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Dec 3, 2007

Fluoridate Your Taste

The Taotao Tano group expressed concern about fluoridated water that is "toxic to human beings" at least according to today's Marianas Variety. According to its president that his research "found that 'fluoride contains lead, arsenic, radium and other toxic chemicals, which causes memory problems, neurological impairment, learning disorders, and hip fractures." Right now, business tycoon Tony Pellegrino provides fluoridated water through Saipan Ice.

I believe Toothworks' Dr. Alan Markoff supports the fluoridated water before then the SDA Dental Clinic too. Hmmm...

I don't want to say anything anymore about health of the island's teeth because I might get myself whacked in the head again but what's the real story about fluoridating the water here? Now, flash a smile for me, will ya? Hmmm...I think, fluoride won't be much of a help there honey. ;-)

Aside from salt, what else should be integrated with the island's water?

You tell me.

The Reveler


Mike said...

It's not like anyone is forcing anyone to buy or use the fluoridated water. If they really believe that 99.999999999999% of the dentist in America are trying to poison the kids by using supporting fluoridated water, then that's up to them.

But please don't take away my ability to buy it for my kids.

lil_hammerhead said...

Dr. Gregorio Cruz is being forced to buy fluoridated water? OMG!? Maybe he should get Taotao Tano to organize a march against flouridated water?

the un cheesy Bree said...

i hate to be a party pooper and i know mr cruz and his followers think us teachers teach because we can't do anything else, etc. but fluoride used in water for dental reasons is an ionic compound caused by the combination of a fluorine atom (F-)and sodium (Na) or iron (Fe). Don't know where Cruz got his info. Perhaps the same site that claims wearing aluminum foil hats will block out mind reading signals from aliens.

These fluoride compounds have proven dental benefits, such as strengthening teeth and preventing decay ie cavities, which are expensive to fix and painful. In addition, stannusfluoride (the iron and fluorine combo) works marvelously for sealing worn down enamel on teeth where nerve endings become exposed. I'm sure plenty betel nut chewers benefit from its medicinal effects when they use sensitive toothpaste or prescription solutions.

rev said...

wow bree. Thanks. Ü i agree that people should be given freedom to choose what to buy. Ü

Anonymous said...

how stupid can taotao taya (taya means nothing) be? who the hell is forcing si goru cruz to buy the fluoride water anyway?

you wanna hear a funny thing? si goru cruz told everyone he has over 2,000 supporters. then why did he get so little votes?

po laki so diablu! tao tao taki!

Ed Propst said...

Any dentist who would say that fluoridated water is bad for you is tantamount to a doctor telling his patients that antibiotics are bad for you. I've done the research, and I also have spoken with Dr. Alan Markoff. If there is a dentist I can trust, it is him.

me said...

I used to buy sodium flouride (oral rinse) from my dentist but now all I need is water with the additive. I had my first delivery last Saturday.

Anonymous said...

i got some fluride for ya...in my pants...haha!

Anonymous said...

wow, must be a small little tube of fluride....bwahahahaha!

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