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Sep 29, 2009

Rep. Kilili's Bill to Further Delay Federalization...Yes or No?

After years of supporting federalization in the CNMI and when finally it happens, we want it delayed....

Recent news that Rep. Kilili, a vocal supporter of federalization for a long time has introduced a bill to delay the implementation of a federalized immigration and labor system in the CNMI until 2010.

While he's told the entire CNMI his reasons for his introduced bill, do you support this move?

Just asking....

For more info about the bill read on Saipan Tribune....

On related news, the contract workers led by United Workers' Movement request for the bill to include those that have been working in the CNMI legally for five years and extend the same privilege of staying in the Marianas for full five years starting this November....


bradinthesand said...
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KAP said...

Ha! First post.

Not likely it will fly; time's too short. But the bill's a good thing if it makes the feds tell us more about what they're up to.

Don't go away mad said...

A resounding yes to a delay.

Better yet would be the sudden realization on the part of the US that running roughshod over this tiny Commonwealth is morally reprehensible and just not the right thing to do.

Both of these actions are equally unlikely.

Anonymous said...

What on La Migra's green earth ever gave Kilili the idea that DHS would or could implement the law? Hasn't he visited the Southwestern border states and seen the masterful job by the Border Patrol. Does the number 12 million undocumented aliens mean anything? Has he not talked with Speaker Pelosi about the efficiency of the protection of our borders? Has he seen the amazing work of DHS both ICE and CBP in Guam?

Anonymous said...

Why are the United Workers asking to stay here for 5 years? Shouldn't they ask why can't they be granted special H-1 and H-2 Visas to be able to go and work on Guam or Hawaii? Why not? Don't ask for an appetizer when you can get the who buffet line.

g00$e said...

Political borders have never worked well, and people have pretty much mastered natural borders as defined by geography and environment. Economics defines borders now, with the Haves militantly exploiting the resources of the Have-Nots while continuously attempting to exclude them from the material benefits that these resources bring.

National governments have largely devolved to little more than social management and control elements of large corporate entities. This is quite evident in microcosm here on Saipan, where the predominant corporate entity has wielded considerable influence and control over many governmental functions, including labor, immigration, commerce and even criminal justice.

Now this corporate entity is under threat of losing a significant measure of this power and control, and it's really quite amazing how deeply their influence has penetrated into the local psyche, resulting in many locals passionately taking up the flag in defense of the very entity that has brought about their current social, cultural and economic distress.

Jim(don't call me Kim)Chee said...

Oh g00$e,
Don't cast pearls to swine.

g00$e said...

Yeah, probably good advice, but what the heck. Like you said someplace else- sh*ts and giggles, eh?.

the teacher said...

I am against any delay in federalization even if it is only extending the visa waiver.

The fear of federalization closed the garment remnants and is driving away our former sex trade industry. Security here could give us a chance at some real investment. The loss of visa waivers will clean up the islands more than a hundred beach clean-ups.

Hell NO to status quo and Hell NO to any thought of delaying federalization.

Anonymous said...

I trust most of us agree that driving away our former sex trade industry is one of the good consequences of federalization.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Now can we all agree to require that from the mainland United States please?

cactus said...

Perceptive analysis, Goose.

But I think many if not all of the "locals passionately taking up the flag" are doing so not due to corporate "influence" having "penetrated into their psyche," but in full recognition of the pernicious effects that the "corporate entity" has had on the CNMI; and not "in defense of the very entity that has brought about their current social, cultural and economic distress," but in opposition to an even more powerful entity that will bring about MORE "social, cultural and economic distress." (At least that's what I'm doing.)

Actually, what is "really quite amazing" to me is how deeply American (or pseudo-American) "influence has penetrated into the local psyche, resulting in many locals passionately taking up" THAT flag in opposition to their own political power.

Anonymous said...


Maybe they see it right and you've got it wrong. Or do local people need you to tell them what's good for them?

Anonymous said...

There is nothing good to come from federalization.

Anonymous said...

Noni 6:16Am,

Very great point!

Cactus needs to evaluate his arguments and where they stem from then look at what his position in that argument would be and where he fits and he will realize the double standard and that hypocrisy of what he has been stating for so many years.

