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Jan 15, 2010

...Sues the Masseuse.

Whoa! What is this? It's all over Twitter....

Miami Herald picked up this story from AP regarding a wanted masseuse kept at Saipan Governor's house....


Oh ok. The governor needed her for his back pains....

KSPN 2's report on Youtube uploaded by avillago78...


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The Saipan Blogger said...


Anonymous said...

What was he thinking?
This is .....well, hell I don't know. You morons voted him back in. Live with it!

Anonymous said...


The Saipan Blogger said...

I don't care what you write about me, but please get my name right when you do.

Deep Throat said...

Do you think Siemer and Willens watched the act...sorta like free consultants or legal strategists?

Maybe we can still get messagee-gate into the summer Casino Jack movie.

Did the poor girl have to service the cops and body guards too?

Anonymous said...

Of course you were first to post here, Angelo. You were one of the Fitial-haters lobbying SMR to make a post about this “story.”

This is not a case of sex or pleasure, as the rabid anti-Fitialites have been accusing in the blogs of Wendy Doromal and the MVariety. Nor is it about mere back pain.

Anyone presuming to comment intelligently needs to research and understand spinal stenosis and the extraordinarily excruciating pain Fitial was enduring. It's a good thing he supports alternative medicine.

For the record, Ms. Cheng was in DoC custody the entire time, so there was absolutely no violation of any federal pre-trial custody order.

She was never “released,” anti-Fitialite charachterizations of reporters and bloggers notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the gov get a massage from a suruhana? They can't treat spinal stenosis, or what?

Anonymous said...

Noni 7:59am,

You said, "This is not a case of sex or pleasure, as the rabid anti-Fitialites have been accusing in the blogs of Wendy Doromal and the MVariety. Nor is it about mere back pain."

SPOT ON!!! Bruce, you are Absofukenlutely right!

This ain't about sex. If the incident had involved you (not the governor) taking this lady out of jail and to your pad then that may be what happened. You would have tried to pork her.

In this case though you are CORRECTOMUNDO. She was not brought to the gov's mansion for sex or even a massage at 3am. More than likely she was brought to his house because (as the gov himself admitted) he has know her for years and he is close to her. She was most likely "talked" to in order to find out what she has already told the federal agents. Probably "warned" about what will happen if she tells anything to them. And her and her families' lives "threatened" if he or his friends are implicated in the trafficking case.

Damn, Bruce, they shoulda put you at DPS investigations. You are right! nothing to do with sex or a massage!

Good going ol' chap!

PS: Great letter you wrote for Stanley regarding the Ruth incident... NOT!

Anonymous said...

i thought is was baka who wrote 7:59am but now that you mention bruce i tend to agree. he is also spewing crap on wendy's site under the alias Humanitarian.

Anonymous said...

You are all a bunch of FUCKHEADS! Full of speculations.

So how would you like me to spell your name, ANGIELO? This name fits you well..HE/SHE.

Cybervigilantism said...

There you go again, an anti-Fitialite cut from the cloth of Smart Glen or Bitter Ed!

“Probably” this, “maybe” that, obstruction of justice accusations here and there. Rank inuendo and baseless speculation about what Fitial was “really” doing.

What pure and unadulterated, politically motivated balderdash or horsefeathers!

You haters are nothing more than cybervigilantes, in the mold of the People's Republic of China's “Human Flesh Search Engine.”

You are the epitome of sour grapes.

Let it BE!

Anonymous said...

Good analogy Bruce!

It is just like the People's Republic of China's.

Hmm, wait. Maybe a bit more like Nazi Germany.

The DOC people involved would be the SS or Gestapo. The lady taken from the jail house would be akin to a jew from a prison camp and Fitial the Fuhrer. You of course would be Joseph Goebbels the Minister of Propaganda and National Enlightenment.

What a fine job you are doing with the spin! As Minister of Enlightenment, you have two main tasks:

to ensure nobody in CNMI can read or see anything that was hostile or damaging to the Nazi Party, I mean Covenant Party.

And to ensure that the views of the Nazis, I mean Covantees are put across in the most persuasive manner possible.

Getting there Bruce.

Kim is a great aid to you.

Now if you can just find a way to kill the internet chatter.

You are just rolling with it.

By the by, I miss your sour grapes column but damn your recent blog posts are highly entertaining, Porks!!

I voted for Tina and Angelo said...

Did they film the mesagee...what a utube that would make.

Proven leadership

Proven experience

Anonymous said...

Ben's still running for office

every time a reporter shows up

Anonymous said...

You dum dums of CNMI voted for Benny Boy, now live with it. Let it BE you dum dums.

Anonymous said...

Who the fucken cares if Governor Fitial got message! He is in pains and need release!

MrCoffee said...

Talked to some friends from DC and LA and pointed them to this blog... you won't care what they think, this island gives two shits about the world, but they laughed heartily at the "defenders" being so clearly on the payroll.

Look, this ain't about hating Fitial... even Fitial's supporters are writing in questioning their votes. What this is really about, and what Bruce, the Volunteer Legal Team, et al, overlook is that this guv exhibits pattern behavior where he seems to think he is above the law.

Hold your "chiefs" to a higher standard, and insist on accountability.

Anonymous said...

Speculations, Speculations! You all are a bunch of FUCKHEADS. AngieLO particularly!

Anonymous said...

I sent the story to 3 national papers that all carried the story.


Newswatcher said...

I typed "Governor Fitial Saipan prisoner" into Google and the first page had "jetapplicant by Angelo, Unheardnomore by Wendy, Saipan Homes story that I assume is the teacher aka Ron, and KSPN that quoted Tina", so the national news about here, originates here.

Anonymous said...


Are you chronically high?

The story wouldn't appear on any of those blogs or in any of the 890+ National and INTERNATIONAL newspapers or on any of the Televised or Radio Broadcast news reports if the god damn GOVERNOR, YOUR BOSS, didn't take a federal detainee that was a flight risk out of prison at 3am to either get a massage, scare the bejeezus outta her or get their stories straight or ask for a description of the undercover ICE agents that busted the ring.

The only messenger that needs killin is you.

Why WATCH the NEWS if you can't handle it?

Good on those blogs for spreading the truth. This is not NAZI Germany no matter how much you and the Governor would like it to be. We still have free press to run along side your Ministry of Propaganda crap.

Anonymous said...

My advice to you AngieLo is to follow your Mother's footsteps---Leave Saipan and DO NOT COME BACK! You will never be like your father! Have you ever considered DNA?

Anonymous said...

