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Jul 9, 2008

A Text for Recall?

Got this message today. I don't know with you, but I did get one.

It was a text message that said, "If u want to get the CNMI back on track, recall Fitial. Pass it on."

Would such rare "phenom" occur on this island? Would it work at all?

You tell me....


glend558 said...

Job half done, the other half is, replace him with whom?

txt-txtrs gone wild said...

Yea Glen, we would be stuck with the flip flopping waffling Tim V.

...or we could nominate anew at the next power rally

...or we could pass around a tixt-text offering no viable alternative until the Governor feels guilty about the whole situation and resigns

...or better yet, let's have a blog survey on whether or not a Con-Con would solve any or all of our problems

...or we could lease Saipan to the feds and all cut & run

Anonymous said...

Did anyone watch the lawmakers on the news last night(weds)?

With the exception of Heinz and Tina, the rest sounded confused over the federal law suit.

Torres commented while entering and was either loaded or is insane. He wants to cut ties with the US while continuing to draw his hundreds of thousands of dollars of discretionary money, sort of an autonomous WELFARE STATE.

Perhaps China or Korea would be interested in picking up our tab as the US and Japan now know better.

Anonymous said...

Before posting here, one might want to consider the “weighty thoughts” posted to a virtually identical thread in this very blog less than two months ago:

Anonymous said...

Our easily-manipulated Foreign National Workers were tricked into a “Unity March” that is resulting in thousands of them losing their jobs and going home.

If they can't learn from their mistakes, maybe something similar will happen again this time. (!)


Ironically, it is guest-worker-dominated local newspapers that are perpetrating the misinformation leading to such fiascos.

Rather than adopting the Stanley Torres/ Ed Poops tactics of attacking people, why not propose solutions?

Con Cononomics said...

If locals fed up with Fitial and the United Workers united, they may be able to pull off a general strike.

The goal could be the elimination of our stupid shameless grossly overpaid long befuddled crooked nitwit lawmakers.

Does anyone know exactly how much we squander yearly on our many Congresspersons, their aides, their cars, travel, legal counsel, support staff, and expense accounts including their salary inventing work that cities 20 times our size do not pay for and three intelligent people could cover this work load in a one hour monthly meeting?

Perhaps I will write a federal grant to fund the convention center to house the Con Con.

The Jack Abramoff Federal Convention Center and BarBQ Hall

Marianas Pride said...

Okay, I will propose solutions:

1. Instead of just giving a salary increase to 21 government lawyers as Tim Villagomez did as Acting Governor, why not give every government employee a 20% pay raise? Why not? We can file for bankruptcy at the end of the year.

2. More DCM and CISCO sole-source "emergency" contracts. Don't worry, it's all good. Matt Gregory won't prosecute!

3. Have schools open 2 days a week only so we can cut back on power. The 3 other days the kids can go fishing, hunting, and gathering.

4. Hire DCM to run our government.

5. Hire more government lawyers.

These are only a few solutions. I will be working on more.

Thanks anon! Love ya! Enjoy fetching that cup of coffee for Governor Fitial and be sure to fangingi him for me! Biba Better Times anon!

Anonymous said...

Recall and then what? Recall again. Come on people, it doesn't matter who's in office now, the results will be the same. No $$$ means No $$$. It's really that simple.

I'm surprised that nobody's attacking the Legislature. They are equally responsible. A do-nothing Legislature.

Dr. PNG said...

noni - It would not be fair to say no one has attacked the legislature.

Do-nothing is correct, a complete waste of our money for NOTHING.

Our lawmakers provided protection for the textile industry so they (meaning the industry) could control law as needed here, but when the 2005 trade agreement ended their reign, the protection services of a multimillion dollar Congress for a tiny island with 15k voters (and dropping) is no longer needed.

Anonymous said...

noni your observation of a do nothing legislature is correct. If anyone is proposing a recall on the governor then recall some of the do nothing legislature and senate.

Stop the inanity! said...

Fitialization has hurt us more than Federalization ever will. Under Fitialization, the government hires more workers than it lays off. It spends money on sweetheart contracts and gets nothing in return. It triples our electric bills and delivers less-reliable power. It slams the feds, then asks them for millions to clean up its mess. It tells foreign workers "I intend to deport you all" and then cries that it won't have enough workers. And it refuses to help write the law and regulations, then complains about how badly they were written.

glend558 said...

Murpheys law.. "If something can go wrong, it will!"
Fitials law.. "Something will go wrong, no matter what!"
The ultimate pessimist.

Anonymous said...

Personal take on "Diego and Tim" Tandem extracted from: http://pub43.bravenet.com/forum/3663190917

What a combination. We have a traitor and a fish market entrepenuer whose business went belly-up. I'm surprised the Feds are not looking at how the federal grant used for this market was spent. Diego should be held accountable for the mishandling and misappropriation of these federal monies (if any).

Considering that both Diego and Tim or closely related shows greed on both men. Greed for power that is. Also, how do they plan to determine who will be governor and who will be the Lt? The fisherman or the traitor. Well, the fisherman should be the Lt. since he is desperate enough to ask his relative who is not only a traitor but... a man who carries the "Better Times" stigma on his shoulders.

