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Nov 5, 2008

Oh Mama, It's Obama!

Wow. It's been overwhelming just following the US Presidential Election over a cup of coffee and chocolate chip cookies. CNN has been great following on this momentous event.

We must congratulate both men for a wonderful campaign they both pulled off. Watching McCain during his concession speech has made me admired him for being the resilient and dignified man that he has been. He mentioned about Obama's grandmother who would've been honored and proud had she seen her grandson's presidential victory. Some of McCain's supporters booed when McCain mentioned Obama's name but McCain raised his arms and said, "Please, Please." Then he went on to his concession speech.

Then Obama went up on his own victory speech in Chicago where according to CNN over 125,000 supporters attended including Oprah Winfrey in front weeping. Analysts said Obama delivered his speech in no longer campaign mode but to-be-president manner.

Very touching. The music the campaign used moved us all.

I couldn't help but notice the transparent glass surrounding Obama during his speech. Of course for security reason.


Anonymous said...

Yes it's inspiring. This doesn't change the fact that the CNMI will receive much LESS Federal money than before. The libdems HATE the CNMI and take it personally. That's right.

Anonymous said...

I am an ultra liberal democrat who loves the CNMI.

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