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May 6, 2008

Rally Anyone?

Take a break people. This is not a Unity Rally or an AMP convention, but this is the second now annually organized car rally set two weeks from now. Read the organizer's press release below. We joined last year's event and it was so much fun! It was like Amazing Race Saipan style:

Beach Road Magazine - Get ready for Saipan’s second annual Beach Road Magazine Car Rally

GUALO RAI — By insistent public demand, Beach Road Magazine, the islands’ most popular monthly lifestyle and entertainment magazine, has launched Saipan’s second annual car rally.
Slated for May 24, this year’s event promises to be even more exciting than last year’s as it takes you round the island testing your IQ and scavenger hunting skills.
“We’d like to make the car rally more challenging and fun this year,” Susan Marchitti, Beach Road Magazine account manager and the event’s overall coordinator, said.
This year, the rally is open to drivers 16 years and older. Visitors are welcome to join. Each car is required to have at least one driver and as many navigators as participants think it would take to successfully complete the course.
Last year’s car rally had 13 entries with the top three teams winning cash prizes and all participants receiving various gift certificates from numerous sponsors, including hotels and bars.
More participants are expected this year considering the prizes at stake. “There’ll be more exciting prizes this year,” Marchitti said.
Registration is $15 and space is limited to 60 cars. Grab a copy of Beach Road Magazine for the entry forms, fill them out and submit to the Glimpses of Saipan office on the second floor of the Transpac Business Center along Middle Road, Gualo Rai (near Subway restaurant) during regular business hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
A popular motoring event in the United States and Europe, a car rally is not a speeding contest. It’s a cross between a scavenger hunt and an IQ test behind the wheel that’s guaranteed to take your driving skills to the next level.
The Second Annual Beach Road Magazine Car Rally is a competitive motoring event in which drivers must successfully complete a given course by following a set of instructions. The starting point will be announced. Drivers will receive a new set of instructions at each checkpoint, which will guide them through the next section of the rally up to the finish.
Everyone will receive a prize just for making it through the course.
Winners will be announced at the Oleai Beach Bar & Grill in the evening of May 25. A special 10% discount on non-special food items will be given to car rally participants.
So polish your driving and navigational skills and get ready for the most exciting motoring event of the year.
The Second Annual Beach Road Magazine Car Rally is sponsored by Shell Marianas, Pacific Telecom Inc., DPS, American Red Cross, Pacific Islands Club, Oleai Beach Bar & Grill, Aquarius Beach Tower, and Budget Car Rental.
See Beach Road Magazine print ads for details.
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