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Mar 2, 2008

Saipan Tribune vs Marianas Variety

There you go. At least 55 readers voted in this poll. Saipan Tribune and Marianas Variety's online edition tied with 43.6 percent of the votes. That means the voters would usually go online to read what's the latest in the CNMI. Residents from North and South Carolina, California and Massachusetts also cast their votes on this poll.

However, 36 percent of the readers grab the hard copy of Saipan Tribune more than the Marianas Variety (30 percent). Pacific Daily News got 1.8 percent votes both on its online and hard copy editions.

Pacific Times...nil...zilch...zero.

Thanks for voting!!!!


glend558 said...

You know this poll will be lopsided as the only people reading this question will already have on-line computers, hence the tendency to read the news on-line, instead of the hard copy of the paper.

Saipan Middle Road said...

glen thanks for the comment.

there are several variables with this survey and people with computers and go online everyday is one of them. I for one still grab the paper whenever i'm at Wild Bill's or Hyatt...

Anonymous said...

The Saipan Tribune is a garment owned propaganda machine for business here. They are now out of the closet with Lynn Knight in the drivers seat for HANMI, the Trib, Chamber, and Century.

bradinthesand said...

the tan's ownership of the tribune was never a secret...and what sort of propaganda have you read in the trib anyway?

i bet you really have no idea, but that's fair because you don't work there.

i did and i know how it works.

hint: look for the bylines.

reporters write stories based on what they find on any given day.

the stories without bylines weren't written by the reporters. connect the dots.

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