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May 7, 2010

D'Sissy Ey! Reports....

Just to react on this report:
Saipan Tribune--DCCA: Improved status for nonresident workers will adversely impact programs

The Department of Community and Cultural Affairs believes that its federally funded programs will be adversely affected if the islands' nonresident workers are granted improved immigration status. Because of this, the department opposes the Interior Department's recommendations to Congress to consider granting improved immigration status to long-term alien workers in the Commonwealth, said DCCA Secretary Melvin Faisao. DCCA administers a number of need-based programs such as the Nutrition Assistance Program, or food stamp program; low-income housing energy assistance program; and child care development fund to assist poor children and families on the islands. In his report to Gov. Benigno R. Fitial yesterday, Faisao said that about half of the CNMI population lives below the U.S. poverty guidelines and the number is expected to jump because of the current economic state of the islands. “The overwhelming majority of the eligible alien workers in the CNMI also live below the U.S. poverty guidelines and thus would be eligible for participation in these need- based programs. This would create the result of substantially more people competing for a limited amount of money,” Faisao said. Any increase in the number of participants in these programs would be further exacerbated by foreign workers now being able to bring to the CNMI their family members, who also would be eligible for most of the benefits, he said. Faisao said granting U.S. citizenship to alien workers would have a devastating effect on the effectiveness of the aid provided by DCCA programs.

Don't you think the federal grant will double if the population of needy community members also increase? In time of the "approval" of the statuses of these foreign workers, I believe it's the department's responsibility that this need should be addressed accordingly to the Feds, right?

Ahhh....Issues. Issues. Issues....


Anonymous said...

No, these are "block grants."

They do not increase if the needy population increases. Territories are not treated like states in this regard (because territories don't pay federal income tax).

Getting any sort of increase from the federal agencies is a tedious and time-consuming operation. So, yes, any additional receipients will cause further hardship on the poorest of our poor.

Anonymous said...

Noni 8:38,

Logic would help you.

The foreign contract workers are workers. They work. They would not burden the system.

If they have US citizen kids here and they somehow fall below the poverty guidelines (due to our crazy low minimum wage and no free labor market) than guess what, smarty? They already receive welfare for their kids.

So your fear that they will impact Foodstamps (OMG is that really a fear... how far have we fallen?) is baseless and nonsensical.

Anonymous said...

If you haven't noticed, there are thousands of unemployed or underemployed "guest workers" just hanging on in hopes of a U.S. green card.

Anonymous said...

Really? Where? Where are your statistics?

Where are CNMI Labor links online to the statistics on Guest workers and foreigners in the CNMI?

Where is the open government and transparency crap you are throwing at the DOI report?

I have asked CNMI Labor & Immigration for 3 years for a breakdown of numbers or even just a BIG ROUND number of aliens in the CNMI.

Guess what, ass clown? NADA. Or as Kilili, says, natting!

They have produced no report, no statistic, no natting, that indicates how many Aliens, how many working, how many unemployed, how many years, etc.

CNMI labor and the rest of this government were and are lead by a bunch of imbeciles.

Anonymous said...

You who claim to know how to read, why not read the link to the GAO report in the first comment to the post above.

Near the end of their 16-page letter, Buckingham and Willens point out the hundreds of already deportable aliens that ICE has not removed.

Let alone those who have not yet been certified removable.

That is just the beginning. Or do you have your head in the sand and think there are no illegals here because that offends you somehow?

Illegals do not walk around with a sign on their backs. Statistics or no statistics.

The feds are failing badly on this responsibility.

Anonymous said...

"Buckingham and Willens point out the hundreds of already deportable aliens that ICE has not removed.

Let alone those who have not yet been certified removable.

That is just the beginning. Or do you have your head in the sand and think there are no illegals here because that offends you somehow?

Illegals do not walk around with a sign on their backs. Statistics or no statistics.

I did read it. I was APPALLED at the lack of data and the lack of statistics. But, I was not surprised.

I imagine that the Governor and Bucky are mad that they people they want thrown out are not being thrown out. That, after all, is the true reason for their angst and yours.

You, my dear, are losing control of your slaves. The slaves are being freed!

Tsk Tsk Tsk!

Shame! Shame! Shame!

Anonymous said...

Did you choose to just overlook this?

"An ICE official also told us that in late February 2010, he sent an inquiry regarding whether 214 aliens with pending deportation orders, referred to ICE by the CNMI Attorney General, had been granted valid work permits prior to November 28, 2009. According to ICE officials, by the end of March 2010, the CNMI Department of Labor had provided a blanket response that was insufficient to answer the inquiry."

Ah. Typical Fitially, Cinta and Bucky fashion!

Blanket response?! No statistics? No individual data? Natting?


Go put a ball up your...

Anonymous said...

great quote, noni 11:26am. i guess the posters above do not know how to read after all. talk about foot in mouth syndrome. of course they could simply be repeating lies to try and twist the truth.

not working with us not working with anyone else.

BUZZ! you lose! try again.

Anonymous said...

Nice attempt at misdirection.

This thread is about the serious adverse effects of granting permanent residence to thousands of poor, unskilled guest workers, not on how many illegals there are.

Good reading skills, friend!

Anonymous said...

If i am not mistaken with what I heard from the meeting at AMP Theater. In case, we long-term guest worker will be granted an improved status, then we are not qualified to received those aid or assistance such as food stamps, medicaid, etc. for a period of 5 yrs. In that case, if most of us are unemployed not now, i believe before the end of 5 yrs. we are already landed a job that we will not become a "BURDEN TO THE COMMUNITY". We are working hard to support our family. What do you think we are called "Long Term Guest Worker"?.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Activists Wendy L. Doromal, Pamela S. Brown, and Jane E. Mack will do everything in their power to ensure that this clear purpose of Public Law 110-229 is not fulfilled!

For them, Public Law 110-229 was not about homeland security and protecting American jobs for our people. It was about status.

“Green Cards for all!”

Anonymous said...

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