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Jun 10, 2008

Welcome Rally for Feds?

It's in the news today that a group of non-resident workers will hold a "Welcome Rally" for the visiting federal officers.


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KAP said...

To pick up chicks?

Give speeches?

I give up. Why?

Anonymous said...

“Federalization: You asked for it; you got it.”

Island Girl said...

Why not? Non-resident workers have issues that they would like the Feds to pay attention to. They will be affected by how the regulations are drafted, and many would like improved status. Why shouldn't they let the Feds know that they're around and ask them to take their concerns into account?

glend558 said...

The greetings should be made by Fitial and Mel Grey. Now that would be a real happy time. Heck Ben could throw an appreciation
Bar-B-Q like he did for the Japanese reporters covering the Miura case.
Wouldn't that be fun?

glend558 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hard time said...

Sure sure a B-BQ is a great idea Glen, but why not invite Miura as well?

We could ask all the visitors to come and we could have a march to highlight every case for everyone!!

Do you think the DOI is here to arrest hime?

plenty ideas said...

Maybe they are here to push for support of the PEW monument, arrest Fitial, fix our power, and offer low interest financing for all.

Lil' Hammerhead said...

Why wouldn't they. The administration uses your tax dollars to lobby the feds. Crooked business uses profits born off the back of cheap labor to lobby the feds..

Why shouldn't those that have a stake in decisions that will be made by the feds be able to work to get their points across?

Kudos to them.

The Daily Yapper said...

They're here to meet me in person about my views on reuniting Yap with Saipan to form the Brotherhood of Micronesian Nations.

Anonymous said...

remember that movie "Office Space"?

These guys are "the Bobs"

The Daily Yapper said...


TPS reports.

Anonymous said...

What? Ten comments and no mention of the “Ombudsperson” and his role in all this? The bitter, psychologically afflicted, self-hating loser who obsesses about him is slipping!

ombudsperson responds said...


geek dvd said...

God, I love the Internet!

I didn't have a clue what some of you were talking about, but 10 seconds with Google and I'm enlightened!

"Office Space" = a 1999 movie satirizing work life in a typical dot com boom software company.

"The Bobs" = two protagonist consultants of the same name (Bob) charged with deciding which IT workers will be downsized or outsourced at the film's fictional company, Initech.

"TPS reports" = any type of pointless office paperwork, one of the film's contributions to the popular culture, altong with "no-talent ass clown," "a case of Mondays," and "PMITA prison," among other expressions.

Jennifer Aniston plays a waitress who is the object of the affections (prospective girfriend) of the film's main protagonist.

Of course, I haven't got a clue how this cult classic film is the least bit on topic ....

Well, maybe I do. I guess Anon means to say that the organizers of "the Welcome" are a bunch of self-annointed, self-important boobs ....

Anonymous said...

no. the fed officials are "the bobs".

carlos the mackerel said...

So how did the rally go?

Anonymous said...

See Ferdie de la Torre, “50 alien workers fail to see visiting feds at AMP rally,” Saipan Tribune, Wednesday, June 11, 2008, reprinted in http://www.saipantribune.com/newsstory.aspx?cat=1&newsID=80784.

“Federalization: You asked for it; you got it.”

Anonymous said...

50 alien workers...wow where did they go. I was told that most of them felt used and betrayed.

Are you sure it was 50 and not 5,000?

federally said...


"Federalization: You asked for it, you got it."

i was right and u were wrong

Federalization is here and illegals and scamming unemployed workers are heading somewhere...good bye.

Anonymous said...

did da dakata go or r day fund raising fo seemer and woody fo office?

Anonymous said...

Dekada Shyster for Delegate!

Amnesty now!

(Or at least under President Obama or President McCain.)

Anonymous said...

Remember, Steve, it is against the law for foreign national workers to contribute to federal election campaigns.

Anonymous said...

Last I heard the guest workers and the Dekada shyster and Irene T. were forming another organization...Coalition to the Coalition of the Coalition of united and free filipinos.

Steve was at Labor last I saw barging into hearings and passing out business cards.

Benderoveranahlgiterdone said...

Those friggin flips make any excuse to fry the crispy pata and drink the san miguel. I hope the bargirls go to work. Holy Jesus, my Virginian apetite can't git enuff of that asian flavor.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

felt used and betrayed

how? by whom?

who feels this way?

who sez "most" feel this way.

you were "told," so who did the telling?

dekada lawyer said...

Dekada Shyster for Delegate!

Donations accepted here to explore the idea.

dekada lawyer said...

Remember, Steve, it is against the law for foreign national workers to contribute to federal election campaigns.

Yeah, I know, but do you have the statutory citation?

Actually, I took this up with a constitutional scholar at a bar CLE. He agreed that the point very well may be ripe for challenge with a Supreme Court leaning against this kind of restriction of free speech rights.

dekada lawyer said...

Steve was at Labor last I saw barging into hearings and passing out business cards.


Actually, I rarely hand pass out business cards and essentially NEVER at Labor (maybe three times in the past eight years).

Barging into hearings? Great idea. Sounds like fun. I'll have to try it.

Anonymous said...

Dekada shyster lawyer now you ruined what we had going on. go chase some more ambulances.

Anonymous said...

D.S., I am the “anonymous” in this thread who (somewhat facetiously) suggested you run for Delegate and mentioned the prohibition on foreign national contributions, but not the “anonymous” who scurrilously accused you of barratry.

Here is your citation. 2 U.S.C. § 441e.

Good luck!

“Federalization: You asked for it; you got it.”

P.S. Thanks for your cite in the other thread about the CNMI constitutional requirement to resign as a legislator (once candidacy is certified) if running for an office beginning before the end of the legislator's current term. N.M.I. Const. art. VIII, § 5.

dekada lawyer said...

Thanks, Anon. I recognized the tongue in your cheek and attempted to respond with equally waggish spirit.

I am glad to be of service wherever I can.

You are also to be credited for recognizing and identifying the scurrilous where you see it ... and for being able to discern, and respect, the line between that and the merely facetious.

I cannot help but notice that D.S. could also stand for "Deanne Siemer," whom I am not.

Anonymous said...

And thank you, Steve, for so good-naturedly putting up with the D.Sh. moniker some of us have saddled you with. As for Deanne, I think Ms. D. has the same problem.

I am truly sorry that the Ombudsperson seems to have taken more offense to his handle, which is objectively far less pejorative than yours. All of us respect Jim's commitment to his job, and I sincerely hope he does not construe our interactions as worse than the light persiflage they are.

Of course, I cannot personally speak for every “anonymous” poster.

Anonymous said...

Does it get confusing switching conversation between the "Ms. D" and "Anonymous" nicks?

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