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Sep 22, 2009

Is Saipan ready for a young mayor?

That's the question we want to ask Saipan voters....

The CNMI elected Tina Sablan to the Congress why not to being a mayor, right?

This move from Mayoral candidate Angelo Villagomez has captured and divided the islands' opinions.

As the defunct Fugees would say "Ready or Not" here he comes...

Best of luck.

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Anonymous said...


The Saipan Blogger said...


The Saipan Blogger said...

That is why I am running for office.

Anonymous said...

At 30+ years of age Angelo isn't actually that young, when you look at the demographics of the CNMI. And yes, I think that Angelo would make a great mayor. He's got a track record for getting things done, and thanks in large part to his efforts, the island is looking a whole lot cleaner.

Harry Blalock said...

I believe that Angelo would be a huge departure from the policies of the previous politicians who have occupied that position. I believe we would see some real change and that there would actually be accountability. Especially when I look at the field of candidates, I don't see any other viable options. Angelo is our only choice!

Anonymous said...

Saipan needs...someone who can walk the walk and talk the talk. Angelo's clearly proven, by his steadfast commitment to keeping our environment clean, that he can do this. Years ago, the people were waiting for the youth of that time to grow up, get educated, then come back to lead the youth of today. Angelo's back and he's ready. I support him.

Thelma said...

The day he felt he belonged here, was the day he was ready to take on all Saipans beauty has to offer, and with his presence we can all make this island of ours a better place for you and me, and the entire human race that chooses to be a part of this beauty. Biba Angelo Villagomez.

Anonymous said...

Angelo's not that young. Don't flatter him.

Saipan Writer said...

I'm not sure it's about age. There are young candidates who are just as much a part of the old-boy's-network as older people, just as foolish, just as much lost and going nowhere.

When I choose a candidate to vote for, I'm looking for a combination of things: intelligence, honesty, energy, a willingness to learn, a record of hard work, and a sense of humor. Angelo ranks high in all these categories.

I'd also add that Angelo knows how to enlist help to get things done, to build community support, to withstand criticism and nasty denunciations.

He's more than proven himself as capable for the job of CNMI Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Angelo is older than Ralph Torres

bradinthesand said...

Angelo is absolutely ready to be the next mayor of Saipan. I challenge anyone to think back on all of the past mayors and tell me what they've done that Angelo cannot do.

That's just to start!

Instead of complaining about not having the money to get things done, Angelo will find a way to get things done.

For Angelo, money is not something that gets in the way of progress. Sure it helps, but he didn't waste time complaining about a lack of money when he wanted to clean up Saipan!

He found a way to get it done AND he did so by uniting the community and working toward a common goal.

Without question, Saipan will be much cleaner with Angelo at the helm.

Saipan will also get more positive international exposure without his office spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on travel.

He's already done wonders for Saipan in terms of positive exposure.

And he's done all on his own time!

Imagine what Angelo could do if he had a budget to back up his environmental and promotional efforts!

I think Angelo will cause many to rethink what they want out of their chief elected official.

Angelo's focus will be on the island, not on his own personal gain.

Unlike the others who are running, Angelo is not looking to be the mayor to fuel his political ambitions.

Angelo is running for mayor because people have been asking him to run.

The Democratic party asked him to run. He didn't just wake up one day and decide to run, he was urged to run.

And come November, the people are going to vote for him to be the next Mayor of Saipan.

Anonymous said...


Not Sure Yet said...

Angelo is energetic, dedicated to his causes and gets things done...not just talked about, but done. He has a great sense of Public Relations (PR) and uses it to his and his programs advantage. He would take that 1.7 million that the new budget calls for and parley it into a lot of clean. He would prioritize important and meaningful projects. He would also do a fair bit of traveling, his protests to the contrary notwithstanding.

Probably the best candidate running but can he get himself elected? Lets be honest, he has polarized (nice term for pissed off) a fairly large portion of the population with his blind devotion to PEW and the marine monument issue. He believes he did the right thing but many disagree. Those many will go out of their way to not vote for Angelo. Will there be enough of the others to offset? We will find out in November.

Anonymous said...

Hey Harry,

How you've been man, are u still in saipan? Always, miss your early morning talk show.

Anonymous said...

Get ti know him as a person. He is not into material things. He has genuine love for this little place we calk saipan. Hr could always jump on the next plane out and say "pick up your own trash" but he isnt. He is here to make the change with his own bare hands. So ask again, do you think he is ready? He has my vote.

Anonymous said...


When u get elected sure you will. Please take a look on the road going/infront to OLEAI School, Man it's so frustrating specially during rainy seasons the holes are like moon craters.

Thanks in advance....

From: voters/parents of OLEAI ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.

watcher said...

Lucky for Angelo those anti-monument folk (an NMC poll found 2:1 support for the monument) will split their vote between 8 other candidates.

Those who are appreciative of conservation and indigenous fishing rights will vote for Angelo. The few that want to sell our waters to foreign fishing vessels will vote for someone else.

Anonymous said...

Biba si Mangelo!

(Mayor + Angelo = Mangelo)

Whose Hooks? said...

Angelo's devotion to the community and the Marine Monument are well founded.

Those who disagreed with the monument were either misinformed or looking for some palm grease.

Oh, and I left out the third type of person who was paid as an anti-monument consultant.

Gregory Baka said...

Angelo Villagomez is more than qualified to be Mayor of Saipan.

I am tired of being bitten by dogs when jogging. We need more sidewalks, bike paths, and hiking trails. Things like that make a big difference in health and quality of life.

If you don't know where you're going, you're less likely to get there. Vision is important.

Ndangered said...

Angelo is everywhere. Easy to reach and very amicable. He's a breath of fresh air. Biba to Angelo and Tina Sablan. The youth has found their voice.

Anonymous said...

He seems to be one of the "untainted" ones. The rest are all crooks slithering back onto the political scene. That Juan Demapan is a real thug with no morals whatsoever.
This will be a cake walk for Angelo. Just keep that crazy Korean girl off the island!

Jay Solly said...

Angelo Villagomez has been running a true campaign that addresses issues. He has stressed municipal service delivery and destination enhancement and has the track record to prove it. His age plays no role, given his experience and resourcefulness in doing so much with so little.

Frankly, choosing Angelo could be one of the best ways to get that $53M in CIP funds from being lost. Set him on the mission, and he'd have a viable and beneficial project for the public good. And that's what some factions fear-- he represents the end of cronyism, bungling, and slush funds, and that unsettles some.

As for me, I embrace good governance and results-oriented leadership at all levels, and that's why I look forward to calling him "Mayor Angelo."

Anonymous said...

He has no relatives on island to hire!

Anonymous said...

is he still on pew's payroll?

Anonymous said...

The guy would do a better job than all the other candidates. However, my first suggestion to him if elected would be to abolish the Mayor's position within the government. Let the abundance of congressmen take responsibility for their precint's roads. On another note, he has to watch his mouth when he's drunk. I know he called one of the Younis children a terrorist when she was speaking their language in a bar. "They're speaking terrorist" was his exact words.

bradinthesand said...

...said the person who won't own up to their own words by putting their name behind them.

If you're going to make charges like that you had better be able to put your name on the line.

Well, that is only if you want to be taken seriously.

And if running your mouth while drunk was a liability, I don't think that a certain Senator would be able to win time and time again.


The Saipan Blogger said...

The only Younis children I have seen in a bar are Farah and Laila, who is my fellow Rotary Club member. Although I know that their father, Abed, a good friend of my father, is from Palestine, I was not aware that they spoke Arabic.

I did not make that statement and I apologize to the Younis family for having their name dragged into my campaign by an anonymous heckler.

Stanley Torres said...

Anyone with gray pubes is old enough to run for office! But can he grow a flowing white beard?

Anonymous said...

Move the dog/cat kennels out of the proposed Lower Base location.
Get rid of the brain dead brain trust currently in the MOS. Clean house..it's long over due!

Anonymous said...

You can do it!

Anonymous said...




SMR said...

why the caps? that angry huh?

and for someone posing as rep. s. torres, oh plssss.

Whose Hooks? said...


