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Dec 18, 2008

Quick Note: Teens with Guns?

Folks are asking here on the island that how come it was not in the news that two high school students from MHS were detained for bringing in guns in school?

How true? Sources said that MHS students confirmed the incident.

What's happening to our teens these days...?


Anonymous said...

I heard of an incident in Garapan yesterday that had some drunk teens trying to rob a store in Garapan with machetes. Why no story in the news? The good news was it ended in arrests.

Anonymous said...

What's happening is these little dirtbags come from parents who are dirtbags. They come from broken homes where the father beats up on their mother and drinks and does drugs and plays poker any chance he can.

Put the parents in prison too. The 3 little bastards that murdered MHS security guard have plead not guilty. these 3 little dirtbags belong in prison for life where they can be bitches to the old prisoners.

Anonymous said...


rev said...

kids nowadays....

Marianas Pride said...

Where are the parents of these thugs? The apple does not fall far from the tree!

We will need a bigger prison with all this crime. Ooops! Scratch that. Even if criminals are found guilty the perps only get a day in jail and a slap on the wrist.

Justice is a rare occurence in the CNMI these days.

Anonymous said...

The parents of these kids are bloggers like you.

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