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May 18, 2008

A call for recall by text messaging

Have you received one? A text message that reads: "We need to RECALL this corrupt governor! No more! If you agree pass this on to everyone u know! No more bitter times!"

Should you receive the same text message on your cell phone, would you forward it? Ignore it?


Ron Hodges said...

The Governor would show some dignity by resigning, but to not, shows no shame or honor.

Even Doolittle and Delay resigned in disgrace instead of further shaming their home and supporters.

Anonymous said...

Who is leading this text campaign?

Is it TaoTao Tano (nah, the sentence construction is good, it won't be Greg Cruz)

Ron Hodges?

Ed Propst?

Zaldy Dandan?


Juan Babauta?


Other guest workers?

the buzz is out said...

the buzz is it is mr propste and tina

greg asked him to be impeached in the news and that would rule him out

juan babauta didn't do anything except spend money on travel and girl friends so not him

isn't zaldy a filipino so that would be 2 groups

ron can not text so it not him

guesser says said...

i bet on heinz 57 or A1

heinz running next time & A1 like advertising

2 good 2 b tru said...

ron - if ben resigned would tim v be gov or must have election again?

lil_hammerhead said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lil_hammerhead said...

Tina has always been open with what she does. It isn't Tina. Not her style.

Ed's been outrageous about his feelings on the administration. I doubt it's Ed either.

Any one of thousands could have initiated such a text message. It only takes a spark..

glend558 said...

Wasn't the question 'Would you pass it on?' No one addressed that. I'd post it myself, if you would like to know.

bradinthesand said...

does anyone really think that a recall would help? i can't imagine how it would.

what difference would there be should the lt. governor take over? it'll be the same system.

the cuc rates are only doubled because the legislature dropped our rates to begin with.

now we're paying the price for their pre-election political stunt.

things are tough here because of a long history of mismanagement. this governor is actually taking steps to deal with it.

he said as much when he took office. he told us that we would be in for a rough ride.

no matter who was in charge, the cnmi was going to be in dire straits this term.

i mean, the outgoing bb administration budget was $100 million more than the current administration.

$100 million! that's a lot of coin that could make a huge difference in the cnmi.

too bad it's gone, but there's no time to worry about that now.

who would be doing a better job as governor now? who has a plan? we've just got to weather this economic storm like we weather the typhoons.

local people don't run, they and take care of each other no matter how bad it gets. people tough it out and rebuild afterward. at least that's what i've learned.

i think the wind is still blowing. so who has the plan for our post-storm economic rebuilding.

Anonymous said...

it doesn't matter who initiated it! what's important is our willingness to support! being a guest worker, if i want our status to be improved, the whole NMI should improved first!
mr. ed propts, we support REVOLUTION!
demostration is not enough! we can do more drastic actions without violence!
count us IN!

Worst. Governor. Ever. said...

Who COULDN'T do a better job as governor?

Oh, yeah, well Greg Cruz, for one.

bradinthesand said...

ha ha. okay, but seriously, who would? name one person and tell me how they would help.

and keep in mind that while tina is awesome, she can't be the governor yet.

Anonymous said...

Allen Stayman says there's no provision in federalization law that provides green cards to guest workers here in the CNMI, as reported by Variety.

That's a given. Workers know that already.

That's why workers are petitioning Congress to grant them green card through a separate move.

glend558 said...

Damn, Brad, How many times do I have to tell you that I could do a lot better job then Fitial. I replied to that question as many times as you have ask it. What part don't you hear? It would be simple to do better then him. Just simply recognizing and accepting things as they really are would be a start. That wouldn't be very hard, now would it? A first step would be to realize this place is broke and stop declaring the economy will be ruined by everything you don't like. Maybe try developing a budget for each year, would that help? Is a budget to complicated for him? The first thing needed for ANY operation is a budget! Is that too hard? Don't defend that loser!

Anonymous said...

