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Dec 20, 2008

Power Outage...How We Miss 'Em!

As we welcome the year 2009 we are welcoming back the ominous power outages around the island. Last week there was a four-hour blackout in Garapan area and the hotels were affected. Reports said that felled trees had something to do with the outages.

One of our friends booked an overnight stay in one of the prominent hotels on the island and as the power went out the incident triggered a fire alarm in the hotel. Consequently all the guests rushed down to the lobby in their night gowns and sleeping attire. It was midnight.

Then the hotel management apologized that it was indeed a false alarm. Then the guests went back to their rooms. After so-so minutes the fire alarm went off again. Thus, the guests had to get up and gather at the lobby. Yes, false alarm. The hotel management apologized dearly and explained that due to the power outage the alarm went off inextricably.

According to our sources, the fire alarm went off three times. Hence, my friend and her family decided to leave the hotel that night.

Imagine the inconvenience to our deteriorating number of tourists....


The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

The power was out in Garapan this morning.

Deanne is a biatch said...

Great job Aggreko! Great job Tony!

This crook Fitial needs to be impeached and imprisoned. Thank God there is a hell. Fitial will spend eternity there and all of Willie Tan's money won't get him out of there. Burn baby burn!

Here's a Siemer limerick:

There once was an old hag named Deanne,
Who came to the island of Saipan.
A volunteer she became,
Spreading lies and placing blame,
And ghostwriting for some other dame.
How lame?

Not quite as you see,
As busy as a bee,
Attacking Tina and good people endlessly.

Why you may wonder,
What spell is she under?

We may never know but one thing is surely true,
She can look you in the eye and lie to you.

Deanne is as arrogant as Fitial is a crook,
These two should retire and write a book.

The title could be "How we Screwed the CNMI" and the best thing about it?
They won't have to lie!!!

Marianas Pride said...

Our power went off last night and this morning.

I hate to tell everyone I told you so about Aggreko, but...

I told you so!

Anonymous said...

"Telling us so" doesn't solve the problem, now does it?

All these critics should run in the next general election and let's see how far they'll go. Although I know that next year marks the end of the Green Party, it certainly does not mean that the people are dumb enough to replace incompetence with "critics" or "blamers."

Writing letters to the editors do not qualify individuals to serve as legislators. Further, criticizing the administration and the Legislature does not either.

Run fools and lose foolishly. Ha!

Marianas Pride said...

Ouch. Merry Christmas to you anon. Take care and God bless!

You know what is the worst people in the world? Those who are two-faced. Those who are nice to your face, but stab you in the back.

Just thought I would share that with you anon.

It is so easy to come on to a blog and post anonymously like you so often do. The question is, can you put your name down and handle the criticism for trying to evoke change? I think not.

Two-faced people are the worst people in the world, followed by those who stand by and allow bad things to happen while saying nothing or doing nothing to try to bring change. And yes, anon, I mean you.

Take care and I am sure when we see each other, you will be all nice to my face like you usually are. If you don't like me, man up and tell me. Stop being such a wuss.

Lil' Hammerhead said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Where do you rank Republicans?

da cocunut cwab said...

Angelo - what is your take of the fruit bat fiasco? Should it be presented, or is it too late to present as strong point for the monument?

Primo said...

The power went out in Garapan again this morning. There have been at least 4 outages in the last 8 days.

The bat situation in Rota is the same as the bat situation in Saipan, it just took them longer to catch up with us because they have fewer people.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I think it is similar to the situation with the Mariana Mallard, which is now extinct. People who continue to hunt them say, "I know where to find more."

Anonymous said...

to the limerick author, that was amazing...u all had the time to compose it....

g00$e said...

Yeah, well... They're back.

And Ed, you didn't have to to tell us so. We already knew.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Lillian F. Hammerhead = Edwin Propst

They're doing a great job stimulating social discourse, despite occasional incivility (“They should have thick skins and be able to take it.” Uh, no. We should talk about others as we would wish to be spoken about. Words have consequences.), rash judgment, and challenges with economic concepts.

A linguistic analysis discloses too many similarities between the Marianas Pride website and the Lil Hammerhead one to admit of any other conclusion.

The only way to hide the evidence would be to delete one or the other site, but it has already been cached on the Internet Archive.

Fortunately, Edwin is consistently forthright in both blogs, so there is no harm done.

It is fun reading old posts with Marianas Pride and Lil Hammerhead responding back and forth to each other, though!

Happy new year!

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