Um, you didn't have dogs here before the "white man" came to "your" island.

And with all of your dogs biting you on Captial Hill, I'm shocked that you aren't shooting local elected officials.


Angelo saved local fishing waters with the monument. If you're against the monument you must not be able to rape the waters like you used to.

Local fishermen are catching fish just fine since the enactment of the monument.

Guess you're not a fisherman.

Anonymous said...

Willie Tan had to buy the radio station to silence get rid of Harry Blalock.
Hey, Harry would make a good Mayor too!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Can't we amend the Constitution so we can have four more years of Sigi? We will never have another Mayor quite like Sigi Tudela. He really grew into the job and grew a lot while spending taxpayers' monies on important trips to sister cities and conferences. I wish him the best and hope that his operation goes well, but ,if he is still wondering why he is sick, he should take a good long look in the mirror! I bet Sigi could beat Angelo in a competitive eating contest.

g00$e said...

I'm concerned that being elected Mayor would distract Angelo from larger, more important CNMI and Western Pacific regional environmental issues. Indications are that the Monument battle is not yet won, and may in fact be just beginning, and as a politico could/would he be able to assume the more aggressive stance increasingly demanded by Saipan's environmental issues? A 'Beautify CNMI Annual Award for Greatest Carbon Emmissions by a Saipan Water Delivery Company' for instance. And what politician would dare address the horrendous 24/7/365 toxic emmissions blasted into the ground level air by both CUC power plants that could be freely taken on by someone with not political affiliations?

Sure, he'd be a vast improvement over past and present mayors, but that ain't saying much and by his own estimation it's a useless position anyway.

I'm concerned he may have lowered his sites and standards by even considering involvement in politics.

KAP said...

It took me awhile to adjust to the idea. After all, you get elected Mayor by putting coral in the 'right' places, delivering water and delivering jobs.

But he's been doing, and talking about, what a Mayor should do (if we really need the position). He'd have my vote if the election was today. I'm hedging because I know a couple of the other candidates and haven't heard their plans -- though I doubt that would make any difference.

This whole thread seems like such a lovefest that I had to fight the temptation to write something sarcastic.

Anonymous said...

When Agello was lobbying to give away our three Northern Islands, he was acting on behalf of PEW. At time time, he is not from Saipan, but from somewhere. He is now claiming that he is from here and belongs here now that he is running for Mayor. Really Angello???

Yeah, you are good at picking up thrash, but does that qualify you to be Mayor?

bradinthesand said...

Angelo never lobbied to give away islands, he only lobbied to save the waters around them.

If you don't understand that then you need to read up a bit on what the monument is all about.

The three northernmost islands were and still are protected, but the water surrounding them was not.

Now it is, and it's because Angelo lobbied on behalf of the people here in the CNMI.

I'm proud to say that the man who saved indigenous fishing waters from international long-liners is a friend of mine.

Angelo didn't just start picking up the trash in the Marianas, his efforts kept those trashy foreign fishing vessels out of local waters.

And you think that's a bad thing?

ron hodges said...

Angelo will win for sure. The status quo ol'boys are devided by 8, so statistically, assuming 20%, or 2k voters are opposed to the old crony network, he will win.

And he should win because he probably advances more constructive initiatives than our current mayor and a ton of whale blubber.

I also think the mayor should be an unpaid position and I will promise, that if their salary and huge budget were disolved, we would have improved candidates running out of love for the islands.

Anonymous said...

Brad and Hodges...A big Bullshit to both of you!!!

Brad, you are a queer.

Ron, you are an ass kisser.

Saipan does not belong to any of you white asses! Love it or Leave it!

Hook This said...

For all it's supposed popularity, the marine monument was so good that 6,000 people including children signed a petition offered to everyone who could breath. Does that mean that the 60,000 who did not sign including children are against it?

Further, the three businesses I can think of as most promoting the monument are , excuse me, were MP Magazine- now defunct; Island Locator - likewise defunct; and the topper Hawaii Bar and Grill which actually offered to change it's name to The Marianas Trench Monument Bar and Grill but was so wildly popular that it went out of business without paying it's employees before being able to change the name.

Now THAT's popularity!

Perhaps a reevaluation of just how many voters are swayed in a positive way by the monument and pew's involvement in it should be done. We'll see in November.

Anonymous said...

I was going to vote for Angelo until I found out that Hodges was for him.

If Ambrose comes out in support, I'm running away not walking !

Anonymous said...

Why is it that you white folks who live and enjoy our island think that we are so previledged because we are holding US Passports? Please note that we had no other choice when the Covenant became effective back in 1978. We either apply for a US Passport or we have no passport! Is that a choice? You fuckers are a bunch of rednecks who think that we should kiss your white ass because of the fucken US Passport!!!

You all can take Angello with you and leave our fucken island!

Anonymous said...

Are Tina Sablan and her puppet mistress Glen Hunter supporting him?

Anonymous said...

These bloga are all so fucken boring nowadays! Lil' Hammerhead, where are you!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Roberta Pan is hiding somewhere in the States. She is waiting for the election to be over hoping that her husband JuanPan will win the election.

Anonymous said...

Anony at 6:58... you had every choice, literally, but it wouldn't have mattered because you would have royally f*cked things up anyway. It's your destiny, call it Marianas Pride.

Now you have no choices but not to worry fierce proud Chammoro-pino warrior- Great White Father from Far Outside the Lagoon is coming to make all your choices for you.

And you won't even have to pay him $3.05 an hour.

Rubbah Ducky said...

Oh man Goose is that you?

Regardless, youre right. First the spanish, then the germans, then the japanese, then the filipinos and now great white father. Its really the best for us. Saipan only progresses when somebody else in charge.

KAP said...

That's more like it. Everyone was being too nice.

bradinthesand said...

Ha ha ha, you're right, KAP. Too nice, indeed.

I love Saipan and there's no place in the world that I'd rather be. I never thought that Saipan belonged to me. Hell, I can't even own land ;)

I'm just lucky enough to have found such a wonderful place to call home.

As for the little anonymous spewfest(left by only one person, over and over), I find it funny that cowardly name callers lose all of their composure when the merits of their respective arguments are challenged.

...or maybe I have it all wrong. Maybe the "queer" comment really took the steam out of my side of the issues.

Um, how about....no?

When you're afraid to speak intelligently about the real issues face-to-face, it's no wonder why you're even afraid to put your name next to your written comments.

That's alright, kiddo. Maybe one day you can hang with the adults. In the meantime, with a little work you might be able to read and write like one.

That's the first step to understanding adult issues, cupcake.

Anonymous said...

A blog mini-lexicon:

"Youth" or "reform" = Americanized locals who speak perfect unaccented English and strike haoles as culturally familiar and comfortable.

"Old boys network" = all other locals.

True? Let each reader ask himself.

bradinthesand said...

Well put, but I think that only applies to short-sighted outsiders who don't care to learn more about the local people.

Proficiency of the English language doesn't distinguish the character of an individual.

One of our well-spoken leaders stands as proof of that from behind bars in a federal prison.

Grasping the English language doesn't make one any more intelligent, but to be fair, it does provide them with currency in the world of professionals.

Anonymous said...

Brad, my boy! Why are you in Saipan? Can't find a job back home?
Why, that is strange, considering that you consider yourself so intelligent.

If you are not a queer then you must have some tendency to suck some dicky occassionally. Correct??? So let us call you HALF A QUEER!!!

bradinthesand said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bradinthesand said...

LOL! Like I told you, your mother told me that was her clitoris.

When you're brave enough to say those kinds of things face-to-face, it's very easy to find me.

Until then, continue to cower behind your anonymous blog posts. Thanks for giving me a laugh.

And in the words of Mark Wahlberg, "Say hello to ya mother for me."

Anonymous said...

Common Brad My Boy, leave my mama out of this and please answer the question...

Are you Half-A-Queer or not?? You certainly have that look, Brad! Have you noticed that you like to surround yourself with buffed up beach boys? Look at the photo you posted on your blog. Yes, we know that you have a girlfriend. And yes, we also know of many dudes, just like you, who are married but suck some dicky on the side!

