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Feb 27, 2007

He Said, She Said: Who the...?

The Reveler: Whoa! Who’s that guy?
Geek Goddess: I first saw him while giving a friend's mom the grand Marpi tour. He's a vision in a diving suit. I fell in love!

The Reveler: Looks so darn good looking! Yum-o! Rachel Ray is that you?
Geek Goddess: If Superman were an underwater superhero, he would be it.
The Reveler: Looks delicious like the meat in an Abyss Bar poke set!
Geek Goddess: Can't wait to have a bite!

The Reveler: Were you able to get his name? C’mon now.
Geek Goddess: Sorry, I was too shy.
The Reveler: Then, let’s give him a name then. what shall we name him? Scooby diver? Russian merman? He looks Russian to me.

Geek Goddess: Hey, The Reveler, you wrote "thens" both at the beginning and the end of your sentence.
The Reveler: Then and then? What’s the name then?

Geek Goddess: I would suggest, "Screw-(the)-diver," at the risk of scandalizing our more conservative readers. Not very geek-goddesslike, is it?
Geek Goddess: Wait! it should be: geek goddess-like.
The Reveler: Why not. Screw (the) diver, that’s heaven to my ears!

The Reveler: How about Marpius? Very Matrix.
Geek Goddess: Let's just call him the "Grotto guy." A cute guy be any other name would taste as sweet!

The Reveler: Grotto Guy! Weeee!!! Come to papa!
Geek Goddess: Hey I saw him first!


Angelo said...

Um, that's Joe's brother

Jeffrey C. Turbitt said...

I've got you on my link list. Can you add me: http://turbittj.blogspot.com/


Katie said...

Ah, wow - that's hilarious. That Russian screw-diver is my possible to-be brother-in-law, some day.

Go easy on him.

Anyway, could you please add another blog to this website, and I'll put a link to this website on our blog. It's http://paws-saipan.blogspot.com/.


geek goddess said...

Hi Katie,

This is your possible to-be sister-in-law.

Yes, we'll be happy to link your website. Thanks for dropping by ours.

Translate: saipanmiddleroad.blogspot.com


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