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Dec 27, 2008

Discriminatory Acts? Whose Church is it?

Yup. These are the questions going around the community right now, especially the alien workers' community. Someone has been passing along emails to almost every one on the island with regard to a recent incident within the Kristo Rai Parish Church in Garapan.

The email and the request are petitions to boycott the Kristo Rai Parish Church. Allegedly, one devout who is from here blurted in public that the apparent church is theirs and not the "Filipinos." I asked around if this really happened and one Filipino caroler attested to the incident inside the church.

Now question is, perhaps people are just being too sensitive? Or is it discrimination?

While I personally have different opinions on religion and churches, should the community be bothered at all? Sources said that the group had relayed the incident to the bishop but he has not acted on it nor included it in his homily.

The email you can read below:
After the Aguinaldo mass last Saturday at Kristo Rai church, a member of the Parish Pastoral Council berated and humiliated in public Ate Shirley, a Filipina who works in keeping the church clean and orderly. It is not very clear why the Parish Official was upset but whatever the reason was, he should have reprimanded the poor lady in private and not in full view of other church goers. What shocked every Filipino who were there was when the Parish official told Ate Shriley:
This statement was heard by many Filipinos. All were speechless and shocked. The general feeling was frustration and anger. How can a parish official say such a thing when majority of church goers are Filipinos, HOW CAN HE CLAIM THAT KRISTO RAI IS THEIR CHURCH?
[b] Even if they have contributed to the church more in terms of monetary value (because how much does an average Filipino earn in Saipan compared to the income of locals?), does that make them more holy and pleasing in the eyes of God?
Kristo Rai Church is not the building. It is the people that gathers there to worship the Lord. They are the faithful, the altar servers, the choir members and all church goers no matter what their nationality is.
The Parish Pastoral Council of Kristo Rai is also attempting to petition for the removal of Father Glen as Parish Priest. Please let us not allow this to happen. We urge all Filipinos and Catholics to unite in condemning these discriminatory acts. Kristo Rai Church is the house of God. It should be open to everyone regardless of nationality or creed. In support of Father Glen, we urge all Catholics to stop attending mass at Kristo Rai Church until the issue is resolved by the Bishop. There are other churches in saipan where Filipinos are more welcome. We also encourage everyone to refrain from donating during the masses at all churches. This will show our unity and our desire to have the matter resolved immediately. Without our contributions, the parish councils will realize the value of the Filipino in the religious community. Please pass this message to all concerned. E-mail this to all your friends and relatives in Saipan.


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Anonymous said...

This e-mail is one of the most absurd non-sequiturs imaginable.

How is a boycott going to help Father Glen?

If anything, the “protesters” should encourgage more Pinoys to attend Mass, perhaps even every day, to show their support for the priest and that Filipinos constitute a significant percentage of the congregation.

Otherwise, the bigot wins. Out of sight, out of mind.

And lest there be any doubt, the Catechism of the Catholic Church makes abundantly clear that the church is “universal,” with no room for bigotry.


The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Whatever happens, just don't take away bingo.

Anonymous said...

Boycotting the Kristo Rai Church doesn't bring one closer to God, now does it? I swear, these liberals have too much time in their hands. Have you not heard of the phrase: "two wrongs don't make a right."

With that said, the only difference between liberals and satan is, the former are mortals with nothing better to do with their time. Well, their only good at opening up "cans of worms."


"Unity March" = Plight of non-resident workers uncertain.

"CUC Protest" = ???

"Redistricting of Voter Precincts" = Two additional and costly House Seats.

And coming soon... A lawsuit against the CNMI government... Who's paying for this? I find it odd that Tina criticizes the CNMI Govt for suing the Feds; but yet, she herself is suing the CNMI government. Why seek legal recourse when she can make things happen as a legislator? Wait... She can't... Another do-nothing legislator? Strike that! I meant to say, "good for nothing."

Anonymous said...

Tina's sidekick "poopoohead" is no different. Propst is as radical as she is. With Propst though, he has a lot of time to waste because he's presently unemployed. His wife "brings home the bacon." Shame on you dude.

Now, he wants to seek an elected seat to be employed. Nothing more, nothing less. How can someone who cannot even take care of his family (financially) say that he's ready to serve the people? What a joke!

g00$e said...

Like all peoples who were so throughly conquered by the Spaniards, Filipinos (and Chammorros) bear no hope of true ethnic, cultural, political or economic sovereignty until they cast off the bonds of slavery placed upon them by the Catholic Church.

The appropriate response from Ate Shirley would have been a calm and clearly audible "Fine, it's your church, you can clean it yourself, A**hole". Jesus would have stood by her.

Instead of boycotting the church that has taken so much of their money, maybe Filipinos should follow the example set by Jesus when he busted into the temple and kicked butt on all the money men he found there, destroying their coffers, tables and other furniture.

