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Sep 15, 2007

F&B 911: Himawari

I'm sure most of you have all ready discovered the little grocery store in the heart of Garapan, in a location where people wouldn't notice at all. Himawari is actually not a new supermarket but it's just that it's just now that people have been talking about it. It surprised me to gather great reviews about the Japanese food and other stuff sold at the store.

The store sells very reasonable Japanese bentos, sushi, tempura, croquets and so many more. They even sell soup. One good thing about this shop is that you get to pick these by yourself. You can create your own bento. Very Japanese. They have breads too. You have a choice whether to take them out or eat your food inside the shop since they have tables and chairs as well installed inside the shop. You can ask them to heat your food as well if you want.

To top it all, the bentos, sushis and a lot more is 50-percent off from 6pm tp 9pm. Oh, that you have to verify, if it's really from 6pm. I bought mine after 9pm.

Photo shows what we bought today, spicy tuna sushi, onigiri, salad, cinnamon bread, cake, bacon epi bread, karage all for $14.50 only.

The Reveler


Bruce A. Bateman said...

Good review. Good food. We've been going to the place since...ever since as A says. Sunday mornings when the restaurants are full, it's a good change of pace. No bacon and eggs though. (:-))

Anonymous said...

(noni) mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... oishi desu!

rev said...


Envelop Ideas said...

oishi indeed but Ebisuya is fine with me..

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