This has gone full blown international now with stories from Katmandu to Timbuktu.

Proven leadership

Proven ecperience

Anonymous said...

Noni 7:26am,

C'mon Bruce. You used to like Angelo when he frequented your bar. Back before you shut down to avoid being sued for not paying your staff and having your wife cover by working for free.

Anonymous said...

Where is the outrage from the Chamber? Where is mad Jim Aranofski? Irate Doug? Fuming Marianne Peirce? Where is an upset HANMI? Where is Jerry, Perry and MVA's ire?

When the feds do so little as cough and they think it may harm their livelyhoods they jump to and have a million quotes on how bad the feds are killing our economy. They hold meetings and discuss the tragic impacts.

3 days now and they are all silent! What a bunch of malarkey.

What of your own governor? What he has done will have the most horrifying effects on our main economy, TOURISM!

Kiss the visa waivers goodbye. The human trafficking prisoner and victims he just made international news will CRUSH any hopes of continued parole for Russia and China.

Where is the ANGER that spewed from these business leaders' mouths when they feared a dent in tourism due to federal impacts? Is the governor and what he has done not worse than anything that the CNMI has ever had to deal with.

Only one incident trumps this. Willy Tan and Fitial's largest labor abuse case and largest fine in the history of the world. The other time we got international recognition,.

One may only conclude that the only reason they are all silent now may be that they were never mad about tourism being affected they were fearful about this... their human trafficking, drug dealing, money laundering and other illegal activities being exposed!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"What did Governor Fitial do wrong?

Dolores Aldan is the one responsible for Federal detainees. Bishop Camacho can order her to release Joey Arriola but does that mean he is responsible? She allowed the detainee out and she is the one who should be in jail now (or charged with escape).

Governor Fitial wasn't thinking straight-- his back is messed up; he's insane from the pain; and at that point anyone who could treat it was necessary-- anyone!"

Okaaayyy... well... at least that's what his Attorney General would say anyway. Someone's gotta fall on the sword..... Let's see how loyal Dolores will be to her beloved Gov. (as for Arnold aka: "The Legacy" aka: "I'm the man in charge around here" Seman he'll do the same-- point to the fall lady Dolores).

PS-- no amount of choir practice, church at the Cathedral, nor the Bishop will save you on this one Loling!

PSS- But I predict Fitial will call Guam Gov Camacho who will pull some strings to contact the Guamanian U.S. Attorney to tell the prosecutor here to drop the matter. And he'll smile away at all of us as he moves on to the next adventure! There was the "Teflon Don" Gotti... this is "Kevlar Fitial" for you. Damn... this guy is slippery than Casino Jack!

Anonymous said...

""The State is the real party in interest only as the prosecution in a criminal case. It is absurd to suggest that taxpayers must finance the defense of a criminal action against a Governor who is accused of corruptly betraying the public trust for personal and financial gain. As the lllinois Supreme Court has stated: "No official of public government should be encouraged to engage in criminal acts by the assurance that he will be able to pass defense Costs on to the taxpayers of the community he was elected to serve.""
This comes from a story regarding a request by a sitting Governor to have the AG appoint a state paid for defense attorney to him.

So who will the Governor get to represent him once criminal charges are filed? The AG won't be able to. Why is the AG representing him now? At what point must the AG step away and do what they are entrusted to do, represent the people of the CNMI?

Anonymous said...

The AG sucks on the shriveled penis of King Ben.

Anonymous said...

I'm sad for Governor Fitial.
I'm sad he's in pain.
I'm sad he's being wrongfully accused.
I'm sad for Josie.
I'm sad for Dolores.
I'm just sad.
(But I'll be happy if I get or keep my job!)

- The thoughts of a Covenant Party supporter hoping for a cabinet position or keeping his/her job.

Anonymous said...

I support proven experience.
I support the best masseuse.
I support Ben's Best Masseuse.
I feel Ben's pain.

Anonymous said...

Dear Governor Fitial,

Thank you for embarrassing our Commonwealth. Is there any way you can top this one?

And to think that I voted for you.

Anonymous said...

Did Governor Fitial at least get a blowjob?

Anonymous said...

AngieLo and Wandi are jumping the gun on this issue..Time will prove the Ding Dongs wrong!

g00$e said...

You're probably right, unfortunately. Dolores is already one foot out the door for what happened on Tinian a couple months ago so she's the perfect scapegoat.

Amazing that Ben would do something so bone headed but he'll probably come away with a scorched image and some scratch marks from the wrist slapping he'll receive.

Dolores will get nailed to a cross and the whole thing will be largely forgotten by this time next year.

Anonymous said...

The governor and Dolores both admitted wrong. The governor blamed the wrong on Dolores and she said it was wrong and under the same circumstances would not let the prison out again. It is in their darn statements to the press.

They have already admitted an error was committed the only question now is, "how massive and far reaching was their wrongdoing?"

Did he use a federal detainee for personal services like he states? THIS IS ILLEGAL.

Did he as a CNMI official speak with a federal detainee, who had already lawyered up, without her lawyer present and without contacting him? THIS TOO IS ILLEGAL

Did he threaten the federal detainee because he is very close with the prisoner and has known her for years and is somehow associated with her criminal behaviors? ILLEGAL

Did he ask her for privileged information regarding the human trafficking bust. (i.e. "Who caught you? What did he look like? What was the undercover officers name? How many ICE officers were there? What were their sex, ages and nationalities? How did he contact you? What have you told them?") ILLEGAL

You claim the detainee was still in custody. That can be argued and will. You can not disclaim any of the illegal scenarios above (including the one the Governor Admitted to). So why again is the AG representing him in this illegal matter.

FITIAL'S FACTS: He admitted he wrongly ordered the release of a federal detainee to be brought to his residence to massage his body. The story has been corroborated by Dolores.

There is no way for him to skate from the fact that he admitted making a federal detainee rub him down while she was in federal custody. TSK TSK TSK. And for all things she was being held for human trafficking and probably a trafficking victim herself.

No, Goose, he ain't stumbling away with a wrist slapping on this one. He will drag Dolores and the rest with him though.

Anonymous said...

Governor Fitial is the epitome of abuse of power. What for a hearing on this? Charge him and Dolores with contempt of court and escape. As a former cop, this is such a joke! Politicians get the special treatment all right!

Anonymous said...

This past year has taken a toll on Judge Munson. I bet he just wants to retire and get the hell off this goofy island.