Can anybody name a strongly Catholic country that isn't on the dole in this world?

Anonymous said...

Is anyone really suprised at this and the growing negative attitudes on this island?
Didn't our dear caring Guv publicly tell all the pinoys to go home during the Unity March?

bradinthesand said...

liberals? radicals? lol. the only people screwing up the world are those afraid of change.

first of all, a "he said, she said email shouldn't be a call to action. perhaps a little research is in order.

i wonder why mr. cepeda was so pissed off in the first place.

second, a boycott would be one of the most counter-productive actions i've seen since the federalization of our immigration.

my kingdom for some fresh ideas!

i mean, some jagoff says that he doesn't want the filipinos in "his" church and the the best way the community can "show him who's boss" is by not showing up?

great plan! well, it's a great plan if you're mr. cepeda.

if the community really wants to show support for father "i sing way too much because i love the sound of my voice" glen, then it should show up em masse.

en masse at mass...lol.

third, other than the filipino priests, who would mr. cepeda rather have hosting mass?

does he have a pool of local priests waiting in the wings?


i can't believe that all of this complaining is coming out during the holidays.

cant all of the babies just kiss their little plastic nino and be friends?

oh, and fourth, any of the anonymous folks calling other people names need to grow up.

and that goes double for people holding down seats in the senate.

merry christmas and hapy new year!

Anonymous said...

It is "their" church, as evidenced in the Krista Rai to Memorial Park march in August. 3k plus citizens were "not allowed" to step foot on the church grounds in a peaceful assembly because the church board didn't want to show support. The marchers gathered across the street, Re. Christensen showed up, and the march was a huge success (see federalization law) and forerunner of the larger Unity March.

Filipinos and locals not only share ancestry, but they also had Catholicism crammed down their throats by those bloody Spaniards.

bradinthesand said...

yeah, the federalization thing is not good for us. sure, maybe in labor, but not our immigration.

it's an old argument but it's all over now. we have to surrender control of our borders and access to thousands of russian and chinese tourists because of outdated cold war politics.

it's basically because of that same worthless crap lee anderson (aka holani smith) was spewing on harry's show last week.

our labor department needed a serious enforcement overhaul, and i think that will greatly favor the locals.

which ones?

the ones who were paid the same as the foreign workers without receiving any of the benefits (housing, food, medical insurance, etc.).

the labor thing is good.

the immigration thing, not so much.

anyway, that has nothing to do with this church dispute.

back to all of the juicy church gossip...

Anonymous said...

boycott pti. brad ruzala has just insulted the locals by saying "kiss the plastic nino." brad should know better than to refer to our Lord, our Saviour, as a "plastic nino." it is YOU brad that need to do the researching. respect the soil you step on and culture/religion you mock. and watch your back fool!

Anonymous said...

as i said, it is the liberal radicals that are causing the problems. people like brad and other haoles know that they represent a small minority in the cnmi. hence, they use idiots like mr. "poopoohead" as vehicles to stir shit up and get heard. well, it's not gonna work. they don't care about the non-resident workers. these fools don't have it takes to succeed in the mainland so they decided to move to the islands. and after finding out they still don't have what it takes in our parts, they use propst et. al to advance themselves. pathetic and pitiful.

Anonymous said...




Lil' Hammerhead said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
g00$e said...

C'mon Lil, respond appropriately? They're Catolicos- how did they respond to getting busted for 900 years of systemic sexual abuse? You're soliciting an 'appropriate response' from an organization that historically makes the Taliban look positively freakin' saintly.

g00$e said...

Oh, and to the noni above- is your god REALLY a plastic nino?

And to noni no. 2- your forefathers didn't build any church anywhere. They might have broken some rocks or hauled some sand, all under the Spaniards whip. But like you, they didn't know how to build anything.

bradinthesand said...

i only represent the people wearing my pants.

local yokal said...

Brad is correct, he doesn't speak for anyone.

Anonymous said...

Hey, SaipanFox...where is your expert opinion here? Or are you just limited to political subjects

As for the mess at Kristo Rai parish, some people are just hungry for attention. Perhaps they feel Father Glen is not giving them enough of his attention. Either way, they are behaving like bratty kids!

Marianas Pride said...

I find it funny that the coward who hurls insults at me does not have the balls to call me or confront me. I run in to him in public and yet not once has he ever to this day said anything to my face. Very cowardly indeed.

The other thing so disgusting is that there are certain "posers" who pretend to be your friend to your face, only to stab you in the back later. This is what cowards do.

As far as the insult that Mr. Cepeda shouted, an apology is warranted, but please know that Mr. Cepeda is not a bigot. We all say things at times we may not mean, and this may be the case.

