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Dec 14, 2007


Reading today's letters to the editors made me cringe on my seat. TTT's Greg Cruz's letter struck me the most. In his letter he allegedly referred to the Filipinos as "Nazis?" Maybe he was referring to something else let me know....

He also mentioned in his letter that the reason why the Filipinos have "protesting mentality" is because of the problems in their own [Philippine] government.

As far as I am aware of using the word "Nazi" or referring it to a race is way overboard.

Does this mean, when thousands of Americans marched against the Iraq war, that means the protesters are "Nazis?"

I am just dumbfounded with his letter.

The Reveler


He's a retard said...

Maybe that's how Greg thinks you spell "nasties"

The Writers said...


me said...

so sad that he signs letters he does not write.

Anonymous said...

Wait, Greg can sign his name? I think he has a ghost writer who also signs his name. We are giving him way too much credit here people.

Nazis? Has Greg looked in the mirror lately? He and Taotao Taya have similarities of the Nazi movement:
a. both Nazis and TTT use hatred of a race and fear tactics to get their message across.
b. both Nazis and TTT are idiots.
c. both Nazis and TTT are racists.
d. both Nazis and TTT are suffering from SPS (small penis syndrome). Greg suffers from NPS (no penis syndrome). FYI, when Greg and his first cousin (oooops, I mean wife, same thing) make whoopie, instead of playing hide the salami, they play "hide the vienna."

If I have a longanisa, then Goru has a vienna sausage.

Anonymous said...

You guys, that's not funny! I represent Taotao Tano. Don't you know that you contract workers took all our jobs? Don't you know that I always wanted to be a maid/stripper ever since I wore my wife's thong?

Si Goru is gonna run for Gobetnu next time. He is gonna win because we have the majority! Don't you know he was the top vote getter in Kagman but the election commission read the numbers backwards cos they re dyslexic? Lania, si Goru really was the top vote getter.

Our slogan for when he runs for Governor "Keep our Chamorro blood pure! Marry your first cousin!"

lurn_me said...

What’s that, you say?
Don’t smoke around OUR children?
Think about their health?
Keep OUR beaches clean?
Don’t throw my trash by the side of the road?
Use the landfill?
Dispose properly of automobile oil and garment factory waste?
Donate to CNMI Red Cross, Karidat, or MMAC?
Spend my money here?
Buy tissue paper for OUR island schools?
Pay for lunch on sale to support their cause?
Respect OUR elders?
Report crimes and aid the victims?
Wave to tourists?
Don’t abuse the reef?
Just take the fish you need?
Follow the rules?
Keep the soil fresh and clean?
Care about this island?
Preserve its beauty and its way of life?

Hey, wait a minute!
That’s YOUR problem
Don’t you think?
It’s YOUR island.
I just WORK here.
Isn’t that what you say?

glend558 said...

Rev, Put a link to your reference stories please.

lil_hammerhead said...

TTT hears everyone calling them racist and I'm sure equating them to nazis and skinheads. This is their attempt to be sarcastic.

UEEJOT! said...

Westernization has tainted much of our ancestral values and work ethics. Processed meat, alcohol, drugs, materialism, money grubbing, outside cultural influences, bad television and media, and the list goes on. Westernization has infiltrated many cultures that if were not introduced, would have done very well with the pure and true values their ancestors handed down to them


Go online and visit our website and watch our videos. There you will find enlightenment.


rev said...

i did Glend. check the highlighted "letter" word.

Anonymous said...

Group hug at AMP for everyone even the nazis.

i saw your videos and said...

culture was all but wiped out when the spanish came here. if your culture was as strong as you think, maybe you would have evolved quick enough and developed technology to beat back the spanish.

instead, you were sold to the germans, picked up and beaten by the japanese, and given freedom by the americans.

so proud...

even the filipinos have their own country. and a military. and a smaller waistline per capita.

