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Jul 28, 2009

Police...Puhleeez, Not Again!

I know. The police officer implicated to a burglary is still just a suspect, however, it's sad to know that the police officers we entrust our public safety could be accomplices to crimes around the island.

Okay. Not bitter here (ya think) though we lost our laptops some years ago and never got it back.

Are we ever going to feel safe ever again after this report?


g00$e said...

I was kind of wondering how Florencio paid for all those fancy motorcycles and pick up trucks.

But hey, the cops are lookin' spiffy in their new 'Class B' uniforms. That should make you feel safer.

Anonymous said...

And thank you for belatedly removing the errant apostrophe in the headline of the blog post immediately below (July 18, 2009).

Better late than never!

Anonymous said...

crying shame. disgusting behavior

Anonymous said...

Hard to shake the history of "Las Islas de Las Ladronnes"
Hope Ms D. can correct the spelling?

Anonymous said...

Florencio is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

I love women in "Class B" uniforms!

Anonymous said...

Florencio the dumbass who said his gun was stolen? Lol. What a fuckin asshole. Hope he gets dagan'd when he goes to prison. Wait he will not go to prison because our local judges will sentence him to 10 years in prison all suspended with tim served credited.

Saipan is as dirty as the Philippines.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he should turn over some of his ill gotten wealth to the Church in exchange for letters to the court begging leniency in sentencing. Unfortunately we still don't know how well that ploy worked for Timmy, but hey, it's worth a shot.

Also, didn't Clyde Norita hire him back from Florida? Clyde should show his class neutrality by publicly calling for leniency for Florencio, who is suffering at least as much, and is as big a Victim as Timmy.

OK, Florencio wasn't sodomized by Lujan, but hey- it's' all about getting these poor, poor guys healed up as quickly as possible you know.

Anonymous said...

Oh... and to the Noni above who loves women in Class B uniforms- the briefest exposure to any female DPS officers in Class B's will quickly cure your affliction.

Anonymous said...

A cop stealing from kids, a teacher caught stealing from kids...this is a disgrace to disgrace. And why again is everyone so obsessed with Tim V? We have cops stealing from students who are supposed to look up to cops...

Anonymous said...

Technically speaking he didn't actually rob the school, he just drove the getaway car. Also, it's beginning to appear that the cop in question may have been wrongly accused of at least one charge.

But hey, earlier this year the governor stole 600 thousand dollars from the same school and got away with it. He needed it for his friend Jerry's new football stadium, remember?

Maybe these guys were just following his example. Maybe they were actually planning something really cool for the people of the CNMI. Better times or something like that.

Anonymous said...

For twenty years I have observed this island slowly falling apart.
The past four years has seen a dramatic increase in public servants disgracing themselves,their families and the trust we gave them.
One wonders what can be done?
Many of these people slither into the background and emerge a few years later to pull off the same old crap.

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