Mr. Cepeda was our principal at MHS when I was in high school. He was fair and he worked hard for all students, and in the decades that I've known him, I have never known him to be racist. Nonetheless, if this was said, he should apologize, and I believe he will.

I went to Mass yesterday and it felt "empty" without the choir. We need the choir back, and I believe that the choir should meet with Mr. Cepeda. A boycott will not solve the problem at hand. Church is the one place we should find peace and offer peace.

And as far as me being unemployed, running a photography and media business does not mean I am unemployed. Is my business hurting? You bet. Anon, there is a huge difference between you and me. I have an education and special skills and I do not have to kiss up to Governor Fitial to get a job. I also want you to know that I am not a spineless, gutless coward like you. You are anti-change and anti-everything and you embrace the status quo. You thrive off of intimidating people and being a thug and a tough guy. Your days of intimidation are over. You got a problem with me, then call me up as I have told you several times and I will gladly meet you anytime and anywhere. But the truth is, you won't. Gutless and spineless cowards wouldn't do that, right coward?

In the meantime, I will continue to struggle and will wait tables if I have to if it means making ends and providing for my family. Any job is a good job if it an honest job. Anon, you have never had an honest job in your life. That is the sad truth. You are a "has been" and you cling to the old guard to keep you employed. This is the change I crave and I fight for. You are a racist thug who talks a lot but deep inside does not have the brains nor the strength to call me. You are and always will be a gutless coward. Remember that.

Anonymous said...

MP said: "Coward"? Bold words for someone who almost shit in his pants when Ray Mafnas confronted him at the Chambre bar sometime last year in front of Tina et al. If I may add, the same person who also almost shit his pants when confronted by that Younis kid at Club V and G.I.G.

You're the poser Ed and one day when you get bitch slapped in public, you would wish you brought your radicalism down a notch.

Anonymous said...

Simply put: listen to your wife Ed because she has more sense than you. Who's your wife by the way? Tina or Daisy? Because lately, you have been listening to Tina more than you do Daisy.

Lil' Hammerhead said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ray mafn-ass said...

ray mafnas can't even confront his man titties with a man-ziere or a bro. what makes you think he can confront ed?

what a joke.

i bet ray was tough in the 70's drinking his schlitz and wearing wife-beaters, but he's nothing to worry about these days.

Marianas Pride said...

I find it funny that the same person talking trash about me is still unwilling to put his name down or to even call or confront me. Talk about the teapot calling the kettle black...lol.

As far as fighting is concerned, I'll pass on that. Yup, I'm not a fighter, and I don't believe in solving or disputing differences with our fists after drinking a half case of beer. Come to think of it, neither do you apparently. Violence certainly doesn't solve our problems, does it?

Perhaps in your small mind it does, as long as you are not the one in harm's way.

In the meantime, I will continue to put my name on the dotted line and say things on the record. You, on the other hand, will continue to please your masters and work hard to maintain the status quo.

Take care coward, a.k.a. pretend friend. ;)

Anonymous said...

The choir’s “resignation” from Kristo Rai services is published in today’s Saipan Tribune.

Stand by for more anti-Catholic drivel from that despicable cockroach g00$e.

So-called “progressive, liberal” bigots like him need to go back to the Mainland where his ilk belong.

Spew your hate elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

Poor gOO$e was raised a protestant but raped like a catholic........

Anonymous said...

Let us pray that he learns tranquility, civility, tolerance, forgiveness, and respect while kayaking.

g00$e said...

I'm not from the mainland. I'm from here. I don't belong to any religion, but began learning about catholics while living in South America and the PI, tough lessons in both places. Interesting history the catholics have, you should check it out. A good place to start is by researching the roots of the common english words 'clown' and 'barbecue'. 'Inquisition' is another good one. A logical next step would be to investigate what happened to the gospel of Mary, and how come 1100 years after his death Jesus suddenly became a Cauacasian and started calling himself 'Son of God'. How about the the fall of Constantinople- long name but an amazing story. Then there's the Catholic's brotherly love as practiced on the Jews in Western Europe and the Balkans during WWII, where it left Nazi SS troopers aghast. It's a long story that apparently includes a chapter right here in Garapan.

Despicable cockroach? You stole my line noni, but it's OK. I'm a tranquil, civil, tolerant despicable cockroach, so I forgive you.

Now go kiss your plastic nino. It'll protect you from people like me.

ray is a puss said...

Ray Mafnas is a pussy and I can't wait til he confronts me in a bar...bitch.

Anonymous said...

The church is the locals since the Spanards forced them to kneel, confess, adopt the Catholic policies, or be beaten.

We are the center of the church, the city set on 7 hills...not Rome numbnut...Kannat Tabla, Mt. Tapachau, Mt. Garapan, etc

Anonymous said...