Whose Hooks? said...

Hmm, and how many signatures did the opposition gather?

How many were garnered through the exchange of a hot dog?

How many letter were published from people who gave their full support to the monument after learning about its merits?

When you're only able to gather one-sixth as many signatures as your opponents, it's time to say that the majority of people disagree with you.

That's what happened and that's why the monument is here. Like just about everything else in life, it all starts with education and communication.

The opponents of the monument were unable to sway public opinion because they had already learned how beneficial it would be.

The opponents of the monument also lacked the ability to communicate with local people in such a way as to generate enough momentum.

The opponents of the monument were purely motivated by greed and the public saw right through them.

Getting support in number greater than 6:1 is something we in the numbers call an overwhelming majority.

There's no need for sour grapes. The monument is here to stay, and like I said before, local fishermen are catching fish just fine since the enactment of the monument.

Guess you're not a fisherman.

bradinthesand said...


No cajones said...

Projection, maybe. He'd say lame'.

And it's relevant how?

g00$e said...

Yup, that was me...

Still so much misinformation regarding the Monument. Maybe Angelo et al could have done a better job explaining it in more down to earth terms. The scientific jargon and flowery enviro prose was all lost on the fishing 'Bradahs' I know, so they all knee jerk reacted to the 'us vs them' thing that the opposition presented so effectively. Maybe education regarding the very real merits and benefits of the Monument should be an on going effort.

Conservation could be emphasized more, especially pointing out that virtually all regional governments are either curtailing or halting commercial fishing while the CNMI appears oblivious to the vulnerability of local resources. The prevailing view of the Monument seems focused on utilyzing it for economic gain.

Also, rumors are that Hawaii is going to join its massive marine reserve to Kiribas'. Not sure what the motivation behind this move is but there are potential benefits. Maybe Angelo and crew should investigate.

The Saipan Blogger said...

The entire planet is moving towards more conservation because they've seen the damaging effects of industrial fishing.

Later today Palau is going to announce that they are going to ban shark fishing in an area the size of Texas. They are also going to call for a moritorium on shark finning and deep sea bottom trawling.

You know what? That could have been the CNMI. It should have been the CNMI, especially after that Taiwanese vessel was let go with 10 tons of sharks on board. Those were all sharks caught in CNMI waters.

ron h said...

Noni 6:58

You should wash your mouth out with soap. I don't blame you for masking such a mean statement with anonymity as your family would be disappointed with such talk. The weather, water, wind, golf, and tax structure are only part of the reason many non-indigenous persons love the CNMI. The most common reason is the friendly laid back nature of the inhabitants here.

In my opinion, alot of these racist referrances here attributed to locals may not be locals and are more likely jackass imposters with attitudes like the saipansucks author.

Anonymous said...

how do we know they were all caught in the cnmi?

Queequeg for Mayor said...

What we do know for sure is that sharks and other ocean roaming pelagics don't 'live' in one place. Sometimes they are in CNMI (or what should be CNMI) waters and sometimes they move on, perhaps never to return. It's a big ocean out there.

The fish belong to whoever catches them. We should keep forcing the issue until we regain control over the entire 200 mile EEZ and then we should charge foreign commercial ventures heavily for fishing in it.

But this discussion has little to do with young mayoral candidates. All this ideological focus on the monument itself begs the discussion of whether championing the monument for pay made Angelo damaged goods or helped his chances to be elected mayor.

Breaking News said...

Sablan introduces bill to delay federalization to 1 Dec 10.


KAP said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Whose Hooks? said...

Nope, even John Gourley championed the anti-monument cause for pay. He's damaged goods now for trying to defame a true environmentalist.

Sorry John, sounds like you're still bummed about the monument. They aren't still paying you, are they?

Angelo supported the monument because it was the right thing to do. What's wrong with getting paid for doing what you believe in?

John, you're nothing more than a hired gun. Too bad you're always on the losing team.

And yes, while the sharks travel in and out of our waters, Chinese fishing boats should not.

Thanks to the monument, we finally have rights over our traditional waters so that we can do something about it.

Yes, we lost control over our waters years ago but the monument gave control back to us.

Like I said before, local fishermen are catching fish just fine since the enactment of the monument.

Guess you're not a fisherman.

John said...

Wow... this thread got completely off topic.

For Whose Hooks? As I stated in my first letter to the editor outlining the reasons why I couldn't support the Pew monument proposal, I received no compensation (or the promise of any compensation or favors) for expressing my opinions about the shortcoming of the Pew monument proposal. That situation did not change during the entire time of the Pew campaign and still exists today. I believe it was the right thing to do because I knew Pew was providing incomplete information to the public.

You claim: “Thanks to the monument, we finally have rights over our traditional waters so that we can do something about it.” and “Yes, we lost control over our waters years ago but the monument gave control back to us.”

I’m sorry to have to break this news to you, but the CNMI did not receive any additional “rights” or “control” over the (federal) waters included in the MTMNM. In fact, the CNMI actually lost “rights” to these waters due to the permanent prohibitions included in the presidential proclamation. Within two weeks after former President Bush designated the MTNMM, DOI Secretary Kempthorne issued Order #3284 (dated 16 January 2009) that delegated sole management responsibility for the Mariana Trench Unit and Volcanic Unit (of the MTMNM) to the USFWS - these areas are now officially part of the National Wildlife Refuge System. No where in the presidential proclamation or the DOI Order is the CNMI even mentioned as having any authority what so ever over any of the federal submerged lands/waters included within monument boundaries. With respect to the Islands Unit, the USFWS and NMFS have been designated primary management authorities with shared, but different responsibilities.

What Pew didn’t want you to know was that it was impossible for President Bush to give any real co-management powers to the CNMI (a state) when all the waters/submerged lands within the proposed monuments were under federal control - the Antiquities Act does NOT give the President this power (In contrast, Congress does have this power). Instead of gaining co-management over these waters, the CNMI has been relegated to providing “recommendations” to the primary management authorities (USFWS and NMFS) through the Mariana Advisory Council about how to manage the monument.

Knowledge that the CNMI would not gain any management authority over monument waters was known by Pew as early as April 2008 when Ms. Athline Clark (State Co-Manager for the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument) told them so. However, when her e-mail was posted on the Pew Lobbyist blog site, the section of her e-mail stating so was conveniently cut out. However, this is old news and was previously discussed in one of my letters.

concerned said...

yeah. leave your homophobic comments to yourselves people. not needed.

as for young mayor, there are advantages to having a mayor who's experienced, people person and at least edumacated to run an office.

angelo has experience running an office towards environmental protection. However, lets not forget that there will be bigger issues he will have to face as a Saipan mayor. Does Saipan only need environmental beautification? Peace is also a concern...infrastructure development and many more.

does Saipan need a mayor whose primary concern is the environment alone?

well if you see a better candidate let us know...

cactus said...

I think Saipan does need a mayor whose primary concern is for the environment. Let the Governor and Legislature worry about economic development, infrastructure, geopolitics, etc. The Mayor's office has no power over any of that stuff anyway. On the other hand, it is uniquely well-suited for beautification, tree-planting, and cleaning up our natural habitat, and Angelo has unique zeal and knack for that kind of work. On the Monument issue, he seemed too trusting of federal institutions for me, but again, in the Mayor's office, he wouldn't be dealing with that kind of thing. It's an office that neutralizes his weaknesses and maximizes his strengths. In fact, I think I've just talked myself into voting for him.

On the other hand, I've always been kind of pro-boonie-dog, and his emphasis on cleaning up our stray dog "problem" makes me worry about Saipan turning into one of those places where all dogs are either tied up or gassed to death.

So I guess I'm still thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

I never comment on this blog until this morning. I will not vote Angelo because this morning during walk healthy for the pss Angelo took our pavilion and not once ask us to share but he just take it and then when we thought first he is helping the pss but his only helping himself. I am not voting Angelo because his rude and mayors suppose to be nice so imagine when he is representing us and he act like that, no way. I am going to campaign against this mean guy and he will not win for he is a asshole!

Anonymous said...

Brad likes Angelo because they are both queer. Brad and Angelo think they are smarter than us Chamorros.

g00$e said...