As for the FLAG that the "locals" are embracing he is wrong in stating that they embrace it at the expense of their own political power. The "locals" embraced it as a showing of their political power and the self determination to become a US Commonwealth. If in the future the "locals" feel they want to sever that agreement and do something else they can and at that point us "locals" can change FLAGS if we so choose.

Cactus continues to speak as though an agreement was not made by two sovereign entities (the NMI and the US) that set up the situation we are in today and have been in for the last 30 years. When he references the document he picks and chooses and does not take in the full magnitude of what was agreed upon.

But what a great point you have made Noni 6:16am. Can we apply Cactus' own reasoning and state the following:

Actually, what is really quite amazing to me is how deeply CACTUS', the American's(or pseudo-American), "influence has penetrated into some of the local psyche, resulting in a few locals passionately taking up CACTUS' STANCE AND FIGHTING AGAINST WHAT THEY HAD PREVIOUSLY AGREED UPON IN THE COVENANT.

Anonymous said...

Kilili is confused.

g00$e said...

Cactus, having come from pre-statehood Hawaii I recognize (sympathize with?) your view. My comment was not directed at you, or your continued faith that the CNMI is still capable of sustained, effective sovereign governence, which I in fact admire- in some ways.

I've only been here for 12 years, but would point out that yours is a distinctly minority view, and is actually quite possibly unique.

Keep the faith. The CNMI needs folks like you.

Anonymous said...

All you white thrash who come to our Island and think you are better than us must first look at yourselves in the mirror and ask yourslef the following:


Basically you fuckheads are just a bunch of LOSERS!!!

Thrush said...


g00$e said...

Geez anony 1:44, that is such an American response! You're obviously all set for November 8th.

And yes, local folks could have derived much from Cactus' viewpoint, but it's doubtful that many of them possess the wherewithal to remove their heads from that dark, stanky place that they have become so enamored of before Uncle From Across the Water comes and turns them all into shiny new Americans.

Wonder if they'll be fitted with cute monikers like their Guam brethren's 'Salt Water Wetback' or if they'll be bestowed with something more uniquely fitting.

Anonymous said...

I looked in the mirror. I am not white trash. I think I'm mocha trash. I may be black trash. I may be yellow trash. I may be brown trash. But one man's trash is another woman's treasure. My local brown girl honey thinks I'm a white treasure and that's what I'm doing here-- her!

She likes the white man.

Anonymous said...

Gotta be one of those losers off the prepos ships that got dumped and left behind.

cactus said...

Thanks, Goose, I appreciate the kind words. But you know, continued faith in the CNMI isn't really that difficult to muster. There are people out there who have to believe that places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia are "still capable of sustained, effective sovereign governance." Those are the guys with the heavy mental lifting to do. We have it easy. If we aren't capable, who is?

Anonymous said...


I am still at a loss. Where do you fit in? I look at the comments you make across the web and I have seen some of the work that you have published. You make a strong case for the "local" government being completely self governing and not caving to the demands and imposition of laws passed by the federal government. You have championed the "locals" right to govern their islands without outside interference.

You are not indigenous. You are impacting what the "locals" embraces in terms of their outlook on the federal government. You are working to create a new "local" mindset. You are altering the "local" landscape. Are you any different than what you are claiming to fight against as a member or leader on the side of the "locals" (one who is not "local")?

I am not trying to be racist or ethnicist (sp :-)) but when applying your logic and your mindset it is nearly impossible not to draw in your ethnicity. That is the heart of your stance.

Anonymous said...

I sense Ms.D. in there.

Anonymous said...

Not this time, though enjoying the debate. She does not subscribe to the "Hillblom theory," but does recognize that the Covenant's guarantee of local self-government is not just idle words. Nor is Section 701.

Anonymous said...

The original minimum wage federalization legislation should have included economic milestones, targets, and triggers.

cactus said...

Anonymous, you ask an interesting question.

On this issue, I am not trying to influence the locals so much as to influence my own fellow (non-local) Americans to respect the locals' rights to make their own decisions -- to listen to the angel of liberty on our one historic shoulder instead of the devil of empire on the other.

I don't, however, disclaim all right to try to influence local opinion too. After all, the locals have invited me (and you too, I presume) into their political community here, and have trusted me with the right to vote, and to express my views on the issues of the day. And so I do -- including on issues like crime, development, and, yes, labor, on all of which my views are usually quite different from those that generally prevail around here.