And I suppose the ark might be found somewhere on Topachau? Holy water comes from well number 5?

Anonymous said...

Wow.... who needs fireworks this year end? It appears to be brewing to end in a blog blowout! Oooops wrong blogsite.

Anonymous said...




bradinthesand said...

who isn't in love with tina sablan?

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear!

And knock off the incivility toward Edwin.

At least he is using his “down-time” productively -- though I disagree with some of his ideology that is apparently based upon poor comprehension of economics, and with some of his personal attacks based upon rash judgment and speculatively imputing ill motives toward others (without just basis to do so).

It sure beats playing video games. Mr. Propst has excellent photoshop skills, decent writing ability (disregarding spelling), and is to be commended for his interest in public policy, promoting integrity in government, and support of political leaders worthy (in his view) of the public trust.

[Just make sure you don't get used, Ed; you're no more infallible than the rest of us.]

Edwin's commitment to the Mr. Mom role is typified by how he likes to stay awake and fan his perspiring toddlers when CUC power goes out at night -- as both Marianas Pride and Lil Hammerhead. (!)

I preferred to teach my kids to “tough it out” and learn to sleep while sweating, as was common in the humid parts of the U.S. during summer where boy scout hatchets are common.

Anyway, Happy New Year to all.

It is much better for us to discuss ideas, even heretical ones, than to gossip about people.

Shall we get back to how hare-brained it is to boycott a church for the failings of one parishioner, even a Parish council president or vice president?

g00$e said...

I don't know if I love her... yet. It's nice to see her focusing on issues a little closer to home, as opposed to ill advised marches and lectures on choliform measurement techniques. Still, she'll never be able to shake her boo-jwah-zee intelligentsia background, and if she wants to elevate to the next level she'll need somebody from 'Labor' to enhance her electability.

Sablan/Cruz in 2020?

Are Brad's feeling's for Tina evolving from 'hot' to 'love'?

bradinthesand said...

no, they've always been hot love.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Ain't nothing wrong with playing video games.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Ain't nothing wrong with playing video games.

Anonymous said...

Go play with the foo foo dog!

g00$e said...

I have a very small penis. That is why I curse God and the Catholic Church.

g00$e said...

My penis is so small I get it mixed up with my pubes.

g00$e said...

Why, that's so courgeous of you noni...

You must be one of those manly christian catolicos, missing those wonderful afternoons when you were an alter boy and it was just you and 'Father' in back of the confessional, huh 'Castrate'?

But not to worry Dear, it IS your church. Now go rub holy water on your little nino, it will help protect you from those horrible, evil girls.

Da Real G00$e

Anonymous said...

God loves those of all sizes.

One stoops pretty low to impersonate a G00$e, and the lack of wit in the ersatz is telling.

No altar boys here.

g00$e said...

My penis is so tiny that when I pee I need to sit down.

Da real g00$e

Anonymous said...

Sure will be glad when the children go back to school and get off their parent's computer.

g00$e said...

It's OK, it's their blog too. I'm an abrasive person and they're just responding as best they can.

Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

See also William McCue, “Predictable,” Letters to the Editor, Saipan Tribune, Dec. 31, 2008.


“Federalization: You asked for it; you got it.” © 2008, Ms. D.

Ms. D. said...

When I'm not sucking Howard's limp penis I like to suck on Ben's salty balls.

Corruption. You voted for it, you got it.

Ms. D. said...

Good thing JNB is safely out of office!

Anonymous said...

The legislature is next.

Ms. D. said...

Many of you want to know what the "D" stands for in Ms. D. Many think it is Deanne but they are wrong. It really stands for "dildo," which is what I've been using for the past 25 years since Howard is impotent. See? Ben and Howard really do have a lot in common!

Ms. D. said...

Nice, try, impostor, though it's interesting that you know the etymology of the handle.

True, Edwin Propst bestowed the moniker on a FFF sympathizer or associated minion in a fit of pique.

But it most certainly wasn't Ms. S. [Ms. Siemer].

Anonymous said...

Vic Cepeda is an OBN idiot. And so are those who mock the Catholic Church and whom are calling for the boycott of Kristo Rai. Brad tops this list. First he pokes fun at the death of the MHS security guard and now makes a mockery of Catholism. I wonder what PTI was thinking hiring this guy as its marketing chief. The guy has distasteful public relations skills. That would also explain why many subscribers have switched to Saipan Cell.

Ms. D. said...

While Brad's comment, “cant all of the babies just kiss their little plastic nino and be friends?” was extraordinarily disrespectful toward a popular cultural icon representing the manifestation of the Incarnate Word and all He means for our salvation, the totality of his post was pro-Catholic, as is he.