Why would Angelo or anybody else have to ask PSS's permission to use a public pavilion?

Angelo's Chamorro, and yes, both he and Brad are smarter than you.

Know-It-All said...

Angelo does have a selfish streak and certain lack of humility. Smart and talented people can be like that sometimes, especially children of divorce raised in a self-gratifying American culture.

But he's getting better, and most politicians are worse.

As cactus notes, the particular policy views he holds are largely irrelevant to the tasks of the Mayor of Saipan. Those who vote strategically, however, may deem them a plus (or a minus). What are his views on abortion?


Anonymous said...

Jeez, do people still say queer these days? A internet profiler could say heaps about this noni....
I think AVG will make a fine mayor.

Anonymous said...

Goose the pavilion are first come first serve and you can't mix politics with
The PSS so why did Angelo do that. Go home white boy. Stop telling Chamorros how to run our island. You are a colonialist trying to keep the brown man down.

Anonymous said...

No, Harry Blalock would not make a good mayor.

He often relied upon assumptions, gossip, and rumors as if they were actual facts and then publicly attacked people on that basis. He jumped to conclusions and was very high handed.

Fortunately, Angelo does nothing of the sort, and can be friendly and courteous even to those who disagree with him. Sometimes Angelo's tendency toward sarcasm and teasing can be misinterpreted by those who do not roll that way themselves. He is also overly into “drama,” as with his Korean ex-girlfriend.

AO'CV may end up winning with a lower percentage of the vote than Fitial. (!)

We need an instant run-off for Mayor and Senator.

Anonymous said...

Nobody keeping the brown man down on this island except other brown men.

Recent reports of arrests and ongoing investigations indicate that no... your colonial masters aren't planning on leaving anytime soon and are in fact about to increase their presence here draamatically. Perhaps you should consider a relocation to some place where the brown men are proud and free.

Chuuk? Nukuoro? Bangladesh?

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong for a person with homosexual inclinations to enter a traditional male/female marriage, as long as one can live chastely, reserving sex for one's spouse.

In fact, this is what the Church encourages.

Men find that lesbians make excellent wives, and many women are attracted to and marry gay men.

People with these tendencies deserve our compassion and support, not any unjust discrimination whatsoever.

In addition to the few promiscuous gays, the CNMI has a much larger population of low-key, non-flamboyant folk of this nature who appreciate the tolerance and respect the Marianas and the Church display for all people, while not endorsing “disordered” conduct.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Noni 11:17..Brad is certainly the closet type, but I am not sure about Angelo. Harry Blalock is a perfect example of a gay married man. He does his gay activities when he goes off to places like Philippines and Thailand.

Anonymous said...


Whose Hooks? said...

If Roman Benavente is going to trust John Gourley to help him get elected, Angelo should just go ahead and take the oath of office now.

Notice how Gourley's anonymous comment has a backdoor illusion to opening up the CNMI to foreign fishing vessels?

What a douche bag.

So does Benavente support Gourley in his quest to sell our ocean off to the highest bidder?

Guess he's not a fisherman

bradinthesand said...

wow, nice to know i still have an anonymous stalker in the community.

thanks, noni. i guess that mean that i'm officially famous.

just to clear things up, i don't think i'm any better than anyone, especially not because of race or culture.

people who know me know that. i guess you'll never know because you're too afraid to stand behind your words by leaving your name on a blog, much less find me and share your opinions face-to-face.

stalkers are after all cowards by definition.

have a great night, cupcake.

g00$e said...

I haven't seen any Angelo bota signs on the side of the road yet. What are the other Mayoral wannabes about? What's the Flores guy's angle, or the lady who's signs are all co-located with Fitial/Inos'? How about Taman?

Communication Breakdown? said...

it's a shame that you thought this way :(

pss actually had its health walk headquarters at oleai bar and grill and had two volunteers and a cooler at the its turn around point at 13 fisherman's pala pala.

much like pss, angelo planed for and publicized his 5km family fun walk and run.

both of the pss volunteers and the large group angelo's supporters shared the shelter while it was raining at 5am.

when the rain let up, both of the pss volunteers moved their cooler outside to offer the walkers water out on the sidewalk.

one of the pss volunteers politely asked if one of campaign signs could be moved so as not to appear as a pss-sanctioned rally.

the sign was moved immediately with a smile and an apology for any inconvenience.

throughout the morning, angelo and his supporters provided the pss staff with water (and in some cases t-shirts) when they passed by and offered food to the volunteers.

one of his supporters also ran with one of the pss volunteers' kids.

that doesn't sound like someone being an asshole to me.

there may have been a lack of communication, and i'm sure that angelo would appreciate the opportunity assuage your disappointment with this morning's events.

Anonymous said...

I've had to work with Angelo on several Beautify CNMI projects this year. He can be a real asshole, but at least he's an asshole who makes things happen. Just pick up the newspaper once in a while. Chances are he's in it.

He's not getting his picture taken signing sister city accords, either. He's planting trees and organizing cleanups.

He's got my vote and if you care about CNMI he should have yours, too.

Anonymous said...

So pick up trashes you can be mayor. This Angela Villagomez guy get on my nerves I mean common what are you wanting to change but look at mayor office is useless! Common sense is saying a mayor office is a useless office but Angela Villagomez is wanting to do a mayor job for picking up trashes but his already doing that with the beatify cnmi! This guy making no sense until he run for mayor and where is the monument job his promising to the people?

a voter for change said...

angelo 's efforts will bring about a new era of change to the mayor's office and he will change the way people think about the mayor's job.

angelo will be the first mayor who doesn't sit on his ass and collect a paycheck.

he's already proven that he gets things done without receiving any money for his hard work.

everyone on saipan knows his name and face because he constantly gets recognition for all that he does in the community.

once elected, angelo will continue getting things done on saipan.

-you won't read about hundreds of thousands of dollars being spent on travel.

-you won't see a complete replacement of personnel in the mayor's office that only installs his family members.

-you won't see a mayor who just shows up at events for free food & beer and to take credit for supporting the event.

watch how much money will be spent during tomorrow's rally at the garapan fishing base.

the covenant party has already spent more on that party than it has on the villages in the past four years.

there will be lots of beer and lots of empty promises. while they'll get you drunk, angelo gets things done.

Anonymous said...

He get things done when he get paid like the PEW job paid him for the marine monument. Empty promises. Another politician but at least he's cute.

go mangelo! said...

he's never been paid by beautify cnmi!

and whether or not you like the monument, pew knew who to go to to get things done too!

Anonymous said...

Bitter Ed?

Anonymous said...

Anybody knows what ever happened to Bitter Ed? I heard that he finally became a full fledge OBN...He is like a cameleon, don't he??

Anonymous said...

Let's give praise to Governor Fitial for hiring a personal bodyguard and driver to sell "ice" while using the governor's car.

Pete Reyes isn't going to jail though. He has a serious heart condition. Maybe it's because he is smoking ice?

The good news is that he is employed by DPS and hasn't been fired yet and the CNMI government will be paying for his medical referral for his heart problem caused by his ice abuse.

Let it BE my ass. Get this corrupt governor out of office. By the way, nice to see Rep. Oscar Babauta's son get busted for immigration fraud. Wonder if he will get off on a heart problem too.

Using the governor's car to sell ice during work hours. Maybe now we know how the Covenant Party always has money. Bwahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Angelo. He isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. He won't hire his relatives. He won't be flying around the world first class.

What he will do is beautify the CNMI even more than ever because he will have the resources to do it and he will boost tourism. Imagine, a young and intelligent mayor! Can the CNMI handle such a thing? We will find out November 7.

Biba si Angelo Villagomez for Mayor!

Anonymous said...

Youth + Intelligence + Integrity = Angelo. Biba ANGELO!

Anonymous said...

The Covenant Party is using drug money to fund their campaign. Ever wonder why Fitial won't support the DEA Drug Task Force on Saipan? Now we know the answer.

Anonymous said...

