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Nov 18, 2008

MHS Security Murder

Driving this morning going to Susupe was a bit a morning surprise that police cars were all over the area. I wondered what had happened. Then passing the Marianas High School intersection again there were police cars up with their warning lights.

Then I spoke to a senior from the largest high school in the CNMI that classes have been suspended for the day because this morning the school administrators found the school security guard dead. Sources said that the guard died from a gunshot wound.

Burglary turned more sour. Poor guy. I've always seen him very strict and efficient of what he does whenever I visit the school.


bradinthesand said...

i heard it was because he ate at the cafeteria

Anonymous said...

Shit, Brad. Jokes about a murder? You sure you don't have a column in the Trib?

jeff said...

Brad,very poor taste.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree... Who jokes about a senseless and heinous crime? Brad does!

Shame on you man... Did you know that the deceased supposed to attend his youngest daughter's Christening this Sunday? Sadly, the poor guy will not be attending. And you come up with a stupid statement like this!

Shame on you Brad!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree... Who jokes about a senseless and heinous crime? Brad does!

Shame on you man... Did you know that the deceased was supposed to attend his youngest daughter's Christening this Sunday? Sadly, the poor guy will not be attending. And you come up with a stupid statement like this!

Shame on you Brad!

Anonymous said...

I think everyone should donate to help the family and to raise funds to offer a reward for info leading to the arrest of the psychos that murdered this poor security guard.

I will bet you that the suspects are from somewhere nearby MHS like CK or Susupe or San Jose.

They should be executed for their crime.

Anonymous said...

The police have suspects.

Lil' Hammerhead said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
slap on the wrist said...

And a 12-year old son attending Hopwood. How will this affect this young boy?? I like the idea of torture. Sure, it makes us barbaric, but I prefer that over the lousy weak sentencing from the judges, which will be a slap on the wrist.

Remember that murderer Bowie who killed and tortured a Filipino? He is out on the streets today.

Nice going CNMI justice! Great job judges!

Anonymous said...

Bradley, please apologise. I know you did not meant it but an apolgy is right thing to do.

life in susupe without parole said...

Who are the sudpects?

I don't belive in the death penalty or the torture handed out by George W. Bush, but I would like the guilty parties in this to never see sunlight for the rest of their natural lives.

cactus said...

"Remember that murderer Bowie who killed and tortured a Filipino? He is out on the streets today.

Nice going CNMI justice! Great job judges!"

Joe Bowie was convicted in the CNMI Superior Court, and his conviction was upheld by the CNMI Supreme Court.

It was overturned by the FEDERAL court of appeals, for prosecutorial misconduct by the CNMI AG's office, which apparently suppressed evidence that Bowie's co-defendants had conspired to frame him.

In other words, "CNMI justice" not only did not want Bowie "out on the streets," it actually overstepped legal bounds in the effort to keep him locked up.

Anonymous said...

it was three MHS students. they were robbing the JROTC area. one was even a cadet. You think they were on ice?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the growing world of violent crime in the CNMI.

I am cancelling my cellular phone with PTI and going to Iconnect. Brad and his sick joke convinced me to do it.

Of course he will not apologize.

Anonymous said...

the cops here don't do shit. i won't be surprised if this is never solved. lazy mother ----ers!

Anonymous said...

its a shame of that Brad guys comment. dude! karma is going to hunt you so watch what you say.

my prayers goes out to the victim's families and may justice torture and suffer the suspects.

bradinthesand said...

easy tiger, it was a joke about the food at the school on a blog.

the crime was terrible.

the joke was about the food.
that said, i'm sensitive enough to the know that my joke was ill received and i'm big enough to apologize to anyone who was offended.

Anonymous said...

Not to nitpick about your apology, but: We understand that your joke was directed at the food and not the victim. That's not the point. The point is that while family and friends are suffering through a fresh and horrible tragedy, it was insensitive to use that as a basis for a joke. It suggests that you had no empathy for the victim, his family and his friends. If a loved one of yours had just been murdered, I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate other people using that as a basis for a joke.

Anyway, end of lecture. Good that you apologized.

Anonymous said...

This post is not about Brad's off the cuff humor, distasteful as it may have been, but he apologized, so forget it.

Does anyone know the names of the other two killers?

Marianas Pride said...

The other two killers are supposedly minors, but I don't give a DAMN. They had better be tried as ADULTS, and they better not get off on any bull shit technicality.