Brad just happens to have a joking personality -- the conflation of “babies” and “niño” being the operative words here. Note that he did not make the comment in a church, and that in the medium of internet blogs, jokes often fall flat. His batting average remains good. One has to remain mindful of the fact that there are multiple audiences present.

“Wherever the Catholic sun doth shine, There's always laughter and good red wine. At least I've always found it so. Benedicamus Domino!” -Hilaire Belloc

So on the Eve of the Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God (New Year's Day, formerly Feast of the Circumcision), let us all join together -- from Edwin Propst on the radical left, g00$e as a secular progressive, to Brad Ruszala on the libertarian right, and yours truly as a traditional Catholic, CNMI inhabitants of all ethnicities and geographic origins -- to make this year 2009 the best year it possibly can for the Commonwealth under very challenging circumstances.

Our future depends on it. Prayerful best wishes for a Happy New Year.

P.S. As Ann Landers wrote, a church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints. [I'll ignore the subtle anti-Catholic, anti-statue implication, as such prejudice is deeply ingrained in American history.]

Those who claim to be Catholic should make regular use of the Sacrament of Reconcilliation. The pastors should also have well-publicized opportunities for private (anonymous) confession, not merely face-to-face reconcilliation rooms as at Kristo Rai. I shouldn't have to go off-island or wait for a visiting Chuukese priest to avail myself of a good, old-fashioned confession.

And I won't go into priests who make unauthorized unilateral changes in the liturgy or appear to make themselves the center of the Mass rather than Christ. After the foregoing, I wouldn't want to be too uncharitable. ;-)

P.P.S. to g00$e: Here is an excerpt from a prayer that has always been a favorite of mine, “O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love.”

Anonymous said...

Unlike the Philippines -- where the Church is a major political actor given the historical dearth of true democracy and the greater significance of the Catholic “Preferential Option for the Poor” in view of the vast number of marginalized persons in extreme poverty there -- here in the United States there is a much greater tradition of separation of church and state.

Sure, there was great involvement, Protestant and Catholic, in the civil rights struggle, and there continues to be in the pro-life movement, but by and large, Catholicism in America is much more apolitical than in the Republic of the Philippines.

Accordingly, it is no surprise that Kristo Rai did not want to become enmeshed as a demonstration forum in the partisan political action by mainland U.S. Democrats that was at the true heart of Public Law 110-229.

It is unfortunate that many or our brethren from the Philippines do not yet really understand American political and civic values.

This “boycott” is just another misguided example, similar to that of the IRs of FAS residents who for some reason won't just get a guest worker permit, because of the ill-founded gambler's hope that they'll get something more. In both cases, people should consider the downside and act accordingly.

bradinthesand said...

thanks, ms.d. i can always count on you for a little civility and plenty of insight.

as for the anonymous detractors, i can only hope that your resolution is for the strength to make a statement with your name attached.

the only anonymous people with credibility are those who say nice things about me.


btw, those of us at kristo rai's 8am mass this week would have seen me waiting in line to kiss the nino at the end of mass with just about everyone else.

they also would've heard the choir. well, it was a different choir, but they still did their best.

happy new year!

mr cuningivility said...

sure brad, maybe ms d can you a job in labor

as kissing worked for your buddy porky

church historian said...

Perhaps God will smite the Church board.

The wicked walk everywhere when vile men are exalted - Pms 12-8

Marianas Pride said...

Radical left? Now that's funny. I suppose when one is anti-nepotism and anti-racist and anti-status quo and anti-corruption and anti-OBN, you get lumped in with radical liberals.

Perhaps what is best is that we all grin and bear it and let bad governance rule.

There are vile attacks on Ms D and Lil and Goose, but no one knows their true identities. Assumptions and accusations are made and anyone can take a stab at anyone on blogs.

Brad puts his name down, just as several of us commenters do. If you know Brad, you will find that he's a nice guy with a great sense of humor, and perhaps sometimes he makes comments without realizing its repercussions. I appreciate the fact that he puts his name down on the dotted line.

I am no more a liberal than I am a conservative. I take whatever is thrown at me and understand that everyone has their share of critics and enemies. I have no problems with that. What I do have a problem with are liars and two-faced people who pretend to be your friend, yet do everything to hurt you. I'm sure you all know plenty of people who are two-faced.

This is a new year, yet we are faced with the same problems. And things will get worse unless we are willing to do something about it.

To my two-faced attackers, if you feel I am so naïve and so wrong in my views, then please, enlighten me. Explain to me how suing the federal government is a good thing. Explain to me how hiring unqualified people for big jobs is acceptable. Explain to me how Aggreko was the best solution to our ower problems when we had other options which were less expensive. Explain to me why sole-source contracts that go to friends and relatives is okay.

