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Mar 2, 2008

Oldest Hub to Shutdown?

Could it be true that the oldest diner here on the island is also in the brink of shutting down? I had the chance to chat with one of its staff and he told me that this diner unbelievably is thinking of closing the business due to the dwindling economy in the CNMI.

He said what used to be a popular night in the restaurant would mostly turn into almost like a ghost town. Yes. As in for a night no customer would show up to dine in. He said most of its avid customers have mostly left the island, hence, the turnout.

If this happens then it would be a sad note for its loyal diners.


chicken road said...

What the hell? Can u chickenheads tell us what is the diner? When did u all lose your spines? Middle road is now known as chicken road.

We haoles assume u are talking bout hamiltons but it would be nice if you said what restaurant. Otherwise don't post you pansies!

Saipan Middle Road said...

and we love chicken soup too!

"crock, crock, crock"

Anonymous said...

Yes I can tell.

bigsoxfan said...

Say hello to Bo for me. Sad day if they close the doors, before we can return for the chicken fried steak.

Tamara said...

Who is closing? Oldest diner? Hmm..Hamiltons, Jay's, China House?

Chicken fried steak??? wild bills?

Oh no, now i'm hungry.

lil_hammerhead said...

Is Coffee Care closing down?

bigsoxfan said...

The hell with CUC, who is looking at closing? Get to the damned point damn it.

Here's a poll. Which restraunt couldn't you live without? Tori Hide' their rolls are just out of this world.

bradinthesand said...

clearly you mean hamilton's, but i was wondering why you didn't mention the name. why?

Anonymous said...

don't just post a story without all details having the post lead to everyone guessing different restaurants, spreading rumours, etc..then rumours turn to facts for a few.. name the restaurant so the other restaurants don't get hammered with people thinking they might close shop...

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