Anonymous said...

at least with letters signed by greg, you guys have some topic to discuss... it's always a comic relief from all stupid statements made by c.kaipat and b. fitial!!!!

saipanboonieman said...

wow rev, some of your bloggers are sounding just as racist as the TTT do. what gives?

rev said...

this blog is for every one boonieman. ;-)

Marianas Pride said...

When will we ever learn that hatred begets hatred??? Return an insult with a hug. Or a beer? ;)

Jeff said...

In that case, you're ugly and your mom dresses you funny Ed. I choose the booze over the hug.

Marianas Pride said...

In that case Jeff, Merry Christmas! May the spirit of Christmas and our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Sorry, we're not born all handsome devils like you...

saipanboonieman said...

rev, i know. its just that, just as we're all tired of hearing the bs against contract workers, im also getting tired of all the racist bs aimed at locals. and im seeing it on other blogs too, not just yours.

when are people going to wake up and see that the whole "unity" movement and the fight for workers' rights is to make life better for ALL that live here. and its especially not to make life here better for one particular group over another. that's the reason i support and participate in the efforts.

IDK, maybe im being too idealistic?i hope not.

bradinthesand said...

maybe greg was actually praising guest workers by saying their efforts were above average, thus grading them as "Not C's"

rev said...

people are just speaking and we respect that. happy holidays everyone!

jtc said...


I think all the "racist" talk came about as a result of the three recent youtube video's that TTT has sent out to the public.

I totally agree with you in that the "Unity March" and upcoming "Unity Fest" is aimed at making our island a better place to live for ALL of us!

It's just unfortunate that some people don't see it that way.

Marianas Pride said...

This is the toughest Christmas ever. Over 400 people are losing their jobs. Businesses are closing all around us. And people are just plain angry. I agree with Boonie...we gotta stop hating and start trying to solve our differences peacefully and amicably. Let's extend some olive branches, shall we?

Increase the peace and spread the love.

bradinthesand said...

with that in mind, why not put together some kind of unity fest that invites everyone over for a free holiday meal.

"unity fiesta"

for all by all...FABA

rev said...

FABA-lous idea brad!

saipanboonieman said...

that cheers me up guys!... thanks i think i really needed that! :-)

saipanboonieman said...

that cheers me up guys!... thanks i think i really needed that! :-)

lil_hammerhead said...

Was that the master of "the echochamber" that chimed in with that lovely comment? Wow, didn't he say he wasn't ever going to comment here.. about two months or so ago? Merry Christmas!

Ed - My Hero.. Merry Christmas!

Boonie - Merry Christmas!

Rev - for the best CNMI blog, Merry Christmas!

Goro TTT Cruz - Merry.. no

Brad - Merry Christmas!

:)There go my fig leaves.

rev said...

where's the mistletoe?

back at ya!

tough xmas or not, i believe the people here are resilient enough to still enjoy the holidays!

bradinthesand said...

holiday cheer to all of you, but i'll save some of the well wishes for upcoming posts on my lame blog.

Island Dyke said...

In my opinion, it is normal
human nature to have prejudice and bias. Prejudice occurs without a person knowing or examining the facts. Therefore, talking about all the issues from all sides is an educational experience. After the education comes choice. The optional yin/yang, meaning we can choose to be good or bad, choices here are to say and act in racist ways or not.

Sending out lots of LOVE to ALL for the this holiday season and onward into the new year.

Let's keep talking! PEACE
Island Dyke

glend558 said...

Time for a new post, I'm bored with this one! Got news?

rev said...

too lazy glen...it's the season i guess...

Marianas Pride said...

Please help with a survey I am doing for an article I am working on...

Do you think poker machines should be abolished in Saipan completely?

luis crisostimo said...

of course...

saipanboonieman said...

to ed (marianas pride):

hell yizzle fo' shizzle mother fizzle! BUT,..... it'll never happen.

Marianas Pride said...

Hi Boonie,

Thanks, but go to my blog to bota, pot fabot. Si Yu'us Ma'ase dut!

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