Green cards are not in the law because the CNMI government with help of Res 80 from Guam got that provision removed. Read the entire article. The US will determine the status of the long term workers:

"Although that provision was removed a subsection in the federalization law “would require the administration, in consultation with the CNMI, to report to Congress no later than the second year after enactment on the population of aliens, status of aliens under federal law, future requirements of the CNMI for an alien workforce, and recommendations on whether Congress should consider permitting such workers long-term status under the Immigration and Nationality Act.”

just for openers said...

What could they do?

They could not provide jobs for incompetent or unqualified political supporters. They could work with the US for solutions to our power and water crisis(they have rejected help...control vs prosparity). They could ask the DOI for assistance, expertise, and financial support in many areas. They could support the PEW marine monument, they could offer some vision for a future other than the tin shacks littering Saipan built by the textile industry empire, they could stop lobbying against a 50 cent minimum wage, they could help establish a free enterprise system based on equality, they could eliminate pawn shops, they could eliminate our sleazy sex trade industry, they could author a real QC program that encouraged development instead of strangling it, they could help eliminate protectionism and nepotism, they could forge new alliances in the tourism industry, partner with Guam in many areas, provide education in real estate to help NMI residents understand the benefits free hold would have on investment, they could encourage development instead keeping the monopolistic noose currently tightening on the CNMI...just for starters.

rononomics today said...

Ps Brad - Instead of corrupt lobbyists protecting business and personal agendas on the commonwealths dime, why not hire a legitimate PR firm that could broadcast our uniqueness, tax structure, geographic location, our unparallel weather & water, golf, scuba diving, our clean air & laid back style, instead of our entire history being one of shame, corruption, self serving political agendas, bribery, slavery, and a history of poor stewardship of our beautiful islands.

We need glamorous media rep and spokesperson…Paris Hilton, Tiger….Angelina…we could perhaps even get Jack Abramoff on a work release program of community service and free lobby efforts. That’s it Brad…that is what we need…we need Wendy to school Jack in community service so we could get Jack for a cheap or free media rep. He could also hold testimony on other Congresspersons not yet indicted for our financial benefit

get real said...

"They could not provide jobs for incompetent or unqualified political supporters."

what, and break 30 years of tradition?

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Let's see, each text message generates money for PTI. HMMMMMMM,
I'm guessing the perpetrator is Brad Ruszala, Jolly Bee Male Model of the year, trying to drum up business for his employer. (:-))

My second guess is ....Ricky himself, drumming up his own darned business.

Anonymous said...

Text messages don't help PTI if the customer is on a flat rate.

My vote goes for Ed Propst, "Hero of the Revolution," trying to foment a recall so he can write about it in his next magazine.

Mandaragat said...

not a typical PTI fan here....

Bradonomics??? said...

Bateman could be on to something with the text crusade...tixt textgate, Bradonomics, or money for messages.

Anonymous said...

recalling the Governor will do zilch for this island.. just cause more chaos and problems.. The problems the Governor faces are $$$ issues. It is easy to say recall the governor and then what??? put another in and another and another and another.. if one has solutions, please make your way to the Governor's office, sit down and offer those solutions to our Governor.. if they are viable then I believe they will be entertained.. To sit and bitch for recall without even approaching "one of the most approachable" Governor's in the history of the CNMI is cowardly in itself.. so before going the recall route, take time to make a trip to the Governor's office and don't go empty handed.. bring solutions that make sense and are viable.. wishing for alternatives without knowing how to finance them is going empty handed..

solutions to go said...

how bout support for the marine monument

or how bout asking Fema for emergency help with power...or water

how bout working with the feds

how bout scrapping pl-15-108

how bout asking the US to improve status so exiting workers will create more jobs for locals

the Gov does not want our solutions, he wants control

Anonymous said...

sounds like you might want to take a trip up to the hill.. don't assume the Governor has the answers.. you obviously have some viable solutions, hopefully supported by financial details.. I can guarantee you that you have never stepped in front of the Governor to offer an extended hand.. give it a try...... blogging details don't get to the table of the Governor all the time..

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