose for parties... now that's what one could call "creative government austerity."

Anonymous said...

Hey now, this the Holiday Season ain't it? PX Beer? Who cares as long as it is free! Food Stamp-ed goods from the Commish? Pishaw! As long as it tastes good! Don't be Scrooges..... enjoy the good times and Let it BE.

After January 1st, the Spanish Inquisition will begin:

The Commish: "Alright, admit it asshole, ain't that you in the picture at the HA rally at Ed Propst's house next to Tina Sablan?"

(Guy in blue shirt working at Labor): "No! Not me, Layna Brot. I'm there at the Beach Rally for Covenant. I only came because Tina was the Hottie for HA."

Commish: "No shit! Ray! More waterboarding for him. And call OPM so we can park his ass mopping the floor and changing toilet paper at the new location when we move out from this shithole in San Antonio. And find out if we have any Beeaches for BE."

Ray: "Lemme at him! I'll take to his ass like I go after Filipino Contract Workers! Greg Cruz has nothin' on me! Mafnas este... mafnas."

2010: Welcome to Hell Bitches!

Anonymous said...

And we thought the Yapper left the island for Oregon?

Anonymous said...

I thought the scammer award went to our illegal guest workers plagued by so much abuse they diserve a green card.

The US should start the CW1 program as planned, which has no plan for green cards before 2014. The honest and legal contract workers will get permenent resident status at the end of the tranisition period unless they are tied to illegal scammers, in which case, the US has no obligation to do anything.

All want, or should want, fair treatment for workers, but many foreigners have taken "leadership" positions to protect their own illegal arse. Some good examples might be Willie Wagon (illegal contractor, home builder, abusive employer, and former crooked recruiter), Mr. Buniag (too much too list), Mr. Royal Crown Ins. and bonding (another big crook), English man Barry Ladd of Misamis construction and employer of hundreds of illegals who pay him to keep working, Hector Sevilla the freelance arcitect/builder/artist and Dekata VP, or what about Dekata Pres. Boni Segana who hasn't had a legal job in 10 years except working for his wifes snack shop...and she is a worker too.

This is just a handful of examples of what everyone knows is a majority.

Reparations Now! said...

Our long-suffering, abused contract workers deserve $20,000 each -- appropriated by the U.S. Congress.

Federalize CUC now!

Sign the petition.

Green cards for all!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Buniag? Do you mean Danny Buniag the Special Business Adviser to the Governor? That guy... from the Marfan scam and the one who is a silent partner with Tony Raisiag, Jack Manglona, and Perry Inos in the RMIC construction company formed right after this administration took office in Jan 2006? Oh that Danny.

Speaking of Beatings said...

how about the one that Carmen Fernandez is getting almost daily in the local media. If it's not Janet King flanking her, it's Sam's kids or some PhD from Korea writing scathing emails.

The figgy pudding this holiday season must taste a special kind of sour at her house this Christmas.

Anonymous said...

What goes around comes around...I guess.

Shar-pei said...

That acidic smell at NMC is the wrinkle cream wafting up from the good old boy network that Sam, Agnes and Ellie Mae have spawned. Move over and make some room for cHAnge at that college. Get those old fogies out of there.

Anonymous said...

Always two sides to a story..interesting.

the teacher said...

Apparently, the college board doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks on the Sam M. matter, as long as the current employees can continue to skate with their jobs.

This is a crime against the CNMI and the moderately educated chuckleheads operating as pretend board members are a hilarious joke if they don’t, or can’t, take action to stop it.

The NMC will never have credibility until this matter is resolved.

Ron Hodges

the teacher said...

PS Congrats to Janet

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