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Sep 27, 2007

BBC explains Burma vs Myanmar

I've been hearing and reading the news about the current protest of the most revered group in Burma/Myanmar. BBC News keeps on mentioning Burma on TV and online and not Myanmar, finally they explained. "The change was recognized by the United Nations, and by countries such as France and Japan, but not by the United States and the UK."

A statement by the Foreign Office says: "Burma's democracy movement prefers the form 'Burma' because they do not accept the legitimacy of the unelected military regime to change the official name of the country. Internationally, both names are recognised."

It's general practice at the BBC to refer to the country as Burma, and the BBC News website says this is because most of its audience is familiar with that name rather than Myanmar. For the complete news read on BBC.

Now I know.

Photo taken from smh.com.au


bradinthesand said...

yeah, the u.s. has the same stance. it's been that way for years because we won't recognize their government's legitimacy.

See below from http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/bgn/35910.htm:

Type: Military junta.
Constitution: January 3, 1974 (suspended since September 18, 1988, when the current junta took power). A national convention started on January 9, 1993 to draft a new constitution, but collapsed in 1996 without an agreement. The junta reconvened the convention in May 2004 without the participation of the National League for Democracy and other pro-democracy ethnic groups. It has convened intermittently since then, with the latest session running from October 10 to December 29, 2006."

And for a further explanation on the same web page:

The political relationship between the United States and Burma worsened after the 1988 military coup and violent suppression of pro-democracy demonstrations, and remains strained today.

The United States has imposed broad sanctions against Burma under several different legislative and policy vehicles. The Burma Freedom and Democracy Act (BFDA), passed by Congress and signed by the President in 2003, includes a ban on all imports from Burma, a ban on the export of financial services to Burma, a freeze on the assets of certain Burmese financial institutions, and extended visa restrictions on Burmese officials. Congress has renewed the BFDA annually, most recently in July 2006.

In addition, since May 1997, the U.S. Government has prohibited new investment by U.S. persons or entities. A number of U.S. companies exited the Burma market even prior to the imposition of sanctions due to a worsening business climate and mounting criticism from human rights groups, consumers, and shareholders. The United States has also imposed countermeasures on Burma due to its inadequate measures to eliminate money laundering.

Due to its particularly severe violations of religious freedom, the United States has designated Burma a Country of Particular Concern (CPC) under the International Religious Freedom Act. Burma is also designated a Tier 3 Country in the Trafficking in Persons Report for its use of forced labor, and is subject to additional sanctions as a result.

The United States downgraded its level of representation in Burma from Ambassador to Chargé d'Affaires after the government's crackdown on the democratic opposition in 1988 and its failure to honor the results of the 1990 parliamentary election. "

rev said...

wow. thanks for the info. ;-)

bradinthesand said...

what can i say, i had a big breakfast. enjoy the weekend!

Anonymous said...

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