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Sep 28, 2007

Rush Hour (4)

Rush Hour. Nope, not the film of martial arts great Jackie Chan and the blabber mouth Chris Tucker. It's the film of the CNMI's beloved lawmakers.

News is that tis the season for vetoes up at the Capital Hill. Yes. This is the season for vetoes. Up there are x's and no's for the dear governor with all the bills that have been passed at the Legislature. The reason for our recent post about the bill that passed yet vetoed by the governor regarding CUC bills to be paid within the year.

There are indeed a lot of bills that are now being introduced up at the Legislature by the current congressmen and women albeit the "absurdity" of the bills. Community's guess is that these lawmakers would introduce bills how silly it may seem so that the public would recognize their names attached to the bills. "They know more or less that these bills are going to be vetoed but they don't care as long as the public would know that they [congress people] introduced it." They aim to project an image that would say they are people oriented, thus would win the votes.

Makes sense though. Public recognition is of utmost importance this time of year--election season.


Boni said...

There are more elected officials at Sunday mass now too.

rev said...

really? praying for votes as well? surely this season brings traditional politicians closer to God.

Boni said...

Polishing their images I guess. Last Sunday I stood outside the church to avoid any lightning strikes. Yeah, from me or the politicians.

Boni said...
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