There can be no rehabilitation for animals who commit cold-blooded murders like this.

They deserve to be locked up for life, with no chance in hell for parole. Does Efren get a second chance? Did they even think of his family when they were bashing his head in???

The punishment must fit the crime, and the guilty must be punished severely.

It is incomprehensible that minors could even commit such a crime. Nonetheless, I pray for justice, and there is no JUSTICE unless the murderers are found guilty and sentenced to a life in prison.

May they rot in jail and have nightmares every single night for their savage and brutal murder.

a teacher said...

Needless violence

My deepest condolences go out to the family of our co-worker at Marianas High School, Efran Ballesteros. He was a polite and kind family man.

Students at MHS know thieves quickly dump stolen items at one of Saipan’s convenient 24 hour pawn shops that litter Beach and Middle Road. There is NO benefit to Saipan from pawn shops.

CNMI pawns shops buy stolen goods and ship it abroad to be liquidated because the goods heisted are too hot to sell in our small market. Pawnshops are one of our most visible industries on an island dependant on tourism. This is a huge problem. How long can we justify this fact? We are allowing a handful of alien "investors" to operate organized theft rings. When a tourist is robbed, word gets out quickly and loudly with the Google Internet megaphone. Our reputation gets tarnished in perpetuity. No overpaid PR firm can whitewash that damage. The end of the pawnshops would end the easy access to a "fence" and reduce the lure of thievery.

A theft ring of pawn shops, which must including a shipping company/companies (unless they thinks we are manufacturing used golf clubs, TV’s, stereos, & jewelry in the NMI), may have resulted in another death. Committing a felony that results in death is the definition of felony murder. In my opinion, gangsters here are guilty of receiving stolen goods, income tax evasion, international shipment of stolen goods, and now felony murder and this warrants involvement by the FBI.

If our local legislature wants to help local kids in the Marianas Islands, they will ban pawnshops. If our Congress is too weak or not capable, I would then ask our local law enforcement to put them out of business as the Saipan Police could do it in a week if allowed. We must demand customs and ports authorities explain how in the world they are allowing containers of stolen goods to be shipped from Saipan. Next, US immigration should intercede in the CNMI prior to June 1, 2009 for public safety. Lastly, they must also enforce US investor visa law (500k minimum investment) and deport all “alien investors/gangsters” operating criminal businesses, including, but not limited to pawn shops, in the commonwealth.

This is my request for an investigation and intervention by the FBI in this ongoing criminal conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

a witness btw informed that there were four teenage boys jumped from the fence of MHS that night of the crime. four. not three.

one is still on the loose that means...

Anonymous said...

Maybe one of the boys is being protected cos he is the ring leader.

Anonymous said...

The poor guy had a family in the PI and another one here and maybe one left over from Dubai when he was there. All those wives and all those kids, left without anyone to support them.

Anonymous said...

The comment above about the Police not '...doing sh*t' rings true much of the time, but the quick work the cops did on this and the taxi driver stabbing were due to incompetent, unprofessional, moronic Captains and Majors shutting up and staying out of the way.

It should be noted that the Ballesteros case was supervised by a PO1 who's been passed over for promotion repeatedly during the past ten years. Also, because no high ranking officers were involved the usual self centered turf wars were avoided and the Patrol, Traffic and Investigative divisions were able to coordinate and cooperate with each other.

This high level of interaction also allowed the taxi driver stabbing case to be quickly resolved.

All kudos to Commissioner Tudela for the organizational shake up that undid the nepotistic damage wrought by his obese predecessor.

carlos the mackerel said...

How much nepotistic damage could the obese predecessor have done? He was only in office about a week.

Anonymous said...

He was there a bit longer than that but he came in with a plan- much of the damage was done during his first week very similar to his work at CPA.

But the current Commissioner hasn't been able to repair all the damage. The much balleyhooed 'Fusion Center' remains an un-airconditioned store room and DPS Dispatchers ended up using a scavenged mobile radio taped to their useless communications console after the vaunted radio system upgrade that never was. And for all the bellowing and desk pounding on the part of the last Commish DPS was rewarded with loss of management of most of its criminal justice grants. All this and more, like the dozens of useless cel phones, in the span of sixty days.

Moved fast for his size. Too bad about his sense of direction.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget his sole sourcing of contracts while he headed up the Criminal Justice Planning Agency. Yes, he did move fast for his size. Where is he now?

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