Anonymous said...

you know... this waiting a month shows the selfishness of this administration by delaying the accused's trial now. I'm a tad chagrined that O'Malley didn't see it as a due process violation for the detainee. I just hope it gives the AG enough rope to hang the lot of them...

Cap'n Ben said...

There's gonna be no hangin until I gives the word. Arrrraaaag!

Anonymous said...

Judge Munson isn't done yet. He's going to straighten out this place if it is the last thing he does. But he will have some butt for this one...... you can screw around with the local stuff.... but don't mess with the Feds. Someone is going down.

Anonymous said...

Why don't the FEDS investigate Marianas Variety for not paying their employees? Ask Gemma Casas..Zaldy is having his way with the paper because the owners are apraid of him because he can spill da beans!

Anonymous said...

We would be in sad shape around here without the Variety. The whole story would come from bloggerland.

The Truth Hurts said...

The news should rightfully come from the blogs. We are the only truth you can trust. When The Teacher tells you he knows all the hookers on the island and this masseuse is one of them you need to sit up and listen.

When Tina tells you to be outraged, you need to whip out that blank petition and get some signatures. We will tell you later what to be appalled at.

Don't forget to drink plenty of beer while you are protesting. All for now. At ease.

Anonymous said...

awww. :( sound like little ol' noni 9:23am is upset at all the attention this story is getting. looks like he may be a bit sour because they are not able to spin this one the way they had hoped. poor kid. guess he is one of the many that are holding a politically appointed job and are a bit fearful that their leader may be indicted soon.

you are absolutely right. THE
TRUTH will come out and we must abide by the TRUTH.

noni9:23, what is your message? "nothing to see here folks. move along. move along. no harm. no foul. the prison was returned after fitial used her or threatened her or got info from her."

go to hell!

Anonymous said...

if you want to read THE TRUTH and it will hurt the GOVERNOR and his friends than follow this link and read the REAL TRUTH comments :-)



internet rulz!

MrCoffee said...

MV scoops that she just whips her cellphone out with the Guv on speed dial and gets the ole "insta-pardon" whenever she's stopped for solicitation...

So now what Baka and the "Volunteers"? She practices "alternative medicine" AND some Chinese black magic? That's some disappearing act.

Anonymous said...

The Governor has admitted no wrongdoing.

As for the supposed “illegal” acts, do you have particlar statutes that make them so?

Anonymous said...

Why was Jian Li scheduled for Arraignment in Superior Court in Manglona’s courtroom 220A on the week of 1/11 – 1/15 isn’t this a federal case?

Superior Court Calendar 1/11/09 ~ 1/15/09

220A : AJ, Manglona : 09-01763-TR : CNMI vs Li, Jian : Arraignment

Also, interesting is that he should have gone in front of Manglona back in October of 2009. Why? What happened after the status conference?:

Superior Court Calendar 10/19/09 – 10/23/09

220A : AJ, Manglona : 09-00801-TR : CNMI vs Li, Jian : Status Conference

IN CASE ANYONE DIDN’T CATCH THE STORY IN THE JANUARY 8th TRIBUNE (same day the Governor called her to be brought to his house – early morning of the 8th) The info on the capture was sent out the day before, Jan 7th in order to make the news and that would have been when the Governor would have found out too.

Anonymous said...

Did he use a federal detainee for personal services like he states? THIS IS ILLEGAL.

Did he as a CNMI official speak with a federal detainee, who had already lawyered up, without her lawyer present and without contacting him? THIS TOO IS ILLEGAL

Did he threaten the federal detainee because he is very close with the prisoner and has known her for years and is somehow associated with her criminal behaviors? ILLEGAL

Did he ask her for privileged information regarding the human trafficking bust. (i.e. "Who caught you? What did he look like? What was the undercover officers name? How many ICE officers were there? What were their sex, ages and nationalities? How did he contact you? What have you told them?") ILLEGAL

You claim the detainee was still in custody. That can be argued and will. You can not disclaim any of the illegal scenarios above (including the one the Governor Admitted to). So why again is the AG representing him in this illegal matter.

FITIAL'S FACTS: He admitted he wrongly ordered the release of a federal detainee to be brought to his residence to massage his body. The story has been corroborated by Dolores.

Anonymous said...

Q: This intellectually bankrupt group continues to humiliate with their lack of moral compass.

A: Who are the Government Leaders of the CNMI?

g00$e said...

Anybody can wrongly order the release of a prison inmate. Dolores wrongly released a prison inmate, and will be compensated with the full force of whatever sh1t hits the fan as a consequence. Fitial will undoubtedly get stained, but true to form will shed the odor and be back on the massage table soon enough.

Anonymous said...

The lack of outrage from the business leaders (e.g. Chamber of Commerce) proves how morally bankrupt they are. Jim, Doug, Kathryn, it's time to get out of bed with Fitial and defend those that you represent.

Anonymous said...

"morally bankrupt " or involved.

this is more than just a stain on CNMI tourism economy. this is more like a coffin nail than anything the feds have ever done yet they sit by silent, cowering.


Anonymous said...

Cut the Chamber some slack... they've been impotent for sometime now, no reason to get the panties in wad because they don't rise up over the most responsive customer-service in the CNMI.

Anonymous said...

Did Tudela sign for his release.

Tudela of DPS is the guy who bought 500. or so in beer and booze on Christmas Eve, totaling 3 carts full, with US FOOD STAMPS FROM 5 DIFFERENT people at San Jose Market. The cashier knows and the Korean owner is a co-conspirator.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Chamberonomics should return.

Anonymous said...

Successful businessmen don't jump to conclusions based on bogus “facts” speculated by the resurgent Fitial-haters.

Too bad we can't find some way to harness the energy of these bitter folks. Maybe they should start their own small businesses and put their efforts to productive pursuits rather than idle blog gossip and detraction.

Anonymous said...

"don't jump to conclusions based on bogus “facts” "

What are you smoking there braddah?

The FACT is that the CNMI's image is being dragged through the mud with each hour that goes by.

The fact is that the Governor running from the media and not stepping down is making this situation worse.

The fact is that the trafficking victims had CNMI student and tourist permits and Umbrella permits.

The fact is that the Governor personally knew the ringleader and she had been put into custody and released at the governors behest many times before.

The fact is that the DoC broke the law when taking a federal detainee that had lawyered up to the Governor's mansion in the early morning without getting federal approval or contacting her counsel.

The fact is that you are living in lala land.

Anonymous said...

The lady's name is Qingmei Cheng.

Tina in '10! said...

If you're so concerned about our economy, you'd stop throwing mud and let our legal system take its due course. We are part of the USA, remember?!

