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Mar 12, 2009

Facts and Friction...

Ok. Now that it's out there, what's next for the contract workers? IR's? Shall we concede to previous statements here from a regular commenter about "Federalization: You want it. You got it!"

The entire contract workers community is now bracing themselves with fidgeting hands, frail and perspiring in anxieties. On one side, this community is in regret why the federalization was handed down. On the other side, still hopeful for a better immigration status for them.

In this scenario, we are now looking at divided groups and one can only wonder what's going to happen next.

You tell me....


Anonymous said...

I think you owe Cinta Kaipat an apology.

Anonymous said...

Sure. This is the process. Needed workers, relatives and the like will remain. New workers can be brought in under the various visa categories (and paid appropriate wages for their tasks). Businesses will have to work with the government to train workers. Businesses will have to compete for workers. This is nearly exactly what needs to happen. Nearly exactly only because of the Russia-Chinese tourist waivers, which is an issue yet decided on.

Anonymous said...

And workers who've lived here for a long period of time. This still hasn't been decided. A report is due within the two year period about the way forward for this group.

Anonymous said...

Workers who have jobs, and are needed, will stay. Those who do not have jobs, or work in occupations that locals can fill, will have to go. That's the current system (under CNMI law) if it was ever enforced. That will also be the system under the feds.

Those who are "bracing" and hand-wringing haven't been listening. The federal law puts American citizens first in the line for jobs. Those who don't like it (including HANMI and the Chamber) can move their businesses to the Philippines and China, where cheap labor is abundant.

Anonymous said...

Nobody owes Cinta Kaipat an apology. If she didn't want to be called a racist, she shouldn't have said racist things. If she didn't want people to think of her as spiteful and punitive, she should not have signed her name to her ghostwriter's vicious, hateful propaganda.

bradinthesand said...

i don't think there's anything to wonder about. everything that is going to happen in the next couple of years is all laid out.

the only thing left to do is to prepare for what's coming.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

keep the faith. and if faith runs out. stay under the radar.

the anarchist said...

Why would anyone apologize to Cinta?

For being so disingenuous that she lost the last election?
For submitting PL-108 to the legislature, a document she did not write?
For lying to CGWs?
For trying to continue a system of servitude?
For being a racist?
Being a puppet for her uncle and fostering a government driven by nepotism?

Ms. D said...

After further review a serious reflection, I must now acknowledge that the original bill authored by Rep. Christensen was a good law, better than the last, and we must now take some sense of responsibility for our own evil deeds of trying to continue the fraud and years of oppression and not accepting the original bill.

The federalizers were correct and we should have listened to their advise.

the wise man said...

"Federalization: You want it. You got it!"

This question is not only about CGWs, it is about ridding the NMI of criminal foreigners and illegal persons, activities, and their businesses and about ending the story that has long shamed the residents of Saipan.

So, to answer the sarcastic question, we not only asked for it, but we demanded it and will learn to accept it.

farewell said...

Fact - Fitial's case has been presented and we will hear the results in 2 weeks

Fact - US officials will soon meet to discuss status.

Fact - From our standpoint, the case is closed, and whether pro or nay, there isn't anything else we can do and it is over.

Good luck and good fortunes to all.

Anonymous said...

Ron Hodges, Tina Sablan, Wendy F. Doromal and the others should be required to issue a written apology as each contract worker they defrauded gets on the airplane headed back to their $2.00 a day jobs. Nice work Tina.

Yes, the CWs stepped right up and volunteered but they were certainly led down the primrose path by Sablan and the rest.

Federalization? You marched for it, you're about to get it. Bye.

Pragmatic Plato said...


“Ron Hodges, Tina Sablan, Wendy F. Doromal and the others should be required to issue a written apology as each contract worker they defrauded gets on the airplane headed back to their $2.00 a day jobs. Nice work Tina.

Yes, the CWs stepped right up and volunteered but they were certainly led down the primrose path by Sablan and the rest.

Federalization? You marched for it, you're about to get it. Bye.”

- anonymous


How about you issue an apology to your mom? I am sure she is very disappointed that you turned out to be such a dumbass.

