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Nov 4, 2008

Vote! Vote! Vote!

As the US gears to its presidential election, the CNMI is not far away from the election hype. News today informs the voting community about places where to vote and the names included in the ballot.

There are some 13,000 voters expected to throng voting precincts. A first in the CNMI, that is to vote for the first ever Congressional delegate. The following are the candidates for this race:

Incumbent WA Rep. Pete A. Tenorio, Sen. Luis Crisostimo, former Election Commission executive director Gregorio C. Sablan, retired judge Juan T. Lizama, former senator David Cing, Saipan municipal councilor Felipe Atalig, local television talk show host John Oliver Gonzales, high school teacher John Davis, and businessman Chong Won.

Happy voting!!!


does any rep have the guts to fire Tim v said...

John G. is two faced although he is young and speaks a number of our languages, but speaks with the Covenant Party, which is dead. Fitial is voting for John G.

Pete A. bucked Fitial and supported federalization to his credit, but be he is also a politicking clown that has squandered NMI funds with little accomplishment for 8 years.

Ataliq will get less support than John Davis or Chong Won, as well the pervert should.

Chong is a good guy that claims to speak for the common guy but I have yet to hear what vague generalizations and plans that specifically includes.

John D. is conservative SW, didn’t support the Unity March, and laughed at federalization having a chance to pass...so pass we should.

Lizama is a crooked fruitcake and I would rather have Louie, who for many reasons, would be certain to be indicted while in DC. Perhaps Lizama could be his lawyer

I have spoken with every candidate (except Atalid) and Greg seems the most sincere.

sick of the guy who commented right before this one said...

hey loser, how many times and on how many threads are you going to post this same comment?

i already read this twice on lil hammerhead's blog and i didn't think it was all that insightful there.

so here's the third one. sheesh, get some friends and talk about the issues.

i know that this might be your opus, and i'm proud of you for that. but this just isn't that great of a comment that you need to post it everywhere.

it's got as much sizzle as raw spam.

Anonymous said...

As called by noni 1, Greg wins. :)

1nce A Week Writer said...

Anyone giving chong won a chance...haha

Anyways, More on the Saipanda issue go to http://1nceaweekresolution.blogspot.com/
to vote. thanks

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