The Covenant Party is full of iceheads and crooks. Fitial surrounds himself with criminals, from his former second in command Timmy V to his drug dealing driver and bodyguard Pete Reyes to his close personal friend Jack Abramoff. Ben Tan serves his master Willie Tan. He is faithful to his master Willie. Too bad Ben Tan isn't faithful to his wife.

Anonymous said...

Let it BE ICE!

Anonymous said...

The Fitial administration belongs in prison. Let it BE!

Glen's Minions said...

It is clear, then, what Bitter Ed has been up to. HA!

Angelo is unlikely to get his endorsement, or that of Glen Hunter. If Tina endorses, it will be too late to matter. They're probably too scared to say anything other than about the Senate race.

Anonymous said...

Why vote for Angelo when he lied to us about the PEW monument? He will lie like a politician to become mayor and get paid to pick up trash. He don't even do it.

Anonymous said...

The lack of civility in this thread demonstrates what is wrong with CNMI public discourse.

Manscaper said...

It's only going to get worse as Saturday, 7 November 2009 draws nigh.

Politics in the CNMI is quite dysfunctional.

Apropos of “MAngelo,” is he into manscaping?

Anonymous said...

Angelo rolls more toward a tangelo or pomelo.

What a fruit!

Just Asking said...

So what's the deal with Heinz and his secretary? Just a rumor or the real deal?

Terry Fox said...

Ed dude, you fucken lost it bro. You can't really think that the Covenant party is funded by ice money.

So you don't like the way that local government is run--we get that. We got that last year, Ed.

But to say that the Governor was in on the drug action because his ice smoking driver got busted is ridiculous.

People aren't going to buy into that one. Keep talking about it all you like but you're off the deep end, par.

Is this the kind of campaigning you promised to lend the Republicans this campaign?

You're making them look just as bad for hiring you. I'm not saying I want to let it BE, but I know that I'm getting a good HA, HA, HA out of your tactics.

Keep yourself together, kuya. It's just an election season. Win or lose come November, people will remember your rantings long after your boy Danny Aquino loses his race.

Anonymous said...

Only two gubernatorial teams “HA BE” a realistic chance at election. Who will the other camps support in the run-off?

As for the mayor, the winner will get a lower percentage than Fitial got last time as governor.

Poll Check said...

Maybe, but there won't be a lot of votes going to Tony Muna, marian Tudela or Candi Taman.

Roman should scoop up a bunch of votes and Lino should get a bunch of family support.

Donald Flores will get a few as well.

The funny thing is that all of them combined haven't done as much for the CNMI as Angelo has in the past four years.

Whose Clams are They? said...

What involvement, if any, does Angelo still have with PEW. Will they continue to call the shots if he is elected? Is he receiving contributions (or any other forms of 'compensation') from PEW during the campaign? If elected will he be beholden to their agenda in repayment for favors received?

PEW recently paid for a trip to the monument for Angelo and several others. What other perks, if any, have been promised?

Please enlighten us, Angelo.

Anonymous said...

Vote for Angelo. He will finally get a job.

mean people suck said...

Blogs suck. Bunch of mean comments and attacks on Angelo and his supporters. These people need to clean their mouths out with soap!

Anonymous said...

Ben Tan knows how to surround himself with great people. Flame Sako, Jack Abramoff, Willie Tan, Tim Villagomez, and now his icehead driver and bodyguard Pete Reyes. Keep up the good work Unku Ben.

Anonymous said...

These blogs represent just a tiny non-representational sample of our community, perhaps a few dozen folk talking with each other.

Count the common Facebook friends of Angelo, Tina, and maybe Joe Camacho.

So what is the meaning of the current gubernatorial poll?

40.0% Heinz and Arnold
30.4% Ben and Eloy
12.0% Juan Pan and Joe
2.4% Ramon and David
15.2% Undecided

That would depend on the sample size of the polls, whether they are limited to the minute blogosphere or are more representative than that.

The computer users might be more inclined to "change" for its own sake, while those without may be more pragmatic and would support ongoing sustained effort to address our times of trouble.

Anonymous said...

Why do mean people attack someone like Angelo who has the guts to run for mayor? He has consistently done great things for the environment, from Beautify CNMI! to working with environmentalists and concerned citizens in establishing a marine monument that embraces CONSERVATION! He is involved with PAWS and is an ANIMAL LOVER and will certainly establish an animal shelter. Angelo will also be the first mayor to stop passing the buck and he will pick up dead carcasses, even if he has to do it himself. This is the type of person Angelo is.

Mean people come on to the blog and say vile things about Angelo without ever owning up to it. If you are going to say something negative, at least have the courage to own up to it.

Anonymous said...

40.0% Heinz and Arnold
30.4% Ben and Eloy
12.0% Juan Pan and Joe
2.4% Ramon and David
15.2% Undecided

9/28/2009 6:14 PM

Since yesterday, the numbers have moved a bit:

39.8% Heinz and Arnold (-.2%)
31.3% Ben and Eloy (+.9%)
11.7% Juan Pan and Joe (-.3%)
2.3% Ramon and David (-.1%)
14.8% Undecided (-.4%)

The race has tightened somewhat among the two real pairs of contenders, with people not wanting to “waste” their vote.

Note the inherent bias in the poll in that only 1-1/2 of the four teams have first names used. I'm sure HA would like to avoid the runoff if possible. Imagine if BE place second in the general but come back to win the run-off!

Make your first vote count.

Anonymous said...

"Ah, now we see the violence inherent in the system." (Name that movie).

Yes, that would BE correct. Make that first vote count. Let it be for BE.

Anonymous said...

Let it be for Ben again? Only if you are retarded or your job depends on Ben will you vote for Satan's right hand man. Hell no to Ben again. Ben again? Not in this lifetime. Ben again? Never again? Ben again? Only if you like Jack Abramoff, Tim Villagomez, James Santos, Pete Reyes, and crooks and drug dealers and Flame Sako and the Triads. Ben again? Never again!

Anonymous said...

Ben again? Are you fuckin kidding? Did you listen to this dumb ass in the retirement forum tonight? Ben could find his dick in a can of vienna sausages. Ben attracts thugs and crooks. Ben was Willie Tan's liason to poker and garment which left the CNMI broken. Ben again? Never again!

Anonymous said...

Ask Ben Tan why his bodyguard and driver got a gun without any formal training. Ben Tan blames it on the feds! Ben Tan will burn in hell for eternity for his sins and his wealthy Willie Tan master savior can't drop an ounce of water to quench his thirst because Master Willie will soon be joining him along with all the rest of the crooks that screwed us.

Anonymous said...

Riddle riddle: what did Ben Tan say when he crossed the road? Master Willie, tell me when to cross because I can't think for myself!

Let It BE! said...

Comments like the past three show how desperate Bitter Ed and the HA Team are about the resurgence of folks wanting to just Let It BE.

During times of trouble we need an experienced hand on the tiller.

Ben has saved the Retirement Fund by closing the Defined Benefit Plan as of 2006. He saved us from the terrible CUC power outages -- remember those? -- caused by decades of neglect. He and Eloy have reduced the size of government more than any other Administration in CNMI history, while avoiding mass lay-offs to preserve the social safety net.

They balanced the budget for the first two fiscal years, and only the Legislature's refusal to enact austerity measures left the third year a bit short.

But even that displays one of Ben's great strengths -- a willingness to do the right thing rather than the popular thing or the expedient thing.

Yes, there have been some crooks on his team, but that has been a function of their prevalence on Saipan, rather than his own integrity -- which is impeccable.

He does not hesitate to shake up the Cabinet when needed and it was his own OAG who referred the OPA Rydlyme case to the FBI.

Ben is an experienced manager and leader. He is tough, firm, and honest.

We have gotten our tax rebates every year.

Changing governors every four years since 1989 is what's gotten us into this mess.

You don't have to be a Fitial brown-noser or employee to recognize that we shouldn't throw the baby out with the bath water. We need to keep people like Mike Ada, Tony Muna, Sylvan Igisomar, Ed Buckingham, Frank Rabauliman, Esther Flemming, and so many of the good managers the BE Administration has in place.

Heinz will make a great Governor in 2013.

99.95% with you said...

...well, maybe not Sylvan.

red ink said...