You're just a bitter political opportunist, seeking yet another chance to undo the past two elections.

Tina Sablan for Delegate!

Anonymous said...

"We are part of the USA"

You might want to refresh the Governor on that one :-). Dumb shit!

Last I checked, USA doesn't allow official leaders to use detainees for rub down services at home :-)

Also, last I checked, USA still allows freedom of speech and press.

Don't get upset at the messengers. Attack the Governor for his stupidity and his inability, as of yet, to do the right thing and step down and save the CNMI from further worldwide damage. He did enough damage when he and his buddy Abramoff and buddy and employer Tan racked up the worlds BIGGEST LABOR ABUSE fine on US soil.

"seeking yet another chance to undo the past two elections."

At this point, one can safely argue that 75% of the populace wants to undo the last two gubernatorial elections.

I Kiss Ben's Ass said...

Nothing to see here folks.

Move along.

Move along.

Nothing here.

C'mon hurry away.

bigsoxfan said...

Interesting, your comments section increases three fold when the gov't employees aren't enjoying bbqu. And this a holiday. I'm betting you go up to sixty comments tomorrow, for the one day.

Anonymous said...

Dear Governor Fitial,

Thank you for admitting you made a mistake. Tiger Woods would call it "Muscular Transgressions" or "Spinal Senility." You're ok in my book. You are forgiven because you went to mass and said you are sorry. We are a forgiving society. Go forth and sin no more.

PS-- the Blue Lagoon is not a den of sin as many would have it. Kimchi Cabana is an institution on Saipan. Anybody tell you different they need to talk to Ray Mafnas aka: "The Gray Pimp."

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the phone number to the new Department of Corrections EMS office. I often get a cravin for a little rubbin and lovin in the wee hours of the mornin. EMS (Emergency Massage Services)

Anonymous said...

It is no more illegal for an inmate in the custody of DoC to [voluntarily] provide alternative medicine therapy to the Governor than it is for her to mow the lawn outside his office. All are legitimate uses of CNMI government resources, and much, much less expensive than what other states spend on their governors, and certainly the medical care President Obama gets from the federal taxpayers.

We should be thankful Governor Fitial is such a wise steward of CNMI resources.

It is really funny the lengths the Fitial-haters will go to fan the flames of anger and outrage.

Too bad they've not yet learned to spend their time on more productive pursuits.

Biba Marianas!

The rule of law requires patience and deliberation, not half-baked jumping to inflammatory conclusions.

Anonymous said...

"CNMI government resources"

What a crock of Bull Shit!

Since when was a federal detainee, who is a flight risk, who was arrested for human trafficking, a CNMI Government Resource?

I'm pretty sure this is Bruce who wrote Noni 9:18pm. So, I wonder (Stanley's ghost writer), using your logic your Governor, the wise steward that he is, can call up DPS and have them swing by your house and grab your son. Have him, as a government resource, brought to the governors mansion to perform rub downs on his sore and aching back.

I mean what difference is there between the child of a CNMI tax payer and a Federal Detainee being held by the US Marshall's Service?

Keep your son dressed tonight, the Governor may have use for HIS resource.

You are a twisted and sick man. First you avoid paying your workers because you treat them like slaves and now you attempt to defend this indefensible and disgusting abuse of power by this slimy governor.

The detainee was as much a victim as any of the girls they were taking to Guam. She was being HELD and imprisoned. She should have been protected like one would hope their children are. But instead the people we task with public safety and upholding the law, disregarded both and trucked her, young, scared, foreign self over to the Jaba the Hut mansion to rub down body at 2am!

Do us a favor and invest in some gloves for your son so when he gets the call he can throw them on.

What is wrong with your sick self?

Anonymous said...

"such a wise steward of gov't resources..."

Come off it... you're just fucking wit us... you can't be that half-baked to sling that shit and tell me it's filet mignon...

I've heard of spin, but not Sit N Spin, 9:18, you're fucked in the head. Fitial can practice whatever alternative lifestyle or medicine or crock he wants, but you need to get that shit outta here.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah and the Governor's driver shouldn't have been arrested either. Ice he was using and selling was just an alternative medical product.

These people are F'ed UP!

Fitial for Life said...


Anonymous said...

Fitialites should be rolling in to work soon... watch the postings go up as they play on their CNMI computers.

Jailhouse Lawyer said...

Pursuant to an MOU between the CNMI DoC and the USMS (U.S. Marshals Service), certain federal pre-trial detainees are housed at DoC.

Absent anything in the MOU to the contrary, it is certainly permissible for DoC to allow such detainees to voluntarily mow lawns or perform services.

No, they cannot be forced to, because they are suspects or accuseds only, not convicts. But pre-trial detention can get boring, so most such prisoners are only too happy to have some activity to relieve the monotony. They are not “released” while so doing, but in the lawful custody of DoC throughout.

No, this is not like picking someone off the street to work, but a very wise stewardship of DoC resources.

Yes, while in DoC custody, federal prisoners are subject to DoC policies, written and unwritten, including those on temporary transfers, unless limited by the USMS-DoC MOU.

Why not submit a FOIA request for it to the USMS? An OGA request would likely be unavailing because of the litigation exception.

Anonymous said...

Are the weekly Superior Court calendars archived online somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Noni 8:26AM:

The detainee was booked for Human Trafficking violations. She was REMOVED from the jailhouse and taken to the Governor's love pad at 3am to rub his body down.

You are a twisted individual.

Even Ben and Dolores have admitted it was wrong. Ben blames Dolores. It is in their WRITTEN statement.

Aw, your wanna be lawyerly out is not going to hold any water.

Anonymous said...

This is not about whether the Governor can skate by possible charges for wrong doing. This is not a "wait and see" case like Froilan and Stanley stated.

He did wrong! Legal or illegally he harmed the reputation of the CNMI and committed an act of moral turpitude.

Step down Ben.

Anonymous said...

Wanna be lawyer 8:26am:

You forgot to get the stories all set before your stooges opened their dumb holes.

Dolores admitted wrong doing.

Governor blamed Dolores.

Cop squealed.

Tony from Yu Yu debunked the governors lie, "I paid her company"

What a bad attempt! LOL

Poor baby. You with MVA, DPL or AGO? Fear of losing that coosh job?

Tina in '10 said...

Speaking of cush jobs . . .
This made-up “scandal” is not part of the bitter Fitial-haters' scheme to get rejected Senate candidate Tina Sablan elected Delegate this year.

