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Feb 25, 2007

PTimes 3 Equals lie?

A nursing home, a school et. al. in the CNMI, by what broadsheet PTimes has been obviously endorsing through its articles. Below is the caption of a photo from their website and paper:

"Pleasant Care Corporation's Arbor Convalescent Hospital in Lodi, California has been reaped accolades from the federal and state departments of Health and Human Services for hurdling golden surveys, which means not a single substantiated case of abuse, medication error, and other similar issues. The skilled nursing facility has also been consistently commended for its quality of care."

Now, do your own research google the company and here's one you'll get:

Large California Nursing Home Chain Fined $1.35 Million, Ordered to Improve Resident Care

"SACRAMENTO, CA — March 17, 2006 — The California Attorney General and Pleasant Care Corporation have reached a $1.35 million settlement concerning charges of abuse, neglect and negligence at the company’s nursing homes (Press Release, March 8, 2006). Besides paying the fine, Pleasant Care must improve resident care:

* The nursing staffing ratio at all its nursing homes must be 3.2 hours per patient per day, as required by California law. Outside audits will ensure compliance.
* The staff must receive training in patient care, including topics such as wound treatment, proper nutrition and accurate record keeping.
* Each nursing home must create a plan for reporting and investigating abuse and neglect. Staff members suspected of resident or elder abuse must be put on leave during the period of investigation.
* Pleasant Care must hire a Compliance Officer to ensure the proper care of residents and accurate reporting for the state. The company must also pay for an Independent Monitor, who reports to the Attorney General.
* A new whistleblower protection program must allow employees, residents and others to anonymously report suspected nursing home violations and elder abuse.

Pleasant Care operates 30 nursing homes in California with a total of 4,300 residents. Within the last five years, the company has received over 160 citations, many for actions that put the lives and health of residents in serious danger. In one instance, a nurse was unable to help a resident with a blocked airway because the facility’s suction machine was broken. The patient died as a result. At another nursing home, a resident died from a severe pressure sore. The wound was an example of “abominable wound care management,” according to the coroner.

Shortly after the Pleasant Care settlement, the company’s subsidiary, Pleasant Care of Northern California, pleaded no contest to criminal negligence at its nursing home in Napa, CA (Napa Valley Register, March 10, 2006). The case involved six residents who received substandard care, including two who died as a result."

Died as a result? Oooh that's scary. Imagine the nurses it would train in its school...just being a devil's advocate here.

The Reveler


Jonas said...

How about CHC's nurses? Are they all qualified? Do they have ENOUGH experience and know-how to care of us? specially the newly grad nurses?!? from NMC (is that a 2 yr course?), I heard they are being assigned in ER and ICU,...whew! isn't it _____??? (you can fill in the blank)

KAP said...

Hey like your post. I've been on a Pacific Times kick lately (this, that and the other and you saved me a google.

Also like your site in general, I'll add a link as soon as I get ambitious--I've got a backlog.

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