Nothing new: the government owes millions to vendors and that doesn't shop up on the balance sheet.

CNMI government as social safety net. Wow. Just wow.

Anonymous said...

It's certainly not optimal, but everyone reading this thread knows that public sector job-creation has historically been one of the CNMI government's unspoken purposes, going back to the TTPI era, including in the Mayor's Office. This cannot continue -- and the CNMI government needs to join Social Security.

Like Kilili, Angelo gets along well with supporters of Heinz and Ben alike (and Juan Pan and Ramon).

Anonymous said...

Heinz will win with 40% in the 1st run and about 60% (perhaps 58 or 59%) in the run-off over Fitial.

Jack Mihaville said...

LOL @ perhaps 58-59%.

g00$e said...

Fitial's integrity impeccable?

Well, there's the $600K he took from GTC Elementary to fund his pal Jerry's football stadium. His (and Brad's) contention that football would bring untold riches to the CNMI don't bear out, as quick visits to Manchester, Madrid, Sao Paulo any other football powerhouse city would quickly prove.

And for all his and Rita's very publicly spun 'Santa Claus' promises he hasn't returned a dime of the money, resulting in some very real hardships for the GTC students and faculty this year.

Though to see much integrity in any of it.

KAP said...

Good point G&nder, that one really bugged me-- tho we did and still do get a lot of publicity out of the Irish Olympic team. Of course, their prima donna threw his fit because he thought the facilities were bad.

Seriously, I don't mind soccer facilities. They're a good thing, just not more important than GTC.

Geoduck said...

Looks like Angelo has clammed up on the subject of whether he is still in the pay of PEW or not as asked in a previous request sent a few days ago. See below:

Whose Clams are They? said...

What involvement, if any, does Angelo still have with PEW? Will they continue to call the shots if he is elected? Is he receiving contributions (or any other forms of 'compensation') from PEW during the campaign? If elected will he be beholden to their agenda in repayment for favors received?

PEW recently paid for a trip to the monument for Angelo and several others. What other perks, if any, have been promised?

Please enlighten us, Angelo.

9/28/2009 10:46 AM

bradinthesand said...


my point on the soccer complex is that it would bring us one step closer to our fifa membership which comes with $300,000/yr in financial assistance from soccer's global governing body.

that would be the only sport in the marianas that brings in that kind of money to help with the youth program.

if done right, there would be potential for pro or national clubs to train here but there's no guarantee of that.

of course, the school was the priority over any athletic facility, as it should've been.

the money still found its way to gtc for the school repairs, as the guv said it would. it just came from a different place.

g00$e said...

I know Brad. I'm a football freak too, though a bit creaky in the knees these days. Just jabbin'- you been kind of quiet lately.

Anonymous said...

So who are the leading contenders for Mayor?

Roman Benavente?

For sure it's not Juan S. Demapan! Talk about bona fide crooks . . . .

Anonymous said...

if forced to make a call, i'd say that the race will come down to roman and angelo, with the others going down as "also-rans.".

it'll be close but i think the people will opt for the fresh face instead of the perennial government hire.

Cap said...

Angelo does more for this island in one year than all the other candidates have done in their lives.

g00$e said...

Yup. And for some reason it seems to piss a lot of people off.

Anonymous said...

No one likes a know-it-all. He needs to tone it down a little, to relate to the average man.

Anonymous said...

tone it down? should that read "dumb it down?" for the average caveman?

g00$e said...

That's kind of been a problem for Angelo, the Monument crowd, and to a large extent Tina.

I'm not sure 'caveman' is appropriate but sometimes Angelo, Tina and the rest of the island's political intelligentsia forget that the folks living in the corrugated tin shacks count too- alot. They may not be highly educated or hip to fashionable political or social trends, but they are the backbone of local culture, society and politics, and indications are that they are just as hungry for change as their more polished, Americanized fellow citizens.

The 'Bradah-bradahs' I hang out with are surprisingly astute politically, and recognize (and understandably resent) being talked down to or worse, being excluded from the dialog altogether for being a bit rough around the edges. Still, the 'Real Change' so many clamor for won't ever occur without these folks support.

They are a significant, untapped political resource that no one other than Greg seems to have recognized.

Anonymous said...

why don't angelo and tina get along?

White thrash said...

Maybe they can't agree who should be on top. What's that got to do with the price of Rhydlime?

Anonymous said...

Because Glen (over a dozen years older than Tina) is extraordinarily jealous about her -- a domestic violence case waiting to happen.

Angelo dislikes intimidation.

Anonymous said...

So it turns out the cowardly scumbag who hides his identity under the name pragmatic plato is actually glen hunter. It is fitting that the backbiting weasel who misnamed his phony on-line persona after a thinker turns out to be the actual backbiting weasel glen hunter.
Enjoy being outed, glen.
I wonder if you bothered to ask your boss at Pacific Trading if it was okay with him to spearhead a boycott of one of his own customers? Something tells me that the weasel in you won out on this one and that your moral cowardice caused you to ‘forget’ to mention that to him. Why don’t you run on over to his office and fess up before the word gets back to him that you are a traitor to your own company? It will go easier on you that way.
As the common law wife of Rep Tina Sablan I’m wondering if she has pussy whipped you to the point that you just can’t own up to your own opinions by putting your name on them or if you were just as big a moral coward before she met you? By the way, that effete Communist Che beret is the perfect topper for you.
May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your mother’s underwear.

Glen Hunter said...

To everyone,

Here is a letter I sent to Perry this morning which contains my feelings on the issue as well as some back story in the emails sent prior that may explain Bruce Bateman's animosity towards me as well as my response to his online news story on his blog. I don't care to have this take up anyone's time more than it already has. If Bruce has issue with me than it is best that he keep that issue aimed at me. Only cowards attack people's loved ones rather than the person they are truly upset with.


Good Morning Perry,

More disturbing online commentary has been posted by your Marketing Manager, Bruce Bateman --- http://saipanuvian.blogspot.com/2009/10/1-moral-coward-outed-1-maybe.html .

There is nothing wrong in my mind with openly sharing your opinion on various ideas and happenings. What strikes me as completely inappropriate is a person in that position making crude and vile online public comments about specific individuals in the community (Tina Sablan, Gloria Hunter, Roberta Guerrero, etc). I will accept any personal insults he hurls at me and my character and reply to them directly but he serves no good purpose attacking others.

As you can see by this post he made similar disgusting comments that he denied making in the past:

I realize we all have much bigger things to worry about at this moment but his public commentary should once again be placed in check. His is a website that not only contains his name and a link to MVA online presence but the blog name itself contains the island he should be marketing to the world in the best possible light.

Glen Hunter

PS: For your review here is my personal response to Bruce regarding the online blog that is referenced above:

Bruce Bateman,

I have paid a visit to the pragmaticplato.blogpot.com. I find it extremely flattering that you are associating the writings on this blog with me. I will gladly take credit for the works contained on this blog. I am sure the true author would not mind. This blog appears to have been set up in an attempt to shed light on certain topics and provide a different view on the many issues that had been plaguing our islands. It appears that much of what is set forth in the blog relies heavily on factual evidence and refutes a lot of the common propaganda. It looks to be a personal blog but it is not about the person named Plato but about the ideas that are articulated.

I could care less who you think I am or who anyone thinks I am. I speak my mind openly on any subject when I feel like it. When I choose to speak on a topic, I do not do so in order to gain anyone's favor. I do not care whether my beliefs are shared by others. I follow the various sources of information and misinformation, and I engage people in conversation when I feel like doing so. Sometimes I send off emails. Sometimes I talk directly to people. At times I post comments online, and almost all of my comments online are posted anonymously. My posts always revolve around the issue at hand. I do not create alter egos that state things I would not say to anyone in person and I don't create characters that profess ideas or beliefs that run contrary to my own. I do not ever fear that by sharing my opinions I would be jeopardizing my job.

I called and told your boss at MVA last year after you posted some similarly crude and disgusting stuff online that you had some serious issues. It appears that has not changed.

Glen Hunter

Anonymous said...

damn. glen ripped bruce a new hole.


Anonymous said...

