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Apr 3, 2009

Eye on the Trial: So It Has Begun...

The Lt. Gov. trial has begun after a long time. Do you think this trial will end before the election?

Well witnesses involved in the "fiasco" have been testifying that they only proceeded with the procurement of the so-called rydlyme based on the signature of approval from the Lt. Gov. Hmmm...didn't the Gov. nod on this one too?

Anyway, to keep track on the developments of this trial here are links:

Trial Begins...

(photo taken from Unheard No More!)


CNMI watcher said...

He is not only a thief, a liar, a beggar, and a worthless thug, but he has no shame or remorse.

There is not a Japanese citizen alive that would not take his own life given the shame he has caused his family.

Anonymous said...

Tim Villagomez is supporting Juan Pan and Sherman Klump in the upcoming election.

g00$e said...

It's a jury trial of a local government official. A capital waste of time, effort and money. The greatest punishment he'll get is the time away from his boat while he's in court.

And CNMI Watcher- Japanese citizens lack the long, fiercely proud Ladronista tradition that this trial is about to manifest... again. Same as the jury trials of the former Looty Guv's family member who murdered that seven year old girl and our Brother Ladronistas on Guam who stole gazillions from the airport project there.

The Variety should monitor how many jury members wind up getting choice lots in the new Marpi 'homestead'.

Anonymous said...

"Do you think this trial will end before the election?"

The trial is expected to last four weeks, max. Election day on Saturday, November 7, 2009 is more than seven months away.

Lt. Governor Villagomez, however, is not running for political office then.

Anonymous said...

"[P]hoto taken from Unheard No More!"

And where did Wendy get it?


The way our two local newspapers, especially the Marianas Variety, are falling on such tough financial times, if they hired a local lawyer on contingency they could get some good money from all the bloggers who violate the newspapers' copyright interests in publishing so many of their photographs.

You need permission to use copyrighted photos from the newspapers. What is going on in these blogs clearly exceeds fair use.

As poor and inaccurate as the journalism and editorial supervision may be at the Marianas Variety, competition always helps keep things in balance. Remember what happened when we were reduced to a single cable TV company. So if you want the Variety to stay alive, don't rip them off!

Ahoy mate said...

The defence lawyers are making ignorant statements and asking open ended questions so the can perjure themselves more and give the prosecution more evidence.

Can the Lt. Gov use his boat in this weakends Mahi tourney. Maybe the defence will ask for permission to particpate.

g00$e said...

The defense lawyers aren't worried. The jury is the defense.

i don't buy cds anymore said...

easy there chief. none of the blogs are profiting from the use of the photos.

they're on the internet and they're fair game.

Anonymous said...

Does the Lt. Gov. have a bevy of prominent political supporters in court staring at the jury, like Diego Benavente did to help his cousin get away with murder?

Fair Use said...

At least this blog should give credit where credit is due, not merely to an intermediary.

Making a profit is not the sole determinant of fair use. There is a case ongoing about the AP photographer whose work got ripped off in the iconic Obama campaign poster.

No matter how many folks in the CNMI try to justify it, stealing is stealing.

Anonymous said...

If Tim is found not guilty and Fitial wins his case vs feds...then what?

What if Tim is not even charged for getting a free boat for another no bid contract from Cisco owner John Jones?

We would call that the status quo.

Anonymous said...

That Fed PA with his monotone voice is boring the jury into headnod rest periods...They can't take as many pugua breaks as usual. The jury will soon forget the PA's arguments and just want to get this overwith. Another not guilty.

Anonymous said...

One trial at a time, please.

Second bite at the apple.

Even if the CNMI wins its Section 903 lawsu1t, 90% of federalization will be implemented.

The CNMI is only asking to preserve the Department of Labor, PL 15-108, etc.

But this has nothing to do with Tim's trial and should be in the “delay” thread.

observer said...

It looked like they were more bored and impatient with the defense, who went on and on for hours asking absolutely pointless questions.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the defense is trying to bore the jury into submission and putting down a not guilty verdict.

Tim will get off as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow. When Juan Pan wins as governor maybe Tim can get a job with the Juan Tan administration and work as the CUC director again. That way he can buy more Ridlyme and sell it at 300% markup.

A Juan Pan victory is a victory for Willie Tan. I heard Willie Tan went golfing with Juan Pan when he was here visiting his island. After 2011 and Article 12 is removed we can finally rename it to SaiTan. It is long overdue.

Anonymous said...

How many politicos are hanging out with Tim at his trial? I wish the Mariana Variety and Tribune will report the who's who of the crooked lt. governor.

Good to know Tim Villagomez and family are supporting Juan Tan and Joe Camacho.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why are you always picking on Nincom?

Fair Use said...

Saipan Middle Road, how about a photo credit to “Itos Feliciano” and the name of his newspaper?


Anonymous said...

Guilty on all counts.

Will Villagomez resign, be impeached, or hang on until Monday, January 11, 2010 -- collecting his salary in federal prison?

Anonymous said...

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