Your comments either stem from ignorance, stupidity, strawman attacks or sheer petty nonsense intended to stir up hatred towards certain people.

Let me start off with a link to a site that posted info about that “Unity March” prior to the march. Take time to read it thoroughly and you will be able to see what the purpose and intent of the Unity March was:


I also posted this info on this blog: http://pragmaticplato.blogspot.com/2007/12/march-info-from-tina-sablan.html

Does it ever state that the Unity March was a March to secure green cards?

Here is an excerpt:

”Why: To protest PL 15-108, the new local labor law; to express support for the extension of federal immigration law to the CNMI; and to call on U.S. Congress to retain the provision that would grant improved status to long-term alien residents in the bill to federalize immigration”

They marched to put an end to the Local Labor law. The Local Labor law, in case you forgot, required that every single contract worker must leave the CNMI every 2 years for a period of at least 6 months.

Hey Noni, you know that means they would be boarding the planes right now. That law was passed 2 years ago. So were you going to issue them apologies at the airport if the federalization law didn’t get passed and put an end to that local labor law?

In regards to Federalization, the marchers were specifically asking that the long term guest worker provision be left in the final law. This did not happen. Perhaps the local Chamber of Commerce, Our administration, The 15th Legislature, HANMI, Tao Tao Tano, Juan Pan, and all the other organizations and individuals that lobbied strong against that provision and asked that it be removed should all join hands and apologize.

The Marchers knew that Federalization was eminent and therefore began to petition the US to leave the statute that was in the U.S. Senate version of the Federalization Bill that allowed any guest worker who had been living in the CNMI legally for more than 5 years the ability to apply for long term residency status.

Noni, perhaps you should skip the apology to your mother. You will most likely mess that up too. Just keep quiet from now on.


Ms. D. said...

The person above claiming to be me is an imposter!

I know how to spell and use the word “advice.”


mehearemsay said...

Ms.D. I was going to make a comment, but thought perhaps you had a monentary brain fart.

Anonymous said...

One of the saddest things I see here in Saipan is all of the Filipinos who still haven't improved their English after 20 years here.

There are call center jobs back in Manila and Cebu and many other cities that pay $400 a month and more. The only requirement is good American accent English. It's sad that I have yet to meet to meet a Filipino in Saipan who could speak English well enough to take a call center job. They've been living here 20 plus years and they still havent upgraded their skills....sad.

spoiler said...

noni above - This is due to our lower skilled workers(maids, contractors, bar girls) who are generally not as well educated. Two, the large number of Filipinos on Saipan made English less needed.

More severe perhaps, is that they had 20 years to get a US accredited education, which always gets reconized for status, and instead funded poor hopeless relatives at home.

mehearemsay said...

One amazing thing about the garment girls that worked for 15 to 20 years on Saipan. Many supported families, bought rice fields, and built homes for their parents. I know of many who have over $100,000.00 in their bank accounts here and in Asia. All this done with $2.50 to $4.05 per hour with lots of overtime during the haydays. Some were working 7 days a week. How many of you here on Saipan (haoles included)feel superior to these ex garment girls while they serve you at Wild Bill's and other watering holes? Many of you are one month or two paychecks away from being homless.
Just something to think about on this fine Monday.

Anonymous said...

meheremsay, at first I thought you where full of crap, but after doing the numbers... you are correct. It is possible to save the amount mentioned at minimum wage for 15 to 20 years of work and a 10% income tax rate.
One sleaze bag that was aware of the saving habits of the chinese workers was Bert Montgomery of The Bank of Saipan infamy. He knew those workers had to bank and keep their wages in a Saipan Bank due to the mainland chinese governments habit of taxing of foreign income at 65%. He encouraged the factories to use his bank.
When he scammed the bank many lost over 70% of their life savings.

Anonymous said...

You are right, spoiler, that is more severe. If they have to go back then they only have themselves to blame for the opportunities available to them or even their lack of status. Opportunities are what you make out of them.

Sitting around waiting for something that may never happen or waiting for someone else to do something is what Filipinos do and it's a big reason why the economy of the Philippines is in the condition that it is.

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