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Jun 5, 2008

PSS Politics or What?

In the Marianas Variety today, the report announced that Education Commissioner David M. Borja finally gave in and declared retirement from post due to ultimatum from the Board of Education.

Present...Lucy Blanco-Maratita now chairs the Board
Past....Roman C. Benavente chaired last school year
Present/Past...Herman T. Guerrero, still a board member, now BOE Vice-Chair
Present...Mary Lou Ada now a member of the board with Galvin Deleon Guerrero

Past...two of the board members then wanted former associate commissioner Rita Sablan to be the Commissioner and not Borja, however, Benavente and three other board members (Marja Lee Taitano and Dino Jones) voted "yes" for Borja.

During the election according to Saipan Tribune, Maratita expressed disappointment with the process. She and Guerrero voted for Sablan. Borja became the Commissioner. Rita Sablan filed law suit against PSS. Procedures were questioned so as Borja's education background. The law suit remains in the court.

Now, Benavente is out, Maratita is the BOE chair while Guerrero is the vice-chair. Borja suddenly was given the option to retire or else would be fired from post. Marianas Variety said the reason why the Board wanted Borja out was due to loss of confidence in him to run the PSS.

Principals wept. Farewell ceremonies were given to Borja.

Now, my question is, does this mean Sablan will be back to fill the post?


Anonymous said...

oh god no! she is the worse person to work with.

The Daily Yapper said...

Sounds so dirty to me.

Anonymous said...

she's not coming! Borja got what he deserved. Laid back leader produces laid back results.

pss watchdog said...

Rita is a complet idiot

Anonymous said...

need to bring back william s. torres though he was double dipping and retired, he has an education background with a flirtatious look. but nothing beats henry sablan.

take away said...

if boe decides to bring rita sablan back, HUGE MISTAKE! I vote for Alfred Ada!!!!!


pss fact said...

Lynn Michaels or Karen Borja are the two most qualified with Dave retired.

sad day said...

Dave Borja is the first commish in NMI history that did not support racism and nepotism in the administration of the public schools here. His departure will mean a step back for PSS and the CNMI.

politics a go-go said...

sad day above called it right and pss is now headed down the tube

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Borja is OUT! However, I hope the BOE doesn't bring in Rita Sablan. We need a replacement with the personality of Dr. Rita H. Inos running the school system.

Also, let us please refrain from pulling another "NMC" at PSS. I'm sure we have a pool of qualified people in the CNMI. We don't need another commissioner hiring a Mark Mendiola or the like. One Mark Mendiola is way enough for the CNMI. What surprises me is this guy is still here! There goes your accreditation NMC.

As for bringing back William Torres, please DON'T! This guy is self-serving and the ongoing investigation into SHEFA will soon reveal this claim.

Anonymous said...

it's refreshing to know that the days of cross-dressing students, listening to ambrose's tiring diatribes, and principals trouncing on teachers have ended. the commissioner decided to de-centralize pss's power to hide his incompetent leadership styles. well, it's safe to say that his attempts have failed him.

Anonymous said...

Yep, that mess that took place in rota dragged on for months. I hope the next commissioner would be able to resolve issues and problems more swiftly. And thank God principals no longer have hiring and firing authority! It's no wonder they are crying foul now. Shame on them!!!!

Anonymous said...

The days of being individual masters of their respective days are finally over! Biba Teachers! Biba Parents! Biba Students! Biba PSS!

Most importantly, Biba BOE for doing what is right and something that would ultimately serve the best interests of the public school system.

A Southern High Teacher

Anonymous said...

Biba litigation!

A Saipan Attorney

Anonymous said...

You wish Saipan Attorney... Do yourself a favor and go find yourself an ambulance to chase.

Anonymous said...

To Alfred Ada! You qualify to be the next COE so please do so. As for the rest, forget it and be what you are right now.

Starlite said...

I had an affair with william torres.

Anonymous said...

Kristi Eaton, “PSS commissioner selection delayed,” Saipan Tribune, Sunday, July 27, 2008.


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