Glen has zero chance at elective office, which is why he acts by proxy (through Tina) and posts anonymously.

We can all see why Angelo is not actively courting a Glen Hunter/Tina Sablan endorsement, given the old man's vindictiveness and extreme anger management issues.

But Angelo, gentleman that he is, would probably not reject their endorsement if offered.

Anonymous said...

BOYCOTT PORKY'S! The only thing right about this place is the name. None more fitting could describe the peice of shit bruce bateman is.

-Glen Hunter revolving around the issues at hand

Anonymous said...

BOYCOTT PORKY'S! The only thing right about this place is the name. None more fitting could describe the peice of shit bruce bateman is.

-Glen Hunter revolving around the issues at hand

Anonymous said...

These are direct quotes from Bruce Bateman that were publically posted on the internet and readily available for viewing by anyone online:

(most recent comment refering to former MVA board member) "Thanks, Jeff. Is the person who actually saw this available for verification questions? Before I unleash on this scum sucking lowlife, I want to be sure I have the right shithead in the crosshairs before I pull the literary trigger.

(insinuating that this incident was between himself and former MVA board member) "Oh, Did I mention that she sucked my dick while crying out OH, Porks, give it to me again!! She then went on to say,"I just love the taste of that porcine cholesteral." I didn't really get a good look at her face...it was a bit distended. I can neither confirm nor deny an identity."

"I sure hope you don't practice your known penchant for child molestation on the little ones as your mom must have done on you. Those kids must really be proud of a scum sucker like you with lots to say, as long as it is said from behind a rock. Do you fuck 'em in the ass knucklehead like your dad fucked you?"

"You've won a mouthful of sperm. Come over and collect."

"I also pay your sister to suck my dog off."

"I have heard from a respected source that Pee Pee's Mom is a sodomite and does it with goats. Yes, goats."

(On Martin Luther King, and those who fight for justice) "You'll find' that the news space generated by a policeman's club or by a counter protester's fist makes the story last a lot longer. Of course it is what King et al desire...the marchers are dupes, always are always have been, always will be. The leadership of protests like this are ever eager to call for peaceful protest and secretly finagle and plot to incite a bit of violence to generate sympathy for the cause."

(On the poor man who set himself on fire out of desperation) "Let's give the fellow who set himself on fire down at the Labor Department a job as the security guard there. I can think of no better person. In addition to training him to be a good all-around guard (after the bandages are off) just think of the deterrent factor that looking at this guy and his self-scarred face will engender."

"Is that the same 4 year old you were fucking out back of your trailer house last week, knucklehead? Was that your daughter or your cousin?"

"That was a 4 year old girl you were touching, knuckles. I'm a bit more grizzled."

(On the Unity March) "Maybe if they are lucky, protest march organizers will get a small act of violence to splash on front pages."

(On the Unity March) "I would save the marching shoe leather and spend my time trying to be useful to my employer so as to be renewed. If not renewed, they will be heading home...not something they want to do apparently."

"Isn't that snake oil dribbling from around your dick filled mouth"

"Yours are the same 30 or 40 repeated ceaslessly, dick licker."

"The only bank you've ever been close to is a cum bank, while they pumped out your ass.."

"My dog could argue that point better than you do, asshole. So go fuck yourself, as no one else is likely to."

"What a useless lowlife cunt you are. Bend over, I've got some 'giddy' for you, right here"

"I think maybe your mom was fuckin' yellow, cancerous chickens."

"keep beating your meat and maybe you'll get better"

"You are just hot air and chicken cum"

A call for a Boycott of his business seems like an awfully tame response to such vile statements.

Anonymous said...

Glen Hunter for Governor!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


lots of info at this site.

nice try on taking a quote out of context and attributing it to Glen Hunter.

oh well, end result is the same; well deserved boycott and excellent results.

Anonymous said...

lol @ Noni 1:32 PM.

you scoured Pragmatic Plato's blog and that is the best you could turn up as far as a claim that the writings were not issue driven?

try giving Saipanuvian a look and you will have a hard time weeding through the BS to get to something even closely associated to issues at hand.


Anonymous said...

If Bruce gets fired he'll go back to his old job of stealing copper wire. Thanks, Glen.

Glen for Governor!

Anonymous said...

Run, Glen, Run!

Anonymous said...

He has more chance than Kumoi.

Anonymous said...

noni 2:53pm:

too funny. although even bruce may have more of a chance than kumoi :-)

but you are right. with the pack that are running right now he'd be a front runner.

Anonymous said...

what is funny is how important it is to bruce and those other guys to find out who plato, lil, yapper and the rest of them are. who really cares? i do miss their writings. they all had some good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Outers are mean vindictive people.
Mean people suck.

Anonymous said...

This general decline in blogger civility is exemplified by none other than Glen Hunter himself. He repeatedly (and often successfully) loves to "out" commenters who -- even though most of us know who they are from their writing style or prior admissions/ non-denials -- prefer the focus to be on issues, not personalities or themselves. Perhaps because of the very real possibilities of retribution.

Such disrespect has consequences, one of which is to silence such voices, or discourage them from consistently using even pseudonymous user names.

Gresham's Law: Bad money drives out good.

Anonymous said...

Noni 3:29pm:

Do you realize the flaw in your own logic?

You state: "This general decline in blogger civility is exemplified by none other than Glen Hunter himself." You then go on to state how "outting" is a tool used by Glen to silence others.

What in essence you are doing is attaching Mr Glen Hunter's name to anonymous comments and blogs in an effort to silence those anonymous commentors.

Not only is your logic ass-backwards but it holds no water when Mr. Hunter himself says that he is flattered to be accused of being Pragmatic Plato.

My Law: If you can not debate publicly on issues at hand without reverting to personal attacks that do not have any bearing on the issue then don't.

My Second Law: If you fear "very real possibilities of retribution" than don't hide behind anonymous blogs and hurl insults.

My Third Law: If you care not if you are "outted" but don't care to assign your name to a comment, more power to you.

Anonymous said...

Noni 3:29pm,

The only one who has trouble sticking to issues rather than attacking third parties that have nothing to do with the issues are the outted folks who fear retribution for their petty personal attacks on innocent by-standards. If someone like you, GB, had already associated your anonymous online pen name to your real person than what complaint do you have when another anonymous blogger simply refreshes people's memories when you are attacking innocent people that are not even engaged in the debate?

KAP said...

Angels on the head of a pin, hall of mirrors...

Anonymously attacking an anonymous person because they anonymously...

I noticed a couple of threats on PP's site. And Bruce, sigh; his comments that somebody compiled and saved (those that I remember) were aimed at people who were trying to destroy his livelihood. I wouldn't have said them, I'm sorry he did, but I sure understand where he was coming from. I argue with him all of the time and never get anything close to that stuff.

Nony 3:40 is pretty close. We're all big people here, I think. If you go out on a limb, someone's bound to come along with a saw. I visited lil's site all of the time, checked in on PP too. They posted a lot of things I wouldn't have said.

The Golden Rule is also a warning.

BTW: this is posted on an anonymous site. Nice people, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Glen is costing Tina precious votes.

Anonymous said...

There are some violent dudes around here.

Dogmatic Dildo said...

Looks like the hunter became the prey.

Turnabout is fair play. Yes it's true that Glen Hunter's online persona is Pragmatic Plato.

His arrogance did him in this time as he sent an email to the paper with the address:


Must have been tough to set that account up with Blogger but it must have been tougher calling people names without fear for retribution.

Anonymity is a veil, but that veil just got lifted, Glen.

Curious how your boss feels about you sabotaging one of PTC's customers.

Curious how you plan to talk you way out of your radical calls for a revolt in the Marianas.

Curious how you emailed Bruce's boss rather than challenge him directly.

Curious how the true coward behind the beard emerged.

Curious how Ed is still in the background pumping you up through anonymous pats on the back.

Curious how blogging got so lame one you entered the arena.

Anonymous said...

Ain't IP addresses wonderful?

Glen is a major conspiracy theorist who has serious psychological issues ("I am the Law"), so please don't be too tough on him. He needs support and understanding, not accountability for the vicious attacks he has made against so many on Saipan's blogs -- the worst of the OBN with new technology. Change? HA!

