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Oct 5, 2010

Intoxicated Pedestrian Killed? How About the Driver?

A young man was hit and killed in the wee hours of the morning along Garapan Road because he was intoxicated and the driver of the car that bumped him off the road was ruled out by the police of not being drunk and not speeding.

The newspaper reported that the pedestrian(19 year-old Asian) had a high BAC level when he was hit along a non-major highway. Why is the angle of the story in the paper appears to be blaming the young man for being drunk while crossing the road?

The DPS ruled out speeding and DUI with the driver? Come on.

That road is not busy at that hour and it's not a highway. Wouldn't you stop if you see a pedestrian crossing the road. Let's say he appeared from nowhere, but when you're not speeding or not drunk, you wouldn't cause to kill him right? You could probably bruise him.

The driver according to the news is Chuukese. Rumors say that the Chuukese driver is actually Palauan and is connected to a former CNMI cop.

Go figure. It's an island.

For the news see Saipan Tribune.

Sep 14, 2010

The End Credits

Like most films it starts and ends with credits; but, in the CNMI it seems that when getting a federal financial funding it ends with who should get the proper credit for it.

News today says that the local administration is slamming the NMI representative for holding the credits all to himself for the federal grants and financial assistance the Mariana Islands has been receiving so far. Gov. Fitial said in the report, "Things are just not that simplistic and I challenge him to prove that the CNMI has received even a dollar to date because he simply asked for it.”

So this is the issue now? For real? Come on. Is it not enough that the CNMI people benefit from the whole thing? Or is the reason why this has come up is because the local admin is on outright support for the other candidate running against Kilili this upcoming election?

Just asking....

Sep 11, 2010

Don't Disconnnect Yet

Due to delays of government paydays some lawmakers implored to the Commonwealth Utilities Corp. to delay the disconnection process of government employees' power, water or wastewater at their homes.

Senators Ayuyu and Crisostimo according to reports said, "“We therefore request your consideration for government employees who, because their pay is delayed by up to a week, face disconnection. Should these employees request your assistance to temporarily prevent a disconnection, we ask you to work with these consumers to the greatest extent possible."

Ok. We can't blame these government employees to have delays since the CNMI has one of the most expensive utility fees in the world. Many of the residents here have been saving by not using their AC's that often anymore. Can you just imagine a 25 square feet condo unit or living space will have at least $275 CUC bill per month...unbelievable? Nope. This is for real. Can you just imagine those with bigger houses? However, the residents have no choice but pay for it or else they wouldn't have power at home.

For the longest time, the CNMI residents have been ripped off by this incredible CUC utility fees. Who wouldn't be angered by the former Lt. Gov. Villagomez's rydlyme scam and the issue that the local government paid for his family and his home's utility fees while he was in his post?

As for CUC, it has no choice as well since the CNMI has been importing the supplies for the power and it is not cheap....

Some say to privatize CUC for improvement of service. Is it really the answer?

You tell me....

Sep 10, 2010


Oh. What's with the AG admitting he had attended and "arranged" a campaign event before the official commencement of the campaign trail for the NMI Representative?

Now he has recently "recused" himself from any poll matters for this election?

(story on Saipan Tribune)

So, do you think Rep. Kilili stands a chance on this election when the local government actually is on outright support for the Team Jacob? (Camacho Team)

Ah, I wonder what the Team Edward has to say....

May 28, 2010

May 11, 2010

Motorcade for Aid

Dubbed to be the "Final leg in their journey for reform" the foreign workers and supporters will once again hold a "Unity March" to "seek support for the U.S. Department of Interior's recommendation for improved immigration status for all long-term guest workers in the CNM."

Are you up for it?

Full story on Saipan Tribune....

May 8, 2010

A Minority Report....

That's just the title I could think of. Perhaps Tom Cruise's film [of the same title] was on my mind...

Oh well, what do you think of the counter report that the CNMI government is now scrambling to produce in order to provide a separate report on the veracity and credibility of the Federal Ombudsman's Office Report on the 20,000 migrant workers present in the islands?

Saipan Tribune reports:

"The Fitial administration has concerns about the data gathered by the Federal Labor Ombudsman, as well as the survey of only 10 Saipan Chamber of Commerce members to decide the fate of the CNMI economy, among other things.

“There are two main issues here-Interior's failure to meet the consultation requirement, and the credibility of data used to determine the future of the Commonwealth. One of the major tasks is to identify the potential impacts on the economy of these decisions...."
While the 20,000 legal aliens in the CNMI firmly clasp their hands in utter hope that they will finally be given permanent status in the CNMI or US citizenship, the rest of us can't help but think that this will be once again an uphill battle.

As the old adage goes appropriate for the islands, "Patience is indeed a vir-chew..."

May 7, 2010

D'Sissy Ey! Reports....

Just to react on this report:
Saipan Tribune--DCCA: Improved status for nonresident workers will adversely impact programs

The Department of Community and Cultural Affairs believes that its federally funded programs will be adversely affected if the islands' nonresident workers are granted improved immigration status. Because of this, the department opposes the Interior Department's recommendations to Congress to consider granting improved immigration status to long-term alien workers in the Commonwealth, said DCCA Secretary Melvin Faisao. DCCA administers a number of need-based programs such as the Nutrition Assistance Program, or food stamp program; low-income housing energy assistance program; and child care development fund to assist poor children and families on the islands. In his report to Gov. Benigno R. Fitial yesterday, Faisao said that about half of the CNMI population lives below the U.S. poverty guidelines and the number is expected to jump because of the current economic state of the islands. “The overwhelming majority of the eligible alien workers in the CNMI also live below the U.S. poverty guidelines and thus would be eligible for participation in these need- based programs. This would create the result of substantially more people competing for a limited amount of money,” Faisao said. Any increase in the number of participants in these programs would be further exacerbated by foreign workers now being able to bring to the CNMI their family members, who also would be eligible for most of the benefits, he said. Faisao said granting U.S. citizenship to alien workers would have a devastating effect on the effectiveness of the aid provided by DCCA programs.

Don't you think the federal grant will double if the population of needy community members also increase? In time of the "approval" of the statuses of these foreign workers, I believe it's the department's responsibility that this need should be addressed accordingly to the Feds, right?

Ahhh....Issues. Issues. Issues....

Feb 22, 2010

Looking for Contributors....

Any takers? Let us know....

Jan 25, 2010

Petty-tion, Pity-tion, Petition

What is this that's been circulating once again over the Internet? A petition for signatures to remove the current Gov. Fitial from his post due to his abuse of power?

This is just a follow up post with regard to this issue when the ailing Gov'nuh had to request for the presence of his masseuse to relieve him of back pains. However, the masseuse was under the custody of the Dept. of Corrections. 'Long story short, the Chinese masseuse was taken to the Gov'nuh's mansion up the hill in Gualo Rai for the said massage.

Well, here's that site that's being shared on Facebook and Twitter, among many others for signature collection:


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