I'm waiting and willing to listen to you.

By the way, Governor Fitial attended the CREAM Christmas party and was kissing up to win Filipino support for his reelection campaign once again. Fitial spoke and sang in Tagalog and said that while he was saddened when he got booed by thousands of Filipinos at the Martin Nievera concert last year, he is quoted as saying that he forgives their boos because "they were both innocent and ignorant." Gee, I guess we all are innocent and ignorant if that's the case.

Have a happy new year to all, and may God bless us with a better governor than the one we have right now.

Ms. D. said...

Maayong Bagong Tuig!

(I do not now work, nor have I ever worked, at the CNMI Department of Labor. Nor do I have the “juice” to help anyone get a job there.)

I am happy, Edwin, if I made you smile with my “radical left” generalization. (!) I suppose I could have used a less pejorative “liberal” or “progressive” label -- though your economic views were foremost in my mind when I wrote that.

Ideals of fighting corruption, nepotism, racism, and so many societal ills are all noble. The devil is in the details.

Since we live in a society of men, not angels, our American form of government was founded on a principle of checks and balances.

“Separation of powers” is a very poorly understood concept in the CNMI, certainly in our legislature, and even among our judiciary.

Even if I were to deny that any good could come out of defending in federal court our local self-government with respect to the Department of Labor, I would defend to my last breath the right of the Executive Branch do so.

Similarly, though I loathe the pet projects and wasteful spending appropriated by the legislature (an order of magnitude above the level of the Section 903 Lawsuit), that is within their scope of authority. Our remedy is not to vote for those who displease us -- ranting and raving about recall is folly absent proven misconduct. (See below.)

For example, I think we need to shut down poker machines, cut back personnel costs, and get out of the scholarship business -- that is handled quite well by the federal government and thousands of non-profit organizations.

But if the executive and legislative branches don’t like my ideas, I don't accuse them of self-interest or corruption, or instigate one branch trying to micro-manage the other. As legislators, public officials, government employees, federal law enforcement personnel, and citizens, we each have our separate roles.

Accusations of “corruption” are bandied about like Bud at a barbecue, and are about as baseless as often as Bud drunk cold.

If we really have evidence of such evil-doing, what we should be doing is contacting the FBI or U.S. Attorney’s Office. And if we don’t, then we shouldn’t be gossiping about it or imputing ill motives to others.

I do commend Brad and Edwin for having the courage to publicly associate themselves with thier blog posts.

My own motive for not doing so is not cowardice (though perhaps all of us are concerned about what others will say or do, to some extent), but humility.

I am not a moral relativist. I believe in right and wrong, and in the concept of absolute truths. This applies in philosophy, economics, and even politics, where compromise reigns supreme. So I prefer the strength or weakness of my ideas to speak for themselves, and not gain force or lose strength from what people think of me as an individual.

We have enough ad hominem denigration and self-promoting bloviating on these boards as it is.

But let is work together on improving our civility to the point that no one would ever have cause for concern about being publicly castigated in the Saipan blogosphere.

Shall we start by exercising some self-restraint in the use of foul language?

I expect many people actually know who I really am, but are too polite to mention it in print. Thank you. For those who don’t, here’s a hint. You’d seldom or never catch me uttering foul language like that.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year Ms. Simmer!

Marianas Pride said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
g00$e said...

Why thanks Ms D., assuming the prayer above was offered by the 'real' you to the 'real' me.

I knew Faddah Frank too, but in the '90s after he'd moved from Chuuk to Pohnpei to run Church affairs out of Kolonia. He's a tough old sumbitch, skilled at engaging folks in lively conversation at PCR's or the Palm Terrace Lounge while trading shots for a few hours, then walking out and leaving them with a big bar tab and a Hangover From Hell.

G00$e a Secular Progressive? Could be... but please remember that g00$e is not a real person, but rather an avatar of sorts who is sometimes able to recognize the 'grain' of things so he can go rub against it, often abrasively, occasionally with great effect. Always with glee.

G00$e is g00$e, no more, no less. The moniker was bestowed by 'Lil herself. He doesn't have a 'real' name to reveal or a 'real' identity to hide.

Ed, those 'cowards' have a right to express themselves too. They come off as pointless and immature but they're doing the best with what they have to work with. They represent a very large portion of the island's intellectual resources. I suspect that they're actually the majority, which would explain a lot of why things are the way they are around here.

But where the hell is the Archbishop? Isn't he a Filipino? Has he turned things over to Cepeda and his ill tempered Chamorita Mistress of the Choir? When is he going to step forward on this issue? What the hell do they pay him for anyway? Has the Church sunk to the level of the Rota Mosque? You can bet Faddah Frank would have something to say about it, as long as somebody was willing to buy.

Ms. D. said...

