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Nov 10, 2008

Wanted: Running Mate

As the Gubernatorial election comes close the current administration is now looking for a new running mate for the current governor. News reports says that the party is not divulging yet who the runningmate for Gov. Fitial will be. Also, news says that "two of the losing delegates express interests to be the governor's running mate on 2009 elections."

Of course the party has people in mind, but who do you think can qualify for the party?


crime stopper said...

Alex Sablan, Charles R., Mairrane or Dick P., or maybe even Tim.


Anonymous said...

They asked Angelo Villagomez but he turned them down.

rev said...

whoa. but he says he's john joyner now. ;-)

Anonymous said...

John Joyner is replacing Jeff
Shorr! We need some black blood in fed system!

Anonymous said...

I heard John Joyner was going to replace Greg Cruz as president of Taotao Tano.

The Daily Yapper said...

They didn't mention a name because there isn't one. It's a classic bullshit tactic.

The only one who would likely run with Benigno Fitial is Benigno Fitial.

Actually, I think even if they cloned Benigno Fitial, his clone would be smart enough not to run with him.

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of morons in his cabinet who would run with him:

Ray Mafnas
Ignacio Dela Cruz
John Del Rosario
Sylvan Igisomar
Mike Ada

Most are too stupid to know any better.

Anonymous said...

You guys are just jealouse because Gov. Fitial will win again!

It will be Fitial/Crisostimo in 09!

Great winning team!

Anonymous said...

I think Fitial asked Satan, and even the devil turned him down!

Satan said and I quote, "No thanks Ben. I already own your soul. Keep up the great work in destroying the CNMI. You have brought more misery and crime and malfeasance to the islands. Brilliant!"

Anonymous said...

You know who are outstanding running mate?

Oscar Rasa! His convict felon but so what? His a fighter against fedizationery! His dertermine!
Plus he very smarts!

g00$e said...

How about Saipanda? Indications are he'll be looking for work soon and he's already proven his ability to blithely ignore severe criticism and ridicule.

g00$e said...

I Saipanda a 'he'?

KAP said...

Check out the carrot

Anonymous said...

Running mate is either John Gonzales or Juan Lizama.

Benigno is already making his serious rounds trying to recruit supporters. The running mate is supposedly down to these two names.

The Daily Yapper said...

...and they're both worthless.

The Daily Yapper said...

BTW, Gonzales still had some credibility. If he ran with the Governor than he would kiss that goodbye.

A Fitial/Lizama ticket actually makes sense, but only in the sense that nobody wants either of them to succeed.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

For the record, I can't run for Lt. Governor and the Gov didn't ask me to run with him.

I have to be 35 to run.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
strange but true said...

If John G. runs with Ben, he will be unelectable here forever.

Anonymous said...

you forgot another "bettter times" cabinet member who is as dumb as the rest, tom salas the kisser asser

lanya said...

i heard its oscar rasa and tim v against greg cruz and wendy dormal

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