Lastly, what makes these two clowns think they have a shot when combined, both of them had eight years to lead the CNMI to which they miserably failed to do.

No to Tim and a definite Hell No! to Diego.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess; the text message was in Tagalog.

Anonymous said...


John DelRosario summarizes the growth in the CNMI of the complainer syndrome — extraordinarily prevalent in the Republic of the Philippines — in his insightful Saipan Tribune letter to the editor today (Friday, July 11, 2008). Perhaps some are trying to spread Pinoy “People Power” emotional and reactive political techniques here to the CNMI, abandoning the American tradition of respect for the rule of law. The degradation of the once professional Marianas Variety into an unmoderated blog of angry, uneducated rants is a further descent down that path.

“Follow the rules,” Ed Propst. Talking is not doing.

Anonymous said...

Did John Del Rosario wipe the cum off his face before he wrote that letter. He gets paid by those crooks while getting nothing done himself.

Anonymous said...

The better question would be is the anonymous commenter praising John Del Rosario spitting or swallowing? Bwahahahaha! Obviously a Fitial employee who is going to lose his job soon.

Marianas Pride said...

“Follow the rules,” Ed Propst. Talking is not doing.

Follow the rules? LOL! And who sets the rules? John Del Rosario? Governor Fitial? AG Matt Gregory?

No thanks. I would rather follow something better...my conscience.

"Perhaps some are trying to spread Pinoy “People Power” emotional and reactive political techniques here to the CNMI, abandoning the American tradition of respect for the rule of law."

American tradition of respect for the rule of law? LOL! Are you talking about the AG's failure to prosecute $3 million worth of government misuse of funds? Are you talking about rubber stamping bogus sole-source "emergency" contracts?

Anon, do you ever grow weary of brown-nosing? As far as "people power" movements are concerned, I believe it is not only a Pinoy thing...it's a world thing. Ever hear about how nations overthrow dictators or corrupt regimes?

Come on now. Try to use reason, not brown-nosing. It might get you somewhere. Wouldn't you like to get a job on your own merit instead of brown-nosing?

Marianas Pride said...

By the way, John Del Rosario took over MPLA because of alleged corruption and abuse of funds. Whatever happened to those allegations? Just a political ploy to usurp power from areas that make money?

Give me a break already.

Anonymous said...

Only Solutions:


Ms. D. said...

If a recall or resignation becomes effective during the final year of a term of office, that is after January 9, 2009, the succession to the governorship and lieutenant governorship becomes permanent rather than triggering a special election. N.M.I. Const. art. III, § 7, final sentence.

The Lieutenant Governor becomes Governor, and the Senate President becomes Lieutenant Governor. N.M.I. Const. art. III, § 7, first sentence.

If a legislator's seat becomes vacant with less than half the term remaining, the governor must appoint the candidate for the position who got the next highest number of votes and is willing to serve. N.M.I. Const. art. II, § 9.

So if Timothy P. Villagomez becomes Governor and Pete P. Reyes becomes Lieutenant Governor, who got the next highest number of votes after Frica Pangelinan and Pete Reyes in the 2005 senatorial election for Saipan?

None other than Claudio Kotomar Norita, followed by Thomas Pangelinan Villagomez and then Andrew Sablan Salas, if Clyde were unwilling to serve.

“Recall: Be careful what you wish for.”

“Recall: You asked for it; you got it.”

Armchair Lawyer said...

Ms. D., you're wrong on two points. First of all, the final year of the incumbents' term runs from Sunday, January 11, 2009, to Monday, January 11, 2010, not January 9th.

Second and more importantly, the Senate President serves as Acting Lieutenant Governor until the special election or end of term, whichever applies.

There is absolutely no requirement anywhere in the Constitution that the Senate President resign from the Senate to take that job. In fact, he serves as Acting Governor already when both Governor and Lieutenant Governor are out of the Commonwealth. N.M.I. Const. art. III, § 8(a). He would simply serve in both capacities (e.g., Senate President and Acting Lieutenant Governor) for a longer period of time.

One third of the Senate serves a staggered term with respect to the Governor. There is no support whatsoever in the CNMI Constitution to suggest those senators would have to forfeit the second two years of their term just to be Lieutenant Governor for less than a year.

However, if there is a special election for the rest of the Governor's or Lieutenant Governor's term, the resignation provisions under Article VIII, Section 5 of the CNMI Constitution would apply to any elected official who chose to run, once certified as a candidate -- which will likewise apply to Senator Crisostimo if he his so certified to run for Delegate after beating former Senator Cing in a Democratic primary and being certified as the candidate of his party.

Armchair Lawyer said...

If only the Lieutenant Governor resigns or is recalled, the Governor would nominate a new one.

Lieutenant Governor. The lieutenant governor shall have the same qualifications as required for the office of governor and shall perform those duties specified in this article and those assigned by the governor or provided by law. Whenever the office of lieutenant governor is vacant, the governor shall appoint a successor with the advice and consent of the senate.

N.M.I. Const. art. III, § 3 (emphasis added).

Since Article VIII, Section 5 of the CNMI Constitution applies to any “elected official,” if Felipe Q. Atalig is certified to be a candidate for Delegate, as a member of the Saipan Municipal Council he, too, will then have to resign just like Senator Crisostimo.

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