I do recognize that some people drink warm beer on Saipan. :}

g00$e said...

G00$e is g00$e, no more, no less. The moniker was bestowed by 'Lil herself. He doesn't have a 'real' name to reveal or a 'real' identity to hide.

Wow, I didn’t realize we shared that in common, our christening by Mrs. Lillian F. Hammerhead! Yes, I’m the “real” Ms. D. (note the use of “real” quotation marks), and I’m sure God can get my prayers to the “real” g00$e, though the reformative aspect of the prayer is more intended for myself. If each of us would focus on solving one’s own problems, there would be less need for those so inclined to embark on corruption witch-hunts consisting primarily of unfounded generic accusations. (You know who I’m not referring to.)

I humbly apologize for my inadvertent use of the upper case -- that’s the sort of detail to which I usually pay attention.

Archbishops don’t have any sort of general oversight authority in the administration of a suffragen diocese. I am not a canon lawyer, but I believe the role of a metropolitan (archbishop) with respect to an ordinary (bishop) only applies with respect to such instances as canon law appeals, as from annulment cases.

Archbishop Flores went to his eternal reward long ago, though like Guam we, too, may some day have a Filipino bishop. I don’t think Archbishop Apuron would have any formal role here in the Diocese of Chalan Kanoa with respect to the “boycotting” choristers.

See also Leonard J. Kaufer, Ph.D., “Please don't stop the music!”, Letters to the Editor, Saipan Tribune, Jan. 1, 2009.


bradinthesand said...

i don't think i'd want to work at labor, but thanks.

Anonymous said...

Fitial runs labor and immigration as good as he runs CUC ala Aggreko extension and no definite date on how long they will be here.

Anonymous said...

I think that suing the Feds is not a good thing. Whoever thinks otherwise is an idiot. I mean, 1 million attorneys vs. our OAG.

On the same note, do you expect me to believe that the CNMI has the resources to successfully overturn a statute that was approved by two U.S. branches of government? Better yet, do you think the U.S. Supreme Court would even hear the case? I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Fitial is not running CNMI Labor, Gil San Nicolas and Cinta Kaipat are, with their division Directors and dozens of hard-working employees with combined centuries of experience.

Don't forget volunteer attorney Deanne Siemer, who was General Counsel for the entire U.S. Department of Defense during the Carter Administration.

I'd imagine she consults with her husband, Howard Willens, who served in the Kennedy Administration.

We don't need to win in the U.S. Supreme Court or even in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. If the CNMI prevails in district court, it will certainly catch the attention of Congress, as well as DHS regulation-drafters.

This is all rather far afield, though from boycotting Kristo Rai Church, though it does show the mentality of the Unity Marchers.


Saipan Sucks said...

I would have guessed Hoover's administration.

i cant stand the suspense said...

Will Ms. D and Cinta still work for labor when the US takes over?

Will Bateman still work for MVA after the feds takeover?

Anonymous said...

Cinta Kaipat doesn't run shit! Siemer told us dumb, brown folk who's really in charge when she hit, "send".

Anonymous said...

Seimer is an old ugly hag.

a wanna hold your hand said...

Ben may run for Guv with niece Cinta.

joss.a.laffet said...

IDK about abandoning the Kristo Rai parish, But I think we would all agree that this woman deserves an apology... Her ethnic backround does not give anyone the right to treat her as if she were lesser, nothing does... Vic, I have great respect for you. But I will be honest just reading about your actions has truly embarrassed me.

I am Chamorro and I am local, But my home is filled with many types of people, as is every inch of the world... who are we to say who the lord does and does not want in his home...

Anonymous said...

"Ben may run for Guv with niece Cinta."

Where are they running to?

a free consultant said...

noni above - Will Siemer be their political strategist?


Anonymous said...

I don't care
If it rains or freezes,
Long s I've got
My plastic jesus
Sittin' on the
Dashboard of my car.

Hey folks, if your god can't take care of his own problems, in his/her own house then I suggest you find a new one who can.

This whole non-issue is a waste of ink and electrons.

woody said...

I have a raging erection. It has been going on for six hours straight. What should I do?

Anonymous said...

A priapism requires urgent treatment at the Commonwealth Health Center.

Among the three clerical personnel changes in the official announcements at the bottom left on the front page of today’s North Star weekly diocesan newspaper is a new parochial vicar for Kristo Rai parish, effective January 4, 2009, Epiphany Sunday.

Anonymous said...

So the “boycott” wasn't of much help to Father Glen, unless he was looking for a more peaceful parish atmosphere elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

My six-hour erection or priapism finally went away. All it took was one look at a photo of Deanna Siemer and erection instantly disappeared. Now the problem is that I don't think I can ever get another erection.

Anonymous said...

