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Dec 5, 2007

Gov Employees Hypertensive?

Yesterday's news (Marianas Variety) was that only three out of 30 government employees have normal blood pressure and other are hypertensive. Uhmmm...why did we have to report this again? Oh, yeah, someone we bumped into yesterday's lunch had asked "what's up with that ratio? That's terrible."

Perhaps it was necessary to determine this health condition of government workers to set an example to the community? It had been reported before by the Public Health that the CNMI has had the higher risk in diabetes than the US mainland.

What is the news in this story?

It is still news, some said, adding that it's the government workers involved in the survey. I guess that sampling is a microcosm of the bigger society here.

Does that mean that if the local government is unhealthy, then the entire island isn't as well?

Again, you tell me.


The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

The real story is that not only are taxpayers going to have to pay for their outrageous retirement benefits, but for their off the charts medical expenses as well.

This government is doomed...unless they scrap the Retirement Program and reevaluate their medical program.

rev said...

couldn't agree more to that sblogger.

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