But, ESPECIALLY since I have thus been welcomed by the locals as a fellow-citizen of the CNMI, how then can I not stand up for their rights, as fellow-citizens of the US, to the self-government that I would enjoy in my own home state? Wouldn't that be, not only to apply a gross double standard, but to betray the trust they have reposed in me?

(And let us non-indigenous residents remember that, so long as we live here, it's our self-government too.)

Anyway, no one has to listen to me or agree with me if they don't want to. Unlike the US Congress, I do not claim "plenary powers." Unlike Homeland Security, I do not claim "sole discretion." I suppose that is the main way in which I am "different from what I am claiming to fight against."

Anonymous said...

One thing Kilili said that he failed to say in his "justification"-- that the sponsors of the federalization bill admitted that what was happening was not what was intended.

Anonymous said...

Of course he's not going to say that. Why antagonize his fellow committee members whose support he needs by rubbing their noses in the fact that Title VII of Public Law 110-229 was irredeemably flawed upon enactment?

It's a lot more tactful to point out the DHS shrtcomings that are contributing to the need for a delay -- most obvious of which is failure to be ready to continue our Russian and Chinese tourism operations.

Anonymous said...

Lemme see Rep. Kilili, 50,000 people versus 5 million people from my state of Arizona and my border issues... you are important? Sure you are, like I need a water heater in the summertime in Phoenix. Take a number and go stand in line at the DHS office at TSL plaza on November 29th please. Ha ha! Federal solutions to local problems. Beautiful example.

dogmatic dildo said...

psst, glen is pragmatic plato. pass it on!

lol. this is sooo high schoolish.

g00$e said...

Geez Noni 8:49, you actually live in freakin' Arizona and publicly declare it 'your home state'?

You must have done something extremely heinous to deserve that fate, something that places you beneath sympathy.

Anonymous said...

7:26 p.m. - Bruce continues to weep
8:03 p.m. - Bruce locates tweezers
8:12 p.m. - Bruce manages to capture peepee with tweezers.
8:13 p.m. - Ooooooh!
8:15 p.m. - Bruce continues to weep

You've ripped a hole in the net. Get ready to drop.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Governor Fitial and Congressman Kilili for your tireless and dedicated work on behalf of your people that has resulted in DHS granting visa waiver parole to the Russian and Chinese tourists who are indispensable to our economy.

You are truly leaders of courage, persistence, personal integrity, and action.


Doing the right thing despite personal attacks and in the face of vicious naysayers like Bitter Ed and Two-Timing Glen displays true virtue.

We need a CNMI Senate who will share your fortitude and support real, effective action -- with a Senator like Jacinta M. Kaipat -- not mere talkers and complainers like Pete Reyes, Tina Sablan, and Ralph Torres.

Accomplishments and proven experience matter.

Let it BE!

Biba Cinta!

Bota Covenant!

Gagging said...

wow, 9:18 -- i think you just made me throw up a little bit in my mouth. who are you kidding?

The Real Variety Story said...

Did you read this story?


It appears the original story may have been changed by the editor perhaps. I got this off the administrative site.



by The Truth Reporter

The current Administration is extremely upset at a carry over from the previous administration that he believes is responsible for this controversy.

“After looking into this Reyes incident more thoroughly it is clear now,” said Charles, “that a former Babauta appointee from the previous administration is responsible for everything.” Fitial is furious that his initial desk audit of political loyalist did not turn up this individual who is responsible for this current incident when he took office. “At that time I put in place my buddies in every department. Their mission was simple. Check all staff and remove anyone tied to any party other than the Covenant Green party. I was assured this had been done! I am appalled that one slipped through. Heads are going to roll.” He went on to say, “ after the Local DPS covert and surprise drug bust slated for Friday at 2:00pm he will assemble the one remaining department head and all acting department heads and find out who is responsible.”

Reporters have discovered that the person that is the focus of Fitial’s anger is one Joe Senpasdot. He apparently was put in charge of destroying public records and inadvertently forgot to burn all outstanding drug test results and inter department evaluations and communications. We contacted him for a response but he was unavailable at the time. His wife however is asking for the communities help. It appears he has been missing since this story broke 5 days ago.

Fitial asked that we include a quote from him in this article. “This is just another negative result of Federalization. Please DEA do not bring charges against Pete Reyes. Like me, he is allergic to lawsuits. Let it BE!”