May I suggest you put some of your extra free time to good use attending Mass and praying at church?

Anonymous said...

Why? Our evil leaders like Ben Tan go to church every Sunday and they are the biggest sinners out there.

Anonymous said...

See? It's your missing prayers that are making the difference.

Anonymous said...

Try the other hand.

Ambigextrious said...

Is using the other hand adultry or fornication?

Anonymous said...

Masturbation is a sin. But cheating the CNMI government like Ben and Tim is acceptable.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of Anti-Catholic bigots on this blog.

Anonymous said...

As opposed to pro-Catholic bigots who hate outsiders?

Ms. D. said...

No, as opposed to anti-Filipino bigots who might claim to be Catholic but are blatantly violating fundamental teachings of the Church.

See Catechism of the Catholic Church, Para. 1935.

help said...

First Jerry C. is sent home, now Irene is gone, if Mr. Sagana is sent back to PI, who will the workers leaders be?

Anonymous said...

"Federalization: You asked for it; you got it"

Anonymous said...

Mr. Poops is still around.

He will lead the group now.

Anonymous said...

No he won't Ramon...he is terrified of you!

Anonymous said...

Daily Mass attendance would give Ed strength and Ramon meekness.

Anonymous said...

has it helped the church or father glen at all with the boycott? did mr. cepeda budge at all?

Oz said...

Mayor Tudela is running for Lt Guv as three candidates want him for a running mate.

That is a great idea, as he could pardon Tim, expand the carnival, and have all his family traveling around the world spreading the gospel of good words about our happy home.

The Tudela that didnt give free hotdogs said...

It is hard to believe that one potential candidate would ask our useless Mayor to run with him.

Mr Tudela Mafnas Fitial Sablan Camacho Inos DLG Atalig said...

Which candidate will take credit for federalization and the marine park?

Anonymous said...


Saipan Middle Road said...

it's a great year for everyone as we begin the year with over 100 comments for this post...Thanks for your comments.

cactus said...

Reading between the lines, it sounds like there is some kind of controversy about "Father Glen" underlying all of this.

I am not a parishoner of Kristo Rai, and I have no idea who Father Glen is, or what the controversy is all about. Can someone enlighten me about this?

Also, I have to admit I am a little surprised about this incident, because the church has generally struck me as one area where Filipinos and locals find more common ground than elsewhere.

I have particularly been impressed by those Filipino priests who have made the effort to learn to speak Chamorro. That is a step that very few non-locals in any field have been willing to take. I suspect that if that kind of positive approach were more widespread, the situation around here would be very different.

Anonymous said...

With any pastor, there will always be members of the congregation who do not always see eye-to-eye or appreciate the style of the priest.

Also, Kristo Rai has had some excellent priests and outstanding homilists, leaving very big shoes to fill -- Patrick Castro, Gary Bradley, Roger Tenorio, Joseph Bilotti, and Ryan Jimenez, among others.

This has made the parish somewhat “spoiled.” Also, the parish is one of the two largest (along with the cathedral parish) and has among the highest level of donations.

But I am unaware of any particular controversy involving Fr. Glen, and it would be unfair to publish it even if there were, since he has returned to his home diocese in the Philippines after dedicated service to his flock here in the Marianas.

Anonymous said...

See also Nazario Rodriguez Jr., “Kristo Rai parish priest goes on a monthlong vacation,” Saipan Tribune, Thursday, January 8, 2008, reprinted in http://www.saipantribune.com/newsstory.aspx?cat=1&newsID=86716.

The parish is fortunate that Fr. Glen Ragsag now has Fr. Noli C. Alparce to assist him in serving the people.

This whole episode does raise questions, though, about the widespread use of de facto segregated choirs in our churches. Are Filipinos the only ones with the talent and interest to sing? Or perhaps are these choirs somehow unintentionally less than welcoming to those not of their ethnicity?

SATAN said...

My work here is don. time to move to another parish.

^ ^
(o o)

Anonymous said...

I dislike you SATAN, but you are right.. time to move on to a new topic! This is getting old.

bradinthesand said...

...how could you have changed your blog from black to white? i thought once you went black... ;)

Anonymous said...

I, on the other hand, appreciate the increased legibility inherent in a lighter colored background.

Perhaps increased comprehension will result in a higher level of discourse?

rev said...

white is the new black this year ;-)

I am God said...

Please end this boring topic as no one believes in "you know who" except poor slaves from PI and dumb-dums from here.

Anonymous said...

This blog is about as ripe as Ben Fitial's diapers.

Next topic please. Let's talk about how our corrupted mayor says there is no money to provide services to the island but this shyster can afford to fly first class with his wife all over the world.

sir reams-a-lot said...

Wait, wait, wait...he was a wife? i thought the mayor was gay.

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