Birds of a feather flock together.

Four weeks and a wake-up to the election.

If Fitial makes the run-off, he should thank Glen and Bitter Ed.

Anonymous said...

Noni 5:49pm,

I think you need to reread what has been posted. neither Plato nor Glen ever claimed to be "the law". That was Ben Fitial. He said that on the floor of the House when he was the sitting speaker. To be accurate he said he "WAS THE RULE".


So if Fitial "makes the run-off" it will be voters like you that have short term amnesia to blame. :-)

Dumb A**!

Bota Bud Instead said...

Bota Heinz-Arnold if you want a job done Half-Assed!

Biba si Batemaniac! said...

"If you are ready to come to aid of your brothers and sisters --- If you are ready to rid these islands of these pitiful government looters --- If you are willing to break this cycle of abuse --- If you are ready and willing to become part of CNMI History --- Then email me ( pragmaticplato@gmail.com ).

What will we do?

* We will converse
* We will exchange ideas
* We will plan
* We will act
* We will all bring about change


And who sends and receives emails from this account?

Glen Hunter

Anonymous said...

I'm ready. I sent Plato an email. We have been revolting for over a year now. It is a slow process but it is making headway. The first part of the Revolt is to refute all propagandist elements publicly.

Here is a link to that full post and the comments that followed:




P.S.: Noni 7:30pm, it appears that you are having a terrible time coming up with anything even remotely damning on the Plato site. Heck if Glen ever decides he doesn't want to keep the Plato site that Bruce has assigned to him, I will gladly take it :-)

Anonymous said...

GH, you've been SERVED!

Missing Plato said...

GH has just been serve a great compliment. I would love to be accused of being the author of Pragamtic Plato's works. They are by far some of the greatest written works in regards to issues in the CNMI. They are factual, blunt, informative, query driven and very engrossing reads. I thank everyone for reminding me about Pragmatic Plato. I have just spent a good hour and a half reading back through some of his old blog posts.

Come back Plato! Your absence is greatly missed.

Come back Lil hammerhead!

Come back Glenn D.!

Come back Yapper!

Plato said...

I want to be Plato.

Hmm... gonna beat Plato to the punch and start punching out "I AM PRAGMATIC PLATO" t-shirts!

Buy 'em now!

i'll buy a shirt! said...

this second half of the thread is hilarious, if somewhat absurd.

who really cares who all the noni bloggers are? i sure don't.

i would love a shirt though. where can i place my order? (i don't care WHO'S selling 'em, hehe.)


i'll buy a shirt! (p.s.) said...

here's a thought:

what if the crazed accusers (anonymous or not) "outing" their anonymous blogger critics are...


... or right?

does it change anything?

does it matter?

does anyone care (besides the crazy guys)?

oh well. i STILL want that shirt. ;-)

keep it up plato said...

here is another thought, why do the "accusers" and "outters" only seem to find fault with those anonymous posters that oppose their viewpoints? i see many people who post anonymously on all these blogs (saipanuvian, jetapplicant, mvariety, etc) that agree with the blog author. the blog owners don't get mad at the anonymous poster and tell them to identify themselves. why is that? also if someone does not want anonymous comments it is very possible to simply not allow anonymous posts. also if you are not going to want anonymous comments or any comments that oppose your views than why on earth are you publicly posting your own views? keep them to yourself.

when i attend forums many times the comments and questions are anonymously written on cards that doesn't make them bad. also many people that i don't know in life put their real names on comments on the internet. i don't know them even though they put their real names. does that make their comments bad? should we only care or listen to comments from people that identify themselves and that we know personally? if that is the case what about all the text books we read? what about the wisdom we get from many anonymous texts we still have with us today? what about all the formulas that were developed by people we don't know or will never know? are these bad too?

forget the name and the person. stick to the issue.

i have read plato's site. he sticks to the issues. event the boycott issue he stuck to. others attacked him and his anonymity. that was their shortfall not his.

keep it up plato!

Anonymous said...

i just started reading this plato site. it is great. how did i miss this?

Anonymous said...

Who is this guy?

"If you are ready to come to aid of your brothers and sisters --- If you are ready to rid these islands of these pitiful government looters --- If you are willing to break this cycle of abuse --- If you are ready and willing to become part of CNMI History --- Then email me ( pragmaticplato@gmail.com ).

What will we do?

We will converse
We will exchange ideas
We will plan
We will act
We will all bring about change



Do remember that Plato didn't invent anonymity. Anonymity goes back to the Bible. =)

Anonymous said...

I want credit for penning this:

"What we need in post-revolutionary CNMI is a smaller government. We are still spending more today in government expenditures than we did in 2001 even given the exodus of the garment factories, declines in tourism, increases in fuel rates, etc.

There is no reason that we should be spending $160 million dollars of local funds and $70 million of federal funds to operate a government for a population of 50,000 people. That is almost $5K a year per person.

- Overall reduction in force within the government. Do away with duplication of offices and services.
- Part Time Legislature or a unicameral at-large body. With no more discretionary funds so long as the LB exists or visa versa.
-Abolish municipal councils or Mayors’ offices (one or the other and reduce size)
- End to sole sourced contracts
- Cut all existing special interest contracts with consultants and lobbying firms that the administration has entered into.
- A privatized CUC with proper gov't oversight. Brought about through some type of receivership and open bidding process done on a global scale.
- Immediately review all contracts (sole sourced) within the last ten years and investigate them thoroughly.
- Prosecute any wrongdoers to the fullest extent of the law.
- Restore the Retirement fund by ceasing all current aversions of payments to the funds and begin paying back in what was taken.
- Sole Focus of the Government to be on reviving the CNMI as a tourist destination. Map out a plan and adhere to it.
- Immediately grant some type of improved status and petition the US to grant green cards to existing guest workers. Put an end to the guest worker program immediately.
- Put to vote the abolishment of Article XII

I could go on but for now those are some important things I would personally like to see. I am only one mind among many and I am very open to other ideas or changes to some of my posted suggestions.



PLATO for Governor!

g00$e said...

I been back tracing IP's and found that the last couple days worth of this thread was put up by that Tudela lady in an effort to redirect focus away from Angelo's mayoral bid.

Plato's take on the local political situation manifests his gift of sarcasm but he's yet to hone it to full potential. The posted quote above however, especially pertaining to restoring the retirement fund to viability, prosecuting wrongdoers to the fullest extent of the law, and investigating sole source contracts indicates that he's working on it- maybe.

Anonymous said...

Glen sent an email under his name to the Variety with a Pragmatic Plato address. He is also a beer marketer who tried to put a client/bar out of business under cover. He has been rude and personal to people, practically a stalker, and he has done it under cover. I think people will enjoy him squirming, and his assocation with Tina will only help her be even less able to accomplish much in her job. He's both a huge liability and a dickhead.

tagapalooza said...

look deeper into glen hunter's plato site and you'll see more than just the issues.

i like his takes on the issues. what i don't like is his anonymous name calling.

look at it and see what a juvenile attitude he brought about beneath the cover of anonymity.

glen would be brave to say what he feels but is bravery defined by calling names without the courage to show one's face?

you decide.

Glen Hunter said...

Dear Tina,

I cheat on you. Ask around.



Where's The List? said...

Not that I doubt that Glen cheats on Tina, but where's the list? Do you have any names? Dates? Times? Performance reports?

Pamela Mathis said...

Glen hunter gave me the best two minutes of my life.

Anonymous said...

Dude, that's not cool. Pamela has standards!

Taj Van Buren said...

I gave Glen Hunter the best 15 minutes of his life.

Anonymous said...

That's not very nice...

Anonymous said...

Who is Glen Hunter, anyway?

Ed Propst said...

I want Glen Hunter to give me the best two inches of my life.

Anonymous said...

Who is more likely to have sex with an immediate family member: Glen Hunter or Greg Cruz?

Anonymous said...


Robert Hunter said...

If I had a nickel for every time I went down on Glen Hunter I'd have enough to make a phone call.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey jerk, there's nothing wrong with two brothers getting it on!

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