Tina is supporting Juan Nekai Babauta for Delegate so she can be his chief of staff!

We all know Juan's extensive history of pretty young staffers. So it's only natural that Tina would jump to conclusions about Ben doing the same thing when actually he was in need of alterative medicine therapy for accute spinal stenosis.

Then Tina fans the flames of manufactured outrage and circulates signature petitions to keep her name in the spotlight so she can propel Juan to the Delegate seat and herself to an influential cush job.

How Machiavellian, Tina!

Anonymous said...

Yes, noni 9:36am, you got her!

Here is how everything played out (in a scooby doo voice):

- Tina arranged for the governor to get involved in human trafficking in the CNMI due to our lax local control over immigration.

- Tina arranged that the governor work closely with Jian Li (a known criminal that had been let off the hook on many occasions by the government) and Qing Mei Cheng (also a known criminal) to transport girls out of the CNMI and to Guam.

- Tina's plan with the governor was working great and she was on track to eventually back Babauta for Delegate and get a coosh Staffer position with him.

- Tina pushed the governor to file a lawsuit against the Federal takeover of immigration. If that came to pass it could harm the lucrative human trafficking and drug trade that he established under local immigration control.

- Tina publicly cheered on the Howard and Governor in the 903 lawsuit. Keeping her finger crossed that the Governor would prevail and the stinking feds would keep out of the CNMI.

- All went south when the lawsuit failed miserably :-(

- Feds took over immigration.

- Undercover ICE agents got a tip about the Governor's middle men Jian and Qing Mei.

- Feds set up sting. get info on Jian and Qing. Carry out sting and bust them transporting 22 girls to Guam (as they have been doing under the watch of this governor for years).

- Governor is scared. What did Jian and Qing tell the feds? Who were the federal agents? Was his name used?

- Governor calls DoC and asks to speak to Qing secretly.

- Governor assumes all his DoC and DPS officers are LOYAL to his and Tina's cause.

- Plan goes more south - DoC officers spills beans about visit. :-( Feds all over it like white on rice.

- Media picks up story and runs like Forest.

- Global mockery of justice in the CNMI.

- Whoops... I forgot about Tina. That is right she orchestrated this whole "fake scandal"

- Tina starts to circulate petition based on fake scandal.

- Governor gets convicted of federal crime.

- Tina gets Babauta elected.

- Tina works for Babauta in 2011.


Damn! You got her!

That is it.


Face it. This scandal is REAL and your governor (the one who's ass is attached to your lips) fucked up on his own. Tina calls it like she sees it. You spin on!

Anonymous said...

Actually the allegations regarding S. Tudela purchasing liquor with other peoples' food stamps were disproven some time ago by the Feds themselves.

And dumb and corrupt as Da Guv and Dolores may be, the Variety soiled its own integrity with yesterday's quote of an anonymous cop who claimed that DOC may have 'expunged' any of Ms. Mei's arrest records. No cop would ever make such a statement because he/she would know that all arrests are recorded by DPS dispatchers at the time they are made and incident reports that include arrest information are automatically generated. Furthermore the ability to remove these records was wisely removed from DPS when their computer guy walked out on them a couple months ago.

DPS delivers arrestees to DOC where corresponding Booking records are generated, but DOC does not arrest anyone nor can they expunge anybody's records. That requires a court judgement.

The Variety further quotes the cop as saying "One phone call and she was released...". As stated someplace above, anybody can call and demand the release of an arrestee or inmate. But if cops are releasing arrestees prior to detectives interviewing them based on phone calls from the Governor or anybody else the Variety should be screaming for an investigation instead of using them as primary sources.

Gemma's clearly in the stinky on this one.

Anonymous said...

Looks like your boss and your game is up Noni 10:02am.

You are in so much fear and it is oozing form your post.

The situation was as follows: DPS picked her up in Garapan. She was brought to Koban first. Then brought to DPS where she was booked. She was held less than 1 hour before the call from the gov came in. She was quickly taken in a patrol car to the gov's place. She never returned to DPS and never went to DoC.

Very few records exist. The booking paperwork filed by the officer that arrested her and the log at the govs house. Both of these can be easily tampered with. But witnesses can't.

A witness told the feds about this months case and this guy told them about the last. Many more occurred and many more WITNESSES are coming forward.

Squirm you sorry pathetic piece of trash! Squirm!

Anonymous said...

She was a foreigner in the CNMI who was also a federal detainee.

Did she really feel she had a choice in anything?

If you were in a foreign country (probably already a victim of an abusive system and force into acts of criminal sorts) and arrested and detained and that evening at 3 am the guards and chief come to your cell and wake you by opening it up and cuffing you. They then start walking you to a stationed police van. You speak very little of the cops language. They tell you they are taking you to their leader. You are frightened and worried for your life. You start thinking. "Will they kill me?". You have been involved in criminal acts for years. You have met with the governor in the past. You know his close friends very well. You haven't talked to the feds yet. You worry that he won't believe you. You are afraid that he thinks you already told the feds too much. You think the guards are taking you out to kill you and dump your body. You arrive at the Governors house. You are scared. He talks to you. Asks who arrested you. What they looked like. How many. What federal agency. What fake names. What did you say to them. What statements did you sign. You fear your life. You say nothing happened. Just arrest. You tell him not to fear. You tell him you will not talk. You will not mention him or his friends. Please dont hurt you.

He tells the officers to return you to your cell. But first he warns you and threatens your family (the reason you have been in the situation you have been in since you were 22 here in Saipan... a human trafficking victim yourself).

Officers take you back to prison. You cry yourself to sleep and wonder if you will ever see your home again or your family.

The next day, someone leaks story to the press. You are now even more afraid.

MrCoffee said...

You only have so many fingers to plug the holes in the dam.

Anonymous said...

The Governor and his cronies badly need to call int he Wolf. Too bad all they have out here are a bunch of boonie dog puppies.

Anonymous said...

The lack of outrage from many locals over this is hard to understand.

Anonymous said...

I don't know where you are hanging out but everywhere I go I find outrage masked with humor or sadness.

Post office, family gatherings, beach, store, work, government offices, markets and everywhere else I have been have been abuzz over it. My email is full of angry remarks from people off island.

Anonymous said...

As usual, the progressive haole outrage is based on spurious “facts” like those made up by Wendy, Tina, Jane, and commenters such as those above, who are so eager to use the local, national, and international media as tools in their sordid, sensationalistic, politically motivated gamesmanship.