Anonymous said...

still in its infancy but this will surely be another gem of a site :-)


Anonymous said...

Pays to advertise?

Anonymous said...

Glen wants to make sure we are all aware of his "insight."

What's your job in a HA! administration?

Anonymous said...

To Noni 9:06pm:

I will be Chief of Technology.

I will make $400,000/hr to delete dumb posts like yours on various blogs.


Taotao Budweiser said...

Boycott Miller Lite.

Let it BE!

Hao Hao Haole said...

Boycott stupidity.
Never underestimate the stupidity of large numbers of clueless morons standing on the side of Beach Road waving at passing cars.
When the traffic lights turn GREEN they all get excited and start yelling......

Online Road Wavers said...

These blogs are the online equivalent of roadside waving; what a waste of electrons.

Thank goodness we only have fourteen more days for Bitter Ed and Smart Glen to "convince" everyone how terrible Fitial is and how wonderful their candidates are. Biba Tina! HA!

There are likely less than a dozen principal "contributors" to these "words of wisdom," making charitable assumptions.

Is anyone at all convinced by any of this?

You either support "change" or "the status quo," talk or action.

You've Been Wendied! said...

There will be no delay.

The Unity March has "succeeded." Congress has vindictively federalized minimum wages without an economic study or even the Environmental Impact Statement that is required for the smallest of projects on the mainland.

The reason the CNMI economy grew so much more than our TTPI Micronesian neighbors in the Marshalls, FSM, and Palau was our guest worker program, a wise use of our self-government.

Now the guest workers are being forced home.

Thank you, Tina. We've been Wendied.

Audacious Hope said...

F-Day is 28 November 2009, only twenty-eight days away.

We wanted green card status and a pathway to citizenship. That's why we marched on 7 December 2007, a day that will live in CNMI infamy.

I feel so used and betrayed by the organizers and Feds.

Say it ain't so, Ma'am Wendy and Miss Tina!

G Baka said...

When I find myself in times of trouble, Heinz and Arnold come to me,
speaking words of wisdom, Heinz will be...
And come November 7th they are marked on the ballot in front of me,
Saving the CNMI, Heinz will be governor.

Let him be, let him be, let him be, let him be.
Whisper words of wisdom, Heinz will be governor!

And when the broken hearted people living in the CNMI agree,
there will be an answer, Heinz will be.
For though we are all battered there is still a chance that we’ll be free,
there will be an answer. Heinz will be goernor.

Let him be, let him be, .....

And when November 7th comes there is still a light, that shines on us,
shine until tomorrow, Heinz will be.
I wake up to the sound of music, CEC comes to me via MCV,
speaking words of wisdom, Heinz it is! Heinz is governor. Heinz is governor.

Let him be, let him be, .....

Fitia is long gone… until his federal trial for acts of corruption.

Heinz is the governor. Fitial will do time.

Let him do time. Let him do time. Let Fitial do time.

And all his political hires will cease to be. Set them free. Set them free.

Anonymous said...

Baka would never use ellipses with five dots. The commenter must be very desperate.

G Baka said...

noni 11:47am,

I did. I am sorry. I copy pasted the original lyrics and that is where the author had mistakenly used the five dot ellipses. Please do not impute ill grammar upon me due to a rushed copy paste job.

G Baka

Anonymous said...

There is nothing very sincere about assuming another's identity, parody or not.

Three Dot BAKA BAKA BAKA said...

noni 11:47am,

I did. I am sorry. I 'copy-pasted' the original lyrics and that is where the author had mistakenly used the five dot ellipses (dumb dumb him). Please do not impute ill grammar upon me due to a rushed copy-paste job (dumb dumb me).

VERY Sincerely,
G Baka

Visionary Leadership! said...

Benigno R. Fitial, Governor
Eloy S. Inos, Lt. Governor

Jacinta M. Kaipat, Senator

Angelo O'C. Villagomez, Mayor

Anonymous said...

Noni 5:47pm,

I vision alright. A vision on corruption and vindictive personalities!

Anonymous said...

With only 21 days until F-day, everyone recognizes that there will be no delay of federalization, except possibly a limited postponement of a few aspects from the Covenant Section 903 Litigation.

But we should be thankful that Fitial and Kilili were able to convince DHS to allow Russian and Chinese tourists, by mobilizing business and community support.

Si Yu'us Ma'ase!

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