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Jul 2, 2009


From the desk of Rep. Tina Sablan:

This is to announce that Professor Rose Cuison Villazor of Hofstra University Law School will be on island next week, delivering free public presentations on Article XII and U.S. immigration law.

The presentation on "Article XII and Other Blood Quantum Land Laws" is scheduled for Tuesday, July 7, 2009 @ the American Memorial Park Visitors Center from 6pm to 8pm.

The "Basic Family-Based and Employment-Based Immigration Law Workshop"
is scheduled for July 8, 2009 @ the Multipurpose Center, from 7:30pm-9pm. Sponsored by the Coalition for the Recognition of Ethnic American Minorities (CREAM), t
his workshop will provide a general understanding of family-based and employment-based immigration law. Topics that may be covered include immigration petitions based on marriage to a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident; petitions filed by relatives who are U.S. citizens; and sponsorship by employers. The workshop will be designed for a general audience unfamiliar with federal immigration law.


g00$e said...

Basic Family-Based and Employment Based Immigration Loop-holes 101.

Anonymous said...

i'm curious goose... which loop holes do you refer to? marriage loop-hole? adoption loop-hole? or are those not loop holes? those are fine? just the other ones... like petitioning immediate family?

btw, goose, where was your great grandfather originally from? lol. damn loop-holes!

g00$e said...

Those are all loop holes Pal.
And who the hell is CREAM? Aren't 'Ethnic American Minorities' people like the Arapahoe, Iroquois, Colorado, Seminole and Carolinian? What about these folks' immigration issues? Who's giving them free legal advice?

Like it or not this is the locals' land. Introducing a bunch of foreignors, then calling them 'Ethnic Minorities' and supplying them with free legal advice on how to make it THEIR land is unethical at best, invasion and occupation by proxy at worst. Every single person who attended that workshop has a home country, and the bleeding heart 'they're searching for a better life' mantra just doesn't wash. If we cared so much about needy foreignors we'd be letting Burmese, Rwandans and Somalis in by droves.

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