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Jan 24, 2009

Popularity Votes...

Grading our leaders in the CNMI?

Do you approve that only Reps. Sablan and Camacho received an "A" while the rest received an "F" rating? Should we believe what was gathered in this likely a personal website? What's the accuracy of this poll? Margin of error?

Should he include the rating or grading of the Governor's Office leaders as well? Speaking of popularity or approval ratings of the local government, would this matter or is it pertinent to have our own approval ratings for the local government?

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Anonymous said...

The reporter left out some things:

-Camacho pays the Tribune advertising money using taxpayer dollars.
-Did not interview any constituents about the website, several might have said that it is difficult to use
-forgot to mention that Camacho sent emails to his email list asking them to vote. Chances are his personal contacts are going to give him a good grade.
-Camacho's district received far more votes than any other district, meaning that someone was racking up his votes. I wonder if they voted A?
-there is no criteria for a grade, so one persons A might be another persons B
-the poll does not account for political affiliation
-basically the poll is total garbage and should be thrown out along with Camacho

g00$e said...

Agreed. Camacho might get an F+ (if there is such a thing)for his overt admission that neither he nor his fellow monkeys on the Hill accomplished anything during 2008.

And of course his fellow monkeys include St Christina, who hasn't accomplished anything either and should be on the 'F' list as well.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...


Lil' Hammerhead said...
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Anonymous said...

They ALL deserve "Fs," including Tina.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they even published it.

bradinthesand said...

the grading thing is ridiculous, but anyone should get an automatic "non-electable card" if they are against the open government act.

g00$e said...

We're on the other side of the looking glass here Brad. Every one of them would be unelectable any where else.

g00$e said...

And Lil's comment about us needing more Sablans in the Legislature may have some merit.

I think William F. would liven things up there considerably. Bring a new appreciation for 'open government' too.

Anonymous said...

Fitial deserve A+ and reelection for sure

Anonymous said...

camacho advertised in Variety first, fyi.

bradinthesand said...

...and that matters why?

cactus said...

Well, the poll proved one thing -- that people who use the internet a lot love Tina Sablan, but despise the rest of the Legislature.

But if you're reading this, you already knew that, didn't you?

Anonymous said...

The Fat Boy fixed the Poll!

Why would Camacho get an A? What has he done? Can somebody please explain?

Anonymous said...

The Fat Boy fixed the Poll!

Why would Camacho get an A? What has he done? Can somebody please explain?

Anonymous said...

Write in William F. Sablan!

Where is "Happy Landings"? What was his precinct before he went to the Big House way over yonder in Colorado? I'm sure he's still domiciled in the CNMI.

In view of the upcoming Ridlyme trial, perhaps the Legislature should pass a law allowing residence in a federal prison to count for CNMI residence, just like college and the military.


the teacher said...

One should pass both Praxis tests to issue formal grades in the NMI.
Here is the one and only offical tally.

Tina Sablan A+

Mr.Speaker gets a B for giving me a 3 footer at Kingfisher

The rest of our long befuddled Congress gets an F-.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Speaker must be a pround Chamorro for toting around a three footer. You must be one lucky teacher! LOL

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