The people of the CNMI give very little credibility to such media accounts because we have become used to seeing things reported in the Marianas Variety that we know for a fact from our own experience are flat-out false.

We would much prefer to trust the federal justice system where we ourselves sit as jurors and which successfully dealt with the former Lt. Governor. We are a patient, charitable, and respectful people, not given to sinful rash judgment or hateful witch-hunts led by Tina Sablan.

If the Governor has done something wrong, he will be called to account in due course. Until then, we won't be part of the unruly online mob efforts that have already done so much damage with federalization and the Unity March.

If anything in the current controversy damages our economy, it is the self-interested bloggers fanning the flames of political ignorance.

As usual, it is the poorest of the poor guest workers who will lose their jobs, further victims of the death-throw spasms of the electorally defeated, “well-intentioned”, do-gooder progressive activists.

Yes, we all enjoy First Amendment freedoms, but words have consequences.


Anonymous said...

Noni 11:17AM

Don't you have your hands full?

I mean you are the MVA Marketing guy. Shouldn't you be spinning more for the international presses than the online blogs?

Get your ass off here and try and remedy this blemish that your master fitial has put on the CNMI.

Anonymous said...

11:17-- progressive haolie activists? WTF?

I could give a rat's about the guest workers or Tina Sablan... I see this shit and I'm pissed because I could NEVER get away with it... just like the betel-nut broddahs who think its ok cuz they get away with, it's not ok, cuz I can't get away with it...

You want a mob, keep telling average schmucks like me that it's not ok to be pissed... this Guv effed up and at minimum, is a moron for getting caught...

Anonymous said...

The Truth Hurts = Glen Hunter = The reason Tina lost

Anonymous said...

Anonyous at 10:15.

Can't be. DPS doesn't book anybody so no 'booking paperwork' is ever generated by any DPS officers. Booking is only done by DOC and only AFTER an arrest is made and and the arrestee delivered to the jailhouse.

If she was arrested DPS Dispatchers would have been notified on an open channel by the arresting officer. Time of arrest and case number would have been provided to the officer by the Dispatcher, who would have entered the same info into his/her digital log. The arresting officer would not prepare any paperwork at all, but would enter incident data directly into the DPS database AFTER the arrestee was booked at DOC.

Your assertion that 'very few records exist' is also doubtful, as even a littering arrest automatically generates records across three separate electronic databases. DPS is unable (and too stupid) to delete any records from either of their systems and DOC can only do it via judicial approval.

If she was never escorted to DPS or DOC she in fact was never arrested.

Oh, and I'm my own boss and not involved in this 'game' beyond the comedic break its providing, even from misinformed ranters like you. And for all your epithets and name calling you got the unmistakable stinky on you too.

Post some more. Shooting holes in your misinformation is kind of fun.

Anonymous said...

Noni 1:13PM

The only thing you are shooting holes in are your feet.

Their are records of her prior arrest and the feds got them already. Dumb ass!

Jian Li has also been arrested numerous times. He was scheduled for arraignment the same week this took place.

Anonymous said...

AngieLo is a typical HE/SHE QUEER! He is pissed at Governor Fitial because he/she did not get his support for his failed Mayoral run. He is now all out to destroy the Governor.

Won't work AngieLo!

Anonymous said...

Flame Tree Sako office in garapan is closed. Could it mean no more big investment promised by fitial?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Noni 6:59 AM aka CAPTAIN CAPS
You appear to be the kid, as in a immature jr high school kid.
Dude you gotta growup someday.

Anonymous said...

6:59AM is Bateman. He has no class and it shows in everything he writes. Just give Stanley's letters a read sometime.

Anonymous said...

Bateman huh, guess that explains everything. Amazing how that moron can hold down a job.

Anonymous said...

He can't hold down a job in the private sector. Only in a guv appointed pull the strings government job.

Anonymous said...

So what if I am Bruce! The fact remains that Tina Sablan got STD from Glen!

Anonymous said...

Glen, the beer salesman, Hunter wrote the all caps post himself. The IPs match.

Bob Causio, the loser over at Bobbie Cadillacs wrote the follow ups.

Both of them post, then answer their own posts to stir up shit. Both losers.

Half the posts on these strings is one or the other of these creeps talking to themselves. Throw in Ron Hodges, the teacher posting on PSS time and you have 75% of the authorship.

The last one (101) was Angelo, doing a one-liner for effect.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bruce, you mad that you confided in Bob Causio about how madly in love with Tina you were. Then you discovered that she wanted nothing to do with you. Bob told Tina about what you said about how madly in love with her you were. They both had a grand old time laughing at your pathetic ass. Now you are mad and depressed and taking it out on Tina and Glen and Bob.

Get over it. The only one with an STD is you Bruce. Heard you got it from Stanley. His payment to you for authoring his letters to the editors.

Anonymous said...

Ah, right Noni at 1:13, but you contradict yourself- if the Feds have the lady's arrest records then they DO exist and they WERE'NT tampered with as you claimed.

And oooh, what Big Manly talk! But so typical of the frothy mouthed Fitial hating crowd- reduced to name calling and obscenities whenever faced with factual contradictions to their poorly informed assertions.

No wonder Ol' Ben keeps whuppin' up on you guys.

Anonymous said...

The crossfire between Bruce, Glen, Tina, Angelo, who the hell cares... it is a distraction from the real douchebag here-- Benigno.

a decent citizen of the commonwealth said...

I never blogged until I heard Bruce Bateman wasn't paying his girls at Porky's bar.

He failed in business there but earned a job for writing bad things about nice people. With a corrupt and broken government he became a representative of the people in a key position. Can you believe our government would hire such an unqualified vile scoundrel to help market the CNMI? Did he use his Porky experience or his ghost writing for Stan and Tans paper?

I will continue to blast the CNMI nationally and internationally until this pervert is dismissed.

Anonymous said...

Noni 12:18PM

I believe Bruce was the reason many people spoke out in these online blogs. His vile and disgusting posts and comments stem from a sick and twisted mind.

He once wrote in our local news about how humorous he he though his son screaming "what the fuck" at the top of his lungs in his front yard was.

This guy is a whacko.

Not paying his employees, spewing vile and disgusting comments on a public blog, ghost writing for Stanley, screwing up even more an already screwed up marketing arm for the CNMI, the list goes on and on.

Anonymous said...

bruce is an okay guy but i do believe he is a bit demented. i overheard him spewing some filthy filthy crap about tina to some folks in a bar here one night. he did sound like a jaded lover. he said some of the most lewd comments. he is lucky that no one clocked his ass, yet.

