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May 24, 2008

People missed the movie house...or maybe not

As expected, people flocked to the Hollywood Theaters when it reopened Friday night. Almost all the movies -- especially Indiana Jones and Iron Man -- were a hit among the viewers. If only we have such a big crowd every once in a while...


Island Girl said...

I was there!

Bryan said...

The Fri. 10pm Indiana Jones was not quite half full, as far as I could tell. Whilst in the states this showing probably would have been sold out, combine that with the newly raised power rates and my (un)professional opinion is that you better enjoy it while its here cuz its not gonna last.

Anonymous said...

I felt guilty turning down my nine-year-old boy who was practically begging me to take him to the movies last night. I turned him down simply because I expected a long line at the movies. Anyway, I promised to take him twice today and twice on Monday for not accommodating his wish last night.

I know that we're watching Indiana Jones, some show called Ironman, and Forbidden Kingdom (?). Unsure what the fourth flick is. Oh well! I'll soon find out from my boy.


Weird Elle said...

For the second consecutive night, the Middle Roaders went to see a movie; this time, Iron Man, which is so much better than Indiana Jones.

Maybe for the third night since Hollywood Theaters reopened, we'll watch another movie.

You are right, Bryan...We should enjoy it while it's still here.

Pj said...

And nothing has changed:

Long waits at the concession counter.
Overflowing garbage cans.
Barely a cursory glance at the ticket by staff.
Loud talkers/ringing phones and underage kids in the theater regardless of movie rating.

All of the above didn't spoil the fun though. Very happy to have the theaters back in operation.

never a dull moment said...

maybe the impending federalization caused it to reopen??????????

Anonymous said...

The movie house should only be open on weekends to cope with the high power rates. after all, not many people watch during weekdays.

PJ is right about overflowing garbage cans. no clean up in between shows. too bad for those who watch the last shows.

bradinthesand said...

"maybe the impending federalization caused it to reopen??????????"


it was just great to be back at the theaters again. it was like a carnival atmosphere.

welcome back to saipan, hollywood.

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