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Mar 3, 2008

Teki Korner: Netscape Adieu, Ola Flock!

The Internet technology and community is bidding goodbye to one of the pioneers with regard to web browsers--the Netscape Navigator. According to the news, despite the attempt by AOL to revive the premier navigator the browser has lost its viability in the market due to the lion shares of MS Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox. I remember how my friends and I preferred Netscape over Internet Explorer. Now, we prefer Firefox than IE. Firefox improved Netscape's platform, thus its legacy will linger with the browser.

However, I just tried this new browser from the same Firefox technology and I am amazed by what it offers the users. If you haven't tried Flock as your browser, now is the time to download the exe file and try it.

Flock is simply amazing so far! I am now an avid Facebook user and Flock can integrate with Facebook. Flock provides sidebars where your friends and your own activities on Facebook will appear. Its media bar can be viewed and customized on top of the browser.

Flock also provides integration with the popular blog platforms. One doesn't have to log in to the blog accounts e.g. eblogger, wordpress, typepad etc, for a new post. There's a tab found in the browser that links users to blogs, media, webmails, rss feeds et. al.

Flock recently released its beta software.
Blogged with the Flock Browser


lil_hammerhead said...

I stuck with Navigator as long as possible. It was great. You could do a number of things that you still can't with explorer. Unfortunately, it seemed to become problematic to use over the last three years.

Hablo un poquito espanol. said...

You mean "hola" rather than "ola."

Sorry, I don't drink coffee, and am allergic to publicity.


Gwen Stefunny said...

"Hola" Back Girl...B is for banana....

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