Anonymous said...

In a way I think this is a good thing. Everyone in the govt is pulling their pants and skirts up and actually getting back to work. Just keep the fire under their/our asses!

2010 is starting to outshine 2009 in disapointment with the CNMI.

g00$e said...

Everybody's way too uptight about things. Da Guv got a rub by an inmate. Why would this possibly upset, disappoint or even surprise anybody? Hell, it's positively pale compared to the stuff Zach-r-Ass and his party pals used pull off at the old Immigration pen.

Turn off the computer for a while. Buy a cheap plastic parka at Ace and go walking on the Beach. It was freakin' beautiful today, and if we all wake up in Guvnah Inos' Saipan tomorrow- it's still going to be beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Tempest in a teapot.

Politics of hate, envy, and STDs revisited.

Let's have another week or two of stories in the two CNMI newspapers until the reporters figure out the joke.

Smart Glen, Shrill Tina, Ate Wendy, Bitter Ed, Liberal Jane, and Queer Angelo are as laughable as can be.

Governors and prisoners are not labor units.


Anonymous said...

Tina Sablan is an easy lay..Couple bottles of Corona and she is yours. Notice her bopping head? I leave that up to your imagination.

Anonymous said...

For the Fitial lovers, Fitial can do no wrong. See no evil, hear no evil, massage no evil.

Anonymous said...


Age of Shame said...

Benigno R. Fitial, Governor

Timothy Villagomez, Governor's Former Lieutenant, Now Felon

Pete Reyes, Governor's Former Driver, Ice Dealer, Now Felon

Dolores M. Aldan, Governor's Loyal Jail Warden

Arnold Seman, Governor's Son-in-Law, Corrections Captain, and Notorious Inmate Abuser

Santiago Tudela, Governor's Loyal Police Commissioner

Qianmeng Cheng, Governor's Masseuse
and Human Smuggler

Howard Willens and Deanne Siemer, Governor's Loyal "Volunteers"

Cinta Kaipat, Governor's Loyal Niece at Labor

Stanley Torres, Governor's Loyal Defender in the House

Bruce Bateman, Governor's Loyal Marketing Manager, Stanley's Ghost Writer, and Notorious Labor Abuser

Teresa Kim, Governor's Loyal Body Guard and Press Secretary

Angel Demapan, Governor's Loyal Pretend Press Secretary

Rosemond Santos, Governor's Loyal Chief Prosecutor

Edward Buckingham, Governor's Loyal Chief Defender

Joe N. Camacho, Governor's Loyal Future Chief Defender

Ramona Manglona, Governor's Pick for Federal Judge, Notorious for Slap-on-the-Wrist Sentences


Shameful, scary stuff... and I've only just begun. No wonder crime is on the rise.

Anonymous said...

This has been done before noni and the list is much sinister and longer.
Try to hold your stomach when you see the list of newly appointed heads of all the government department that the braintrust of the Transition Team has assembled. Unbelievable.
But, as the g00$e says... Saipan will still be here. The sun will shine, the tradewinds will blow, and life will be good for those that don't have to deal with this new crop of morons foisted off on these islands.

Age of Shame said...

The transition team itself was pretty disgusting. I mean, Oscar Rasa was in charge of public lands... need we say more?

I don't expect anything less than total incompetence and corruption in their new lineup of department heads.

Anonymous said...

"Incompetence, you voted for it you got it"

Anonymous said...

Why is it a big concern about who Governor Fitial appoints as his cabinet? He will have to appoint people who are loyal to him and who he believes will produce the results he wants. Why is this so wrong?

MrCoffee said...

The only comfort I have is knowing that this government is so incompetent that when they haven't spent or stolen the majority of the $150M in ARRA funds by December 2010, it all disappears into the vapor.

My proof of this assertion resides in the fact that the reason their is some $53M in backlogged CIP monies is that Fitial hasn't figured out how to get projects doled out to benefit him or his cronies.

MrCoffee said...

sorry, "reason there is"... that's called human error-- not like the "human error" committed by Benigno that was more than deliberate and intended.

Anonymous said...

Noni 2:19 PM We ain't biting... go yank chains elswhere. It is a funny post :}

Anonymous said...

Common Assholes! Let's see, hmmm..just in case HA won the election guess who would be back in government=

Jose I Guerrero- Peripiri.former chair of Public Lands. Not sure how he got a whole bunch of public lands for himself and his family.

John Morgen..Another esteler. We all know about Morgen.

Tom Indent Pangelinan. Mr. I know everything.

Juan S. Tenorio (Santiago). Mr. I want everything.

Mr. Rex I Palacios- Mr. I don't know Da Money.

Many Many more would have been back in power. Think about it.

charles said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm siding with g00$e on this. The Guv and Lt. Guv gets and scores free massages at all the major hotels. Rumors are they are cheap asses and don't leave the girls any tips. He had one from the Grey Bar Hotel. So he had to order out. O'Malley is saying this is just an inquiry and the feds are not pressing any criminal charges. Just looking to see if the case against Quing was prejudiced.

Anonymous said...

It is just a message.

Anonymous said...

Let it BWI BWI

Anonymous said...

Stop being sore looser!

Anonymous said...

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g00$e said...

Nope. I'm putting my money in pozzalan.

Anonymous said...

What a way of gyp and defrauding people.

Anonymous said...

Stock in a local manpower company could do well also Goose.

Anonymous said...

The CNMI AG has submitted a motion to quash the evedentiary hearing with a claim that it is the intent of the US to gather evidence for prosecutioning, citing two cases, including Zenger:):):)

Anonymous said...

LOL. Really? Oh pretty please, can we get a copy of the motion? Make time to be at the hearing on the 17th, folks! It's gonna be good!

g00$e said...

Ed's making this a little more interesting. In delaying the hearing he gained his boss some breathing room and himself some time to analyze the content and tenor of the Moral Outrage that this story evoked, most of which was unfocused and incoherent. Then when the story's lost a bit of steam and the Morally Outraged have laid all their cards out and pretty much shot their bolt, he addresses the key points that may actually be valid threats to his boss' continued health and happiness- the prisoner was not 'released' and inasmuch as their vague definition allows within this particular situation, Dolores acted within the bounds of her office.

His assertion that the media played the story substantially to the 'Yellow' is tragically supportable. The Variety's publishing unsubstantiated claims that criminal records may or may not have been tampered with at some unidentified place and time significantly lowered the overall quality of what started out as a solid, unassailable scoop. The 'quotes' from unidentified cops who obviously don't know much about police work or the criminal justice system were worthy of Fox News, and actually provided Ed with a nicely workable defensive angle.

