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Sep 5, 2007

Movin' All Up, Movin' All Down

Gomenesai, los siento, dispensa, paumanhin and sorry (move over madonna) for not posting lately, due to hectic and tiring moving out and into a new "safer" place here in Garapan. Yey, I'm in Garapan now.

Thank you Jim Arenovski for featuring our burglary on crimestoppers (by the way Jim, I was able to retrieve online the serial numbers of the macbooks we lost. will email it to you soon.)

Wassup? Our poll ended and yes watch for our new poll soon!

The Reveler

P.S. here's a good laugh, CUC says it's not overcharging us. Woot! Woot!


Bruce A. Bateman said...

Safer in Garapan? Just don't carry a purse....not that there is anything wrong with that... as the tourist district in western Garapan is the purse snatching capitol of Saipan.

rev said...

omg, i should hide my sequined purse then!

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Put a wasp nest in the one with the sequins. Carry your stuff in a hidden purse. When the snatcher gets the sequined one he is easy to identify. Look for the bumpy face. HEH HEH

rev said...


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