His contention that Munson is off his turf may be less supportable but bears some validity- Munson's hearing may be nothing more than a very public investigation that would be more appropriately handled by a Grand Jury, and may infact be a re-hash of what the Feds have already accomplished.
But if nothing else the obfuscation it casts on the issue may buy him some more time to let the story cool and attempt to place his boss in a more defensible position.

This thing could get interesting after all.

Anonymous said...


your bias just shines through. you must be smoking whatever the govnah and his cohorts are or snorting the AG's stuff.

the AG's motion was pathetic and will be laughed at. they may toss the evidintiary hearing but not due to this motion. they may send it to the grand jury because they actually do have enough to move forward with criminal proceedings.

g00$e said...

I did not write the comment at 1:33pm. It was most likely written by Baka.

g00$e said...

g00$e said...

Nope, it was me.

g00$e said...

Cut it out and get your own nickname!

g00$e© said...


Please register with the clerk on the right. Pay your $600 and get your 65 triplicated copies and be sure to file each appropriately.

Then you can be assured that no one else may use your name.

g00$e said...

Nah... I earned it from 'Lil, that sorely missed Grand Dame of the passionately flung epithet, in one of her more pointed attacks on my moral fiber. God, that woman had incredible powers of perception!

When She left Love went with Her, and ol' g00$e was left wandering the broken, desolate wasteland that the local blogosphere became, shielding his broken heart against the endless typhoons of mindless, incoherent drivel that swept into the Great Empty Space created by Her abrupt departure, disconsolately looking under barren rocks for sensitivities to trample.

But oh woe and rue! Sensitivity requires intellect, and there's definitely been a dearth of that commodity around this sumbitch lately. Hasn't there?

Whatever. There is only one g00$e... HER g00$e.

Death and damnation to all the pretenders.

g00$e said...

Oh and... like him or not Baka's his own guy. It probably wouldn't even occur to him to be g00$e.

g00$e® ™ ℠ said...

Baka is his own guy? Not something I would ever say.

MrCoffee said...

Let me wonder out loud here for a second, what were the grades of these lawyers in law school?

I never went, but the more I read out of the so-called "advocacy" in the CNMI, the more I think, "hey, lemme go buy some Crackerjack."

Ms. D. said...

Baka is his own man, graduated cum laude from USF School of Law, and is too honest to impersonate another poster, especially a fellow-admirer of L.F.H.

Parody, of course, would be an exception if clearly identifiable as such. But this is just another of so many cases of mistaken attribution on this blog.

dumbsheets said...


I got one hell of a kick outta this line:

" But this is just another of so many cases of mistaken attribution on this blog"

coming from Baka who was signed in with his alias "Ms. D" and writing in third person about himself.


You guys are way too much. How about having a circle jerk session - Goose, Lil, Ms. D., Plato, Baka, Uvian, Jet, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Frankenstein, Magoo, and the rest.

Good fuckin' god!

g00$e said...

That's g00$e, boy. g00$e.

And how come you left Cactus off your list?

lawnchair lawyer said...

and all this time I thought Barak was Ms. D. dopey me.....

bruce said...

All this time I thought Baka was Barack. Dopey me........(extra dots and all)

lawnchair lawyer said...

good cover Barak.

barak renter said...


Good cover barak?

How much?

I need 15 bedroom barak.

Please email me baka@baka.com

Thanks in advance?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the name tag table at a proctologists' convention, what does it matter, you're discussing assholes?

Anonymous said...

Bruce, get back to your job. Stop using the Guv's computers on gov time.

Anonymous said...

The point everyone seems to be missing in these insightfuly comments is Fitial's total disdain for the CNMI and its people. Anyway you look at the facts as they have developed (a lot coming from his own "defense" team) is that he is:
a. arragant beyond belief
b. senile
c or he hates the people of the Commonwealth.

While the CNMI is going through its worse challenges since its inception with its future hanging on the policies that the Federal government is now formulating, Fitial is sitting on high ordering massages from federal detainees. Marie Antoinette lost her head for less.

Add to this the "negotiating" tactic of demanding exorbtinant fees for the Feds to use the prison that was paid for with US taxpayers money and you have the perfect storm for losing the Chinese/Russian visa waiver.

That is the real story of this debacle.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would agree in that the Feds have to pay the CNMI $200.00 per inmate per day IS extortion!
What, 56 Fed inmates in there at $11,200.00 per day! That's a business for sure. The CNMI Penal Colony. "Pickin em up Boss"

Anonymous said...

The point everyone seems to be missing in these insightful comments is that Fitial's emergency alternative medicine treatment for aggravated, urgent, and extreme pain caused by severe spinal stenosis is an official function.

Almost every state/commonwealth in our country recognizes its interest in the health of their chief executive.

It is a shame it did not occur to AUSA Eric O'Malley to research this issue before seeking his ill-conceived "evidentiary hearing" motivated by personal animus against Governor Fitial.

Anonymous said...

Recognizing an interest in an executive's health does not mean wee hour massages from federal detainees - Name one other such "emergency" use (abuse) of power by any state/territory executive in the history of the US.

Anonymous said...

The efficient use of government resources by state governments is so common it does not even warrant a single court case.

Anonymous said...

Noni 5:49am,

[sarcasm starts here]
The japanese also share the governor and your belief that act of massage is incredibly important.

[sarcasm ends]

Get your head out of the Governor's ass.

Anonymous said...

And just for clarification, the governor's stenosis is MENTAL Stenosis!

Anonymous said...

How can that be? He seems not to have a brain.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Guv skates...again. Munson quashed the hearing.

Anonymous said...

I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing

open minded, closed case said...

why aren't people focused on the simple point that government resources were used for a personal gain?

-the prisoner could not legally be moved from one place to another in a personally owned vehicle.

-the prisoner must have been moved with guards present at all times.

government workers and government vehicles were used to transport a federal prisoner for the personal gain of the governor.

graft would be a case easily made against the governor.

is there now a legal precedent pertaining the release of federal prisoners massaging people during periods of incarceration?

the governor received a unique benefit because of his position. he used his office for personal gain.

shouldn't we be pissed off about this? as sure as local chicks with bad hair and brown teeth can't put sentences together, the answer is yes.

Anonymous said...

Alternative medical treatment of a state/commonwealth chief executive is not "personal" gain.

Otherwise the President would be prosecuted every time he goes to Walter Reed Army Hospital.

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